27 great face masks kids will actually want to wear

27 great face masks kids will actually want to wear— Recommendations are independently chosen by Reviewed’s editors. Purchases you make through our links may earn us a commission.

Face masks are a part of life now for most of us now. As states start reopening and families start venturing out, the Centers for Disease Control recommends anyone over the age of 2 years old wear masks in public settings where it’s difficult to practice social distancing. Face coverings are not recommended for children under the age of 2, due to suffocation risks.

While masks are becoming a fact of life for us, not all kids—especially little ones—are on board with face coverings. Some of them find them scary, some hate how they feel, and some are simply anxious at the thought of having something covering both their mouth and nose. Here are some of our favorite face masks to help you convince even the most reluctant child to give wearing one a shot. We looked for fit, durability, comfort, and—of course—cuteness.

Disclaimer: While not as effective as a medical-grade mask or an N95 mask, these coverings provide an extra layer of protection by blocking respiratory droplets—the primary means through which COVID-19 is transmitted.

1. Happy Masks: Kids' Pro-Series masks

Happy Masks
Credit: Happy Masks

Designed by a scientist, these masks offer top-of-the-line protection.

Good for ages: 3 and up
Protection level: Nelson-lab certified filtration system
Type of mask: Adjustable ear straps, nose wire, 3-dimensional design
There is some serious science behind Happy Masks. A one-of-a-kind patented design, this is the mask you want when flu season comes around again. Designed by a retired chief scientist with a PhD in filtration, Happy Masks has created a nanofiber membrane filter that is guaranteed to filter over 99% of nanoparticles. There’s a whole lot of science that you can learn about when you visit the site, but what your kids will like is the innovative 3-D design that gives space for kids to breathe without feeling claustrophobic and talk, without feeling inhibited—all without compromising protection.

Bonus for buying: 10% of all profits will be donated to educational enrichment activities to low-income schools.

Shop the Happy Masks Pro Series for $24

2. Vistaprint: Kids' face masks

Credit: Vista Print

Vista Print offers a wide selection of colors and prints.

Good for ages: 3 and up
Protection level: Non-medical grade with a pocket for a filter
Type of mask: Adjustable ear loops, nose wire, 3-dimensional chin structure
Well-made and durable, yet light as a feather and surprisingly breathable. These masks are made from a wicking fabric that helps keep kids comfortable all day long. Their adjustable lanyard ear loops, adjustable nose wire, and 3-dimensional chin structure make these incredibly comfortable and make them work for any face shape. A wide selection of prints, colors, and patterns ensures you’ll find something your child will love wearing.

Bonus for buying: For every reusable mask you buy, Vistaprint will give a portion to support local small businesses impacted by the coronavirus.

Shop the Vistaprint face mask for $13

3. Rafi Nova: Kids' Performance face mask

Rafi Nova
Credit: Rafi Nova

The snug fit of Rafi Nova's masks make them ideal for kids who wear glasses.

Good for ages: 3 and up
Protection level: Non-medical grade with a pocket for a filter
Type of mask: Soft elastic ear loops, adjustable nose, under-chin adjustment toggle
So soft and comfortable and in really cute styles, imported from the husband-and-wife team's second home in Vietnam. If you're looking for a really customized fit, or have a child with glasses that tend to fog, these masks are a perfect solution. An under-the-chin toggle paired with a nose wire really secures this mask in place. We also love that these are four layers of protection, two of which are washable anti-bacterial layers. These come in two packs or four packs, so you always have an extra on hand.

Bonus for buying: Rafi Nova is a fair trade and ethical company. They purchase all of their textiles directly from Hmong artisans in Vietnam, ensuring they are paid a fair price.

Shop the Raffi Nova Kids' Performance face mask 4-pack for $48

4. The ODells: Cotton-blend kids' face mask

The ODells
Credit: The ODells

Made with fabric remnants from their clothing line, these masks are soft and colorful.

