30 of The Best Fun Food Games For A Kids Party

Fun selection of food games for a kids party. This selection of games contain easy food items that younger and older kids can both enjoy.

If prepared for a little “mess”, everyone will have a great time with these fun ideas.

Fun selection of food games for a kids party. This selection of games contain easy food items that younger and older kids can both enjoy. If prepared for a little

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It is always a good idea to have games planned for a party.

Games provide an extra element of fun, and keep everyone entertained and involved throughout the party. This is especially important for kids.

There are a lot of kids party games that can be enjoyed at pretty much any party you hold.

Then there are the party games that are a little bit different and a little bit messy.

These food games for a kids party are not for everyone, but if you are prepared to give them a go, they will create lots of laughs!

What Are Food Games For Parties?

Food games for parties are simply that. Games that include food!

Sometimes the fun game might include party guests to eat the food, whilst other times the food is simply used as an item within the game.

There are food games that suit kids of all ages

You may wish to include one or two food games into your party schedule or you may wish to hold an exclusive food party.

Provided you are happy with messy party games, these food games for a kids party will be so much fun.

Just be aware that a lot of food games are best suited as outdoor party games. You can play them inside but you will need a lot more preparation to allow for the mess.

You may wish to hand out a small prize to winners of the games or you may just be happy to give them the winner titles.

Important: Before the party, ensure that you have checked whether any of your party guests have any food allergies that you need to be aware of.

Take a look at the list of food games for a kids party below and choose the suitable ones for you.

Edible Food Games For A Kids Party

1. Hanging Donuts:

Items needed: 1 round cinnamon or sugar donut per child, string, high hanging point.

The hanging donuts is a classic party game that never gets old.

To play hang donuts from a high point. This could be from a tree branch, a clothes line, or even from a pole that two people hold.

The children have to stand underneath a donut and place their hands behind their back.

The first to eat the donut without using their hands is the winner.

2. Hanging Apples:

Items needed: 1 apple per child, string, high hanging point

This is played similar to the hanging donuts except you use apples. However instead of asking the kids to eat the entire apple, the winner is the first child to take a bite of the apple.

For older children you may wish to extend the game to be the first child to eat down to the apple core.

apple hanging on a string

3. Chocolate Game:

Items needed: Block of chocolate, knife and fork, dice, gloves

The chocolate game is always a popular game at children’s parties. Children all sit in a circle with a block of chocolate, a knife and fork and gloves placed in the middle.

One child rolls a dice. If the dice shows a 6, that child moves to the middle of the circle, puts on the gloves and starts to cut and eat the chocolate using the knife and fork.

The dice moves around the circle with each child trying to throw a 6. When that happens, the child in the middle stops eating and they swap.

To make it harder, give the kids 2 dice and they need to roll a double 6.

4. Lollipop Licking:

Items needed: A lollipop for each child, timer, list of questions

This is a very simple game to play.

Each child is handed a lollipop which they have to hold.

Read a questions such as “are you wearing red” or “do you have closed toe shoes on”.

If the answer is yes, those children get to lick their lollipop for 15 seconds (set a timer!). No biting of the lollipop is allowed.

At the end of the 15 seconds another question is read.

The first child to finish their lollipop is the winner.

Kids licking a lollipop

5. Chubby Bunny:

Items needed: Marshmallows

Children need to place a marshmallow in their mouth and then say “chubby bunny”. Then they place another marshmallow in their mouth and repeat.

The game continues until no more marshmallows can be placed in the mouth whilst saying “chubby bunny” successfully.

The child that was able to place the most marshmallows in their mouth is the winner.

6. Apple Bobbing:

Items needed: Buckets of water, apples

Fill buckets of water and place apples in the buckets. The children need to kneel in front of the bucket with their hands behind their backs.

When told “go” they must put their face into the bucket and retrieve apples with their teeth.

The winner is the child who is able to retrieve the most apples in 30 or 60 seconds.


7. Oreo Faces:

Items needed: Packet of Oreo’s

Each child has to place an Oreo on their forehead.

When the start of the game is announced, the children have to move the Oreo down from their forehead into their mouths (and eat it).

The children are NOT to use their hands. The Oreo must move down their face using their facial expressions only.

8. Whipped Cream Faces:

Items needed: Plastic plate per player, M&M’s, whipped cream

This game is definitely messy!

On each plate place 5-10 M&M’s. Cover with whipped cream.

Each child kneel’s in front of a plate with their hands behind their backs.

When given the signal to start, the kids need to put their face into the plate, hunt around for the M&M’s and eat them. The first child to eat all the M&M’s is the winner.

