130 Absurd Movie Details That No One Should Take Seriously, As Shared On This Page (New Pics)

Yeah, movies can be great and all, but the cinephiles who love them can, on occasion, be insufferable. These silly and absurd movie facts (gathered from an online community dedicated to the very same) are a great way to get a groan or a laugh from your favorite movie fans - depending on how uptight they are!

While some of these facts are true, others simply latch onto small details or movie memes that we all love to laugh about. Join us on an absurd and silly romp through real and false cinema lore!

#1 Martin Scorsese Explaining Leonardo Dicaprio How To Have Sex With A Woman Over 25 During Filming Of The Wolf Of Wall Street (2013)

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#2 It Is Often Mentioned That Actor Paul Rudd Has Barely Aged In Decades

I raise you Maria de Medeiros, who plays a grown woman in Pulp Fiction (1994) and was still casted to play a 12-year old in Stranger Things (2016) almost 22 years later

Image credits: Shenannegans

#3 Eternals (2021) Is The First MCU Movie To Feature A Sex Scene, It’s Also The Lowest Rated MCU Movie, This Is Because Marvel Fans Don’t Know What Sex Is So They Couldn’t Relate To It

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#4 In Episode 3 Of The Last Of Us (2023), The Characters Bill And Frank Kiss Multiple Times Throughout The Episode, Which Shows That They Are Very Good Friends

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#5 In Pulp Fiction (1994) If You Pause The Movie At This Exact Scene, It Won't Keep Going Until You Hit Play Again

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#6 The Show Must Go On, Right?

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#7 Timeless

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#8 Shrek - Behind The Scenes

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#9 Morbius (2022)

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#10 Watchmen (2009) Lets You Watch Men, Which Is Great. However, Sometimes It Makes You Watch Women As Well, Which I Definitely Think Is Quite Misleading

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#11 For Glass Onion, Rian Johnson Convinced Elon Musk To Act Like A Huge Idiot In 2022. Because There’s Definitely No Way An Actual Billionaire Could Be As Stupid As Miles Bron

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#12 'Titanic' Is Now 25 Years Old, And So Leonardo Dicaprio Is No Longer Interested In It

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#13 The Unique Aspect Ratio Of The Lighthouse (2019) Was Deliberately Chosen So A Subway Surfers Video Could Be Viewed Beside It And Fill The Full 16:9 Frame

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#14 While Most Batman Stories Convey That Joker Is Insane And Terrifying To The Audience By Making Him Look Like A Deranged Clown, Gotham (2014-2019) Conveyed This By Making Him A Ginger

Image credits: Hendrick_Davies64

#15 Kim Possible With vs. Without Her Iconic Moustache

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#16 Avengers: Endgame (2019) Features A Funeral Scene To Memorialize The Last Time You’ll Enjoy An MCU Movie

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#17 In Candyman (1992), Anyone Who Says “Candyman” Five Times In Front Of A Mirror Gets Killed By Candyman. However, In The Original Short Story, Saying Candyman Doesn’t Summon Candyman. This I

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#18 In Beauty And The Beast (1991) Gaston Eats 5 Dozen Eggs For Breakfast Every Morning. This Is 21,900 Eggs Per Year. This Is Why There Is A Egg Shortage

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#19 Disney Are Literal Idiots For Buying Star Wars (1977) For $4.5 Billion As It Costs £3 To Get On Dvd

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#20 The Floating Feather In Forest Gump Is Not CGI But Done Practically With Stunt Man Edited Out

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#21 I Was Watching Lilo And Stitch (2002), When A Reddit Moderator Suddenly Appeared On Screen. This Surprised Me, Because The Movie Was Released In 2002, While Reddit Was Founded In 2005

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#22 In Back To The Future 3 (1990), Doc Brown Mistakenly Goes Back A Long Time And Ends Up In A Galaxy Far, Far Away. This Action Accidentally Creates A Religion Known As The "Mandalorians", A Mistaken Interpretation Of The Phrase "Man In Delorean"

Image credits: KCJohnstuff

#23 Fun Fact: In Terminator 2 (1991), They Cast Twin Actors In Some Roles To Save Money On Visual Effects