Good for ages: 3 and up
Protection level: Non-medical grade with a pocket for a filter
Type of mask: Adjustable ear straps
A true mom-and-pop shop in every sense of the term, this husband-and-wife team make masks for the whole family out of remainders from their clothing design business. You can tell that these folks know kids and how to keep them comfortable—every detail of these simple cotton masks seem to have a kid’s comfort in mind. Lined with soft T-shirt material, these masks never seem to overheat, and their adjustable ear straps never pull or put pressure on little ears. Because these are sustainably made with leftover textiles, you can’t choose your patterns, but they do allow for requests and will try to craft a mask your child will love.

Bonus for buying: Each sale of these super-comfy masks raises money to provide 10 meals for hungry children and adults through Feeding America.

Shop The ODell’s cotton-blend face mask for $10

5. GIR: GIR kids' face mask

Credit: GIR

A silicone mask that glows in the dark.

Good for ages: 4 and up
Protection level: Medical-grade when used with a filter
Type of mask: Silicone ear loops
GIR made its name by revolutionizing, of all things, spatulas! Now they have used their flair for innovation to design a mask unlike any other. Made with medical-grade, FDA- and LFGB-approved silicone, these glow-in-the-dark (yes, you read that correctly!) masks come in bright and expressive day-glo colors. They wash like a dream in your dishwasher or with hot soapy water and—since they are silicone—they dry in moments. They also softly loop behind the ears, where the silicone molds instead of pulls, for added comfort. These masks require a single-use filter to be effective so be sure to stock up.

Bonus for buying: GIR donates a portion of each sale to food banks in NY, LA, and Seattle—with more cities to come.

Shop the GIR kids’ silicone face mask kit, which includes five single-use filters, for $15

6. Cub Coats: 2-pack protective kids' masks

Cub Coats
Credit: Cub Coats

These adorable masks come in a pack of two.

Good for ages: 3 to 12
Protection level: Non-medical grade with a pocket for a filter
Type of mask: Elastic ear bands, adjustable nose wire
A great price for a lot of functions in this two-pack of adorable, snuggly-looking, and kid-friendly masks. We like that this design has an adjustable nose wire for a snug fit and a mask that stays put. For kids who wear glasses a nose wire is essential for preventing fogged up specs. There is also a filter pocket and two layers of fabric for extra protection.

Shop the Cubcoats two pack cotton face masks for $12.99

7. Maisonette: Oso & Me

Oso and Me
Credit: Oso and Me

Made from fabric remnants, Oso and Me's masks are soft and breathable.

Good for ages: 3 to 10
Protection level: Non-medical grade
Type of mask: Elastic ear loops, nose pleat for fit
Printed cotton poplin and soft, double jersey fabric. American made at this children’s clothing line manufacturer in San Francisco, Oso & Me has partnered with Baby2Baby, a nonprofit that provides children living in poverty with diapers, clothing, and basic essentials. Cute and affordable, these masks come in packs of two for $20. The adorable fabrics are remnants, so if you find a print your child would like, order it right away because once they are gone, they are gone.

Bonus for buying: For every set of cotton masks purchased through Oso & Me, a set is donated to a child impacted by COVID-19.

Shop the Oso & Me two-pack of masks for $16

8. Billie Blooms x Karolina Kurkova: Blue Dog fitted mask

Billie Blooms
Credit: Billie Blooms

Kids will love the cute puppy dog face design.

Good for ages: 3 and up
Protection level: Non-medical grade
Type of mask: Elastic ear loops
This adorable doggie mask is sure to make any hesitant child a mask-wearing convert.

Bonus for buying: For every mask purchased, one mask and the proceeds will be donated to Feeding America.

Shop the Billie Blooms x Karolina Kurkova Blue Dog fitted mask for $20

9. Mochi Kids: Happy kids mask

Credit: Mochi

These happy face masks are sure to bring a smile to everyone your child sees.

Good for ages: 3 and up
Protection level: Non-medical grade
Type of mask: Stretchy ear bands
Perfect for spreading a bit of joy, these super-soft, double-layer masks with a filtration pocket are sure to put the smile on the faces of anyone who wears them.

Shop the Mochi Kids Happy Mask for $19

10. Bobby Jack: T-shirt and mask combo

Bobby Jack
Credit: Bobby Jack

Make it a set with a matching t-shirt and mask.

