5 Most Effective Electric Toothbrushes for Kids – Soft and Gentle Care Guaranteed

When it comes to getting kids cleaning and caring for their teeth correctly, it can be challenging to ensure they brush gently and for the right amount of time. The best electric toothbrush for kids works by encouraging a softer brushing technique for a specific time while working more effectively at ridding of plaque when compared to that of a manual brush. Better still, if your child wears braces, you can be assured that by using an electric toothbrush, they won’t cause unnecessary damage as these toothbrush types are designed to be used with overall reduced pressure. Therefore, they can brush over the braces with ease and still do a good job.

This review looks at a selection of no less than five of the bestselling electric toothbrushes that are aimed at children. Highlighting those features we believe to be essential when buying such items, we consider the brush head types, pressure, timers, additional brush heads, and any unique characteristics of each model. We then summarize their pros and note any possible cons you may find with each one.

By researching these products, we believe we have compiled a list of five of the better models on the market, which we offer our expert rating on, based on our extensive reviewing experience. Presenting our findings in an informative table and in-detail reviews below, we’ve also added a helpful buying guide while answering those more frequently asked questions. After reading this, we feel confident, with all this information combined, you’ll be able to select that best electric toothbrush for kids.

Quick Summary
  • "A durable and quality toothbrush that has all the features a kid needs: it is small and comfortable for a child to use, has a timer and extra soft bristles."
  • Best Interactive Toothbrush: Philips Sonicare HX6321
    "A sonic toothbrush that is suitable for older kids, rechargeable, has a timer, and comes with a handy app that makes brushing fun."
  • "A battery-charged ultrasonic toothbrush that comes with one classic and one round brush in the set, a timer, and a LED light."
  • "A sonic toothbrush suitable for children from 0 to 36 months, featuring ultimate soft bristles and an award-winning design."
  • Best Value Pack Spinbrushes: Kid's Spinbrush PAW Patrol
    "A set of three brushes with toothbrush heads combining oscillating and fixed parts with gentle bristles."

Top 5 Electric Toothbrushes for Kids Review 2021

  • Child’s age: 3+
  • Brush type: oscillating
  • Timer: yes
  • Extra brush heads: 2

More features: extra soft bristles, compatible with the Disney MagicTimer App

The Oral-B Kids Rechargeable Electric Toothbrush is our Editor’s Choice as we believe this is the best electric rechargeable toothbrush for kids. It is based on the smash hit Disney Films Frozen and The Incredibles 2, so both boys and girls will love the vibrant designs and coloring of this model. Similarly, all parents will like how the toothbrush heads can be replaced regularly to continue accessing that more powerful of brushes.

This all-inclusive pack comes complete with one toothbrush, two additional replacement heads, a charger, and a tube of toothpaste to get your kids started immediately. From the highly knowledgeable specialist of Oral B, this model with its two-minute timer concentrates on offering a smaller brush head which is specially designed for those smaller of mouths, with a practical pause at every 30 seconds, reminding them to move on to the next section. With soft bristles to protect the surface enamel of the teeth and indeed keep those gums healthy, the 2D cleaning process offered oscillates and rotates to remove any remaining plaque for good.

The concept of the Oral B Stages Vitality Rechargeable Toothbrush is to encourage your child to brush longer, and better. What’s more, by downloading the Disney Magic Timer App, kids, in general, tend to brush 90% longer as this visual encouragement puts the fun back into brushing each time!

Customers of the Oral-B Kids Rechargeable Electric Toothbrush find it a sturdier model which encourages their children to brush more effectively, making it a significant step up to an almost adult-like powered brush in the process.

What makes it stand out?

  • Soft bristles
  • Two extra replacement heads
  • Disney themed
  • MagicTimer App access
  • Two-minute built-in timer
  • Oral B approved

Which disadvantages must you keep in mind?

  • Requires frequent charging

Philips Sonicare HX6321Best Interactive Toothbrush

  • Child’s age: n/a
  • Brush type: sonic
  • Timer: yes
  • Extra brush heads: no

More features: 500 strokes per second, up to 62,000 brush movements per minute, Bluetooth-enabled

The Philips Sonicare HX6321 gets our pick for the Best Interactive Electric Toothbrush. Featuring its own brushing coach in the shape of a cute fluffy character, this interactive rechargeable sonic toothbrush comes complete with one toothbrush, one brush head, one charger base, eight customized handle stickers, and two bonus sticker sheets. The patented sonic technology of this brush means 500 strokes are produced per second, making it 75% more effective than a manual toothbrush and therefore more accessible for a younger person to reach those harder to get to areas of the mouth.

