130 Boyfriends And Husbands Who Raised The Bar When It Came To Gift Giving (New Pics)

When everything’s said and done, the things that will leave a deep impression on the people you care about are your kindness, love, and generosity. When you truly love someone, there doesn’t need to be a special occasion to do something special. But a bit of thoughtfulness and creativity both go a long way if you want your gift to be memorable.

And, wow, have some men raised the bar when it comes to epic gifts! Bored Panda has collected the most wholesome, impressive, and romantic gifts that husbands and boyfriends have ever given their partners. If that doesn’t make your heart swell to three times its size, nothing will.

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Pssst, Pandas, over here! For some more incredibly creative and heartwarming gift-giving inspiration, check out our earlier articles right here and over here. Hats off to these guys, they’ve impressed us to the moon and back!

We got in touch with dating expert Dan Bacon, the founder of The Modern Man, to get to grips with the role that gifts play in relationships. He also revealed to us how men can still surprise their loved ones if they feel like they've run out of original ideas. "Gifts are definitely not essential for a happy, healthy relationship unless you're with someone who places a lot of importance on gifts. What's most important for most people is that they feel loved, respected, understood, wanted, and appreciated," he said. Check out Bored Panda's full interview with the expert below.

#1 My Boyfriend Of Over 10 Years Still Surprises Me With Setting Up A Cozy Bath Whenever I'm Stressed- I Just Came Home To See This Tonight

Image credits: Cheddar18

Dating expert Dan, from The Modern Man, said that everyone places a different level of importance on gifts.

"Some people really don't like gift-giving and just want their presence to be the present. Others participate because they assume it's the right thing to do, whereas others do it because it really means a lot to them and is a token of their love," he told Bored Panda.

According to Dan, "in its purest form," gift-giving is "an expression of love and appreciation for the other person." Though he added: "Yet gifts can also be used to fit in, be liked, show off, gain favor, and so on." 

#2 My Girlfriend Wanted A Birdhouse, So I Made Her One To Match Her House

Image credits: JShropshier

#3 Beautiful

Image credits: murffyslurtz

Bored Panda was curious about how men can still surprise their partners if they feel like they've already done everything and they're starved for original ideas. Dating expert Dan noted that all of this depends on three factors: the age of the woman, what she thinks of gifts, and how long the couple has been together.

"For a younger couple in their teens, a teddy bear, a cute trinket, or an inexpensive piece of jewelry is usually something a girl will cherish receiving from her boyfriend. It doesn't need to be any more original than that when in a very young relationship," he said.

"For a couple in their 20s that have been together for many years, it can be a wide range of things," Dan told Bored Panda that some examples might include "perfume, luxury pajamas with slippers, a puppy or kitten, tickets to a stage show she has been wanting to see, along with a gift voucher for her to buy a dress at her favorite store, etc."

#4 My Husband Made Me This Wood Bag As I Started Doing More Of Urban Sketching

Image credits: Dottales_by_tina

#5 My Boyfriend Got This For Me For The Anniversary. Let’s Just Say I’m Not Crying

Image credits: SammiTeeooh

#6 Seems Like A Keeper

Image credits: __DaveyBaby

"For a married couple who've been together for over a decade, it can also be a wide range of things depending on the woman's interests," Dan from The Modern Man said.

Some gift ideas include: "Scented candles, a handy charging station for all her devices rather than just having them strewn everywhere in a mess on her bedside table, a new set of high-quality pots and pans, perfume and moisturizer from the same brand in a pack, a painter's startup kit (e.g. easel, palette, paints, canvasses) so she can try out painting as a hobby,"

#7 Came Home Tonight To Find My Man In The Kitchen. He Told Me If We Couldn’t Go Out For Sushi, He’d Bring The Sushi To Me

My husband and I planned a fancy sushi date this week, but we’ve had two major storms this week so I’ve been working overtime taking care of people that had their homes damaged.

Image credits: seriphae

#8 My Sister's Boyfriend Knows She Likes Miniatures And Proposed To Her With A Tiny Ring (He Got Her A Real Ring, Of Course)

Image credits: TruffleShuffleKing

#9 Wife Wanted A Greenhouse. Repurposed Wood And Windows

Image credits: Jbruno08

The obvious needs to be said: giving gifts feels gooooood! People are incredibly social beings, and our brains reward us for cooperating with others and being kind. We are, essentially, hardwired to care about others and form long-lasting bonds. Nearly all cultures also value altruism in some shape or form as well.