Good for ages: 7 to 16
Protection level: Non-medical grade
Type of mask: Stretchy ear bands
Kids can make a statement with the Bobby Jack T-shirt and mask combo sets emblazoned with “chill vibes” and sassy social distancing mantras. These masks and T-shirt sets are a dual-layer cotton blend with contrast binding.

Shop the Bobby Jack jersey mask and T-shirt combo sets for $19

11. SpongeBob Square Pants: SpongeBob character masks

Credit: Spongebob

Kids will love wearing a mask featuring their favorite character.

Good for ages: 5 and up
Protection level: Non-medical grade
Type of mask: 2-ply polyester with elastic ear loops
Landlubbers and sea critters alike will love these breathable yet durable masks featuring all of their favorite friends from Bikini Bottom.

Bonus for buying: Nickelodeon will donate 100% of its proceeds from the sale of SpongeBob SquarePants branded face masks to support Save the Children's COVID-19 Global Response.

Shop the SpongeBob SquarePants face mask collection for $18.95

12. Zensah: Kids' and youth performance face mask

Zensah Kids
Credit: Zensah Kids

Moisture-wicking masks that are ideal for kids who play sports.

Good for ages: 5 and up
Protection level: Non-medical grade
Type of mask: Around the head elastic, sports performance fabric
The perfect mask for kids who want to keep their athletic game sharp over the summer. These masks are engineered to be antibacterial, odor-free, moisture-wicking, quick drying, and ultra comfortable to help your kids "flatten the curve" with ease. These are made from a blend of polyamide, polypropylene, elastane, and silver—think compression shorts, but lightly conforming. This is a really breathable, well-fitting mask that answers the question of how to be active while wearing a face mask.

Shop the Zensah kids' and youth face masks for $16

13. PQ Swim

PQ Swim
Credit: PQ Swim

Made from swimsuit material, this is the perfect mask for beach outings.

Good for ages: 5 and up
Protection level: Non-medical grade
Type of mask: Nylon and lycra-blend with ear loops
Your summertime answer to, “But what kind of mask do you wear to the beach?” Using re-purposed materials from their swimwear line, the nylon and lycra-blend face masks are dubbed “MasQinis” and are not only breathable they also dry quickly, making them a good choice for swim lessons or for a socially-distanced day at the beach. The fit on these doesn’t really work for someone with a high bridge to their nose, but if your child is blessed with a button nose they’ll like these.

Bonus for buying: For every “MasQini” sold PQ Swim will donate one to a charity of your choice—so buy these in quantity!

Shop the PQ lycra face mask for $12

14. Pink Peony Kids: Pink Peony black and white kids' face mask

Pink Peony
Credit: Pink Peony

Kids can make Pink Peony's masks their own by coloring the designs with markers.

Good for ages: 3 and up
Protection level: Non-medical grade, two-layer cotton mask
Type of mask: Elastic ear loops
Soft, reusable, washable, and best of all they allow kids to express themselves with mask designs that kids can color-in with markers and customize. These are American-made by a team of sisters who seem to have a flair for fun patterns. Get these in adult and kid sizes and let your children lend a little bit of individuality to your protective gear, too!

Bonus for buying: Pink Peony uses proceeds to help fund mask donations to local hospitals, nurses, doctors and community centers.

Shop the Pink Peony 100% cotton face mask for $10

15. Sock Fancy: Kids cloth face mask

Sock Fancy
Credit: Sock Fancy

Sock Fancy's masks have adjustable ear loops.

Good for ages: 7 and up
Protection level: Non-medical grade, no filter pocket
Type of mask:Adjustable ear loops, nose wire, 3-dimensional chin structure
Super affordable and checks all the boxes for comfort and a great fit, including adjustable ear loops, a nose wire for fit, and a 3-D chin for added coverage. These masks offer triple-layered protection and are constructed with the highest quality machine-washable combed cotton. We love that they start with a particle-resistant outer layer and have an ultra soft and breathable combed-cotton inner layer.

Bonus for buying: Sock Fancy will donate one mask for every mask sold.

Get the Sock Fancy kids’ face mask for $9

16. Los Angeles Apparel: 3-pack cotton kids masks

LA Apparel
Credit: LA Apparel

A soft terry cloth mask that washes well.