With a two-minute Kid Timer included and pauses to indicate when to move to the next section throughout, the emphasis here is on encouraging your child to brush better and more effectively independently. By making use of the fully interactive free app, their brushing coach will guide them through every session, setting goals, offering tips and recording their performance for you to ensure they can cope with the task on their own. To access this, you just connect the toothbrush via Bluetooth. Additionally, by supplying a variety of customized stickers, your child can really personalize and make this toothbrush their own, changing it up when it suits.

Customers of the Philips Sonicare HX6321 find this has made brushing time fun for their children, with most kids wanting to brush just to access the very helpful app as they do! The durability of this rechargeable toothbrush is also highly rated.

Why is it special?

  • Patented sonic technology
  • Extensive interactive app
  • Timer built-in
  • Can be customized

What are the flaws?

  • No extra brush heads included
  • Child’s age: 3+
  • Brush type: ultrasonic
  • Timer: yes
  • Extra brush heads: 1

More features: 360-degree bristles, fully washable and waterproof; 1 classic and 1 round brush in the set

The babyease Kid’s Electric Toothbrush is our budget pick here as it offers a variety of all-round dental health for the younger child at a significantly reduced price and is the best inexpensive electric toothbrush for kids. Chargeable by using one AAA battery, this is a multifunctional electric toothbrush that comes complete with one extra replacement head. Waterproof in its design, this model has ultrasonic vibration and will automatically remind your child to change their brushing section every thirty seconds, it also has a two-minute auto turn off timer.

The brush head itself is soft and rounded and designed to clean the teeth and massage the gums in the process. The anti-slip handle is perfectly designed for those littler of hands, but it’s the LED light that is guaranteed to hold their interest throughout – as well as giving parents a practical view of their little one’s ongoing progress. Not only is this the more durable of budget picks, but it’s also a lightweight one which is great for those smaller of hands, making it the perfect first-time electric toothbrush in the process.

With an aim to encourage the most effective of brushes each time, this really is the ideal choice of those younger children such as toddlers and the best electric toothbrush for 2-year-old kids who may find this a fantastic introductory brush before moving onto the larger and heavier of electric toothbrushes, perfecting their technique in the meantime.

Customers of the babyease Kid’s Electric Toothbrush love the 360-degree ability of this model and how it thoroughly captivates the younger child, particularly with the addition of its colorful lights.

What stands out?

  • 360-degree performance
  • Ultra-soft brushes
  • Massages gums
  • Lights up
  • Auto turn-off timer
  • Lightweight
  • Easy grip handle

What cons did we manage to find?

  • Requires batteries
  • Aimed predominately at very young children
  • Child’s age: 0 to 3
  • Brush type: sonic
  • Timer: yes
  • Extra brush heads: 1

More features: 1 brush head for a 0 to 18-month old baby; 1 brush head for an 18 to 36-month toddler

The Brush-Baby BabySonic Electric Toothbrush for 0-36 Months gets our choice for the Best Gentle Electric Toothbrush for Kids, as this is primarily designed to care to those much younger of children, albeit encouraging a gentler brush all-round. Aimed at the one year to the three-year-old bracket, this is the perfect starter electric toothbrush as it provides ultra-soft sonic vibrations throughput and helps parents develop a softer brushing procedure taking extra care with both teeth and gums at this stage. Complete with a AAA Battery and one extra replacement head, the tiny brush head with its soft bristles works on a unique two-minute light timer, with a 30-second pulse reminder to let parents know when to change angles.

The Brush-Baby is an award-winning design which can be used from the very first moment your child begins to cut their teeth and is highly advantageous for getting them used to the vibrations of that of an electric toothbrush – something that many youngsters struggle with when encountering one later on for the first time. Furthermore, parents can rest assured that the extreme softness of this brush ensures no permanent damage to the mouth area should your child take a liking to it and want to use it on a continuing basis!

Customers of the Brush-Baby BabySonic Electric Toothbrush for 0-36 Months highly rate this as the perfect introduction to getting their child on the correct dental hygiene path and prefer its use of softer bristles, thus ensuring a more delicate of brushes every time.

What stands out?

  • Award-winning design
  • Perfect for parents to use with their baby/toddler
  • Ultimate soft bristles
  • Safe
  • Great introductory toothbrush

What cons did we manage to find?

  • Only suitable for up to 36 months
  • Claims of problems with light staying on throughout brushing time

Kid's Spinbrush PAW PatrolBest Value Pack Spinbrushes

  • Child’s age: 3+
  • Brush type: fixed + oscillating
  • Timer: no
  • Extra brush heads: no

More features: comes in different designs


The Kid’s Spinbrush PAW Patrol gets our vote for the Best Value Pack of Spinbrushes and is guaranteed to raise interest in many kids who love the hugely popular Paw Patrol team! A great inclusive pack, this comes complete with no less than three powered Spinbrush toothbrushes, and a tube of toothpaste to get started. These may not be rechargeable or replaceable toothbrushes, but with three in a pack, they are a great idea to introduce younger children to the concept of a powered toothbrush, in a friendly and exciting way. It uses AAA batteries to work, and your child merely slides the switch up to turn on the brush and can then get to work on gently brushing the bristles back and forth against the teeth and gum surfaces.

