20 Top Fitness Models You Need To Follow on Instagram

Social media has done a lot for many different industries, including fitness. Male and female fitness models can now use social media to promote themselves and advertise products. Instagram is the main place where these fitness models strut their stuff. They can post alluring images and workout videos to get help gain more followers while also making bank advertising a wide range of fitness-related products.

As the fitness industry continues to grow at an exceptional pace, there are more and more people giving it a crack. To make sure you are only following the very best fitness models, who post sexy photos along with helpful fitness tips, we have collected 20 of our favorites for you to check out on Instagram. Go fitness! 

20 Top Fitness Models You Need To Follow on Instagram



1. Sommer Ray


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Colorado native Sommer Ray has been in the fitness game for about six years. Fitness is in her blood, with her parents both being competitive bodybuilders. At around the age of 15, Ray followed in their footsteps and began lifting weights. She decided to chronicle her journey on Instagram around 2016. It didn’t take long for her account to take off, with hundreds of followers flocking to view her pictures and videos. 

As with many fitness models who break out via social media, Ray started her own brand, Imrais Beauty, which sells plant-based products and is a PETA-approved Cruelty-Free company. She is also known for dating Machine Gun Kelly for a short period, which we can only imagine was the low point of her life so far. 

2. Michelle Lewin


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With 15 million followers on the gram, it’s safe to say Michelle Lewin has a few fans. Describing herself as “part fitness model, part bodybuilder, part bikini babe,” Lewin has come along from working in a clinic in Venezuela.

Now Florida-based, Lewin has become a fitness queen, with her pics and videos racking up thousands of likes and comments daily. She’s been on the cover of some of the biggest fitness magazines, including Sports & Fitness, Her Muscle & Fitness, and Iron Man, and also sells her fitness app that you can download, for a small monthly fee of course. 

3. Alexia Clarke


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A certified fitness trainer and nutrition expert, Alexia Clarke is also Instagram famous. The fitness model posts lots of helpful training videos and is always doing her best to inspire her followers to achieve their fitness goals. 

The self-proclaimed “Queen of Workouts” has her own fitness program which you can sign up for and participate in her daily workouts. She doesn’t just focus on one area of the body either, making sure each workout is different and impacting all the muscles in the body. 

She’s also a big fan of BJJ and won her first competition recently. 

4. Emily Skye


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Emily Skye is another personal trainer who understands the value of social media. The mother of two is not only on Instagram, but every other platform you can think about. She uses social media to showcase her continual fitness journey along with workout videos and fitness tips. 

She has her own fitness program, Emily Skye FIT, which includes workout programs (for the gym or at home), diet plans, and advice on how to achieve your goals in both fitness and general life. The Aussie fitness model also has her own range of supplements and is an ambassador for women’s lifestyle brand Women’s Best.

5. Jen Selter


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Female fitness model Jen Selter has taken fitness modeling to the next level. The New Yorker has always been into fitness from a young age and decided to make a career out of it when a picture she posted of her in a bikini went viral.

Since then she hasn’t looked back, with Selter having built a fitness empire that includes a fitness app and multiple social media accounts highlighting her fitness routines, healthy food videos, and images and videos of couples in love.

Selter has endorsed numerous fitness-related products and released fitness books and videos. She continues to be one of the most followed fitness models with 13.4 million fans.

6. Ana Cheri


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Californian Ana Cheri, unlike many fitness models, didn’t chase the spotlight. She began her Instagram account to document her everyday life, like many folk, but soon found her followers increasing in huge numbers. This led to Cheri being offered advertisement deals and featuring in promotional ads for many brands. It even landed her in Playboy, with Cheri the Playboy Playmate of October 2015.

While she continues to model, Cheri also has her line of fitness clothing, Cherri Fit, and has started an OnlyFans account where you can see a lot more of Cheri than displayed on her social media accounts. 

7. Stephanie Claire Smith


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Fitness influencer Stephanie Claire Smith is well known in Aussie fitness circles. She is co-founder of the hugely successful fitness business Keep It Clean. The company oversees your entire lifestyle, with professionals from their chosen fields employed to help maintain your health and body. 

Smith also has a podcast, KICPOD, and has written several e-books, although it hasn’t all been plane sailing. Her sunglasses start-up business, Soda Shades, recently went bankrupt. The good news is Smith had sold her shares in the company before it went tits up. She continues to be one of the leading fitness Instagramers in Australia with over 1.5 million followers. 

8. Anllela Sagra


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Beginning her career as a fashion designer, Anllela Sagra is now amongst the most followed fitness models in the world. The Columbian model used to be quite skinny, but after meeting a new trainer and discovering the joy of lifting weights, she began a more diverse training routine dedicated to muscle growth. 

This caused her to move away from normal modeling and enter the world of fitness modeling. It seems to have paid off, with Sagra being offered many sponsorships and advertising deals. She’s an ambassador for Bang Energy drink and also shows her wilder side on Fansly, an adult social media platform similar to OnlyFans. 

9. Whitney Simmons


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Instagram and YouTube are the playgrounds where Whitney Simmons has the most followers. The Californian has built up a large following by posting images and videos on her socials. She has her own health and beauty brand and fitness app where you can learn everything you need to know about living a healthy and fruitful life. Simmons is also a brand ambassador for British fitness appeal and accessories company Gymshack.

One of the great things Simmons does is bring attention to autoimmune disease. Simmons often suffers from skin flares up all over her body, but she doesn’t let that stop her from wearing gym clothes or showing off her body. She uses her Instagram account to talk about her battles with the disease and does her best to normalize it, which is great. 