However, at the same time, we’ve got a competing instinct at play. One that deals with mistrust and survival.

Psychotherapist Silva Neves explained to Bored Panda some time ago that these two instincts—kindness and survival—are in competition with each other. There’s always that nagging thought at the back of your head or in the pit of your stomach that, hey, your kindness might somehow backfire on you. That’s just how things are. However, that only means that choosing to be kind shows just how much we truly care about others.

#10 A Plant Shelf I Made For The Girlfriend

Image credits: SirGaston

#11 I'm 7 Months Into A Complicated Pregnancy And Mentioned To My Husband That I Was Thinking Of Having A Bath. I Came Home To This

Image credits: andtellmethis

#12 My Dad Didn't Graduate High School. Today I Taught Him How To Use A Protractor And Basic Geometry So He Could Rebuild My Mom's Flowerbed

Image credits: sonarssion

“Being kind is good for us because it gives us a sense of purpose, it raises our self-esteem, and it releases feel-good brain chemicals,” the mental health specialist told Bored Panda a while back.

“It [kindness] is also good for others, obviously. So kindness is actually something that we, humans, are naturally driven to. The sense of kindness is in competition with our survival mode, so, as human beings, we tend to live in contradiction, between kindness (opening our arms) and protection (closing our arms).”

Altruism, kindness, and generosity can take many different forms. The most obvious is giving someone a gift, however big or small you feel it ‘needs’ to be. Even something as seemingly ‘insignificant’ as an apple, a piece of candy, or a handwritten note can make someone’s day. Meanwhile, a gift that is meaningful, practical, and fulfills your partner’s long-held dreams is definitely going to make them smile and jump with joy (tears are optional).

#13 My Boyfriend Got Me The Most Special Present Ever. My Dad Passed Away In May, And It’s Been So Hard Knowing I’ll Never See Him Again

I know he’s looking down on me today and probably crying with me!

Image credits: Jaclynhill

#14 The Only Correct Way To Propose

Here’s to new beginnings … not only did Molly find her new family last week, but her parents also got engaged with a little help from the sweet little kitten herself. We love a good “happily ever after” and we were thrilled to be a part of two in the same day!

Image credits: AnimalFriends

#15 I Built My Wife A Walk-In Wardrobe In 2 Weeks

Image credits: Syth_2002

Usually, it’s the meaning behind the gift rather than the present itself that is responsible for all of that happiness, countless hugs, and endless ‘thank yous.’ You’re showing your partner that you care about them. That you’re thinking about them. That you’re going the extra mile to put them first. Self-sacrifice, perceptiveness, and the ability to keep your surprise a secret are very attractive qualities, in our opinion.

#16 My Latest Piece Made From Clear Cedar Scraps From A Deck We Built Not Long Ago. A Little V-Day Gift For My Wife

Image credits: Acecarpenter

#17 Wooden Waveform Made This As An Anniversary Present For My Wife It's From The Audio Of Our Vows

Image credits: Internetblogger

#18 A Gift For My Girlfriend. This Is My First Real Embroidery Project, And I Wanted To Share It Because I Am Happy With How It Turned Out

I started this on May 21st, and after 4-months of work, I can finally give it to her on our anniversary. She loves it, and it found a nice spot hanging in her bedroom.

Image credits: Famous-Clerk-2581

At the very core of generosity is a very simple premise (that is incredibly hard to live by, truth be told). In short, when you’re being kind to someone, you should do so without any expectations. That means that you’re giving someone your time, attention, and resources without asking for anything in return. Whether overtly or in your own mind.

#19 My Boyfriend Made A Scavenger Hunt For Me For My Birthday, And I Found This Under The Crib. I Was So Confused, But Then I Realized It

"For those who are confused, the moon is an ultrasound of our baby. He also chose the city of Chicago because we always love to go there for dates."

