5 Pipe Cleaner Activity Ideas for Fine Motor Toddler Fun

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Here are some pipe cleaner ideas to use them for crafts, fine motor activities, quiet bins, and more.

Pipe cleaners are one of those supplies that are must have around the house. You can use pipe cleaners in so many different ways. They are fun, safe, and even magnetic!

Check out these five scissor activities for more fine motor skills building!

These five pipe cleaner activity ideas are perfect for an awesome week of fine motor fun.

5 Pipe Cleaner Activity Ideas to Strengthen Fine Motor Skills

Pipe Cleaner and Colander

All you need for this No Prep Fine Motor Pipe Cleaner Activity idea is a colander and some pipe cleaners.

If you don’t have a colander on hand, a container or box with holes will work just fine.

This activity is great for creativity and concentration.

Pipe Cleaner Fine Motor Colander

Button Tree Fine Motor Quiet Bin

This super cute Easy Button Tree Quiet Bin is an excellent activity for some quiet and relaxing fun.

For this pipe cleaner activity idea you only need a bin, some buttons, and pipe cleaners twisted into a tree shape.

Some great pretend play can come from this activity as well.

Pipe Cleaner Button Fine Motor Tree

Pipe Cleaner Ring Stacking

Ring stacking is an activity that has been around for awhile, but this is a great twist idea with the use of playdough and pipe cleaners.

Check out this Easy Pipe Cleaner Ring Stacking Activity idea to work on fine motor skills, patterns, and even basic math skills as well.

Pipe Cleaner Ring Stacking Fine Motor Activity

If your toddler loves ring stacking toys then we have a list of twists on this age old activity for you!

Pipe Cleaner Flower Craft Idea

There are many different types of crafts, but this Pipe Cleaner Flower Craft for Kids is so fun and turns out great!

There isn’t just one way to make the flower; the pipe cleaner pedals can be made into many different designs.

Let your child’s imagination and creative skills develop as they create these beautiful flowers.

Pipe Cleaner Flower Craft for Fine Motor Fun

Make an Upcycled Train

Upcycling and pretend play are both used with this Egg Carton Pipe Cleaner Train.

This train idea is made with just parts of an egg carton, a hole puncher (or sharp pencil) and a pipe cleaner or two.

Decorate the train as your child sees fit and begin a game of make believe with the trains.

Fine motor practice with pipe cleaners and your child’s imagination make for a fun train time activity.

Pipe Cleaner Train for Fine Motor Practice

Pipe cleaners are sure to become a quick hit with the child in your life and they are so easy to use. Bend them, twist them, thread them through some holes and create whatever your child imagines.

Make it a pipe cleaner activity ideas week and have fun together!

What are some other pipe cleaner activities that you have done?

Please share in the comments below.