Image credits: MKleister

#24 The Movie ‘Braveheart’ Features A Scene With A Car Barely Visible In The Background. Often Cited As An Error, Cars Were In-Fact Widely In Use At The Time Of Filming(1995)

Image credits: starksforever

#25 In Shrek (2001), Fiona Finally Ends Up With Shrek, Only After Transforming Into A Green Ogre Permanently

This is because the moral of Shrek is that only people who are the same color belong together

Image credits: Crimson03Ghost

#26 Your Mom Was Originally Offered The Lead Role In The Whale (2022), But She Couldn't Commit To The Dramatic Weight Loss Required

Image credits: RotMG543

#27 In Disney's Animated Film Lilo And Stitch™, During The Pet Rescue Scene, It Is Revealed That Nani Doesn't Wear Panties

Image credits: Kitfox715

#28 In Avatar 2, Jake Sully Painted Himself In Argentina Colors To Celebrate Messi Winning The World Cup

Image credits: Organic_Macaroon_178

#29 Ferris Bueller’s Day Off (1986) Could Not Be Remade Today As He Would Be Shot At If He Tried Running Through His Neighbors’ Backyards

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#30 In Harry Potter And The Philosopher's Stone, Harry Buys Everything On The Trolley (He Literally Flashes Some Money And Says "We'll Take The Lot".) This Means That None Of The Other Children On The Train Got Any Sweets And Harry Is A Massive A**hole

Image credits: Tokyono

#31 In La La Land (2016) Ryan Gosling’s Character Checks Out Emma Stone’s Feet, This Is A Reference To The Fact She Has The 4th Highest Rated Feet On Wikifeet

Image credits: Hendrick_Davies64

#32 In Spiderman Homecoming (2017) Peter Receives A Package From Someone With The Initials T. S. Could Be Anyone, Such As: Taylor Swift

Image credits: GimmieGnomes

#33 At The End Of Back To The Future Part III (1990), The Words ‘The End’ Appear On Screen As The Story Is Over. This Is Thankfully Still True Today As This Is The Only Franchise That Somehow Hasn’t Received Any Unnecessary Sequels

Image credits: c00olsoc000l

#34 To Promote "Scream Vi(2023)" Paramount Changed The Entire New York City Subway Into These Weird Twists And Turns, Causing A Lot Of Train Wreck

Image credits: la_yee_leet

#35 In Spiderman: No Way Home 2021, It Is Suggested That All The Cinematic Versions Of Marvel Franchises Exist Somewhere In The Multiverse, This Is Really Bad Because It Means That Deadpool From X-Men Origins Wolverine Exists Somewhere And That Character Is Terrible

Image credits: Enginehank

#36 Knives Out (2019) Creator Rian Johnson Developed Ana De Armas’s Character Marta — A Beautiful, Principled, Selfless Woman Incapable Of Lying — By Envisioning The Exact Opposite Of My Now-Ex-Girlfriend. F*ck You Tina, I Found The Texts

Image credits: ajcpullcom

#37 In Encanto (2021) The Lesson Of The Movie Is That If Your Family Disowns You, You Should Live Inside Their Walls And Watch Them Eat

Image credits: -Weeb-Account-

#38 In A Few Good Men (1992), Jack Nicholson Yells "You Can't Handle The Truth!" Because He Didn't Think Tom Cruise Could Handle The Truth

Image credits: justainsel

#39 When His True Identity Is Revealed, Peter Parker Received Very Difference Response From The Public In (2004) And (2021), This Is A Reference To The Fact That Social Media Changed All Of Us Into Monsters

Image credits: Saturn_Ecplise

#40 A Trip To The Moon(1902) Is 120 Years Old Yet Still Has Better Practical Effects Than Most Modern Sci-Fi Movies. The Attach Picture Is Not Actually The Moon, It’s A Guy With Whipped Cream On His Face

Image credits: Ok_Extension5535

#41 Even Though Nick Offerman Is Not Gay, He Kisses Another Man In "The Last Of Us" Because The Character He's Playing Is A Gay Man Who Kisses Another Man. This Is A Reference To Acting, Where An Actor Acts How A Character Would Act

