10 Kid-Friendly Home Interior That Make Them Happy

Many things change when the house is filled with children. You will be bombarded with kids equipment, small furniture, play areas, and lots of places to store their toy collection. Toys that are scattered to a messy house may have become something you usually encounter, and as parents, of course, we are required to always be patient with it.

As a solution, many parents build a playroom specifically in the hope of reducing visual clutter, organizing closets to turning the house into kid-friendly one. Finding the sweet spot between the boisterous and the boring can be a real struggle, but today we’ve looked at how this interior style can blend into a kids room.

Fun and smart features are sprinkled all over the house. The result is an interior design that functions as a playground, learning, and interaction between children and adults. Check out more inspiring ideas below to find your favorite!

1. Integrating the living room with a children’s study table is a brilliant idea. Choose a coffee table that can double for your little one’s comfort, and make it easier for you to supervise them.


2. A bohemian style living room is very practical for a small space. Here you can store various kids toys with boho-style carpets as an area to play.


3. Your little one always likes to disturb you in the kitchen? Create an indoor swing in the kitchen to distract them.


4. Take advantage of the empty area by the window to be converted into a comfortable child seat. This area can be your little one’s favorite reading or relaxing corner.


5. If you have a space that is integrated to the outside such as a balcony or backyard, try building a play area in this area. That way, their play space will feel more spacious.


6. The minimalist style living room applies an open and spacious concept. This room usually has a large enough area to build a children’s playroom.


7. Even a small living room can be kid-friendly with the right arrangement. Place the bookshelf on the wall that is easy for your little one to reach. In addition to being practical, this bookcase also makes your living room look aesthetic.


8. This playroom utilizes the vertical shape of the wall as a playroom. Starting from the ground floor to the upper part, it is designed to play and learn for your little one.


9. Adding a game tent in the living room is the best choice for a kid-friendly interior. Choose a tent with a color that matches the furniture to make it look harmonious.


10. Create a kid-friendly bathroom design for children to learn to clean themselves from an early age. From children’s toiletries to kid-friendly furniture, this bathroom design can be used for adults too.


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