51 Dining Room Ideas To Elevate Meal Times

To make memorable mealtimes, we need great food and a beautiful dining space. A dining room should be inviting, comfortable, and deserving of special guests. This ideal looks different for everyone, according to personal style, family size, and available space. To help you find your way toward your very own perfect eating space, we’ve collected together 51 inspirational dining room ideas. These stylish spaces elevate meal times with elegant dining sets, eye-catching dining room pendant lights, chic seating, decorative table centerpieces, feature shelving, and showstopping statement walls. We’ll also take a look at how to incorporate a dining space into an open plan living space whilst achieving clear zoning.

Visualizer: Ekaterina Amato  

Japandi design gives a formal dining room a peaceful appearance. Natural materials, simple lines, and light surroundings calm the mind and soul.

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Soft and atmospheric lighting gives a dining space a sense of occasion. Install LED strip lights inside of shelving nooks, light candles, and get the fireplace going.

Visualizer: Lanre Alao  

Nurture an indoor garden for your dining space with a long built-in planter. Aim to have the plants at eye level so that they can be enjoyed whilst sitting down at the dining table.

Visualizer: Andriy Shebaldov  

This dining room planter displays a simple bed of grass to create an uplifting moment in a small kitchen eating area. 3D wall tiles add pattern and texture above.

Visualizer: Sergey Krasyuk  

If you’re not much of a gardener, you can also accomplish a nature-loving vibe with a botanical-themed feature wall. Select a tropical wallcovering to introduce additional colors to the room.

Visualizer: - Duc Nguyen  

Change up the seating around the dining table. In a modern rustic dining room, wooden stools work particularly well alongside formal dining chair alternatives.

Visualizer: Irem Erekinci  

Offset classical elements with cool industrial interludes. Introduce exposed brickwork-effect panels inside boiserie-framed nooks or archways to create depth and contrast.

Visualizer: Elemental Design  

Refresh your dining space with a rounded shape theme. Think racetrack-shaped shelving nooks, curvaceous alcoves, and freeform mirrors. Paint the inside of curved recesses with a color that darkly contrasts the main walls to pull due attention to the details.

Visualizer: Mohamed Ayman  

If you only add three things to your formal dining room, let it be a spectacular chandelier, an impressive art piece, and a wonderful rug.

Visualizer: Olga Kondratiuk  

Refine your dining room with gray and rose gold elegance. Situate a warm metallic table and cool gray upholstered chairs within ethereal white surroundings. Hang sheer white drapes at the windows that will blow romantically in the breeze.

Visualizer: Andrii Chudinov  

Add a blast of teal blue around your dining table with modern upholstered dining chairs. Expand the color theme onto the floor with a precision-cut vinyl design, which flows through the space like an abstract river.

Designer: Nonestudio  

In this red dining room decor scheme, red vinyl flooring is utilized to zone the eating area from a general walkway through the home. A portiere can also be drawn across to achieve more solid separation.

Designer: Ksenia Bortsova   Visualizer: Svetlana Shadrina   

Laconic and lovely. A creamy minimalist dining room setting creates a peaceful place to focus on the food. Hang mini pendant lights to keep the fanfare to a minimum.

Via: Uniqwa  

Build a boho style dining room aesthetic with raw wood grain furniture, a wicker dining room pendant light, a hand-carved decorative bowl as a table centerpiece, and an abundance of large indoor plants.

Designer: Annamária Dékány  

Even the plainest dining room decor scheme receives an immediate uplift from statement dining room pendant lights. These industrial-style black installations are the Flos Aim pendant lamps.

Designer: Ulysses De Santi & Graham Steele   Via: Architectural Digest   

Create an abstract scene. This sharp, geometric arrangement features perfectly square dining chair silhouettes, a unique dining table design, an unusual decorative mirror, and a single piece of arresting artwork.

Visualizer: Nguyễn Thủy  

When space is limited, a dining set is often forced up against the wall. Make a sidelined dining spot look like an intentional choice by employing visual anchors. Hang a dining room pendant light low and central to the table. Mount a large piece of artwork to create a close and cohesive ensemble.

Visualizer: Mohamed Ayman  

If your dining room is also a thoroughfare, opt for a round dining table design. Rounded shapes allow easier movement around them than their rectangular counterparts.

Visualizer: Yurii Chaikovskyi  

Add a long line of dining room storage. If floor-to-ceiling cabinetry feels too overpowering for the space, cut down proportions to waist level and float units a few inches from the floor. Apply LED strip lighting to highlight the edges.

Visualizer: Alexander Uglyanitsa  

Complement an industrial style dining room with stark black window frames and a striking black fireplace design.

Visualizer: Abdel Majid Kass  

Create an ideal getaway. This round pedestal dining table is overlooked by two glorious parrots in a treetop wall mural.

