10 best metal detector of 2018 with maximum discount experimental review

Searching for a good metal detector isn’t an easy job. There are thousands of different types of metal detectors are in the market. But now you have to don’t worry, In this post, I’m going to describe all types of metal detectors for you.

Let’s without doing further ado, jump into the details of metal detector.

A metal detector was invented by Alexander graham bell in 1881. in early days metal detector was work on the basis of magnetism and electricity. But nowadays due to upgrade many different types of metal detectors are available in the market. In the below section, I added the best metal detector for entry-level, Relic hunting, saltwater, gold, freshwater, and kids.

What are the metal detectors?

Metal detectors conjure varied images to many people. To some, metal detectors remind them of the buzzing lights at airport security. Others associate metal detectors with treasure hunting. Some think of handheld scanners used in crowded events such as concerts or sports events.best metal detector review
All of these applications are true. Metal detectors are widely used for different purposes. But what are metal detectors in the first place? The following is a dictionary definition of metal detector:
– A device that senses the presence of metal, 
Quite obviously, metal detectors are used to detect metal. These devices are able to do this through the use of electromagnetic induction.
There are several types of metal detectors. These devices are classified mostly by their size, shape, and purpose. There are the security metal detectors found mostly in airports and other places that require security checks. These metal detectors are stationary and are used to find potentially dangerous items such as guns, explosives, and other weapons so that they will not be brought into restricted areas.

There are also industrial metal detectors. These devices are used mainly in the production process for quality control. These detectors help ensure that products that are shipped do not contain sharp objects like pins and nails. They also measure overall metal content.
Another type of metal detector is the handheld devices used mainly for exploration, hobby searching, and de-mining in the military. Through the use of electromagnetic induction, these metal detectors can identify metal buried underground or in the water. Because these metal detectors are very portable, some hobbyists bring them to explorations and vacations to find relics and treasures such as old coins.

Walkthrough Metal Detectors

Walkthrough metal detectors are very useful for places that require security checks such as airports, schools, prisons, factories, high-risk government buildings, hotels among others. Walkthrough metal detectors are installed in these places mainly to detect the presence of firearms, knives, and other deadly weapons. These detectors can also detect other contraband items that individuals may try to sneak in or out of facilities.metal detectors review

Walkthrough metal detectors scan the entire body to detect weapons hidden in a person’s body. Today’s walk through metal detectors is designed to detect weapons and other dangerous devices. These metal detectors also detect razor blades and microchips. When a questionable item is detected, the detector produces an alarm signal, which can either be audible or visible or both.

When it comes to detection, most walkthrough metal detectors models are expected to provide superb discrimination, excellent target selection, high throughput, low false alarm rate, uniform detection within the entire archway, and a bi-directional system.
There are also some models that are designed for metal-free security applications. They usually come with one-eighth of an inch thick aluminum shielding panels, easy calibration for the program, and sensitivity settings.

Aside from the standard walkthrough metal detectors, there are manufacturers that specialize in portable walk-through metal detectors. With prices ranging from $3000 to $6000, these portable walkthrough metal detectors can be installed and operated easily since they are very compact and lightweight. Such devices are particularly useful in big crowd events such as concerts, sports games, tradeshows, exhibits, fairs, international conventions, and meetings, among others.

To maximize the benefits of the equipment, however, the installation of walkthrough metal detectors should be carefully aligned with the security and detection program of a facility.

For instance, metal detectors will not be of many benefits if the security personnel is not trained to operate these devices properly. They should also know the protocols when dealing with people detected to carry firearms or other questionable items.

With the increased concern for security due to the ongoing threats of terrorism, people have become accustomed to passing through walkthrough metal detectors whenever they enter buildings. Although there is much debate regarding privacy and even health-issues raised against the use of metal detectors, the importance of contraband detection devices such as the walkthrough metal detectors can never be undermined.

Fortunately, concerned government institutions such as America’s National Institute of Justice (NIJ) are not lacking in initiatives on setting standards for the proper use of metal detectors in weapons detection. As early as June 1974, the National Institute of Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice (NILECJ) — the predecessor of NIJ – has already come out with the NILECJ Standard-0601.00, Walk-Through Metal Detectors for Use in Weapons Detection, in June 1974. This standard would undergo revisions in later years with additional inputs from the public safety community and the manufacturers of metal detectors.

The latest standard, NIJ Standard-0601.02, Walk-Through Metal Detectors for Use in Concealed Weapon and Contraband Detection, already includes improvements in detection performance as well as new requirements for system performance, including operator interface and/or controls, more realistic test objects, environmental tolerance, electromagnetic compatibility, quality control and assurance, safety, and operator instructional and technical repair documentation.

These new standards and requirements are envisioned to further improve the technology as well as the use of walkthrough metal detectors for detecting concealed weapons and contrabands.

List of 10 best metal detectors 2020

Garrett AT-Pro Metal Detector Review

Garrett AT-Pro is one of the most selling metal detectors from Garrett. This metal detector is the most versatile metal detector that you ever saw. using this you can not only search on a ground-level even you can search on pond, river, or in the ocean. It’s fully waterproof and can be submersible up to 10 feet. Garrett At pro featuresCheck out some best features of Garrett AT-Pro Metal Detector

Operating frequency – Garrett At pro is working on 15khz frequency. Which is quite high compare to other well-known metal detectors. But it’s little less compare to the AT-pro gold version ( i.e, 18khz).

