10 mama-innovated products that are total gamechangers

Imagine a world without disposable diapers.

OK, don't. No one needs that kind of stress right now. Instead, let's take a minute for a brief history lesson.

In the 1940s, cloth diapers reigned and the best option available for keeping leaks to a minimum were rubber "baby pants" pulled over the top. Effective? Sure. Breathable or comfortable in any way? Nope. Diaper rash was a guarantee and the less than cozy design dug into squishy baby legs and bellies.

Enter Marion Donovan—a stay-at-home mom who had given up her career as an assistant editor at Vogue and a woman predisposed to ingenuity. After giving birth to her second daughter and totally fed up with diapers that soaked the sheets every nap time, she set out to create a solution. As she stood in her bathroom one day, the shower curtain sparked an idea. One pair of scissors, countless shower curtains, a sewing machine and three years later, she'd perfected the Boater—a reusable diaper cover made from nylon parachute cloth that kept leaks at bay without discomfort.

Not surprisingly, they were an instant hit when they made their debut at Saks Fifth Avenue in 1949.

She didn't stop there. Guided by the simple question "What do I think will help a lot of people and most certainly will help me?" Marion Donovan went on to set the wheels in motion for the fully disposable diaper (an innovation which wouldn't hit the shelves for another ten years as none of the male executives she pitched believed they would sell) the Zippity-Do (an elasticized zipper that allowed women to zip up the back of their dress unaided), a hanger that could organize up to 30 skirts and pants in a small space along with nearly a dozen other patents.

While it's true that necessity is the mother of invention, it's also true that few groups of people are more inventive than mothers—especially when it comes to innovating the needs of mamas and babies. These days there are countless brilliant products on the market that make mom life easier, invented by mothers who could no longer abide by poor design or inconvenience.

We've rounded up some of our favorite stories and mom-innovated products that might not yet be as commonplace as disposable diapers but who knows? Only time will tell.

ezpz: Less messy mealtime

Any parent who's ever fed a baby knows that most of the time, more food ends up on them (and every surrounding surface) than in them. That was the story for mama of three boys under three Lindsey Laurain back in 2015. Fed up (pun intended!) with all the hassle of cleaning up after mealtime, she realized what she needed was a plate her little ones couldn't spill or hurl to the floor. The result? A self-sealing bowl and mat that has become ubiquitous with first foods. ezpz has since expanded to offer a range of brilliant silicone mealtime essentials that are beloved by celebrities and tired parents alike.

ezpz happy mat


Made from 100 percent food-grade silicone ezpz Happy Mats offer three portioned compartments that are four or ten ounces each. They're also blessedly dishwasher, microwave, and oven-safe up to 350 degrees—hello, fewer dishes. And here's a pro-tip if you're feeding a crowd: Three to four Happy Mats can be stacked and carried with food for quicker serving.

Dreamland Baby: Safe sleep reimagined

When Tara Williams' son was about 6 months old, he struggled to sleep for more than an hour and a half at a stretch. Like nearly every mama since the beginning of time, she was exhausted and desperate to find a solution. One evening as he lay on the couch next to her, she placed a heavy throw blanket over him and almost instantly, he began to settle.

In that moment, a lightbulb went off. The gentle pressure helped him relax and fall asleep. What her little one needed was a weighted blanket! Since there were none on the market that adhered to safe sleep standards, she got to work creating a prototype. With her mother-in-law's sewing help, the result was 12 hours of sleep the first time her son used it.

Tara was onto something and she knew it. Over the next months she worked tirelessly with pediatricians, NICU nurses and certified sleep consultants on a series of refinements that resulted in a sleep-safe sack which then underwent rigorous testing to ensure it exceeded all U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission Standards. In May of 2020, on the heels of a successful Kickstarter campaign, she made her debut on Shark Tank and secured a $100k investment.