Image credits: meownikaa

#20 The Engagement Ring Box I Made. Our First Date Was Watching Jurassic Park In An Empty Auditorium. Laser Cut With Magnets To Hold It Closed

Image credits: AceMcClean

#21 My Fiancé Who’s An Electrician Built This Box For Me To Solve In His Proposal To Me! He Wrote A Corresponding Poem With That Gave Me The Answers To The 4 Challenges. I Said Yes

Image credits: LetsDips

It’s not truly a gift if you want something in return… or if you’re only doing it for the sake of improving your social standing. You might get thanked, get a gift in reciprocation, or improve your reputation either way, but these things should never be your goal.

#22 Today Is My Birthday, And My Boyfriend (By No Means A Regular Baker) Showed Up At My House This Morning At 7:00 AM With This Homemade Black Forest Cake From Scratch

I’m turning 44, and I gave up birthday celebrations long ago. He got up at 5:00 this morning to finish assembling and decorating, and then drove the half hour to my place from his to deliver it before he went to work. I had mentioned at some point in the last year that I had never had a Black Forest Cake, and would like to try it. 

Image credits: JustAGreenDreamer

#23 4 Months Ago I Secretly Commissioned My Wife's Favorite Artist To Paint A Portrait Of Her And Our Girls As A Surprise For Our 15th Anniversary

It arrived today, and this evening she unwrapped it. I was so nervous to see her reaction, but I'm happy to report that she LOVES it! Best day ever.

Image credits: JephriB

#24 My Wife Wanted New Cabinets For The Laundry Room. Instead Of Going To IKEA, I Spent 6 Months And Double The Money Building These

Image credits: Ginger-Engineer

Put yourself in your loved one’s shoes. Think about their goals, ambitions, hopes, and dreams. Consider what kind of gift would make you happy as well. And if you’re ever in need of some light inspiration, you can always look to the internet for help.

#25 I Made My Girlfriend A Jewelry Box For Her Birthday With A Surprise Inside... She Said Yes

Image credits: Apdski24

#26 8 Years Ago I Horribly Photoshopped Our Family On The Side Of A Mug To Make My Wife Laugh After A Hard Week She Was Having. It Happened To Be Delivered On Valentine’s Day

So we turned it into a yearly tradition. The collection so far.

Image credits: Timfrostyo

#27 Made A Stool For My GF Who Is A Teacher

Image credits: PercussivePirate

A completely original gift is practically impossible, but that doesn’t mean that your present can’t be uniquely tailored to your relationship. It’s perfectly fine to use a good idea you spot elsewhere, so long as you put a personal twist on things!

#28 My Boyfriend Made Pokémon Cards Of Our Dog And Cat For My Birthday Instead Of A Birthday Card

Image credits: MissMeowser

#29 My Husband Remembered I Liked An Opal Arm Band On Etsy, So He Had My Mom’s Jewelry Store Custom Make One In Rose Gold To Match My Wedding Ring For Christmas

Image credits: aureylian

#30 My Boyfriend’s Christmas Gift To Me Was Our Cat Wasabi As An Astronaut. I Thought You Guys Might Appreciate This As Much As I Do

Image credits: vexedaries

#31 Christmas Present I Made For My Girlfriend

Image credits: reddit.com

#32 My Wife Wanted To Buy A Wrought Iron Art Piece, So I Modeled And Printed A Similar One But 3 Times Bigger For Less Than $15. She Likes This One Even More

Image credits: 1entreprenewer

#33 Incense Burner I Made For My Girlfriend

Image credits: naaiiilllll

#34 Look What My Boyfriend Gave Me For My Birthday Present. He Made A Custom Action Figure Of Me. Apparently, He Was Preparing This For Six Months. I Didn't Expect It

Image credits: selphieusagi

#35 I've Been Struggling With Depression And My Boyfriend Left This On My PC

Image credits: AggressiveYuumi

#36 My Sister’s Boyfriend Asked Me To Help Him Plan A Star-Gazing Date Night For Her And I Think We’ve Got A Slam Dunk

Image credits: themediumchunk

#37 This Guy Wants To Surprise His Girlfriend By Replacing Her Broken Eyeshadow Palette But Has No Idea What It Is. This Makeup Community Helps Him Out

Image credits: DaddyThreeLegs

#38 This Is My Wife's Favorite Pair Of Heels. As A Surprise For Our Anniversary In 3 Weeks, I Bought Some Shoe Stretchers And I've Been Carefully Expanding Them

She has held onto them for years, even though they're too tight (her feet grew slightly during her last pregnancy). I can't wait to show her!

