121 Of The Worst Designs Ever That People Couldn’t Help But Shame Online (New Pics)

Call the aesthetics police and send a telegram to the epic fails department—we’ve got some awful design decisions to report, and we think there needs to be an official inquiry. This multi-million-member strong subreddit is devoted to showing the most awful sides of design, whether we’re talking about interiors, exteriors, or plain old products. We’ve collected some of the most egregious designs to grace the internet in recent days, so make sure your inner critic is all fired up and ready to go, cuz things are about to get real.

Bored Panda got in touch with Ariane Sherine, the new editor at These Three Rooms, the unique sister site to the Kitchens Bedrooms Bathrooms magazine, for a chat about good and bad design, and how to make your designs stand out. You’ll find our full interview with Ariane, who lent us her eye for aesthetics, below, so be sure to check it out while you’re upvoting the best of the worst design pics, Pandas.

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#1 Know The Facts I Have Beautiful Teeth Too

Image credits: mosti_shosho

#2 This Shirt

Image credits: Left-Income-5650

#3 Blehhh

Image credits: bluecat81

Ariane, an editor working at These Three Rooms, was kind enough to share her thoughts about design, aesthetics, and quality with Bored Panda. Ariane believes that the designs that have the biggest impact stand out in terms of aesthetics, form, and their physical durability.

“When it comes to aesthetics, 'bad design' is a very individual thing that comes down to personal taste,” she said that our personal taste plays an important role in how we judge designs. However, we shouldn’t judge designs based on just how we feel about them. We need to take other things into account as well.

#4 Stoplights In Lake Tahoe Filled With Snow Due To A Crappy Design Of Not Having The Bottom Cut Out To Prevent Snow Accumulation. It’s A World-Class Ski Area, Snow Should Be A Key Factor In All Design Decisions

Image credits: Worst_Username_Evar

#5 At Least They Can't See Your Face

Image credits: ElShozaYT

#6 Wheelchair Friendly Stairway

Image credits: casperfk

Design expert Ariane gave Bored Panda an example of how our personal tastes, likes, and dislikes can affect our judgment. 

“For example, I don't particularly like busy 'maximalist' designs with too many clashing prints and patterns, and I'm not keen on very dark colors, but those might be heaven for somebody else,” she said.

“It's perhaps more helpful to talk about 'bad design' as design that doesn't function as it should—for instance, a kitchen that doesn't have what's called 'good flow', where you have to walk impractical distances between complementary appliances and where the dimensions of the 'kitchen work triangle' (the distance between fridge, sink, and hob) aren't practical,” Ariane said that poor design is more related to poor functioning rather than just poor aesthetics.

#7 This Spacious Toilet Cubical

Image credits: NEFlamee

#8 Blursed

Image credits: YhanuMusic

#9 Don't Give Candy To Babies Please

Image credits: camstarrankin

“A kitchen where there isn't enough storage, where potentially dangerous appliances aren't located safely, and where cornflakes and milk are placed at opposite ends of the room is what I'd call 'bad design,'” she told us that bad design is broader and that we should look at the overall space where certain items are located, not just the individual items in isolation.

#10 Orange Is The New Milk

Image credits: Random_Average_Human

#11 Go Ahead I Dare You. Bike Lane Ends In Oncoming Traffic

Image credits: TheKitdriv

#12 Chalk With A Popsicle Color, Shape, And Even Wood Handle. What Could Go Wrong Giving These To Kids?

Image credits: rtowne

On the flip side, what we consider to be good—or even great—design is all about putting in the energy, effort, and attention where it matters. Good design takes time, especially when it comes to our homes.

“‘Good design' is where a lot of thought and effort has been put into structuring and renovating a house so it's perfect for the people living in it. It takes account of their aesthetic preferences but also focuses on the concepts I mentioned before, paying close attention to detail,” Ariane told us.

#13 Men's Toilet In A Cafe In Shanghai

Image credits: stumu415

#14 Simple Question, Why?