Good for ages: 6 and up
Protection level: Non-medical grade, no filter pocket
Type of mask: Around the head elastic, adjustable nose wire
These three-packs of colorful masks with contrasting trim are made of 100% cotton and feature an adjustable nose wire for a customized fit. This two-strap mask wraps around the head and neck and can be adjusted with a lanyard for a perfect fit. These masks are made of a thick French terry fabric, making these the kind of masks that can withstand numerous hot water washings.

Get the Los Angeles Apparel French terry face mask 3-pack for $30

17. Shein: Shein kids' protective mask

Credit: Shein

Shein carries a selection of masks with whimsical prints.

Good for ages: 4 and up
Protection level: Non-medical grade, no filter, best for larger particles
Type of mask: Around the ear cut-out loops
Shein masks don’t offer a ton of protection, but if you’re mostly looking to have a bunch of fun, cute, and comfortable masks on hand while your kid is running around outside, these are a good choice. They aren’t terribly snug, and they even say in the description that they are best for filtering out large particles (i.e. dust and debris, instead of COVID or even the common cold). However, if you have a kid who is mask-averse, these are perfect for easing them into mask-wearing. They are simple to slip on, really breathable, and come in an array of adorable prints.

Shop the Shein kids’ protective mask for $1.50

18. Rustic Dime: Citizen Mask

Citizen Mask
Credit: Citizen Mask

An affordable mask choice.

Good for ages: 3 and up
Protection level: Non-medical grade
Type of mask: Elastic ear loops
At $5 a pop, you can get one of these for every day of the week. These 100% cotton masks are cool-looking—especially for older kids—well-structured and comfortable. They are also so well-made that they are durable enough to go through numerous hot-water washings, without losing any of their shape.

Shop Rustic Dime’s Citizen Masks in kids’ sizes for $5

19. Camp Collection: Camp Kids 4-pack

Camp Collection
Credit: Camp Collection

Super soft masks made with four layers of protection.

Good for ages: 3 and up
Protection level: Non-medical grade, no filter pocket
Type of mask: Head ties
You’ll find that most layered cotton masks are only two to three layers, but these super-soft masks are made from four layers of cotton, for added protection. These are the face mask’s equal to a favorite T-shirt: No frills, simply made, comfy, and incredibly affordable. These masks are contoured to relieve pressure on the nose and they have ties instead of elastic ear straps, to prevent pressure and chafing behind the ears.

Bonus for buying: For every purchase Camp Collection will donate a mask to an essential worker (non-medical).

Shop the Camp Kids 100% cotton mask with cotton and polyester blend straps 4-pack for $36

20. Current Label

Current Label
Credit: Current Label

These masks come with a message of kindness.

Good for ages: 3 to 13
Protection level: Non-medical grade with filter pocket
Type of mask: Elastic ear loops
All you need for your kid to gain entry into the Kind Kid Club is one of these sweet reusable masks that come with a message of good. This mask is made of double-layered breathable cotton jersey, with an open slot for a filter, for added protection.

Get the Current Label jersey face mask for $13

21. Amazon: Meakeize 2-pack bandana face mask

Credit: Makeize

The gaitor design is ideal for kids who don't like straps on their ears.

Good for ages: 4 to 12
Protection level: Non-medical grade
Type of mask: Neck gaiter
Designed to be a perfect pair for siblings, this two pack comes with different, but complementary designs from unicorns and rainbows to dinosaurs to sharks. The gaiter design is great for kids who are uncomfortable with straps or who might have a higher bridge to their nose and have a hard time finding a good fit. These masks should fit kids from ages 4 to 12.

Get the UV protection neck gaiter headband 2-pack for $20.99

22. Avocado Green Mattress: Organic Cotton Mask

Avocado Green
Credit: Avocado Green

A sustainable earth-friendly mask crafted from organic cotton and canvas.

Good for ages: 3 and up
Protection level: Non-medical grade
Type of mask: Pleated with adjustable head ties
Simple, straightforward design from sustainable and organic sources, this is the earth-friendly choice. The Avocado Green masks are made with two layers of organic cotton canvas and simple tie straps. A pocket allows for filter insertion. No elastic or plastic is used in the making of these masks and they are climate-neutral certified.