Audio Mode – Two types of audio mode is available in this metal detector one is normal mode other one is the pro model. Where is the pro mode you can customize pretty much everything according to your needs, knowledge, and experience.Garrett At Pro review

Iron Audio – Iron audio is another special feature which generally not found in an entry-level metal detector. In this mode, you can set the discrimination from 0-40. Having a higher discrimination value is always helpful when you want to skip nails or junks.

Ground Balance – Ground balance is another important aspect of metal detection. When you are using this tool on a mineralized soil or you are using this on saltwater. In both cases ground balance is important. You can set ground balance automatically as well as manually.  Ground balancing helps you to ignore signals that come from the soil due to the presence of iron and salt.

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Features that I like – 

  1. Fully waterproof as well as submersible.
  2. Can set up ground balance automatically as well as manually
  3. Available proportional audio as well as iron audio.
  4. 2 Years warranty.

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Fisher F75 Review

If you are searching for a mid-range metal detector then you should go with a fisher F75 metal detector. Fisher is one of the old and renowned brands among the metal detector industry. It has an operating frequency of 13 kHz which is quite good compare to other mid-range metal detectors but still lower than Garrett pro. This metal detector is perfect if you are hunting for the coin, relic, or jewelry. Due to low frequency, you can find large gold jewelry but you can find small gold nuggets or flakes.

Fisher f75 review

Let’s check all the features of Fisher F75 metal detectors

Operating Frequency – As I said earlier this metal detector working frequency is 13khz. So this is the perfect tool to find coins, relics, and jewelry.

Numeric target ID – Most of the mid-range metal detectors come with numerical target ID. Numerical target ID is nothing but a range from 0-99 where it shows any number according to metal connectivity.

Fisher F75 metal detector

Iron objects – 4-12
US nickels – Around 30
Aluminum pull-tab – 35-55
Clad dime – around 70
US quarter – around 80
US silver Eagle – Around 91

Search Mode – Fisher F75 has 3 different search modes. Those are motion all-metal, static all metal and discrimination mode.

Ground balancing – Ground balancing can be done by manually or automatically. Ground balancing is very important when you are searching on sea beach or ocean where iron and salt already in the ground. Ground balancing just neglects those.

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What I like in Fisher F75 metal detector 

  • 0-99 Numerical target ID
  • Super light weight and easy to carry
  • It’s waterproof. But the control box is not waterproof. So you cant submerge the control box in the water.
  • Best mid range metal detector to find relic, coin and jewelry.
  • it also allows you to save your previous search session
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Fisher gold bug 2 review

As I said earlier, Fisher is one of the oldest metal detector manufacturer, all of their metal detectors are superb. In this section, I’m going to discuss fisher gold bug pro metal detector. As the name suggests,  this metal detector is primely designed to find grain size gold nuggets.  This device not only works on gold it also works on coin, relics and other products also.

fisher gold bug 2

Operating frequency – This metal detector is too much powerful compare to other metal detectors. As you can see its working frequency is 71khz. Which way higher than Fisher F75 and Garrett AT Pro. If you are a gold hunter then this metal detector is perfect for you. this metal detector can find grain size gold from the ground or shallow water.

Waterproof – This metal detector coil is completely waterproof but the machine is not. using this you can go for searching on soil or beach or even shallow water. It works has inbuilt moisture and dust control.

Weight – This high-end metal detector weight is only 2.9lbs. Which is comparatively lower than other mid-range metal detectors. you can easily carry, or you can mount this metal detector on your chest or hip.

Search mode – Fisher gold bug 2 has 3 different search mode. 1. Normal mode – it’s used to search all-metal items. 2. Iron Mode – Its use to discriminate ferrous and trash items. 3. Audio boost – this mode is used to find the smallest target.

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some of the top features of this metal detector are

  • Its operating frequency is quite high i.e, 71khz.
  • Ultra-lightweight you can carry this easily. weight is only 2.9 lbs.
  • Incredible 5 years warranty
  • Very fast to find gold nuggets.
  • Waterproof coil
  • Powerful discrimination as well as adjust the sensitivity.
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Beat frequency oscillation

Very low frequency

Pulse induction

Industrial metal detector

Usage of Metal detector –

Most people are using metal detectors for the treasure hunt.

A metal detector can be differentiated

The best metal detector review of 2018 is given below. In this post, our team has researched the best metal detector, Considering the budget and quality of best metal detectors. After research, our experts have given a list of 10 best metal detectors. And we are sure that through our guide you can purchase the best

The best metal detector with a comparison is given below. The 10 best metal detector listing is based on quality and price. Choose the best one for you from below 10 lists.

Which metal detector is right for you?

In the event that you have never possessed a metal locator, then you might need to begin with a lower-evaluated show or a brand that has a decent web-based after observe you can get bolster from kindred clients. As your enthusiasm for metal identifying develops, you might need to redesign your rigging and pass your current metal indicator onto your children. Regardless, you ought to have no issue finding the correct metal finder for your requirements on the web.