Image credits: spork117

#15 The Stairs In An Airbnb I Stayed In Where Every Step Is A Different Height, Width And Depth

Image credits: jingojangobingoblerp

The editor from These Three Rooms shared what good design looks like for her. “For me, good design is where artificial lighting is used strategically, and where the amount of natural light is maximized; where a room feels airy and spacious instead of closed in.”

#16 Cherry On Top Of The Road

Image credits: bdrnglm

#17 Never Noticed

Image credits: BierschissBernd

#18 I Wonder If She's Pregnant

Image credits: FantasticMacaron8732

The design expert continued about what well-crafted spaces entail. These are designs “where the amount of walking and effort is minimized, as everything you need is to hand; where there are enough plug sockets and lights to meet the homeowner's needs; and where tables, seating, countertops, basins, etc are perfect for their height. These are classic principles that I doubt will change over time.”

#19 This Winter, You Can Set Your Feet On Fire

Image credits: TehPurpleCod

#20 This Is So Bad I Forgot How Giraffes Really Look

Image credits: crf865

#21 This Marvel In Ohio

Image credits: Teillu

According to Ariane, if you’re decorating the interior of your home, you might want to use a limited palette. “Aesthetically, I would personally only choose two or three complementary colors and whichever metallic finish you like for a color scheme, because to me that kind of coordination is stylish and beautiful, but it really comes down to individual preferences.”

#22 My Tesla's Door Handles When It's Icy Outside

Image credits: Twurtul

#23 Guys I Found An App Which Rents Ice Ships

Image credits: Lonely-Series9604

#24 This "Taco" Someone Posted From Their Work Cafeteria

Image credits: aBastardNoLonger

Meanwhile, Tim Antoniuk, an Associate Professor of Design Studies at the University of Alberta, believes there are objectively good and bad products, but our preferences create a bit of a gray area between the two.

"The gray area comes in when people start to talk about taste and about degrees of aesthetic. I may love the design of Bauhaus furniture, for example, while somebody may feel that it is too cold and void of personality. Not unlike great art, I believe that much of what came from this era is ‘great design,’ in part because it represents an era and a philosophy. When we start to mix in discussions of taste and preference, that is where the gray areas of good and bad design get blurred,” he told Bored Panda during an earlier interview.

#25 Yee-Haw A Violin!

Image credits: scrollholio

#26 A DIY Shower I Saw While House Hunting

Image credits: KarensVictim

#27 The Sign Telling Us Where Our Room Is

Image credits: BlessedCanadian

Tim from the University of Alberta thinks that people can intuitively tell if a design is good or not. We feel it, we sense it.

"Quite often, this relates to ergonomics and the usability or functionality of the products and services and systems. Having said that, I think far too many people expect poor design that doesn’t really work well," he said, adding that for him, great design is intuitive, empathetic to the user, and emotional.

#28 The Toilet Paper Dispenser At My University - Every Roll Spins When You Spin One

Image credits: InappropriateTuesday

#29 Please The Beans

Image credits: azreufadot

#30 Tactile Paving For The Visually Impaired Interrupted By Giant Bench

Image credits: chasemynose

What has been the worst design that you have ever seen with your own two eyes, Pandas? Which of the terrible designs from this list are going to give you nightmares for many nights to come? Share your thoughts in the comment section at the bottom of the article.

#31 This Dystopian Shrek And Donkey

Image credits: Tatarkingdom

#32 When I Almost Bought Shirts But Was Afraid Of How They Would Smell

Image credits: ohgodnonotthesun

#33 Finger Crushing Door Handle In A Place We’re Renting

Image credits: Stbbrn-Rddtr

#34 Hidden What?!