There are no timers on these brushes; therefore, it’s advisable to set a timer for two minutes and stay close to ensure your child brushes lightly throughout, thus developing an excellent all-around technique. Though these are the more simplistic toothbrushes on our list, we feel that the designs are a great attraction, and with a selection of three different characters to choose from, make this pack a great introduction to the world of powered toothbrushes, starting them off on the best path before making that jump to the more extensive of electric toothbrushes,

Customers of the Kid’s Spinbrush PAW Patrol find these work well and are not only a tremendous hit with Paw Patrol fans alike but an excellent way to get them excited about brushing their teeth.

Why did it make our list?

  • Value multipack
  • Popular Paw Patrol designs
  • Good introduction after manual brushing
  • Gentle bristles

What is not ideal about it?

  • Brush heads can’t be replaced
  • Requires AAA batteries
  • No timer built in

Things to Consider

Hopefully, you now have a clearer idea of the type of electric toothbrushes you feel will best suit your child, having read through our five detailed reviews. However, before you make that final decision, why not take a few minutes to read through our handy detailed Buying Guide before parting with your money? This section aims to elaborate a little more on those features we referenced above, and what we believe are the more important to consider when purchasing a product such as this for the younger members of the family.

Which toothbrush is better for kids – manual or electric?

An electric toothbrush is perhaps the more evident winner for children when it comes to deciding against the better choice of manual or electric. This is mainly because an electric toothbrush is definitely better to use as it almost does the work for your child! This only serves to make brushing time all the easier but, most importantly, most useful as a result. Therefore, this is the brush type which is proven to remove more plaque than that of a manual toothbrush – reducing the risk of tooth decay at such an early age. They’re also designed to reach those trickier spots which manual toothbrushes don’t always target. Ultimately, an electric toothbrush can be a source of amusement for many children, particularly those younger of users, encouraging a routine whereby your child is actually excited to get started using their electric toothbrush, especially when combined with the many apps and accessories most of these products offer.

Features to consider while choosing the electric brush for kids

БезымянныйWe believe there are a range of features that our above reviewed electric toothbrushes offer to encourage better all-around brushing techniques while making brushing time that little bit more fun in the meantime! However, to ensure that your chosen product provides you the most beneficial of features that will help your child make the most of their brushing experience, we recommend selecting those models that will benefit their individual needs above all. All our reviewed models have been chosen for their ability to provide those necessary features that you’ll need from such a product, and in this quick buying guide, we attempt to explain those features further.

Child’s age

Though there may be many varieties and types of electric toothbrushes out there on the market, you’ll need to assure that your chosen one caters to your child’s age range. This is just because most children’s electric toothbrushes vary greatly in overall size and structure.

If you have a baby or toddler, then an electric toothbrush aimed at those around the seven to nine-year old mark will be too heavy and too big.

Additionally, if your child is older, they will not benefit from the ultra-soft bristles of a baby’s electric toothbrush, especially when they’re in the midst of developing their adult teeth as well. We recommend starting with the Brush-Baby BabySonic Electric Toothbrush for 0–36 Months and then moving onto an age-appropriate electric toothbrush afterward.

Brush head types

999999-766878502021_2There are two main brush head types to look out for when selecting your child’s electric toothbrush; those are oscillating and ultrasonic toothbrushes. Though they may not look different visually, they both have slightly different properties meaning they work differently regarding movement type and offer a difference in the brushes per minute. Though there aren’t much to choose from between these two, your child may prefer one over the other – with some children instantly preferring the slightly slower pace of an oscillating brush head type to get them used to such a product. Most of these brush heads should ideally allow you to change them and replace them when needed. However, there are also fixed brush types, such as the Kid’s Spinbrush PAW Patrol, which can’t be replaced meaning you’ll need to begin with a whole new toothbrush when it has worn down.

Automatic Timer

An automatic timer is a great way to ensure that your child spends the correct amount of time each time brushing their teeth. With experts claiming most children don’t brush for long enough, it’s not always practical to set a timer each time your child begins their brushing and more than often it becomes a guessing game. By selecting those toothbrushes here such as the Oral-B Kids Rechargeable Electric Toothbrush and the Philips Sonicare HX6321, both you and your child will know exactly how long to brush for and therefore ensure a better clean every time as a result.

Extra brush heads

An electric toothbrush which comes complete with extra brush heads is thoroughly practical as it means you will have a spare head to hand whenever you need to replace it. However, for most electric toothbrushes for kids, the replacement heads can be bought easily and cheaply and often in packs. It’s an excellent idea to ensure you keep your cupboards stocked with a couple of replacements. Make sure the replacements will fit the model of your chosen toothbrush before buying them.