Image credits: ivanchovv

#42 In The Emoji Movie (2017), A Boy Manages To Score A Date With A Girl By Sending Her A "Super Cool Emoji". Yes, This Really Happened. I'm Not Joking. It's The Emotional Climax Of The Story

Image credits: Tokyono

#43 So I Watched The New Mario Movie And It Was A Lot Darker Than I Anticipated

Image credits: reddit---_user

#44 In The Second Episode Of The Last Of Us (2023), Joel Shoots Wildly And Does Little Damage To A Clicker. This Is An Example Of HBO Faithfully Adapting My Own Gameplay

Image credits: nimcau2TheQuickening

#45 In Endgame (2019) Tony Stark Repeats The Line "No Amount Of Money Ever Bought A Second Of Time", While Just A Hours Beforehand He Used His Great Resources As A Bajillionaire (Bought With Money) To Time Travel And Eventually, Meet His Dad Again

Image credits: HarryShachar

#46 In Avatar (2009), The Protagonist Jake Sully Turns Blue. This Is Because He Is A Marine And Ate Too Many Blue Crayons

Image credits: MKleister

#47 Ellen Ripley In The Movie Alien (1979) Was Originally Written To Be A Man. Director Ridley Scott Changed His Mind When He Watched The Hunger Games (2012) And Realized That Women Can Also Be Action Movie Leads

Image credits: twoopaq

#48 Peter Parker Who Took Pictures Of Spider-Man Really Hates When His Pictures Are Taken Without His Consent Despite Him Never Getting Spider-Man’s Consent. You Don’t Like It Now Do You Peter? How The Turn Tables

Image credits: zzuhruf

#49 When The Vfx House Responsible For Quantumania Asked If They Should Focus On Quality Or Saving Money, Marvel Told Them “Money, Or Disney Overturns Contract”. This Is Known In The Film Industry As “Modoc”

Image credits: Last_Fact_3044

#50 Gotham Is Rasict

Image credits: Beginning-Outcome670

#51 So Let's Do The Math. Chuck Gets Stuck On An Island For 4 Years. His Girlfriend, Kelly Moves On, Gets Married And Is Now Shown With A Daughter That Looks 2-Ish Years. Pregnancy Is Theoretically 9-Months. Jesus...kelly Didn't Waste Any Time. (Cast Away, 2000)

Image credits: SpaceMyopia

#52 In Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows Part2, Dumbledore Had Tears In His Eyes When He Found Out Snape's Patronus Is A Doe Because That's When He Realized Snape Is A Pathetic Middle Aged Man Who's Still Obsesed About His Student's Mom

Image credits: Aggressive-Nobody473

#53 In The Movie Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 3, The Guardians Dress Up As Characters From Among Us. This Is Because Marvel Is Running Out Of Ideas

Image credits: Best-Cryptographer35

#54 In Indiana Jones And The Last Crusade (1989), Jones Says “It Belongs In A Museum,” Which Is Incorrect, As Priceless Cultural Artifacts Actually Belong To The Indigenous Peoples From Which They’re Pilfered

Image credits: Mr_Westerfield

#55 In Dreamworks Shrek 2, During A Brief Blink And You’ll Miss It Moment You Can See Catnip Being Confiscated Off Of Puss In Boots As He Is The Only One With Any Illegal Substances On His Person. This Is Actually An Intended Reference To The Fact That Only Pussies Do Drugs

Image credits: Wonderful-Fig-8010

#56 The Promotional Image For "Fast And The Furious" (2001) Contains A Partial Spoiler

Image credits: Penguin-Monk

#57 In Order To Prepare For Their Roles As Nathan Drake And Victor Sullivan In Uncharted (2022), Tom Holland And Mark Wahlberg Did Nothing Whatsoever

Image credits: River_Odessa

#58 In Coco (2017), Mamá Coco Remains Old In Afterlife. This Is Pixar Studio's Way To Advocate S*icide At A Young Age To Enjoy Your Afterlife In The Best Body Shape

Image credits: Geruchsbrot

#59 During Revenge Of The Sith (2005) Padme Tells Anakin Thay She Is Pregnant. This Is A Major Plot Hole Because It's Never Explained How It Happened, And My Parents Won't Explain It To Me

Image credits: AdSubstantial7703

#60 Liars!