9. Mystery Taste Game:

Items needed: Various food items, blindfold.

To play this game, obtain a variety of food. The kids will all need to be blindfolded before the game starts.

One by one the kids are given a food to try and they must guess what the food is. The child with the most guesses right is the winner.

Potential food items could include:

  • Baby food
  • Different flavor jello
  • Sugar
  • Salt
  • Peanut butter
  • Nutella
  • Herbs and spices
  • Flour
  • Various jam
  • Pickles
  • Custard or mousse
  • Vinegar

10. Funky Menu:

Items needed: Various food of your choice.

Write up a menu but instead of putting the names of food, you make up the names yourself.

For instance, you could have a menu item of “Dragons Den” for chocolate pudding or “Whistling Wally” for pickles.

Don’t give anything away with the food names. They should not relate to the food items at all.

The children get to pick 4 menu items which they then have to eat in order that they are picked.

Encourage the children to take a least a bite out of every menu item that they chose.

11. Pot Luck Foods:

Items needed: Various nice and not so nice foods.

Prior to the party, coordinate food onto plates and cover them. Label each plate 1-10.

Divide the kids into 2 teams.

The teams have to pick a number knowing that 5 of the plates have nice food on them and 5 have not so nice food on them.

Once the team pick a number the team have to eat everything on the plate. Each team member that eats gets a point IF the plate is empty.

Will they eat nice or not to nice food?

12. Candy Unwrap:

Items needed: Gloves or oven gloves, wrapped candy, plate per child

The children sit in a circle with a whole pile of wrapped candy placed in the middle of them.

Each of the children wear a pair of gloves. You may wish to use oven gloves for older children.

On the signal of “go”, the children must pick up a candy and try to unwrap it then putting it on their plate. The children keep going for one minute.

The child with the most candy unwrapped is the winner.

They can then eat their unwrapped candy.

13. Spin The Bottle:

Items needed: A bottle, a plate containing a food item for each child.

To play this game there has to be a food item on paper plates (plus at least one extra) for each child in attendance. The plates are arranged in a circle and the kids take it in turns to spin the bottle.

The plate that the bottle is pointing to is the food item that needs to be eaten by that child.

As the plates are removed there will need to be some rearrangement of the plates to ensure they remain in a tight circle.

Ensure that you have more plates than children present to allow the last player to spin the bottle and not know which food item they will be eating.

14. M&M Chopstick Challenge:

Items needed: Set of chopsticks per child, M&M’s.

On a plate place 10-15 M&M’s. Ask the kids to pick up and eat the M&M’s using only their chopsticks.

The first player to eat all the M&M’s is the winner.

15. Slithering Snakes:

Items needed: Candy snakes (at least 30cm long).

Each child is given a candy snakes and they have to place it in their mouth with their arms behind their backs.

On the instruction of “go,”, the kids have to eat their snake without it dropping to the ground.

The first child to eat their snake is the winner.

Candy snakes

16. Banana Split Race:

Items needed: Bowl, Banana, Ice Cream, Toppings

Party guests need to be divided into teams.

When the start of the game is announced with “Go”, the first person has to grab a bowl, a banana, peel it and chop it into the bowl.

The bowl is then handed to the next player who has to add the next ingredient and so on.

Once the banana splits have been made, the team need to eat them.

The winning team is the first to successfully make and eat their banana split.

17. Spaghetti Challenge:

Items needed: Spaghetti (Sauce optional)

Each player is given a bowl of spaghetti. Players must sit with their hands behind their backs and on the signal of “go” eat the spaghetti with their head first into the bowl.

The first player to eat all of their spaghetti is the winner.

18. Smoothie Challenge:

Items needed: Various ingredients to make a smoothie

This game allows the kids to get a little creative.

Arrange for a large number of ingredients to be available for kids to make their own smoothie. They have to consider the ingredients and decide which ones to use to create a smoothie.

Award points for the best tasting, the prettiest, the most appealing, the most inventive etc.

The guest with the most points is the winner.

Little girl making a smoothie

19. Funny Faces:

Items needed: Plates, Various food items

Each child is given a plate and advised that they need to make a face. Have a large amount of food available for them to be creative with the face making.

Just like the smoothie game, award points according to the face such as the funniest, the most creative, the most attractive etc.

The party guest with the most points is the winner.

Non Eating Food Games For A Kids Party

20. Marshmallow Tower:

Items needed: Marshmallows

This is a very easy game to play.

Obtain marshmallows in different sizes.

Ask the kids to create a tower of marshmallows in a set time.

Give a prize to the highest or the most creative tower.

