67 People Reveal How They Got Revenge On Their Bullies

Not all of us enjoy the satisfaction of getting back at those who called us names, laughed at our clothes, and just made our lives miserable when we were kids. But some of us do. And Redditor Marble_Trap wanted to hear from these lucky folks.

So they posted a question on the platform, asking: "How was your adult revenge on your childhood bully?" and it has received 1,340 replies, many of which detailed these exact experiences. From marrying their crush to simply forgetting all about them, here are some of the most upvoted answers.


A few of my childhood bullies have passed away to reckless driving or drugs. So revenge not needed.

After going to a different High School then my middle school bully, I was a year out of HS and going for a bike ride. Saw the middle school bully on his bike, going the opposite way. He yelled something to be a prick to me, so I ignored and kept on my merry way for about a mile. Until I noticed he was following me, fast.

I wasn't the same pushover I was in middle school, so I pulled over and waited, as he hopped off his bike and violently thrust his hand out-to shake my hand and apologize for ever being a d**k.

Basically said he used to hang with a bad crowd through middle school until senior year and he regretted a lot of stuff he did as a kid growing up. Asked me how my high school years were, what my after HS plans were and explained after his father passed away he had an epiphany-he was going to the national guard to get a way to help fund college, and wanted to become a psychologist to help kids throughout high school deal with harassment.

I talked with him for a good half hour and we parted on friendly terms. Ran into him a few times over the years and about 4 years later he seems to be on his way to achieving what he said and is very active in my hometown community.

Didn't need to get revenge, glad to see someone grow up and make something great of themselves.

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A kid that bullied me in high school ended up addicted to crack or meth, not sure which. I saw him 10 years later as I was leaving a drive through and yelled his last name. He turned and I saw the scratch marks on his face and a big burn type gash in the middle of his lip. I asked him what had happened and he told me he got kicked out of his home. Instead of laughing at him or belittling him, I handed him the bag of food I just bought for myself as well as my cigarettes. He almost cried because according to him "never in a million years would I have thought that after all the s**t I put you through, that you'd help". I told him we were stupid kids and s**t happens. I visited him once a week and just talked with him and kept telling him to get off the drugs. I moved away a short time after that so I didn't know what had happened to him.

One day, I got a friend request from him on facebook, he kicked the drug habit and was working as a barista for one of those corner coffee shops. He is now married and living a life worth living.

At the end of the day, no matter how much grief he put me through, he was his own worst enemy and anything I could've done to him or said to him was nothing compared to what he did to himself. I'm glad he's better and living a better life.

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I graduated from high school in the '80's. I had grown up poor but when my mom remarried, she married a guy who did well for himself so when we moved into his house, I was a poor kid suddenly going to a school full of rich kids. One of them in particular was a girl who was really stuck up and such a b**ch. She had a very imperious attitude and generous parents while my mom, there was no way she was going to allow us to behave that way.

About 6 years after high school graduation I'd dropped out of college, was living on my own in a tiny apartment and working as a waitress. Of all people to show up at the restaurant and be seated in my section. I asked a couple of waitresses to take the table but they were busy. Finally I realized what I would do. I would take on the role of my life. Win an Academy Award. I went to the table and pretended I'd never met her before in my life.

She kept insisting I must remember her, right? She kept saying her name and I nailed the performance. "I'm so sorry, I just don't...no...I, uh...I'm trying. I believe you, yes, I went to that school but I am SO sorry, I don't remember you" and so on.

She was flabbergasted. I kept overhearing her say to the people she was with "I can't believe she doesn't remember me."

That day I learned that to be forgotten is, for some, the ultimate slap in the face.

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After I finished high school a girl who bullied me relentlessly for years messaged me on Facebook saying a bunch of awful things (Facebook was new at the time -we all added anyone we knew).

I just screenshotted the messages and posted them to her wall.

Then a bunch of her friends messaged me asking if I was ok.

I got my revenge and didn't have to stoop to her level.

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I married my bullies high school crush

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A kid that bullied me in high school(he actually gave me a black eye once and got suspended for it) messaged me on Facebook apologizing for everything he did to me back then. I told him it's ok you were just young and didn't know better.

I eventually got a drink with him one day to see what he was up to and he broke down on me. Started talking to me about his alcohol problems and how he was self destructive. He was getting kicked out of his moms place and had no job. Me being the sap I am offered him a job at the restaurant I was managing at the time. This was about 2 years ago

Fast forward to 3 months ago he is now a kitchen manager at the same restaurant and he asks me if I'd like to get a drink with him.

Dude bought me and my girlfriend a ticket to Colorado and told me he will never be able to pay me back for how much I helped him but he is at least in the position where he can try.