Image credits: SleepyGary5

#61 In Shazam! Fury Of The Gods (2023), Billy Thinks He Isn't As Cool As Flash, Batman, Or Aquaman, Even Though He's More Powerful Than All 3 Of Them Combined. This Is A Reference To The Fact That You Should Always Remember Your Self-Worth, Kings And Queens

Image credits: reddit.com

#62 In The Flash (2023), There Are Two Ezra Millers. This Means The World Is Now In Twice As Much Danger

Image credits: reddit.com

#63 Originally Tom Cruise Was Slated To Play Tony Stark In Iron Man (2008), Marvel Later Backtracked When They Realized How Dangerous Would Be To Have These Three Nutcases In The Same Studio At The Same Time

Image credits: NotASynth499

#64 What A Stupid Idiot

Image credits: survivalking4

#65 In "The Mitchells vs. The Machines" (2020), The Main Character Says To Her Mom: "Thanks For Being The Best Mom Ever". This Is False As The Best Mom Ever Is My Mom

Image credits: valfonso_678

#66 In Justice League (2017), Henry Cavill's Moustache Had To Be Digitally Removed As The Actor Was Already Filming Mi:fallout. This Is A Reference To Hollywood's Obsession With CGI, As They Could've Just Hired Liam Hemsworth To Replace Him Instead Of Editing Out His Moustache

Image credits: Absalom98

#67 The Upcoming Movie "Oppenheimer" (2023) Is Projected To Do Well In The U.S., But Bomb In Japan

Image credits: Penguin-Monk

#68 In The Incredibles (2004), Syndrome Says That Bob And Helen “Got Busy” Upon Seeing Their Children Beside Them. This Is A Reference To Something Really Cool And Mysterious, But My Mom Won’t Tell Me What It Is

Image credits: SwordieLotus

#69 In Avatar (2009), Grace’s Body Swap Was Unsuccessful. Mo’at Says It Was Because Her Gunshot Wounds Were Too Great, But It Was Actually Due To Grace’s Heavy Chain-Smoking For Decades. Seriously, Find A Scene Where She Isn’t Holding One, Or Asking Where Her Goddamn Cigarette Is

Image credits: Teal_is_orange

#70 Upon Release, Ready Player One [2018] Received Universal Acclaim For The Accuracy And Faithfulness Within Its Depiction Of Ohio

Image credits: EmonMusk

#71 Did You Know In The Moana Live Action Movie, The Rock Is In Another Tropical F*cking Forest. This Is A Reference To Every F*cking Rock Movie

Image credits: wiscup1748

#72 In "The Batman" (2022) The Song "Something In The Way" Was Chosen Because In The Entire Movie, The Batman And The Riddler Never Actually Met Directly, There's Always Something In The Way Between Them, Either A Phone Or A Pane Of Glass

Image credits: Htimsxnhoj

#73 Quantumania's (2023) Rotten Tomatoes Score Continues To Grow Smaller Everyday. This Is A Reference To It Being An Ant-Man Movie

Image credits: SpaceMyopia

#74 In Star Wars Episode Ix: The Rise Of Skywalker, Rey Finds This Stupid Dagger And Comments How Horrible Things Have Been Done With It. This Shows How Rey Does Not Think Her Lightsaber Being Used To Kill Children In Revenge Of The Sith Is Horrible By Comparison

Image credits: Goodbye-Nasty

#75 In Wonder Woman (2017), An Amazon Mentions That It Is Painful To Resist The Lasso Of Truth. This Is A Reference To The Fact That Wonder Woman Is A War Criminal That Tortures Her Captives

Image credits: Playful-Gazelle-2403

#76 We've Heard Of Method Actors, But Method Directors?

