17 Irresistible Party Food Ideas

Party food Ideas: Are you looking for some perfectly portable snack ideas for your next party? We’ve got you covered! These party food ideas are sure to please and will make folks think you spent months planning. Adults and kids alike are sure to love these irresistible party hack ideas!

OneCrazyHouse Party Foods Pinterest Titles Graphic, salad in a plastic cup, tacos in a individual chip bag, bowls of chocolate being made with hardened chocolate around balloons, plate made from peppermint candies in a oven dish with words across top

…AND they are (for the most part) super easy to pull off!! Anyone can make these look great – so no Pinterest fails here! If you have an outdoor kitchen, be sure to check out our collection of sides on the grill – all the best grilling BBQ recipes!

Easy Party Food Ideas

Making party food can not be stressful or take away the fun of the party.  It is one of the reasons why we love these fun party food ideas that are actually doable and won’t take away from your big event.

1. Party Food Ideas: DIY Choco-tacos

OneCrazyHouse Party Foods Chocotaco made from waffle cone in shape of taco, filled with ice cream and covered on top with chocolate and sprinkles being held by a hand

Choco Tacos– Choco Tacos, anyone? These just bring a certain nostalgia back to me….choco tacos…ahhh…who doesn’t love a choco taco!? Delicious!

These delicious treats are super easy to make!

Although it may look complicated, let me assure you that they’re not! If you don’t have a sugar cone waffle maker, you can make these on a griddle or in a skillet like pancakes – you will need to flip them once after about 30-45 seconds and let them cook an additional 30-45 seconds.

If you don’t have a taco mold, you can easily drape wax paper over books set up like tents and drape your waffle cones over the books to help shape them.



2. A healthy and delicious party food idea- Watermelon on a stick!

OneCrazyHouse Party Foods Plate with a pile of watermelon slices on wooden sticks

Watermelon on a stick– Regular Watermelon=good. Watermelon on a stick = great! Your kids will get a kick out of these “healthy popsicles” All you need are popsicle sticks and ripe and juicy watermelon.

3. Party Food Ideas: Frozen Fruit Picks

OneCrazyHouse Party Foods cup filled with fruits on a stick for drinks

Frozen Fruit Picks– These are a great addition to your favorite beverages. Simply put your chosen fruit on a pick, and freeze. Drop into your favorite beverage before serving. Perfect for cocktails or kids fruit punch- and did I mention how pretty they are?

4. Party Food Ideas: Pull Up Bread

Grab your fresh bread and cut, then season with garlic, butter, and cheese, and bake covered with foil. This is a very easy and delicious appetizer for a party or delicious snack anytime!

5. More Easy Party Appetizer Ideas: Salad in a cup

OneCrazyHouse Party Foods two plastic cups filled with salad ingredients with a fork coming out of the straw hole.

Salad in a Cup–  We are in love with this idea…Put your salad in a plastic cup with a lid for a perfectly portioned and portable salad. Add then add the fork where the straw goes and BAM! Now, you’re ready to take your salad anywhere.

This is great customizable party food and is also great for a picnic. The clear plastic cups provide an adorable presentation, but you can use any plastic cups that you have available. This can be made as healthy or hearty and you wish, depending on the veggies and dressings you choose. It’s recommended that the dressing be served on the side and that you leave a bit of room at the top of the cup to allow shaking to disperse the dressing.

6. Balloon filled treats

OneCrazyHou se Party Foods Candies being stuffed into balloons with top of plastic bottle around balloon opening

Treat Filled Balloons– Simply cut the top off of a plastic bottle and use it as a funnel to add treats to balloons.

If you find large balloons, use those (because did you know that balloons come in different sizes? Now you do!) Customize these for the occasion with the color of the balloons. For example, you can use red for Valentine’s day. These also make great gifts for Easter baskets!

7. Party Food Ideas: Banana Pops

Banana Pops. Check out this amazing video for Banana Skewer Pops! That’s sure to be your new favorite snack and these are easy for kids to make, too!

First, you cut up your banana. Secondly, you layer the banana slices with marshmallows on a stick. Finally, dip in melted chocolate and sprinkle with your favorite toppings, like sprinkles or shredded coconut. Tada!

8. Chocolate Dipped Fruit Cones

OneCrazyHouse Party Foods hand holding a waffle cone filled with fruits with sprinkles on the outside of the cone

Fruit cones–   So pretty, so portable. These fruit cones are a great way to get your kids to eat their fruit. These chocolate-dipped fruit cones are sure to be a hit with adults and kids alike! Plus, they are SO fancy-looking!

Simply melt some chocolate chips, dip the opening of the cones in the melted chocolate, and then cover with your selected topping such as sprinkles. Then stuff the cones with your favorite fruit!

