20 LOVE Crafts & Activities for Kids

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The season of love deserves some LOVE crafts, right? How about some for the kids to melt your heart with?

Love has been on my mind a lot the last couple of weeks (more so than usual) since I’ve been sharing my love with the kids every day with our Valentine scavenger hunt. Sharing something I love about them each and every day.

The boys get so excited to not only find their heart, but to see what it is that I wrote that day. And they get a big smile. And I usually get a big hug.

Find 14 Valentine scavenger hunt ideas for kids to do here.

Our hunt has been such a simple activity we’re doing and makes a huge impact! It makes me wonder what other ways, or things we can make, to show our love to each other more regularly.

How about some LOVE crafts for Valentine’s?

Or any time of year for that matter!

LOVE Crafts for kids to make - and some activities to show them all about love too!

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LOVE crafts for kids to make:

These are crafts that focus on love, the word. Crafts that have the word LOVE. And they’ll be ones to melt your heart for sure.

LOVE activities to show kids love:

Of course, since we have had such success with our scavenger hunt, I want to include some love activities as well. The ones where you can show each other, or tell each other, how much you love one another. (Hint: Keep these ideas handy for any time of year as a great reminder!)

Some other bloggers know exactly what I mean and have written about it a lot. Always inspiring is Bounceback Parenting — find 100 every day ways to be kind to your child (and get the poster!). And Coffee Cups & Crayons is all about teaching kids kindness. Check out her kindness LOVE wall!

How will you show your child all about LOVE?

Download a Valentine’s Week of Activities