Dream Weighted Sack & Swaddle, 0-6 months

Dreamland Baby weighted sack

Made from soft 100% cotton that helps regulate baby's temperature, Dreamland Baby weighted sacks use the same concepts as weighted blanket, providing deep-pressure stimulation that comforts and calms to help them fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer. They are gently weighted on the front panel only with food-grade, non-toxic inner-bead fill and feature a two-way zipper to make diaper changes as easy as possible. The smallest size (0-6 months) comes with a detachable swaddle wing for those that prefer a more snug sleep. It's also available in 6-12 month and 12-22 month sizes.

Doddle & Co.: The pacifier 2.0

Every parent who's ever dropped a pacifier while out and about knows the devastation that follows when there's nowhere around to clean it. So while the vast majority of us have just stood by and accepted it as a necessary evil of parenting, two mamas (with five young kids between them!) Nicki Radzely, an experienced marketer and sales professional, and Janna Badger, an award-winning industrial designer decided to create a solution.

Reimagining the age old design of pacifiers with an exposed nipple, they came up with a far more clever version. Made from 100% food grade silicone, the non-toxic and naturally hygienic pacifiers are engineered to conveniently pop back into a built-in protective silicone bubble the second they take a tumble. No more searching for a place to scrub up when it's hurled to the floor or carting around clips and cases to keep it clean while not in use!

What's more, they're ergonomically designed for baby's mouth in a way that actually mimics the natural breastfeeding latch—a design which may minimize the risk of nipple confusion.

Since their launch in 2017, they've expanded their line and won everything from JPMA's Most Innovative Product Award to a successful Shark Tank deal.

Doddle & Co. pop pacifiers 

Doddle & Co. pop pacifier bundle

The unique Pop pacifiers from Doddle & Co are made to pop back into their protective cases when them tumble to the ground. They're made from high grade silicone which is dishwasher safe and easy to sanitize between uses.

Tushbaby: The universal hip carry gets an upgrade

As any parent can attest, carrying our kids around is hard work. And while there are plenty of super technical carriers on the market, nothing is as simple as hoisting them onto your hip. Determined to find a way to cart her little one that saved her arms and back, founder Tammy Rant prototyped a solution and was instantly bombarded with inquiries from other parents as to where they could buy their own. She launched Tushbaby as a women owned company that not only provides parents with thoughtful solutions but also gives back—TushBabies are donated to a Cerebral Palsy foundation so parents who need them can be provided with one for free.

Tushbaby carrier 

Tushbaby Carrier

Tushbaby's design offers comfort for both parent and kiddo with a memory foam-lined seat that promotes hip health and a seriously supportive padded belt which evenly distributes baby weight. It even provides ample storage for diapers, wipes and essentials, eliminating the need for an additional diaper bag. You're freeeee!

Belly Bandit: Postpartum recovery revolutionized

When Lori Caden was out shopping after recently given birth, she was offered help as she struggled to reach the cat litter. "Here, let me get that for you. After all, you're pregnant."

It could have been one mama's mortifying and heart-breaking moment. Instead, it sparked the creation of what's now a ubiquitous postpartum must-have. Joined by her sisters who instantly had her back, they got to work researching and designing a solution that would help new moms feel more like themselves while supporting their postpartum bodies. They drew inspiration from the centuries-old practice of belly binding and created a modern version that is doctor-recommended and mama-endorsed by everyone from Motherly's own co-founder Liz Tenety to Beyoncé.

Belly Bandit original postpartum compression wrap

Belly Bandit original postpartum compression wrap

This is the original belly band and it's world-famous for a reason: it helps women feel supported during their incredible transition to motherhood. Gentle compression helps your belly adjust to your new normal during the 4th trimester—and beyond. Adjustable to your size, even as it changes.

The Baby's Brew: Warm bottles anywhere

When you're out and about and have a hungry, crying baby, time is of the essence. Conceived by founder Alaina Moulton, military wife and mom to Willow, Alaina was looking for an easier way to warm her baby's bottle on-the-go. She was tired of missing out on things, held back by the worry that she'd find herself without a reliable way to get her hands on warm water.

After a quick Google search left her empty-handed, Alaina set to work creating the world's first battery powered, portable bottle warmer. Now mamas everywhere don't have to feel tied down by bottle feeding woes!