Visualizer: Doğukan Taş  

Add unexpected elements. This abstract light fitting hangs translucent panels of color in juxtaposition to crisp white surroundings.

Visualizer: Dwarf Studio  

If your family likes to linger at the table, chatting long after dessert or pulling out after-dinner board games, then choose super comfy dining chairs. Look for deeply cushioned seats and supportive backrests. Lay down a dining room rug to ensure a cozy feel underfoot too.

Visualizer: Robert Rocha  

Send a wave of blue through a terracotta dining room palette to create cool contrast.

Visualizer: Gabriel Fabra Pérez  

In this neoclassical dining room, a mosaic-tiled floor is the clear star of the show.

Visualizer: Jingai Vision  

A dining bench fits extra guests at meal times, especially little kids. Just squeeze up and tuck in those elbows.

Visualizer: Comelite Arch  

A double-height void constructs an impressive formal dining room aesthetic. Don’t waste the glorious expanse of space on a dainty dining table chandelier, go extra large. Increase visual impact with a textural focal wall that climbs the full height of the room.

Visualizer: Zrobim  

Make a delicious dining room color combo with avocado and orange accents. If you don’t have a central rose for a pendant light, opt for a swing arm wall lamp.

Visualizer: Ayush Verma  

Approach an open plan dining room decor plan with attractive zoning measures in mind. In this home interior, a wide archway defines the kitchen from the dining area and a green garden view.

Visualizer: Aliross Design  

Scour the kitchen for your best bowls, serving dishes, cloches, cake stands, cookbooks, and drink decanters to decorate a bank of open dining room shelving.

Visualizer: Paliychuk Olga  

Camouflage an open plan dining area against kitchen base cabinets to achieve a streamlined look.

Visualizer: Naresh Mistry  

Let a fabulous dining room chandelier and decorative mirror battle it out for the main role in a decadent scene.

Visualizer: Natalia Cherkashina  

A green dining room will look as fresh as the food tastes. Pull in an assortment of indoor plants to gain natural texture in the scheme. Finish off with natural wood-tone accents.

Visualizer: CG MARKLEN  

Make big statements, from oversized chandeliers down to unique, chunky chair designs, and boldly patterned dining room rugs.

Visualizer: Pascali Semerdjian Arquitetos  

Construct a minimalist wood-slatted ceiling. With timber prices rising, this simplified approach is easier on the pocket.

Visualizer: Minimore Studio  

Build an open plan boho blend for an adjoined kitchen and dining space. Coordinating rattan pendant light shades and cane furniture fashion a laid-back flow.

Visualizer: Mai Trang Nguyen  

Draw the eye to key pieces with color. In this white home interior, only the fireplace and dining chairs are picked out in a boldly contrasting black colorway.

Visualizer: Yulia Kalemi  

Double up on large dining room chandeliers to effectively cover a wide expanse of space.

Designer: Luis Gomez-Siu Design Studio  

Add interest to a white dining room decor scheme by installing shiplap.

Visualizer: Abdelrhman Alaraby  

Employ a geometric floor treatment and an eye-catching painting to create an arty dining room.

Visualizer: MDF Italia  

Benefit from the cozy effects of a fireplace even without a chimney breast. Freestanding alternatives can be situated wherever they work best in the layout.

Visualizer: 森林空间  

Apply a marble focal wall behind the dining table to build a high-end aesthetic. Keep the dining furniture relatively simple to allow the marble feature to retain the spotlight.

Designer: Stiff + Trevillion  

A dining table often doubles up as a study area, so why not combine your dining room with a home library? Stack bookshelves all the way to the ceiling to make the most of vertical space.

Visualizer: Elizaveta Ivanova  

Small and sophisticated, this compact dining spot is perfectly balanced with monochrome elements and a slender dining table centerpiece.

Visualizer: Katarina Rulinskaya  

This neat dining area is served with a splash of color. A blue dining room pendant light forms a quirky feature, along with a unique ottoman seat.

Visualizer: Ego House Architects  

Instead of installing solid doors between a kitchen and dining spaces, share natural light with frosted or obscure glass counterparts.

Visualizer: Yulya Tsimasharava  

Get creative with a linework paint effect to construct a bespoke look. This arty dining room is finished off with a unique hand sculpture centerpiece,

Designer: Oxana Vichinski   Photographer: Maxim Maximov  

Style a Scandinavian dining room with functional chairs, a practical table design, and simple lighting. Upgrade with a herringbone wood floor treatment and light-reflective wall of mirrors.

Visualizer: Dinara Yousupova  

Attach a dining table to the edge of a kitchen island to save on floor space.

Visualizer: Juba Render  

Give wainscotting a colorful finish to establish a punchy neoclassical look.

Visualizer: notooSTUDIO srl  

For the color-shy, a color-blocked wall treatment is a great way to brighten the room without full saturation.

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