Image credits: Villan_99

#35 Always Forgotten Remembered Never

Image credits: goddamnthirstycrow9

#36 The Worst Bathroom I Have Ever Seen (In A Hotel)

Image credits: blobfishruler

#37 This Garbage Bin Actually Leads To Another Bathroom Stall

Image credits: chonkey_nugget

#38 Wolf

Image credits: warm_farts

#39 The Maze They Gave Us After Donating Blood Has No Escape

Image credits: Im_Isaac

#40 I’ve Tripped In The Kitchen But Never On My Way To The Kitchen

Image credits: leeksyota

#41 This Emergency Escape Hammer Is Placed Behind A Plastic Cover Sealed With Screws. No There Is No Emergency Screwdriver Anywhere

Image credits: hugh-__-janus

#42 Image To Advertise A Photo Booth

Image credits: potato1234_x

#43 Bus Stop Shelter

Image credits: Xanthon

#44 The Handle Of This Pan Is Heavier Than The Actual Pan

Image credits: dingopringo93

#45 This Is A Poster By A Design School

Image credits: Dofke132

#46 I Think I’ve Found It, The Worst Expiration Date Ever

Image credits: RT-Garbage

#47 Ah Yes My Fav Avenger The Hulk With Double Layer Teeth

Image credits: Miserable-Scallion87

#48 Where Should I Go?

Image credits: MrPaintShooter

#49 Just Got To My Condo, I’m In Unit E

Image credits: sirskiddledims

#50 Found This While On An Airport Returning Home

Image credits: MALEZ143

#51 Can We All Admire This Majestic Beast

Image credits: Spacecowboy947

#52 Don't Think That's A Dog

Image credits: AutumnSprinkle

#53 This Creepy Mannequin Doll

Image credits: Pjulledk

#54 View From The Last Row Of My Local Theater

Image credits: bootyhadme4

#55 The Buttons On This TV

Image credits: datbirbdude

#56 Menu With Red Letters Under Red Lights

Image credits: My_Name_Is_Ana

#57 I Was Getting A Tour Of A Potential Home To Buy But As Soon As I Saw This I Left

Image credits: noirjinjer

#58 I Can't Tell If The Face Or The Text And Warning Are The Real Crappy Design

Image credits: SEGAGES1999

#59 This Ad For A Fire Pit

Image credits: dieforestmusic

#60 Exhaust Fan Switch In Corner Of Ceiling, Behind A Stacked Washer&dryer That You Need A Long Stick To Turn On In My New House

Image credits: THETennesseeD

#61 Could Be Good Camouflage For The Zombie Apocalypse. Add A Cardigan And Wedges And This Versatile Dress Transforms To Perfect Evening Wear!

Image credits: HabitRole

#62 The Letters, Mason! What Do They Mean?

Image credits: konformista1

#63 What A Terrible Design For A Roundabout

Image credits: SerDire

#64 The Worst Staircase I Have Ever Seen

Image credits: Reymont

#65 My Fridge

Image credits: cellardweller1234

#66 I Found This While Shopping, In Some Ways I Love It In Other Ways This Is Really Cursed

Image credits: ArtyGirl88

#67 This Shopping Bag Looks Like Greasy Fast Food Takeout

Image credits: afternoonview

#68 How Tall Would One Have To Be To Set The Temperature To Bake At 350?

Image credits: IceKream_Sundaze

#69 Barrier Blocks Pedestrians When It’s Open For Cars

Image credits: Blackmur_mipt

#70 It Was Closed

Image credits: sturgifur

#71 Mini Golf Shrek

Image credits: SharkBreath625

#72 Looking For A Place To Live In London. Found One For £650 Per Month, No Bills Included. This 'Studio Flat' Has A Shower In The Living Room, If You Look Real Close, You'll See The Sink Beside It Too (Chefs Kiss)

Image credits: TheCrazedPsych

#73 A Touch Lamp That You Can Only Touch In One Spot. You Know, Like A Regular Switch

Image credits: Phelpysan

#74 Gnomes Are Symbol Of My City. It Used To Be A City Game For Tourists To Find Them All But There Are So Many Of Them It No Longer Makes Sense. City Opened Brand New Skate Park In The City. To Celebrate It They Put A Gnome There. Metal Gnome With Pointy Bits On Top Of A Ramp Right Next To A Rail

Image credits: akulowaty

#75 Mailboxes Not In Order

Image credits: Your-username-must-b

#76 Hotel Room Has A Massive Pillar Blocking The Other Side Of The Bed, Also Makes For A Very Cozy Depression Corner

Image credits: FlyCauetFly25

#77 The Angle Of This Image From A Shampoo Ad Makes Them Look Like Conjoined Twins

Image credits: Cratsyl

#78 Those Columns Look Awful

Image credits: BlueTexBird

#79 The Gaelic Athletic Association, In Ireland, Show Voting Results Like This

Image credits: rwjh

#80 Think Inside The Box First

Image credits: SpeedDreaming

#81 Even Their Own Model Is Not Comfortable With The Design

Image credits: jdk

#82 Crappy Slide

Image credits: Heam21

#83 Some Poor Attempt Of A Quirky Clock

Image credits: BritishFoSho

#84 Let’s Pizz

Image credits: kskashi

#85 Who Is This Sign Meant For?