Colorado was fun. Got really really high

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I worked as a newscast director for my local TV station a few years back. Part of the job was making show graphics (maps, full screens, OTS [over the shoulders], etc.) for each newscast, including for the local Crimestoppers segment. I prepped the mugshots of no less than three people who gave me s**t in school for air during my tenure there. That always managed to put a smile on my face.

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Not me, but my 9 year old daughter has to deal with this girl in her class that is a bully to everyone, though she is especially mean to my daughter. Luckily most of the time, the kids all have her back (and she theirs). The teachers are aware of her issues and try their best, but she's sneaky.

My daughter is Type 1 diabetic, and this girl likes to tease her. She does lots of things, but is really mean about it. She told her that her feet will get chopped off (due to beetus) and other horrible things. One day, she was waving a big chocolate chip cookie in her face, telling her how she can't eat stuff like that because she's a freak.

My daughter had enough. She got up and slapped the girl across the face, and the cookie went flying too. She yelled "Leave me alone!" The whole lunch room went silent, the girl ran to tell the teacher, and the kids cheered.

She came home and told us because she felt badly about it. The girl told the teacher, crying of course, but several students also told the whole story. The teacher told my kid matter-of-factly, "don't do that anymore", and yelled at the girl and made her stay in from recess.

Since then, this girl gives my daughter a wide berth.

I do not condone this behavior, but damn it was hard to keep a straight face when we were telling her that it was the wrong way to resolve things.

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Only three of them that I really know of. My elementary school bully and I eventually became close friends, and we're still close, gaming together online despite the distance, and our significant others are close friends now as well.

Another, a girl in high school who always treated me like s**t, I ran into years afterward at a coffee shop/night club/weird combo thingy. I hear my name called out, turn to find this living nightmare of my past, and was surprised when she threw her arms around me and gave me a huge hug. We caught up for a while, and I asked her why she seemed so excited despite all we went through. She apologized and said that she was a bad person for never giving people a chance, and was glad that we seemed to get along now.

The third... was a jock that had been pretty cruel through most of the middle/high school. One day, out of nowhere, he sits beside me in class during a project and starts asking me how I've been. He asks me if it hurt me when he'd call me names or push me around, and I was honest. Told him that of course, it did. He was quiet for a while and then apologized for how he'd treated me. Said that it was wrong for him to bully others.

A week later he shot himself in the head on the front lawn of his parents' house.

Of all the things I've done or not done in my life, I will always regret not going to his funeral. At the time I was confused and scared and didn't know what to think, but it still doesn't sit right with me.

So... really, no revenge here. We grew up and realized that life was way f**king scarier than anything we'd been through as kids. Not really on topic, I suppose, but something that I wanted to share.

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There was a popular boy in middle school who was a total douche to awkward, nerdy me. He'd call me names, talk to people within earshot of me about how ugly I was, and would try to physically hurt me during our P.E. class all the time. We went to the same high school, but I had no classes with him, so I pretty much forgot about him.

Well, a couple years after high school I ran into him at a bar. I'm a lot prettier and less awkward than I once was. He hadn't grown more than a couple inches since middle school, and the face that was cute when he was 12 did not handle the testosterone surge of puberty well. He was acting like a nervous teenager and kept saying "Wow, you really look different," while we chatted a little. He would also not shut up about how he was in the Navy and how awesome he was because he was "serving our country" and "protecting [me] from terrorists". He finally asked me for my number and I gave it to him. He texted me the next day asking me on a date and I replied "Lol, nah."

It wasn't my most shining moment of maturity, but it felt good to look down on that little bastard both literally and figuratively.

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Work place bullies count?

Worked at a place for 4 years with a backstabbing c**t viper of a bully. Would throw people under the bus, take credit for others' work etc...

Anyway, left the company for bigger better things and I'm now a lab supervisor at my new place. Guess whose resume gets plopped on my pile and went straight to the trash?

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When I was a child, my parents weren't rich. Not impoverished, but definitely not people who could afford to throw money around. As a result, we spent probably 10 years worth of my childhood living in a mobile home park on the "rough" side of town. I remember one year we lived there, there were exactly 4 murders in the entire state. Two of them were in my neighborhood.

So in a neighborhood like this, of course, there are neighborhood bullies. One of them was named "Isiah", let's say. Over the course of a couple years, probably when I was around 13-14, he made my life hell. I couldn't go to the park playground for fear of Isiah being around, so I spent a lot of time lonely, bored, and scared in my own house. If I'd known about Reddit at the time, I probably would have spent a ton of time on it.

