2019 Recap & Goal Reflection

Happy 2020!

I feel like 2020 didn’t officially kick off til this past week and then it seemed like we had ALL the things to do, right!? Siena’s was off school for 2 weeks and obviously with the holidays dropping straight in the middle of the week, everything was off!

During the break, I took a break from any structured Beachbody program, ran more, took a 3 day trip up to the mountains with family, slept in (and unfortunately we all battled a cold), and celebrated my 36th birthday! Those are the highlights though – if you have kids, you know that breaks are anything but restful, especially when kiddos are sick and your kids are all 4 and under!

I’m a little late, but before I get into my 2020 goals, I wanted to look back on 2019 and how my goals went.

2019 Recap

2019 was a great year, not without its challenges, but great! 2018 was the hardest year of my life as we welcomed twins, my husband got laid off from his job and we adjusted to life as a family of 3. We were in a tight spot financially, taking care of newborn twins and to be honest, it was freaking hard.

In 2019, I started the year ready to leave behind the hardships of 2018 and to begin to thrive. The twins becoming toddlers was NOT easy – this phase is super challenging, so I won’t downplay that, but there were some great moments.

Highlights of the year:

beachbody coaching perks
2019 Beachbody Success Club Trip

Beachbody Success Club Trip: I spent 5 days in the Caribbean with my best friends, all thanks to Beachbody’s annual Success Club Trip. I earned a fully paid Caribbean cruise plus $1,000 on board credit this year and we LIVED IT UP! I had such a blast and truly got to disconnected, relax and enjoy. It’s crazy all the fun things you can do in 5 days with no kids!!! This March we’re headed to Punta Cana, 100% paid for, and my husband Mike is coming as my guest and I can’t wait!

Eating out in Idyllwild

Family Mountain Getaway. We spent 3 days as a family, mostly disconnected from technology, in the mountains in May. It was a great change up to our normal routine!

AFC half marathon race report

Running a Course PR at the AFC Half Marathon. I re-joined my running club over the summer and focused on speed work and was able to run a course personal best at the America’s Finest City half marathon in August. My previous course PR was set before kids, so it felt really good to know that I’ve gotten stronger, even just 1 year after having twins! I’m still a ways from a true half marathon PR but I’m working on it!

With our big girls on Christmas

Watching Siena turn into a little girl and the twins become toddlers! Siena changed before our eyes this year. She went from toddler to little girl and she continues to blow us away with her intelligence, curiosity and drive. The twins transformed from little babies into talking, walking toddlers this year. Lucky for me, they both still like to cuddle!

With my personally sponsored coaches in Indianapolis for Coach Summit

Coach Summit in Indianapolis. I look forward to our annual Beachbody conference ever year! This year 4 of my personally sponsored coaches were able to attend and it was so good to meet some of them in person for the first time as well as connect with the rest of the women from our larger team, The Fit & Balanced Tribe.

Starting to Earn a Full Time Income With Beachbody. This July, I started to earn a full time income income with Beachbody. This has been a HUGE relief for our family. My husband and I are both working for ourselves now and starting to really be on track to create a life of financial and time freedom. We both work from home, drink our coffee together every morning without being rushed out the door, and even eat lunch together every day. This year we were able to afford more activities for the kids, we paid off some debt we’d built up after his lay off, and some part time nanny hours on Mondays to help with the kids (and she folds the kids laundry!!!).

Looking Back on 2019 Goals

My 2019 word of the year was LEAD.

At the beginning of last year, I set some lofty goals, particularly when it comes to my business. I’ve always been a successful Beachbody coach when it comes to helping others get started with their fitness, but I was just truly learning what it meant to be a leader and help others start successful businesses. To be honest, the first couple years of my business I just didn’t take my coaching business as seriously as I needed to to take it to the next level (plus, was obviously going through a lot of change getting pregnant with twins and having newborn twin babies!).

premiere beachbody coach san diego

In 2019, I set out to take my business to the next level and I’m really happy to say that 2019 was a massive breakthrough year for me in my business. I set a lofty goal of becoming an Elite Beachbody coach (which is the top tier of leadership recognition in our business), and on my path to get there, grew an incredible team of dedicated women with incredible hearts and passions for helping others and we ended the year as a 2020 Premiere Beachbody team and in the top 250 teams. This lands me and my team in the top 0.02% of Beachbody coaches and is a HUGE accomplishment. By achieving the required rank for this recognition level, 2 Star Diamond, I also was able to open a second business center which is a catalyst for massive income boost!

This didn’t happen by chance and it didn’t happen over night. I set out to intentionally change my business and I did. I made mistakes, and learned from them and moved forward. I worked on my mindset. I improved my leadership skills by taking a course, reading books and listening to podcasts and watching trainings, and most importantly, by actually leading.

My other 2019 goals:

  • Read or listen to 6 personal development books. I ended up reading Captivate: The Science of Succeeding With People, There’s No Plan B for your A Game, Girl Stop Apologizing, UnF*ck Yourself, The 12 Week Year and partially read Dare to Lead ( I didn’t find it super relevant and hard to read so I stopped). My favorites were Girls Stop Apologizing and Captivate. I learned that I must prefer to LISTEN to personal development books over read them.
  • Establish a morning routine before the kids are up. This was a GAME Changer for me. I started in January and was consistent all year! There were days I skipped it, but overall most weekdays I did my morning routine. I had been previously letting the kids wake me up and by taking time each more to re-read my goals, reflect on my wins, do some gratitude journaling and plan my day and then exercise. You can read more about my morning routine here.
  • Complete Transform:20 including nutrition plan & at least one other Beachbody program start to finish. I did this!! I actually finished 4 Beachbody programs start to finish. Beachbody has really come up with some incredible content and since workouts never repeat, I was engaged and interested in each one. I got into the best shape of my life this year with Beachbody programs. I started with Transform:20 in January, and broke through a weight loss plateau to hit my pre-pregnancy weight. Then I did LIIFT4, though this was slightly modified for my half marathon training. I went all in with MM100 and finished every single workout ( I never shared my results on the blog but I did lose 5 more pounds, putting me at a total of 30 pounds lost since having the twins. )!! I loved checking the workouts off my calendar and I loved how short they were! I could double up if needed or add to a run. Last, I completed 6 Weeks of the Work, which was by far the hardest program and my favorite!
  • Follow my gut when it comes to running. YES!! I definitely achieved this one. I ran the Carlsbad half in January and just kind of felt blah about training again, so I took a break for a while and then joined my run club in the summer to train for AFC Half. After that, I ran 2-3 times a week while doing other Beachbody programs and only at the end of the year did I get my excitement back to really go all in and train again. I used to be constantly training for a race and chasing PRs, but this year I found that I got really motivated by the new Beachbody programs because they are so dynamic and I never repeated a workout! It fit into our lifestyle better for me to focus more on that than running all the time.

What will 2020 hold?!

2019 was a great year, and I have a feeling 2020 will be even better. I’ll save that for another blog post. But what you can expect from me is MORE blogging, more great info on combining Beachbody programs with running, and more value on my Instagram page.

You’ll also see more opportunities to learn about how you can create your own Beachbody coaching business so it can change your life the way it has mine! In 2019 I grew as a leader and realized I am SO passionate about helping my coaches have success. If you’d like to learn more about my team and what it’s like to be a Beachbody coach, send a request to follow our Instagram Coach Info Session account.

Thank you for reading and Happy New Year!

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