Image credits: FilthyRichCliche

#86 LED Rear View Mirror Advertisement On Tik Tok

Image credits: artery1800s

#87 How Should I Open The Door On The Left

Image credits: ImpressiveRice3

#88 Please Don’t Use Gradients When You’re Making A Graph

Image credits: Calvyam

#89 The Circles Don’t Match The Lines On My To Do Lists

Image credits: eroseros

#90 A Song Plays Asking You To Press Triangle… There Isn’t A Triangle To Press

Image credits: LadyPeppers

#91 How Are You Even Supposed To Read This?

Image credits: username5391

#92 Cafe Logo: Halfcup Brunch

Image credits: ATWOWAYMIRROR

#93 Pe Ce N Fart

Image credits: FuriousTumblnachos

#94 The Fabric Choice For These Cloth Diapers Makes It Look Like They Have Already Been Used

Image credits: mustsebra

#95 Terrific!

Image credits: ImNotYourAlexa

#96 I’m Not Sure What Would Make Me Think It Contains Avocados

Image credits: coopaatroop

#97 Our Neighborhood Has Every Mailbox Blocking The Sidewalks

Image credits: runningdownhill

#98 I Can't Figure Out Which Way To Go

Image credits: RythenGlyth

#99 I See Your Scarlett Johansson And Raise My Favourite Avenger

Image credits: merek_boreal

#100 Instead Of Making These Thermometers Turn Off They Just Stay On And Display The Word "Off" Making Them Run Their Batteries Faster Than Other Models We Used To Have At My Job

Image credits: Finmide

#101 The New Footpath And Gate At My Work

Image credits: SolidVI

#102 Serpent Dolphin Is Serphin

Image credits: _Testrun_

#103 Imma Go To The Biar Blio Tegen Catina

Image credits: Carnivorous_Duck

#104 The Seller Doesn’t Have Any Notion Of Scaling

Image credits: Great_Staff6797

#105 A Normal Family

Image credits: magicwolfdog

#106 The Hr Departments Attempt To Discourage Human Contact At My Work

Image credits: Gremlin_chin91

#107 Door Handles That Freeze Way To Easy On Tesla Model 3/Y

Image credits: Manfred_89

#108 Just So We're All Clear, This Man Has Cracked Open A Child And Is Now Wearing Its Insides On His Head, Correct?

Image credits: MemelordGod_

#109 Sliding Door Smashes Outlet When You Open It

Image credits: HoneyPoop_

#110 At First Look I Thought They're Getting Hanged

Image credits: maddysalvi

#111 These Windows

Image credits: Brescolini

#112 This Bathroom Stall At A Hockey Arena

Image credits: B00BCANN0N

#113 These Mug Handles. Very Uncomfortable To Hold

Image credits: Jon_Slow-

#114 Is Wayfair Trying To Sell Me A Sink Or A Urinal? Or Both?

Image credits: KzaKeez

#115 Bought A Trailer Lock And Been Using It For A Year Or Two And Just Realized It Is Useless

Image credits: jobhog1

#116 Toilet At My Office

Image credits: thereisnogods

#117 What’s Does That Even Say?

Image credits: nicothekiller

#118 These 2022 Sunglasses

Image credits: jbrounnadart

#119 These Kit Kats Redesigned For Halloween Won't Break Right

Image credits: JohnBrownMilitia

#120 Found This On Douyin, Thought It Might Fit Here

Image credits: UnknownSkies_YT

#121 The More I Look At This House, The Worse It Gets

Image credits: flopsychops