4 Summer Must-Haves for Your Next Getaway


The longest day of the year has come and gone, and now it is officially summer! When school is out and the days are hot, we know that means that a little trip or vacation is around the corner. While you are preparing for your next getaway, make sure you have packed these 4 must-haves for the family trip with your little ones!

  1. Comfortable Travel Clothes 

Whether you are taking a plane, train, or automobile to your destination, it is important to feel comfortable during the traveling segment of your vacation. This is especially true for the more public options like planes, buses, or trains, when you can not necessarily control the temperature. The name of the game is layers. We highly recommend bringing along a warmer layer in case the air conditioning is blasting. For example, sweatshirts for women and top layers for kids are easy to carry and provide enough warmth when the air conditioning is blasting while traveling. Make sure to also wear practical shoes, comfortable travel clothes, and be prepared with layers for any temperature. If things are running on the hot side, you can always use a sweatshirt as a pillow. 

  1. Kids Entertainment 

Let’s face it; sometimes when traveling it is ok to let the kids just chill out and give yourself a chance to relax as well. Whether waiting at the airport, in the afternoon at the pool, or at 6am when they wake up and you are hoping to catch a few more minutes of slumber, it is ok to let the kiddos have a few extra minutes of screentime. We recommend educational games because they promote both academic and social skills. Plus, it is also important to bring non-digital kids toys. When packing, give your children guided choices for one or two toys they want to take with them on the trip, or plan relevant activities for them to do, such as a travel journal or drawing scrapbook. 

  1. Snacks

I know, I know, I probably do not even need to make this reminder, but hear me out. As parents, we would be remiss if we did not always have a snack on hand. This is extra important when on vacation and away from home. There is never a guarantee that the restaurant will have the exact noodle shape that your newly picky eater approves of, and we all know that the 4:30pm meltdown can often be avoided with a 3:45pm snack. However, this is a reminder to pack adult snacks as well! 

Stash some dried fruit for yourself along with the baggie of goldfish. It is vacation, splurge on that fancy trail mix you always have your eye on in the grocery store. This will keep you fueled, level-headed, and ready to continue having a great time even as you support the needs of your kids and manage the logistics of a trip with many moving parts. 

  1. Pack and Play

This is for the mamas with the babies: you need a pack and play. Whether you set it up at the beach, on the sand underneath the umbrella right next to your chair, or you pop it up in the hotel room; a safe, spacious area to let your little one crawl around is an absolute must-have. If you want to be able to actually relax on your vacation, you deserve to be able to close your eyes on the beach without worrying about your active toddler eating sand. 

Remember that this vacation is a time for you to relax and have fun, along with your kiddos! These 4 must-haves will help you get the experience you deserve while the rest of the family has fun and stays safe.