What are the things you have to look before buying a quality metal detector for you?

  • You need to ensure that it is made of brilliant materials that will keep going quite a while you’re looking and potentially even after you’ve settled on something greater and “badder.”
  • You need a unit that will permit you to get a decent perusing at fairly a separation. You need to ensure that you can “see” valuable metals and different materials at a more profound separation so you don’t miss something on the grounds that your metal locator can’t enter the best possible separation.
  • Next, you need to ensure that your metal identifier will be sufficiently lightweight that you can convey it with you for an amplified timeframe, without worrying about lurching or attempting to return to where you need to begin or stop.
  • Another essential element to search for is the convenience since you need to ensure that you’re ready to discover what you’re searching for without worrying about whether you’re doing it right. You need to feel great with the guidelines and what it takes to work the machine itself without passing up a major opportunity for something that you certainly need to discover.
  • Finally, ensure that it will be in any event to some degree waterproof. You’re not going to need to be out in the middle of a huge storm, yet you need to ensure that on the off chance that you get got in the rain it won’t be destroyed with the main little sprinkle that you experience. You need to have a unit that will keep on working even after little sprinkles or even a sudden rain that you weren’t anticipating that and have should go through to get the chance to cover.

American Hawks Explorer Metal Detector 

This model has a waterproof coil and can be used in shallow water where most gold rings are found.  This unit can be set to detect all metals or set for motion discrimination to distinguish ferrous and nonferrous metals.

This model are very easy to operate without spending a lot of time learning.  This unit has a strong signal and is perfect for recreational use.  So you can select this metal detector as this model is very easy to operate without spending a lot of time learning.

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Pro Detector MD-1008A Advanced Kid’s Gold Finder Treasure Hunter Metal Detector

This is very cool. This is not a state of the art metal detector. It’s a children’s metal detector.  This metal detector is made of plastic. It required a battery and a screwdriver to operate. It’s very easy to assemble.  This metal detector will be great for your kids. It’s just the right size for them to carry around.  

It’s easy to handle it.  This metal detector is nice and lightweight. Sturdy plastic holds this together and seems pretty durable. So you can select this metal detector for your kids.

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Garrett Ace 400 Metal Detector

This metal detector will help you to dig more treasure and less trash. This metal detector is very easy to learn how to use and beyond accurate.  If you’re a beginner, intermediate, or even seasoned metal detectorist this metal detector will well worth your money.  

This detector does all and at a reasonable price!  The display is large and clear. The discrimination modes are helpful, accurate, and easy to customize.  So you can select this metal detector as it maintains great quality.

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Bounty Hunter Discovery 2200 with FREE Pin-Pointer Metal Detector

 This detector is a really great detector, easy to use and you will found many many things with it, with great accuracy. It is an automatic ground balancing and has an adjustable stem, and an 8” waterproof search coil are a few more features that make the Discovery 2200 a real foundation.  

The Discrimination System allows users to rule out certain metals, so the Discovery 2200 will pick up only the items for which users are searching.  So you can select this metal detector as it has some amazing features and it maintains great quality.

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Garrett Ace 150 Metal Detector

This metal detector is fantastic. This metal detector is a truly wonderful tool. It saves so much searching and sifting time. These attention-stealing detectors are turning heads and sending the competition back to the drawing board. This metal detector is great for the beginner or intermediate user.  

This is an inexpensive detector to see if you like treasure hunting and perhaps to let the kids play with it. So you can select this metal detector as this metal detector is great for the beginner or intermediate user. 

Metal detectors are used to search for archaeological finds

Other people, on the other hand, find more practical day-today uses for their metal detectors. They use it to find septic tanks, missing tools, equipment, metal pipes, and other buried items. Others use it to find missing jewelry and other valuables while some waterproof detectors could even help find a ring that was lost in the lake or river.best metal detectors review
From these applications, we can deduce five basic types of metal detectors: General Purpose-Coin/Relic/Treasure; Gold Prospecting; Underwater & Salt Beach; Cache Hunting/Deep Searching; and Industrial & Security.
Although manufacturers may design their metal detectors differently, most devices would have the same basic components. There are four key components that metal detectors must-have, namely:
• Control box – this enclosure is placed at the top of the metal detector and contains the ‘brains’ of the metal detector- the circuitry, controls, speaker, batteries, and microprocessor. Often there is a display unit with a jack for headphones built into the control box.
• Stabilizer- this optional component is usually an arm brace that keeps the unit steady as you sweep the metal detector back and forth.


So here we give the features of 10 best metal detectors of 2020 which will help the buyer to select a quality metal detector for their work to solve any purpose. So it’s time to make a decision you should read all the reviews carefully before buying the metal detector for you. If you are satisfied with this metal detector you can recommend it to your friends and relatives.

However, the choice is yours! Nobody is forcing you to pick one from here. Whatever you pick just pick wisely. That’s all for now. Supremeten is always here to solve all your ten best product related problems. If you have anything in mind feel free to state. More essential product lists are coming soon.

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