Image credits: JephriB

#39 I Made A Copper Ring For My Girlfriend. I Hope She'll Like It

Image credits: KSmusk

#40 My Husband Finished Prepping Lunch While I Wasn’t Looking

Image credits: HighLadyTuon

#41 Bookshelf I Built For My Wife’s Office

Image credits: Rich12860

#42 For Our 5-Year Anniversary I Wrote 50 Notes With Things I Love About My GF And Put Them In A Jar That I Am About To Gift Her. Wish Me Luck

Image credits: Nah_ItllBeFine

#43 Recently Married And My Wife And I Both Collect Pokémon Cards, So I Made Her A Custom One As A Wedding Gift

Image credits: nweddle32

#44 My Dad Makes Creative Plates For My Mom With Early Onset Dementia. She Eats More When The Plate Is Pretty

Image credits: RainbowChainsaw

#45 Wife Wanted A Dr. Seuss Themed Nursery So I Built A Dr. Seuss Bookshelf

Image credits: ekjohns1

#46 Before My Girlfriend Left For Work She Mentioned It’d Be Nice To Have Shelves For These 8 Little Succulent Pots She Got For Christmas

She came home to an uncleaned house and succulent stand that holds one pot.

Image credits: NomDrop

#47 My First Real Woodworking Project. It’s A DNA Trellis For My Girlfriend Who Is Working On A PhD In Genetics And Loves Plants. What Do You All Think?

Image credits: Daveflave

#48 My Girlfriend Moved From Alberta And Missed The Mountains, So For Christmas I Made Her A Walnut Shelf/Coat Rack To Bring The Mountains To Her

Image credits: kranic3

#49 A Bath Table I Made For My Girlfriend. The Cube Is A Doorstop. Don't Mind The Poor Finish On That, It Was Intended To Be On The Floor

Image credits: i-instigate

#50 I Made This For My Girlfriend And I'm Really Proud, Not Gonna Lie

Image credits: Ryguychu

#51 This Is A Figure For A Girlfriend Who Is Having Difficulty From Depression

Image credits: K-Woodworking

#52 Quarantine King Sized Walnut Bed For The Future Wifey - Complete

Image credits: Jgyoerger

#53 I Got Home A Couple Of Hours Before My Wife, Who Has Been Out Entertaining Our Kids And Running Errands All Afternoon

This is the surprise I've got ready for her when she gets home.

Image credits: JephriB

#54 My Boyfriend Gifted Me Two Books With 182 Different Reasons Why He Loves Me For Our 1-Year Anniversary

Image credits: nayvj

#55 My Smallest And Most Delicate Project Yet. 5-Year (Wood) Anniversary Present For My Wife

Jewelry box made with oak and walnut. The interior was achieved with flocking a new skill for me that didn’t go as well on the real deal as it had on my practice pieces, unfortunately. The ring holders are rolled up velvet which matched the flocking. I made my first table saw jig to do the splines which worked sorta ok. Need a crosscut sled now.

Image credits: J1D2A3

#56 Allow Me To Introduce You To My Best Christmas Present. My Husband Had This Custom Made With All The Editions Of My Books. Hardcover, Paperback, And Large Print

Image credits: ImMeganCollins

#57 That’s So Wholesome

Image credits: Ericutz4thewin

#58 My Boyfriend Never Ceases To Amaze Me. He Got Me A Gift With A Letter

Letter: "The gift is a radio, podcast studio equipment for your youtube channel and vlog. So I just wanted to build a small studio for you to chase your dreams and do what you love."