Image credits: reddit.com

#77 In Batman & Robin (1997), Batman's Card Expiry Date Says Forever. This Means Bruce Wayne's Addiction To Buying Banks Is Consistent Across Different Multiverses

Image credits: Organic_Macaroon_178

#78 First Image Of Lady Gaga And Joaquin Phoenix In ‘Joker Face’ (2024)

Image credits: QuicklyThisWay

#79 In Toy Story (1995) It Is Obvious That It Is A Work Of Fiction. This Is Because The Abusive Child From A Broken And Decrepit Home Apparently Has Parents Who Can Afford Braces

Image credits: 3VD

#80 In Back To The Future 2, Doc Takes Marty 30 Years Into The Future To 2015. This Is An Error, As 2015 Is Actually In The Past

Image credits: ArcticFox19

#81 This Newly Released Still From "Spider-Man: Across The Spider-Verse (2023)" Hints At The Movie Taking Place In Australia

Image credits: sausage_blue

#82 Kaleidoscope (2022) Is A Series That Can Be Watched In Any Order And It Will Affect How People View The Story. This Is Technically The Same As Every Other Series, Although Some Orders May Make Less Sense

Image credits: ihaveneverdonemeth

#83 In Creed 3, Michael B. Jordan Was Struggling To Get A Better Fight Performance Out Of Jonathan Majors. So Jordan Pulled Him Aside And Reportedly Said “Pretend I’m A Woman”. Majors Then Delivered An Oscar Worthy Performance

Image credits: kingwafflez

#84 In Evil Dead Rise (2023) You Can Hear A Child Screaming In The Background. That's Because A Woman Brought Her Three-Year-Old Daughter. Seriously, What The F*ck?

Image credits: Rima996

#85 Blazing Saddles (1974) Could Not Be Made Today, As It Was Already Made In 1974

Image credits: Hdhs1

#86 (2023) The Super Mario Bros. Film Depicts A Rainbow Road To Inject Wokness Into Entertainment And Give Me Gay Thoughts Which Is Crazy Because I'm Not!

Image credits: SkepticDrinker

#87 In Watchmen (2009) The Character Rorschach Wears A Mask That Depicts My Parents Arguing. This Is A Reference To The Fact That I Should Probably Go To Therapy

Image credits: some-hippy

#88 Kumail Nanjiani, A Pakistani Actor Plays The Role Of An Indian In Eternals(2021). This Is Because Marvel Were Too Lazy To Actually Find An Indian Guy Out Of A Billion People To Play An Indian Character

Image credits: Buffvamporigfan

#89 Darth Vader Only Exists In The Original Star Wars Trilogy Because Obi Wan Was A Sadistic Bastard Who Chose To Leave Anakin To Die A Slow And Painful Death By Immolation & Triple Amputation Instead Of Humanely Ending His Suffering With A Swift Lightsaber Strike To The Brain

Image credits: Not_Not_Matt

#90 The First Film To Gross Two Morbillion Dollars

Image credits: theraybenton

#91 The Walking Dead (2010) Argues That The Humans Are The Real Monsters. This Is Incorrect. The Real Monsters Are The Flesh-Eating Zombies

Image credits: reddit.com

#92 Did You Know?

Image credits: pale_guy_

#93 James Cameron Took 13 Years To Make Avatar: The Way Of Water (2022). Somehow, If And When This Movie Bombs, It Will Be Because Of Marvel And Not At All Because Audiences Didn't Care About A So-So First Movie No One Even Remembers

Image credits: pspetrini

#94 In Gladiator (2000), You Can Clearly See A Red Circle In The Sky In One Scene (Marked With Airplane On The Picture For Clarity). The Infamous Mistake Somehow Slipped Through Post-Production And Made It To The Final Cut

Image credits: NoNo_Cilantro

#95 In This Scene From Breaking Bad (2010), Walter Throws A Pizza On His Roof In Anger. This Is Because He Accidentally Doxxed Himself

Image credits: longdongopinionwrong

#96 In Avatar: The Way Of Water (2022), James Cameron Opts To Speed Past Jake’s Kids Being Babies So That The Audience Wouldn’t Get Annoyed With Infant Cries. However, I Could Still Hear A Baby Screaming Throughout The Entire. 3 Hour. Movie

Image credits: Teal_is_orange

#97 Did You Know!?!?! Despite Hundreds Of Millions In Global Box Office Returns, "Back To The Future" (1985) Failed To Find Success In France. Audiences Were Puzzled By Marty's Rejection Of His Mother's Sexual Advances