The runtime of an electric toothbrush refers to its frequency or vibration in its movements per minute. Though this may not be one of your more important of features when searching for a child’s brush, it’s worth noting that, as stated above because there are two main types of electric brushes here called oscillating and sonic, there will be a slight variance in run speeds. However, a sonic brush usually has higher runtimes. Ultimately, the higher the runtime, the more powerful your selected electric toothbrush is than that of a manual toothbrush and will be more effective. The Philips Sonicare HX6321 offers the higher of runtime here, with speeds of up to 62,000 brush movements per minute, and the babyease Kid’s Electric Toothbrush also has an ultrasonic runtime.

Extra features

Безымянный1If you’re looking to make the most of your child’s electric toothbrush, you may want to consider those that offer a host of additional features. Those toothbrushes that come with their own apps or playtime features, such as the Philips Sonicare HX6321 and the Oral-B Kids Rechargeable Electric Toothbrush are great for encouraging a love of brushing, making it fun as well as beneficial all-round. Better still are those brushes with a built-in timer which not only tell your child when their time is done but also pause to encourage them to move to another section of the mouth area every thirty seconds.

If you are keen on your child using the same electric toothbrush for some months to come, you might prefer those that come with a couple of replacements heads already.

A final feature you may want to consider is portability. If you’ll be traveling with your kids, get a travel electric toothbrush for fun and easy cleaning on your trips.


Though it may not seem of great importance here, if you’re planning on spending quite a lot of money on your child’s electric toothbrush, you may be interested in checking out any possible warranty which it comes attached with. This will give you added peace of mind that if something were to happen and you needed it replacing or fixing, you would be fully covered.


74fce02404fd1f43b0daa662c3f97f3dTaking care of your child’s teeth is a crucial task but one which you should also encourage your child themselves to get actively involved in, therefore developing the best cleaning habits possible for later on. Start as you mean to go on, and your child will develop those most beneficial of techniques which will remain ingrained in them as they continue brushing through to adulthood:

  • Make brush times fun
  • Consider using interactive apps, music, reward charts, or even scenarios to arouse their interest when they’re very young
  • Supervise your child until both you, and they are confident about them going it alone – usually when they reach around seven or eight years of age
  • Commit to checking your child’s brushing techniques every so often even when they’re old enough to do it themselves – it always pays to be sure here
  • Allow them to see you brushing your teeth – you are their greatest role model here
  • Use small amounts of toothpaste every time
  • Enroll them with a dentist very early on and make it a less stressful appointment each time by regularly attending
  • Ensure they stick to regular brushing and adhere to the correct time every time
  • Limit the number of fizzy drinks and sweets your child consumes
  • Educate your child early on about proper oral hygiene care


Experts suggest allowing your child to use an electric toothbrush whenever you feel confident with doing so but bearing in mind that they may still need a lot of help from you, especially in those early years. Many suggest trying around the three-year mark. But though you can find electric toothbrushes designed primarily for babies and toddlers, it’s recommended you brush their teeth using an electric toothbrush which is designed for this category and isn’t overly noisy or vibrates too much. The idea here is to encourage them not to press down too hard but instead show them how it should be done. Once they reach the age of seven upwards, provided they continue to brush gently, then an electric toothbrush is an excellent way of making brushing easier.

If you begin to notice worn brush heads or ones with splayed bristles throughout, it’s advisable to replace them straight away, as these brush types will not offer a thorough brush. Otherwise, in general, experts recommend replacing your brush head every three months.

Though electric toothbrushes are undoubtedly the better choice over manual brushes, when it comes to a sonic or an oscillating brush type, there is minimal variant in-between. Ultimately, it is usually a matter of personal preference here. Both types have rotating and oscillating features, but the sonic toothbrush perhaps moves faster than an oscillating brush. Though some people claim this makes them work more efficiently, some people aren’t that keen on the sensations of this faster speed overall.

Our Verdict

We hope this review has given you a better idea of the best children’s electric toothbrush for your child’s needs. By making use of our buying guide alongside our detailed discussions on each model, we feel confident we’ve armed you with the most relevant and useful information needed to help make that final purchase.

Our top pick here and editor’s choice is the Oral-B Kids Rechargeable Electric Toothbrush as we believe it offers all the essential items to get your child started on a good cleaning path. Second best on our list here is the Philips Sonicare HX6321 which we think provides the most interactive experience possible during every brush time. Thirdly, and our budget pick here is the babyease Kid’s Electric Toothbrush which offers plenty of practical features for such a low price.

In conclusion, if you’re looking for an electric toothbrush that will perfectly suit your child’s needs, these reviewed models show how this could just be the best purchasing decision you’ll make regarding the future of your child’s overall oral health.

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