Image credits: just_keigh

#59 Today I Received One Last Gift From My Late Husband. I Knew He Had Preordered It, But I Didn’t Think It Would Come Until October

Image credits: BynIsTheWorst

#60 How Sweet And Thoughtful

Image credits: MonicaKPearson

#61 My Husband Got Me Some Custom Dice For Playing Games, And They Have Mushrooms In Them

Image credits: jtrebach

#62 My Work Was Having A Ball, So I Designed And Made My Wife A Ball Gown

Image credits: little_so_and_sew

#63 I'm Going To Surprise My Wife, With This Tonight. We Will Have Our First Baby

Image credits: 2Black_Hats

#64 My Boyfriend Just Bought Me These Music Plaques, And This Is The Cutest Gift Ever

Image credits: AlexiaDpd

#65 Boyfriend Flew All The Way To New Zealand To Visit Me Since I Am Studying Abroad For A Semester! First Time Seeing Him In Two Months - We Couldn't Stop Smiling All Day

Image credits: 22FlyingTurtles

#66 My Boyfriend Is Following His Woodworking Dreams. I Am So Proud Of Him, I Hope You Enjoy These Pictures Of A Side Table He Surprised Me With

He is 23 and has started his own woodworking company!

Image credits: peegemil

#67 My Husband Grew Me A Giant Sunflower

Image credits: fair_child123

#68 I Made A Concrete Coffee Table For My Girlfriend

Here it is! I love how it turned out. Quite happy with this piece.

Image credits: DesignCompanyYXE

#69 My Boyfriend Knit This Hat For Me. I Absolutely Adore Him. It Melts My Heart To Know That Someone Would Put In That Kinda Effort For Me

For most of my life, I have been used to being just a person who exists but he seems like it's worth it to do so. I just love him so much.

Image credits: Jumpy_Worry_

#70 My Boyfriend Got Me An Awesome Bowl As I’m A Knitting Maniac Who Also Happens To Love Got And The Stark Family

Image credits: knittingmaniac

#71 Gift For Girlfriend's Birthday. First Band Saw Box With Flocking

Image credits: evilguy422

#72 Gave This To My Girlfriend On Our Three-Year Anniversary

Image credits: malibu73

#73 Outdoor Bench With A Built-In Planter I Built For My Girlfriend’s Birthday

Image credits: egeger

#74 My 1st Wood Project: I Designed And Made This For My Girlfriend - It’s A Napkin Holder

The story behind it is that I would joke how my girlfriend didn’t have a napkin holder. After a few times of this, I figured it is a good excuse to try out woodworking. It was a great project because I got to use all sorts of different tools and completely design it myself. It’s not perfectly the way I drew it up, but I think it turned out well and wanted to share it with you guys! Besides, I was able to learn the fine art of hiding and adjusting your mistakes so it looks intentional! I surprised her with it today and she loved it.


Woods from darkest to lightest are Walnut, Cherry, and Maple.

I think I can safely say I found myself a fun little hobby here!

Image credits: BuuanAnfor

#75 Jewelry Box For My Girlfriend, Made Completely With Non Electrical Tools. Birch, Walnut Burl And Ebony Details

Image credits: entrque

#76 Since My Wife Loves Reading, I Thought This Not-So-Secret Bookcase Door Would Be Perfect For The Job

Been working from home a lot lately and needed a way to close off the room during calls and stuff. 

Image credits: itsDandar

#77 First Wood Project I Made For My Girlfriend, A Small Table For Laptop. I'm A Beginner So I've Just Used A Jigsaw, A Drill And A Lot Of Sandpaper

Image credits: fede8043

#78 My Girlfriend Plays Cello And Needed A Music Stand. I Thought “That Is In My Scope Of Woodworking Knowledge”

Image credits: gurucrawg

#79 Look What My Boyfriend Made Me For My Birthday. It’s A Shadow Box For My Signed Folklore CD. He Made It Himself, And It’s So Cute

Image credits: detective_swift

#80 My Husband Made This For Me While I Was On Vacation. I Had No Idea He Had Such Talent

Image credits: Nipsy_russel

#81 Frog Custard Tart My Husband Made Me On My Birthday

Image credits: upinthecrowsnest

#82 I Mentioned To My Boyfriend How Beautiful The Necklace Was That Our Mutual Friend Made, And He Surprised Me With It Today

Image credits: treesare_nice_

#83 My BF Hides These Notes For Me To Find. Was Really Missing Him And Coincidentally Found The Hardest One Hidden According To Him (Behind Wall Frame)

Image credits: blank_spaces_

#84 My Brother Caught Covid So His Boyfriend Sent Him A Care Package

Image credits: notdootslayer

#85 My Boyfriend Has Been Thrifting Plushies For Me For The Past 3 Months That We've Been Dating Because I Have A Hard Time Sleeping Without Them

He has thrifted over 30 of them. He sent me this pic this morning.