Get the Avocado Green organic cotton canvas face mask 4-pack for $30

23. Walmart: Children's anti-dust mask

Credit: Walmart

At a cost of just over a dollar a piece, Walmart's masks are a great bang for your buck.

Good for ages: 4 to 10
Protection level: Non-medical grade
Type of mask: Face guard with cut-out ear loops
These are not durable and certainly aren’t meant to last, but they are comfortable and breathable and, at barely more than a dollar apiece, these comfy masks are great to have if you just want to throw a few in your bag or have extras on hand for when you get backed up on laundry day. The spongy material helps keep sweat at bay, making these a good choice to keep on hand for beach days or for splashes in the sprinkler.

Shop the 24-piece children’s anti-dust mouth mask in random colors for $27.89

24. Disney: Pixar, Star Wars, and Classic Disney 4-packs

Credit: Disney

Their favorite Disney characters—on a mask.

Good for ages: 3 and up
Protection level: Non-medical grade
Type of mask: Elastic ear loops
Disney is bringing all of your favorite characters, from classic Disney to Pixar favorites to Star Wars, to their face masks. There is nothing fancy about these masks, and nothing to ensure a customized fit but, when your kid is walking around looking like Baby Yoda, you won’t be disappointed that you dropped $20 for a four-pack of pop culture gold. These masks are currently on pre-order to arrive at homes in August.

Bonus for buying: Disney has committed to donating 1 million masks to populations in need throughout the U.S., and it has donated $1 million to MedShare to support the medical community’s ongoing efforts to provide life-saving care.

Get the Disney cloth face mask 4-pack for $20

25. Onzie: Mindful masks

Credit: Onzie

A quick-drying mask crafted from spandex.

Good for ages: 5 to 10
Protection level: Non-medical grade
Type of mask: Elastic ear loops
Onzie is upcycling remnants of their full-flex spandex yoga gear to make reusable face masks for kids ages 5 to 10 years old. These masks can be used on their own or as a cover for an N95 or filtered mask. These multi-layer masks are not only comfortable and breathable, but also quick-drying. The kids’ masks come in an array of funky prints, like cheetah, camo, and floral. Each order is a surprise selection of two masks for $20, hand-picked by the manufacturer..

Get the Onzie Mindful Masks for kids assorted 2-pack for $20

26. UncommonGoods: Children's Rainbow Face Coverings

Uncommon Goods
Credit: Uncommon Goods

The masks from Uncommon Goods were designed by kids, for kids.

Good for ages: 4 to 10
Protection level: Non-medical grade
Type of mask: Elastic ear loops
Designed by kids, for kids, and for the greater good. Kids around the world have been painting rainbows and hanging them in their windows to spread cheer through the COVID-19 pandemic. UncommonGoods has taken some of those uplifting drawings to make masks that spread some joy while also doing some good. These pleated masks are made from two layers of tightly woven cotton and each has a little label with a big, positive message, like “lift others up” and “keep smiling.”

Bonus for buying: 100% of profits from sales of these designed-by-kids masks go to NYC's public hospitals.

Get the UncommonGoods Rainbow 2-pack for $25

27. Bradley Bayou: Custom hand-painted personal mask

Bradley Bayou
Credit: Bradley Bayou / Alexis Johnson

Kids can have a mask custom-painted with a design of their choosing.

Good for ages: 3 to 10
Protection level: Non-medical grade
Type of mask: Elastic ear loops
And now for something completely different! Give your kids a one-of-a-kind work of wearable art. Bradley Bayou's artwork usually finds itself in the homes of billionaires and in the pages of luxury magazines. Now your family can own one of his pieces for under $150. These not only look gorgeous, they offer excellent protection with three layers of fabric: a shell, inner layer, and lining. These may seem pricey, but keep in mind that Bayou isn't taking any proceeds from these sales; 100% of each sale is donated to the frontline responders fund.

Bonus for buying: 100% of the sale price is donated to the Frontline Responders Fund.

Get the Bradley Bayou custom hand-painted personal mask for $140

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