Baby's Brew portable bottle warmer pro set

The Baby's Brew Portable bottle warmer pro set

Designed to safely heat bottles at the touch of a button, The Baby's Brew attaches directly to the bottle and warms to the exact temperature of your choice without compromising nutrients or leaving hot spots. What's more, the pro set includes a convenient formula dispenser that prevents spills and fumbles, dispensing the powder in pre-measured doses.

EmBeba: Generation-tested diaper rash care

Since the dawn of diapers, mamas and their babies have done battle against diaper rash. While on family trip to the Bosnian countryside, Thai-Anh Hoang's local family member gave her a remedy straight from the garden—a balm they'd been using for generations. It worked like a charm. After returning home, she got to work perfecting the formula to create a magical mixture that soothes everything from diaper rash to eczema. EmBeba launched their signature product in January 2021, but we suspect it's only the beginning for this clean skincare brand!

EmBeba natural diaper rash cream

Forget about dipping your fingers in a pot of goop or slathering cream out of a tube. Thoughtfully crafted from the inside out, EmBeba's Don't Be Rash Diaper + All Over Balm is made from all natural ingredients and packaged up in the most convenient (and sustainable!) tube that glides on just like chapstick. Instant fans of the product call it "hands down, the best baby product to have for rashes, eczema and dry skin." We'd have to agree.

Nunona: Plant-based (and delicious!) breastmilk boosters

After spending her entire career traveling the world focused on infant nutrition and developing infant nutritional products, Nunona's founder Krista Maas de Villiers became a mom. Only then did she realize she was no longer interested in the synthetic products she helped develop in the corporate world. Instead, she wanted to nourish her body and her baby with plant-based nutrients—an option that she found hard to come by. So she set to work creating the all-natural, evidence-based products the market was missing—and the result is delicious.

Nunona mama balls


Formulated to help improve the quality of breastmilk, Nunona's mama balls are made from all natural, plant-based ingredients like nut butters, dates, brewers yeast, flaxseeds and oats which are as effective as they are tasty. And as any nursing mama knows, easy-to-grab, high quality snacks are clutch in those first months! Choose from chocolate chunk or cashew confetti to nourish your baby and yourself.

Earth Mama: Effective, natural herbal care for mamas and babies

Founded and grown in her own garage in 2002, Earth Mama started as an operation of one, creating salves, tinctures, teas and soaps with homegrown herbs. With a deep desire to bring the healing powers of nature that have been relied on for thousands of years to as many mamas as possible, Melinda Olson's formulas quickly grew into Earth Mama Organics. Since then, the brand has remained committed to manufacturing clean, safe and effective herbal solutions for the entire journey of motherhood, including pregnancy, breastfeeding and baby care, and even the loss of a baby.

Earth Mama Organics organic nipple butter

Earth Mama Organics organic nipple butter

Motherly editors and midwives swear by this rich and creamy formula that provides protection and relief to chapped nipples. It's lanolin-free and powered by calendula that not only eases chapping and irritation, but also works to moisturize all dry, rough skin and even works as lip balm. Best of all, you don't even have to wipe it off before feeding.

Bravado Designs: Frump-free underthings for ever-changing bodies

With 28 years of serving pregnant and postpartum mamas under their belt, Bravado Designs is a true authority on the needs of changing bodies. It's true that we have them to thank for rescuing us from the uncomfortable and frumpy designs our own moms had to live with. Launched in Canada by two young mamas, they designed the first prototypes with extra leopard print fabric certain that a better bra was possible. Throughout the years they've maintained their commitment to ethical manufacturing while creating long-lasting products that truly work.

Bravado Designs body silk seamless nursing bra

Super soft and wire-free, this bra is ready for some serious (and comfortable) mileage. It's designed to mold to your changing shape throughout pregnancy and breastfeeding with mama-friendly features like moldable cups, easy-release clips and four-way stretch fabric. It's the perfect everyday, at home, on-the-go, anytime nursing bra you'll actually want to wear.

We independently select and share the products we love—and may receive a commission if you choose to buy. You've got this.