Image credits: Gl0rifi3d_G0r3

#86 Last Night My Girlfriend Told Me She's Never Had A Man Cook For Her. I May Have Burned The Garlic Toast But Gave It A Whirl For Her Today

Image credits: jadedfalcons

#87 My Wife And I Have Been Talking About Getting A Driveway Gate Installed Since We Moved Into Our House Last Year

She was out of town this last weekend so I decided to do it myself to surprise her. This is the first thing that I have ever designed and built by myself. This made me smile.

Image credits: paulheav

#88 I Graduated With My Master’s Yesterday And Then Was Surprised With A Proposal After The Ceremony

Now I get to do the work I love and spend my life with the person that I love!

Image credits: bixinthemix6

#89 I Haven’t Had My Hair Done Professionally In Years Because It’s So Heckin Expensive So My Husband Gave Me This For Valentine’s Day

Image credits: lilbopeachy

#90 My Boyfriend Makes Origami Cranes, Almost Absent-Mindedly, And Sometimes Randomly Presents Them To Me

I still have one he made from my train ticket on our first date and the other day he gave me this teeny one, in the middle of a stressful workday, it always makes me smile. Pinky finger for scale!

Image credits: laarlie

#91 I Made The Wife A Wall-Mounted Dish Rack

Image credits: joshss22

#92 My Dad Slips A Love Note Into My Mom's Wallet Every Morning

Image credits: YTMDGuru

#93 Made This Coffee Table As A Christmas Gift For My Girlfriend, Hope She Likes It!

Image credits: blommern_

#94 Maple And Purple Heart Ring Box With A Bow, Hopefully Giving It To My Girlfriend Next Month

Image credits: Offcrandy

#95 I Randomly Looked Up From My Desk At Work & See This Handsome Surprise. Then Later I Arrived Home To A Meal I Love That He'd Taught Himself To Make. I Cherish Him

We’ve been tackling debt so money’s been tight & I told him not to worry about Valentine’s; he always shows me he loves me regardless.

Image credits: JacqiPro13

#96 Finished A Birthday Present For My Girlfriend: A Custom Potting Table. Mostly Red Fir, Sealed With Spar Urethane

Image credits: calyxcell

#97 Aboyna Burl Ring Box I Built

I'm asking my girlfriend to marry me tomorrow and I built this box to put the ring in.

Image credits: clark1409

#98 Made A Wood Thumb-Thing For My Girlfriend To Hold Open Books One-Handed. Made From Black Walnut, Oak, Cherry, And Ebony, With A Brass Inlay

Image credits: TomCruisesZombie

#99 Valentine's Gift For My Wife. Sister Did The Glass Etching

Image credits: jsquatchdesigns

#100 Had Some Mahogany Drops So I Made This Shelf For The Wife. Please Excuse The Vine. It’s Struggling To Make It

Image credits: blahhharf

#101 Made My Wife A Tortilla Press. I’m Still Very Much A Novice But I’m Happy With How This Came Out

Image credits: duckrug

#102 Wife’s Birthday Present Complete

Image credits: wisteve25

#103 Carved A Wooden Shell To Propose To My Girlfriend. Based On The Mermaid Pendant From Stardew Valley. She Said Yes

Image credits: Laroldegg

#104 Gifts From My Husband

Image credits: LoriLFoster

#105 Saw Another Veneered Rose And Figured I’d Post Mine. The Wife Loved It

One of last year's anniversary gifts. Made with wood shavings, and superglued together as I built up the structure. The entire thing is soaked with superglue so it is rigid and solid.

