6 Instances When Sending Handwritten Cards or Notes Is Better

6 Instances When Sending Handwritten Cards or Notes Is Better

Just a few days ago me and my wife was talking to our kids about note passing. During those teenage years, there was nothing better than a note or card. When we became parents, those handwritten cards from our kids were the best. With the influx of technology, those little things have seemed to be faded. Nowadays, you can send an email or text to show your appreciation. For me, it means more when people take time to write their feelings with a pen or pencil. There are several instances where it’s more sentimental to send those handwritten cards or notes. Below are 6 instances when sending handwritten cards or notes is better.

After a Job Interview

After you have interviewed for the job, you should consider writing a note. Many will opt to send an email, but writing a note is more personal. When sending thank you cards or notes you will most likely stand out in the professional setting. As a gesture of gratitude and sincerity, a thank you note also demonstrates your interpersonal communication skills.

Father’s Day

One of the many things I’ve got from my mom is the love of cards. Whether it’s for my birthday or Father’s Day, those cards mean more than material stuff. Despite being an adult now my mom loves getting cards on her birthday or Mother’s Day. My kids are 23, 22 and 17 now and I’ve saved almost all their cards. When they were little kids, they used to make cards for me all the time. Whether it was my birthday, Father’s Day or just to say they loved me, those cards meant so much to me.

When Someone Does Something for You

Have you had an instance where all your plans were dashed? We all have been in that predicament before, I’m sure. In that moment, did someone bail you out in the last minute? The appreciation felt by someone coming to your aid in the last minute is something words can’t explain. You can put those words on a card or note where it’s sentimental.

Someone Who Mentored You

Have you ever had anyone to guide you in the right direction? Whether it’s personally or professionally, mentorship is something I’ll always vouch for. When I was younger there were a couple of people that spent time with me to show the right way of doing things. Taking the time to sincerely thank your mentor with a note is a wonderful way to express your gratitude for their guidance and wisdom. In those instances, you can outline everything they did for you and how it’ll shape you moving forward.

After Receiving a Raise or Being Promoted

This one touch home to me because this is something I’ve done a long time ago. One of my managers always spoke highly of me and said he saw potential to be a manager. After many failed attempts, he kept pushing me and said to never give up. After taking that advice, all his direction and guidance paid off when that promotion came through. Afterwards, I bought a card and expressed how grateful I was for the opportunity. A couple days later he said it touched him and that was one of the reasons for having his position.

After An Event

This was also another personal one for me. A few years back Xbox had an event to promote the release of their new console. Fortunately, they reached out and asked if I’m available to cover the event. My son is a major gamer, and this was something he would love to hear about. During the event, the head guy talked to me and even got my son on the phone. I’ve never seen my son so happy and afterwards we exchanged information. We sent a personalized thank you card to him, and he called back a week later to express his thanks also. A couple weeks later, he sent my son a care package from Xbox along with a couple of the new games they were releasing.

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