Image credits: Penguin-Monk

#98 Joe Biden Is Such A Big Nic Cage Fan That He Released The Arms Dealer Lord Of War Is Based On So That There Could Be A Sequel

Image credits: EarlForrest

#99 Quentin Tarantino Put This Leather Jacket On Kiddo In Kill Bill (2003) As An Homage To The Og Female Action Star From Hunger Games (2012)

Image credits: Bastard-of-the-North

#100 Audiences Were Largely Confused By This Scene Of Mel And Jayce In Arcane (2021) Seeing As It Features Sex, Which Is Something That League Of Legends Players Don't Have

Image credits: soosbear

#101 To Prepare For His Role As An Unlikeable Pos In Seinfeld (1989), Method Actor Jerry Seinfeld Became An Unlikeable Pos

Image credits: Godhelpme69

#102 In Star Wars: Rise Of The Skywalker, Flashbacks Show That Child Rey Had The Same Hair And Clothes As Adult Rey. This Was A Subtle Way Of Showing How Little Character Development She Had Over The Series

Image credits: TheMegaSage

#103 Title

Image credits: DirectSuit4537

#104 In Ant-Man And The Wasp: Quantumania (2023), This Blob Says "I Don't Have Holes" Early In The Movie, And Much Later Screams "I Have Holes" After Getting Shot Multiple Times. This Joke Is The Most Complex Piece Of Screenwriting From This Movie

Image credits: River_Odessa

#105 In Willy Wonka And The Chocolate Factory (1971), The Children Get Punished For Their Sins: Augustus Gets Boiled For His Gluttony, Violet Gets Exploded For Her Pride, Verruca Gets Dirty For Her Greed, Mike Gets Shrunk For His Arrogance, And Charlie Gets Burdened By Taxes And Osha Fines For Being Poor

Image credits: ArcticFox19

#106 In The Batman (12:24:36 Am March 5 2050)

Image credits: GobindAnand

#107 In Pixar’s Elemental (2023), Two Opposites Have To Go A Journey Together And Annoy One Another But Then Develop A Bond. Then There’s A Misunderstanding Before The Third Act And They Get Mad And Separate. Then Realize They Love One Another And Rescue Each Other At The End. Just A Guess

Image credits: fuzzy_dice_99

#108 In ‘Yesterday’ (2019) It Is Revealed That John Lennon Survived In An Alternative Timeline Where The Beatles Did Not Exist. It Is Not Made Clear If His Domestic Abuse Is Still Canon However

Image credits: RadAustin

#109 In 'The Simpsons' Episode 1f06, When Lisa Says "Cartoons Don't Have To Be 100% Realistic", Homer Is Walking Outside The Window, Yet He Is Simultaneously Sitting On The Couch Too. I Mean, What Are We To Believe, That He Used Some Sort Of Magic Cloning Hammock Or Something?

Image credits: MKleister

#110 In Shazam: Fury Of The Gods, Billy’s Foster Parents Have To Give Him “The Talk.” No One Can Disprove Me Because No One Went To F*cking See This Movie

Image credits: BaneShake

#111 In Whiplash (2014), Terrence Fletcher Is Extremely Hard On Young Drummer Andrew Neiman. This Is Because Andrew Is A Criminal, That's Who He Is! A Vigilante! A Public Menace!

Image credits: theDart

#112 In The Cartoon Freakazoid! (1995-1996) There Is A Character Called Candlejack Who Abducts Anyone Who Says His Name. This Is A Referenc

Image credits: migvelio

#113 In Planes (2013), Theres A Scene Where They’re Watching The "Top 10 Plane Crashes Of All Time" On TV, They’re Basically Watching Gore Videos If You Think About It, Meaning Not Only Are Gore Videos Canon In The Cars Universe, But They’re Also Normalized Enough To Be Casually Broadcast On Sports TV

Image credits: Aeyen_the_lobster

#114 In Spider-Man: Into The Spider Verse (2018), A Teacher Immediately Notices And Helps Miles The Moment She Sees He Got An Absolute 0 On His Test, This Is A Reference To How Trustful And Helpful Our School Systems Ar...wait, What Do You Mean They're Not...oh Right, Is Another Universe...forget It