Image credits: BlackTenonFurniture

#106 Look What My Boyfriend Got Me For Our 6-Year Anniversary. I Was In Literal Tears When I Opened It. The Sweetest, Most Thoughtful Man Ever

Image credits: swiftietricia13

#107 My Husband Made My First Publication Into A Framed Christmas Ornament. Such A Sweet And Thoughtful Gift

Image credits: kek_kelsie

#108 My Non-Embroidering Boyfriend Got A Kit And Made Me This Cross-Stitch Pendant, And It Blew Me Away

Image credits: me0wsofur

#109 I Made A Duffel Bag For My Girlfriend. Now We Travel In Style

Image credits: glass_somewhat_full

#110 I Painted A Four-Legged Chicken For My Girlfriend Because We Thought It Was Funny

Image credits: nichtsehrkreativ

#111 Portrait Of My Wife, In Progress. Oil On Canvas

Image credits: morty_the_cat87

#112 This Was My First Creation From Recycled Cutlery. I Made My Wife A Turtle And I'm Kinda Proud Of It

Image credits: Arcempire

#113 Husband Gets Mixed Up

So my husband knows that since moving out to the East Coast I've missed Hot Puffcorn with a fiery passion because it's not sold out here. So tonight, he walks into the store, sees the stand of Hot Popcorn and thinks "I found it!!!" and proceeds to wipe the shelf clean of the product and buy me every. single. bag. He comes back to the car, super proud of himself and watches me expectantly, only for me to explain that there's a difference between the "puff" and "pop" corn. Doesn't matter to me though, this is still the best thing he's ever done.

Image credits: caobf

#114 Told My Boyfriend That I'm Tired And Want To Take A Bath. Next Thing You Know - 37 Of The Most Incredible Lush Bath Bombs Are Waiting At The Door

Image credits: ritafloresss

#115 I'm Recovering From A Third-Grade Hamstring Injury And My Boyfriend Baked My Favorite Cake! The Whole House Smells Amazing

Image credits: 420princesx

#116 My Boyfriend Knows I Don't Have Enough Memory To Play Games On My Phone, And Sometimes I Have Really Bored Moments At Work

So he just randomly showed up and brought his Game Boy Advance SP from when he was a kid for me to use at those moments.

Image credits: andreiaz

#117 I Told My Boyfriend Months Ago That When I Was In Junior High I Had A Fantasy Of Having A BF On The Football Team That Gave Me His Jersey

He went to his parents to get his for me. I’m 40 and he is 37.

Image credits: Carol_Pilbasian

#118 My Husband Came Home With This. It's Not My Birthday Or Our Anniversary. This Is Maybe The 5th Time In 23 Years That He's Given Me Flowers

Image credits: PianoOk6786

#119 Now I Wake Up To Love Notes And Windows With Beach Views Because My Period Made Me Sad And My Husband Hates To See Me Cry

I went from an abusive childhood to an abusive relationship and never thought I’d experience anything close to love. 

Image credits: cripplethreatxxx

#120 Today, My Boyfriend Randomly Got These Beautiful Flowers Delivered To Me Out Of Nowhere. He's A Keeper, I Love Him

The only person in my life that bought me flowers has been my mother. She recently had a mental breakdown, divorced from our family, and disowned me and my brother. 

Image credits: Caliixox

#121 My BF Gave Me A Gift Today

Image credits: raspberrypieboi69

#122 I Built This Dyson Airwrap Shelf And Storage For My Wife

Image credits: shudnap

#123 Just Finished Up My "Valentine's Gift" To My Girlfriend This Week

Image credits: tomatosoup3

#124 Made The Wifey A Gift For Mother's Day. First Time Scrolling. Not Perfect, But Learned A Lot

Image credits: 7house2

#125 My 3-Year Anniversary Gift. He Used The Note I Wrote Him As The Quote. I Love This Man

Image credits: cnshaw

#126 My Husband Made Me An Advent Calendar Of 30 Gifts That Count Down To My 30th Birthday. I’ve Been Stressed About Turning 30. This Really Helps

Image credits: Singing-Cat-Lady

#127 My Husband Knocked It Out Of The Park With My Anniversary Gift

Image credits: Normacorn

#128 My Wonderful Husband's Gift To Me Is To Express His Support For Women's Rights. He Is A Man Of Little Words, Fierce Ethics, And Limitless Love

Image credits: panicked_goose

#129 Told My Boyfriend I Needed A New Bookshelf. So He Built Me One

Image credits: chloe_creating

#130 As An Anniversary Gift, I Made My First Ring For My Wife. There Are Flaws But She Loves It. It's Walnut With A Twisted Copper Wire Inlay. 100% Reclaimed Materials

Image credits: KnottyLABS