9. Party Food Ideas: DIY Chocolate Bowls

OneCrazyHouse Party Foods handing with a needle about to pop a balloon inside a hardened chocolate shell that looks like a bowl.

Chocolate bowls– These chocolate dessert bowls are a simple way to make and so pretty filled with fresh fruit or ice cream. Because who doesn’t want a chocolate bowl, right?

10. Party Food Ideas: Mess-Free Cooler with Frozen Balloons!

Fill balloons with water and freeze for a mess-free cooler option for your next party. So no more dunking hands into ice-cold water!

11. Party Food Idea: Tetris Cookies

OneCrazyHouse Party Food ideas Display of tetris cookies with cookies making rows on the bottom and tertis peice cookies arranged like they are dropping down on top.

Tetris Cookies–  Tetris. Need we say more? These cookies would be awesome for the video game lover in the family. Be sure to display them like the game on a big tray.

These are homemade sugar cookies with your chosen frosting, like fondant or royal icing. The cookies pictured were made with fondant and the indentations were made with a toothpick. Don’t forget to chill your cookie dough before putting it in the oven to help it hold it’s shape!

12. Party Food Ideas: Serve Dessert on Candy Plates!

One Crazy House party food - peppermint platter idea

Candy Plate–  Wowsers! This is totally cool!! You can serve desserts on a candy plate! These are easier to make than you might think. Make them out of peppermints or even jolly ranchers!

This one is super simple. Just preheat your oven to 350 degrees, line a springform pan with parchment paper, and then neatly arrange your favorite candy. Bake it for about 5 minutes in your preheated oven, but watch it carefully! Sugar will change colors if it’s heated too much, so keep this in mind if you are using the peppermints.

Very carefully remove it from your oven and let it cool before removing the springform pan, and you are ready to serve a fantastic dessert!

13. Party Food Ideas: Cucumber Sushi Roll Appetizer

OneCrazyHouse Party Food ideas plate of cucumber sushi

Cucumber Sushi Rolls– How cool is this? These cucumber sushi rolls are a perfect snack on a hot summer day. What a fun way to eat your veggies!

Cut the cucumbers in half and then use a small spoon to remove all of the seeds in the middle. Then you stuff with cooked and cooled rice and your chosen ingredients. The ones in the pictures are made with avocado and bell peppers. These vegetarian sushi rolls can also be made with tofu or get creative with your veggie selection!

14. Party Food Idea for Dessert: Cupcake in a cone

Ice Cream Cone Cake from Kitchen Fun with My 3 Sons

Cupcakes in a cone are always a hit! So adorable, and portable! Your kids will get a kick out of tricking their friends with their “ice cream” cupcakes!

These cones are made with a cake pop recipe, so you mix your cake with frosting and then use an ice cream scoop to stuff the cones. The melted-looking topping is White CandiQuick.

15. DIY Ice Cream Pops

OneCrazyHouse Party Food ideas 3 popsicle sticks made of ice cream and candies

Ice cream-pops!  Fill your popsicle molds with a layer of ice cream and then add a layer of your favorite candies. Alternate candy and ice cream until the mold is full. This is a great activity to do with your kids. They can get as creative as they want!

16. Tips to Make Hosting a Party Easy: Walking Tacos

OneCrazyHouse Party Food ideas 2 individual bags of tortilla chips with taco ingredients inside and plastic forks

Taco sack-Crush up your favorite chips and add taco fixings like ground beef, cheese, lettuce, and tomatoes. Throw in a plastic fork and you have tacos you can eat on the go. We like to use mini bags of Doritos or Fritos.

17. Party Ideas: DIY Cooler from a raft!

OneCrazyHouse Party Food ideas Inflated Kiddie pool filled with ice and party buffet foods

Pool Raft Cooler. Did your kids outgrow the baby pool? You can still put it to good use. This baby pool makes a perfect salad bar on a hot summer day! Just add ice.

18. DIY Party Ice Cream Sandwich Pops

OneCrazyHouse Party Food ideas 4 homemade ice cream sandwiches on stick with chocolate cookie on outside and vanilla icecream and sprinkles on the inside

Ice Cream Sandwich Pops– Simply buy a box of ice cream sandwiches, coat the exposed ice cream with sprinkles and put a stick in the bottom. These are quick to make, and oh, so adorable.

BONUS… Pom-pom Balloons!

OneCrazyHouse Party Food Ideas small girl looking up at two balloons she is holding with fabric pom poms flued to the floating balloons

Pom-Pom balloons– Add pom-poms to balloons with double-sided tape for a little extra magic. These are simply sweet.

Your party is sure to be a success with these kid-tested and approved snacks and food ideas!!

We chose most of these snack ideas for their simplicity– they are a perfect way to add a more personal touch to your next party, so have at them!

Simple snack ideas, so you can spend more time enjoying your party.

One Crazy House party food ideas that are easy to serve


What other party tricks and ideas do you have??

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