10. Kayla Itsines


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Here’s another Aussie getting it done in the world of fitness. Kayla Itsines is a fitness model, trainer, author, and entrepreneur. After finding that machine-based workouts weren’t helping her clients achieve the best results, she went about designing her own workout plan.

It didn’t take long for Itsines to become a success, with her fitness app Sweat becoming a huge hit. She’s also written several e-books, the Bikini Body Guides, that are also hugely popular and detail short routines and meal guides for those wanting to get in shape. 

With over 15 million followers, Itsines continues to reap the benefits of her social media accounts as her domination of the fitness world continues. 

11. Paige Hathaway


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Juggling a burgeoning fitness empire and kids might seem tough, but Paige Hathaway is doing it easy. Experiencing a troubled childhood, Hathaway turned to fitness to help her deal with life. She soon got into bikini modeling and found solace in her workouts. It took her many years before she finally made it as a fitness model, which has led to Hathaway building a fitness community through her fitness app and supplement range. 

Hathaway also hosts a podcast where she discusses everything from fitness and wellbeing to her traumatic past. She continues to be an inspiration to many and is one of the great stories of the fitness modeling industry. 

12. Julia Gilas


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Not every fitness model comes from America or Australia. Julia Gilas is a Ukrainian-born fitness instructor and model. She moved to the United States in 2014 to chase her dream of being a model. She became very successful but found herself struggling to eat right and maintain a healthy body. That’s when she turned to fitness, began eating healthier, and launched a career in the fashion world.

She now travels the globe modeling for all the top brands while using her Instagram account to share workout videos, fitness videos, and the occasional thirst trap. 

13. Eva Andressa 


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Brazil is known for its incredible women and Eva Andressa is the perfect example. The fitness model was another skinny kid whose passion for fitness and a healthy lifestyle has turned her into a thick fitness model. She has won many competitions in her native country, including the Fitness Championship at the NABBA Bravo Cup and the 2006 NABBA Parana Championships.

Although retired from competition, Andressa continues to inspire others through her fitness posts on Instagram. She has appeared on the cover of many international fitness magazines and is somewhat of a local celebrity in Brazil. 

14. Valentine Lequeux 


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Valentine Lequeux operates as personal fitness and health for thousands of women through her website. She promotes not only body transformations but also looking after your mental health. Her program includes workout tips, weight loss goals, nutrition advice, and developing a healthy relationship with your body.

Her Instagram is full of pictures featuring her chiseled abs alongside workout videos and inspirational posts. While she might only have 1.8 million followers (which is really quite a lot to be fair), the Argentinian-born Lequeux continues to climb the ranks of the top women’s fitness models. 

15. Karina Elle


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A former cheerleader, Karina Elle is now a well-known fitness model with over 1.5 million followers. She began competing in bikini competitions as a teen and soon transitioned this into fitness modeling. She uses her Instagram to promote wellness products, post workout videos, and show off her impressive physic. 

Elle has appeared in the pages of many high-profile fitness magazines and has had endorsement deals with brands like Gymshark and Nike. She also has her own line of merchandise, Gym Bae, and is an influencer on the rise. 

16. Izabel Goulart


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Fitness models don’t come much more attractive than Izabel Goulart. The Brazillian got into modeling as a teen and has slowly built a large following, although it could have been all over at the first hurdle. During her debut fashion show, Goulart suffered a wardrobe malfunction that led to her exposing her breasts. While some might have found this an embarrassing moment, Goulart took it in her stride, turning the extra media coverage to her advantage. 

She was soon contacted by Victoria’s Secret where she walked the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Shows catwalks from 2005 to 2016. She has modeled for many of the top brands and uses her Instagram account to highlight her latest shoots along with posting videos of her training workouts. Goulart is currently developing her own fitness website that is sure to be a massive success like everything she has done so far. 

17. Anita Herbert


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Fitness models don’t get any more impressive than Hungarian Anita Herbert. She first came to people’s attention after dominating physique competitions in 2015 and 2016. After this success, Herbert entered the competitive world of fitness apps by creating her own that includes workout programs, personalized meal plans, and mindset coaching. 

Her Instagram is chock full of training videos and before and after photos sent in by those she trains. She is also always ready to offer advice and supplement recommendations, although no doubt she’s making a cut off these. 

18. Katie Crewe


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Katie Crewe is another fitness model with an app, but she creates relatable content, especially for new moms. As someone who has gone through childbirth and worked hard to get back in shape, she understands how tough it can be.

She offers fitness, nutrition, strength, and general life advice to women of all ages. She also has her own range of fitness products and encourages her followers to become ambassadors for her company through their hard work and dedication. 

Her videos on Instagram are not only helpful but also funny, with Crewe’s infectious personality an added bonus. 

19. Krissy Cela


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While studying law, Krissy Cela began working out and fell in love with fitness. Ditching corporate life for one of hard work in the gym, Cela has quickly established herself as one of Instagram’s top fitness models. She aims to make fitness accessible to all women through her app, Evolve You. Cela also has a line of fitness appeal, Oner Active, and is sponsored by fitness brand Women’s Best.

Her Insta is jam-packed with workout videos and the odd thirst trap, although always tastefully done. With just over three million followers, Cela is an Instagram fitness model with a bright future ahead. 

20. Stephanie Sanzo


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Few fitness models are as stacked as Stephanie Sanzo, aka Steph Fit Mum. The Aussie fitness lover was never one for working out until she gained 55 pounds after having two children. Deciding she wanted to do something about her weight, Sanzo started training and soon became obsessed. 

This obsession turned into a career for the fitness model, with Sanzo completely changing her body shape in the space of just three years. The strength trainer is into lifting heavy things and posts workout videos on her Instagram. She also has her own clothing brand, YONDIT Apparel, which she started with her husband, fellow fitness freak Jamie Bisset.