Image credits: AACMBirdzilla234

#115 James Cameron Has Stated That Avatar 3 Will Feature A Fire-Based Tribe That Shows The More Evil Side Of The Na'vi. This Is A Reference To The Fact That Originality In The Movie Industry Is Dead. See Everything Change When The Fire Nation Attacks In Avatar 3, Coming To Theaters Near You In 2024

Image credits: Its_Like_A_Dream

#116 In Saving Private Ryan (1998) Vin Diesel Tries To Save A Little Girl Saying “She Reminds Me Of My Niece” This Is A Reference To The Most Important Thing Of All, Family

Image credits: wiscup1748

#117 In Batman & Robin (1997), Mr. Freeze Says "What Killed The Dinosaurs? The Ice Age!" But They Were Actually Killed By A Giant Asteroid. This Alludes To The Fact That Mr. Freeze Is A Cryogenicist, Not A Geologist

Image credits: CronoDroid

#118 If You Started Watching Wayne’s World Exactly At 8pm On New Years Eve, At 12 Midnight, The Movie Will Have Been Over For Quite Awhile

Image credits: nesenn

#119 I Keep Trying To Watch The Day The Earth Froze (1959) But These Three Guys In The Front Row Won't Pipe Down

Image credits: hobbitdude13

#120 For Dunc: Part Two Thc Markcting Tcam Chosc To Continuc What Was Donc On Thc First Movic. This Is A Rcfcrcncc To Thc Idca Of Committing To Thc Bit

Image credits: fullautoluxcommie

#121 In Avatar: The Way Of Water (2022) Multiple Characters State That “The Way Of Water Has No Beginning And No End.” This Is True, Seeing As The Movie Is 3 F*cking Hours Long

Image credits: eThunderSnow

#122 In Moana, (2016) Schafrillas Productions Makes An Appearance. This Is A Reference To How I'm Truly Sorry About What Happened To Him And I Hope He'll Be Alright

Image credits: Mister_E69

#123 In Avengers: Infinity War (2018), Thor And Cap Exchange Small Talk While People Are Actively Dying In The Background Due To It Being A War Zone. This Is A Reference To Marvel Being Absolutely Physically And Psychologically Incapable Of Going 2 Minutes Without Including A Shi**y Joke Line

Image credits: River_Odessa

#124 I’m Star Wars Rise Of Skywalker (2019) When Emperor Palpatine Hired The Mercenaries To Kill Rey And Friends, He Made Sure To Give Them A Dagger That Leads To The Planet With His Most Powerful Weapons So The Lead Cast Can Beat Him Again

Image credits: ChudoobicSku461

#125 In Everything Everywhere All At Once, James Hong Depicts A Father In His 80s. This Is Unrealistic, Because James Hong Is Actually 94 Years Old. F*cking Madman, What A Legend

Image credits: Last_Fact_3044

#126 In Encanto (2021), This Lady Says That Bruno Told Her That Her Fish Would Die "The Next Day". Considering That He Left The Village Ten Years Ago...why Does She Still Have The Dead Fish? The Implications Are Disturbing

Image credits: Tokyono

#127 Ash Ketchum Was The Protagonist Of Pokémon For Over 1,200 Episodes, All Because This Coward Didn't Take Him Out When He Had A Chance Only 35 Episodes Into Season 1

Image credits: SlayAndDecay

#128 In Black Panther (2018), The First Thing King T’challa Did After Announcing Their Aid Programme Was To Build An Outreach Centre In Oakland Instead Of Helping Poor African Nations Near It. This Is Because Wakanda Is An Absolute Monarchy, And Dictators Frequently Make Decisions That Make No Sense

Image credits: reddit.com

#129 One Can Tell That “Ready Player One”(2018) Is A Work Of Fiction Because People Still Like Overwatch In The 2040s

Image credits: Hendrick_Davies64

#130 Jennifer Lawrence Was The First Woman To Ever Blue Herself In A Movie. Before That Only Men Blue Themselves On Camera

Image credits: mindfulmark11