Marshmallow tower

21. Marshmallow and Spaghetti Tower:

Items needed: Marshmallows, uncooked spaghetti noodle

This game is played in a similar way to the marshmallow tower except using uncooked spaghetti noodles as well as the marshmallows.

This will allow the kids to experiment with length in their tower too.

22. Flour Cake:

Items needed: Flour, bowl, knife, candy piece

To play this game you will need to pack flour tightly into a bowl.

Very carefully turn the flour out onto a plate and you should have a cake of flour. Place one candy onto the top middle of the cake.

Each party guest then has the opportunity to cut away a piece of the flour cake using the knife.

The game continues with each player taking a turn until the candy piece drops.

23. Chopstick Pass:

Items needed: Set of chopsticks for each child, small item of food

The kids sit in a circle and are all given a set of chopsticks. One of the kids is given a small food item such as a hard candy, peanut or sultana.

The kids have to pass the food item around the circle using only their chopsticks.

If the item falls then that child is out of play and play continues.

24. Pass The Food:

Items needed: Set of chopsticks for each child, bowls, small food items

Each child is given a set of chopsticks and two bowls. One bowl is empty and one is filled with a small food item such as sultanas or M&M’s.

The aim of the game is for the kids to move as many food items they can from one bowl to another in 60 seconds.

The child who moves the most items is the winner.

Ensure that all the bowls contain the same foods. This can either be one item of food or several, but every bowl should be exactly the same.

25. Cookie Cutter Scavenger Hunt:

Items needed: Different shape cookie cutters

Prior to the party starting hide several cookie cutters of different shapes. There needs to be a different shape for each child in attendance.

Call out a cookie cutter shape and have the kids go searching for it as a scavenger or treasure hunt.

Once all the cookie cutters have been found, they can be placed into a bag and the kids can take a lucky dip. The cookie cutter they pull out the bag is the one that they can take home.

26. Egg or Lemon and Spoon Race:

Items needed: Egg, Lemon, Spoons

The egg and spoon race is a classic game but always remains a lot of fun to play. You can either play with hard boiled eggs that can be re-used if dropped.

If the preference is for a messy game, then raw eggs can be used, which means a player is out the game as soon as the egg is dropped.

An alternative spin on the egg and spoon race is to have a lemon and spoon race, simply replacing the egg for a lemon.

The game is simple to play. Everyone lines up with their egg/lemon on a spoon with their other arm behind their back.

Party guests then have to race to the finish line keeping the egg or lemon on the spoon. If dropped they are either out of the game or have to return to the start line and try again.

27.Little Chef Race:

Items needed: Chef clothing

This game is a simple classic relay race game. Except that before the kids can start their relay they have to dress in all items of the chef costume that is placed on the starting line. This can consist of an apron, hat, gloves, cooking utensil.

Once the child has ran, they need to take off the costume and the next person dresses and runs. This is repeated until all the children have had a turn.

The team to complete the relay race first is the winner.

28. Cracker Pyramid:

Items needed: Square or rectangle crackers

For this game, the kids all need to create a cracker pyramid. The same crackers or crackers of different shapes can be used.

Set a timer and see who can build the biggest pyramid.

tower made of crackers

29. Gingerbread House Competition:

Items needed: Gingerbread house pieces, icing, candy

This competition can be played at any time of the year, but is especially great at Christmas.

Provide the kids with everything that they need to create a gingerbread house. Then set a time limit and let the kids start making their house.

The child with the best looking house at the end of the time is the winner.

Allow the children who did not get to finish their house in the allocated time the opportunity to do so after the challenge has finished!

30. Jewellery Making:

Items needed: Small food items containing holes such as cereal and pasta, string

This activity is great for younger children.

Have a table set up with various cereal and different colored dried pasta. Ensure all the food items have holes in them.

The children can thread the food items onto the string and create necklaces and bracelets.

necklace made of cereal

The selection of games that you prepare for a party is important to ensure that guests have a great time.

Having food incorporated into the party games is a great way to add an extra element of fun that is a little bit different from the standard party games.

These food games for a kids party are definitely FUN.

Perhaps you would like to add one of two food games to your party games list, or have an entire food themed party.

Kids love to eat and they love to get messy, so this combination for a birthday party is a real winner.

Just be sure that you have checked for any food allergies before you prepare any games!

There are certainly a lot of food games for a kids party to choose from. It would be easy enough to create a fun filled (and messy) party that the kids will talk about for a long time to come.

Need some more ideas for party games? Check out the most awesome fun party games for kids of all ages. You will have a ton of inspiration to keep the kids entertained.

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