6 Fun Ways to Inspire Healthy Eating at Home

You always want the best for your family, so why not encourage the best eating habits as well? An important aspect is that your family enjoys healthy eating and continues to do so. There are many ways to inspire healthy eating in children of all ages. Here are 6 fun ways to inspire healthy eating at home.  

Why Eat Healthy

A healthy diet is essential for health and nutrition. It protects you from chronic diseases like heart disease, diabetes and cancer. Eating a balanced diet and consuming less salt, sugar and unnatural fats are essential for a healthy lifestyle. 

Many people do not reach the proper amount of veggies a day. There are many health benefits to eating these foods. For example, broccoli has lots of calcium which helps your children build strong bones and has more protein than steak per calorie. Eating healthy does so much for children’s and adult bodies, so it should not be an overlooked area of one’s lifestyle.

Benefits for both adults and children include:

  • Healthy skin, teeth and eyes
  • Supports muscle
  • Boosts immunity
  • Strengthens bones
  • Helps the digestive system
  • Maintain a healthy weight

Ways to Inspire Healthy Eating 

There are lots of ways to spark and interest in healthy eating. This can come in the form of games, activities, allowing involvement and more. Here are fun ideas to encourage healthy eating at home.

1. Letter of the Week

This can work with children of all ages. The activity allows learning new foods under each letter of the alphabet. For younger children, it can also help with their vocabulary and writing skills. 

The concept is simple as you pick a letter for the week. You can ask children about any healthy foods they can think of that starts with that letter. After discussing, add in the ones they missed in each food group. For example, G is for ground beef, grapes and green beans. 

2. Taste Testing Day 

This activity can give children the opportunity to try a wide variety of foods and determine the ones they like based on taste, texture, colors, etc. You can choose a theme for the day, such as “berry day.” You can bring home an array of berries like strawberries, blueberries, raspberries and more for them to try. 

Allow them to explore each by setting them on the table where they can touch, smell and look at each fruit. You can offer some cut up for a different variation to each fruit which they may find more appealing. You can discuss the similarities and differences and why they may or may not like each kind.

3. Keep it Small

Often children are more willing to eat food when they are bit sized. They are easy and convenient during snack time or added to their meals. This could be with sliced fruits and veggies, mini muffins and more. You can also serve the foods on a smaller plate to avoid the intimidating look of trying too much of new food.

Depending on the food you are serving, it can also be turned into fun shapes. Kids can find it more appealing to try something new such as a kiwi cut into a star shape rather than just a typical slice. Making minor adjustments could be what your child needs to try a new item. 

4. Test New Recipes

If you want to improve your family’s eating habits, try getting everyone involved. Gather healthy meals and let your family choose which one they want to test. It is easy to get bored of the same meals, so exploring new options can keep things fresh and exciting.

Along with testing new recipes, you can get the whole family involved in the preparation. No matter the age of your kids, there is sure to be something that they can attribute to doing when cooking. It can help give them a sense of pride while contributing to the family meal.

5. Grow Fruits and Veggies

Growing your own fruits and vegetables at home is a great pass time and ensures you have healthy produce in your home. You should value the food that goes into your body, so ensuring you eat food in its purest form allows you to eat with less stress. 

You can start with more simple foods to grow, such as tomatoes, lettuce and peppers. As you learn to master gardening, you can add more to it. The health benefit of growing your own food is eating more fresh foods. You decide the fertilizers and pesticides that come in contact with food and can provide more nutrients when picked earlier than stores sell.  

6. Eat Together 

Sometimes life can get in the way, causing everyone to eat meals at separate times. Try to find when everyone in the family can get together to share a healthy meal. To install a healthy mindset, not only is cooking together beneficial, but so is eating together. Regular meals eaten together can help develop a good relationship with food and help each other stay on track with eating nutritiously. 

The Bottom Line

Getting the whole family on board with healthy eating can be challenging. Trying out these activities and habits may help to inspire more healthy eating. It is essential to never give up since eating healthy is such an important part of your life. 

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