Fast forward damn near a decade. I've been a correctional officer at the state prison for a few years. Doing very well for myself, own a couple cars, bought my first house, and life is good. Isiah hasn't even crossed my mind since I was a kid. However, one particular day at work, they were short staffed, so they threw me into Segregation (aka "the hole", where bad inmates go to be punished) where I don't normally work. I go do a walkaround to check all the cells, and lo and behold, I see a familiar face in one of the cells. I check his inmate ID and sure enough, it's this piece of s**t from my neighborhood when I was a kid. I smiled and kept walking.

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There was a guy who was popular but also a bully at my high school. I ran into him at a bar about 15 years after. He was super cool and the nicest guy ever.

I was talking with his wife and I mentioned the "bully" thing and she said EVERYONE she meets from his High school tells her that story. He even acknowledged it and apologized. Apparently he was going through a very rough time in high school and he had since learned a lot and life had calmed way down. It made me feel really good about not holding on to things like that.

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I bullied a kid in grade school because the cool kids in the grade above did it. Every day they'd do it. One day I decided to. On the way home from school, I knocked him down, threw his books, etc. I did this a couple of times. Then one day, I saw his mom waiting at the top of the hill for him. I felt so ashamed that I never did it to anyone ever again, and made a point to prevent it when I could.

I apologized to him years later. He was very well off and had a hot wife, which made me feel slightly better. He was cool with it but I would have been ok if he told me to f**k off.

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My best revenge was to just keep on being myself. This girl in high school would criticize me on everything, call me names and pick up fights with me for no reason. She eventually got kicked out of school.

We met when we were in our early 20's. She started off nicely with the usual "how are you? What's been happening?" Turns out she hadn't even changed a little bit "oh yeah? Want to be a teacher? You'll probably make a miserable one! I wouldn't send me kids to your school! Ever!" That's when I realized that I was just so over her and her bullying and that there was just no hope for her to realize what she did was wrong. It gave me some sort of satisfaction....

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I forgot about them.

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Telling him he missed a spot when drying my car.

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We became best friends.. Now we bully each other on a routinely basis

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I was pretty fat as youngster but people still found me attractive, this bothered my bully SO much that any time she could she would bully me about my weight ex. "Oh I love those jeans! How do you find them in your size?", taking sneak pictures of me in class and putting them online, or forcing me to kiss another girl at her sleepover then telling everyone I was a lesbian, It was great. Fast forward ten years, I'm starting a career I love, lost a substantial amount of weight and am living far away from my small town upbringing. I go home to visit my mother and who do I see walking around the grocery store, hair thrown up in a ratty headband, extra ~30 pounds on her hips and looking like a complete mess? I knew I could ruin her right there but I didn't, I simply put a big smile on my face and said "wow, motherhood looks great on you!!!". The fact that she had to trick someone into getting her pregnant after a drunken night at the local watering hole and now has four step kids before 25 makes me realize that her bitterness and hateful attitude has served her more revenge than I ever could.

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I never really got revenge but worked my arse off at uni and ended up working on movies, got married, had a kid and have my own house so that was revenge enough. That he didn't dictate my life.

I then found out that he was a school counsellor for unruly children and thought to myself, "he's turned his life around... Good for him"

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I refused him a job at the company I worked at. Arrogant in middle school, arrogant at the interview, arrogant at leaving said interview without the job.

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I forgave him.

He tormented me throughout elementary school. He ended up sending me a message on Facebook about 2 years ago (we graduated high school in 2010), he apologized profusely and I genuinely believed him.

He's actually quite successful now and I'm really happy for him.

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I arrested him in a stolen car. There's a video of it with me smiling the whole time.

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Turns out I was the bully. I felt terrible when I found out, everyone I picked on I had considered a friend. I thought of it as good natured ribbing and making fun of each other. One guy finally got his revenge when he told me I was the bully in high school and saw the realization come over my face. He forgave me, I still apologize to people as I run into them.

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Not my bully, but my best friend's. Kinda kept in touch with the entire high school class through Facebook once it came out. This a**hat asks if he can use me as a reference because we got similar degrees and ended up in the second field.

Adult him seems like a sham. It's all fake. My high school best friend moved to Europe because of this guy. He can't change that much. So I agree to meet him for drinks and see if he changed. 10 minutes into the meetup and he's telling me about cheating on his wife with girls right out of high school.

So, of course, I said yes. Only had 3 calls I guess before he caught on, but I made sure I told the truth. :)

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We ended up fighting in front of a crowd. I beat him and he stopped being a jacka** bully to everyone after that.

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I was bullied in my mid school with the cafeteria chefs son he would bother me for being muslim and sometimes throw pork on my face . I've gon to my homecountry and returned after 15 years turns out his parents died in an accident and he is now helping kids in a syrian camp I helped him in financial situations we're friends now

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When I was 13-15 years old, I was bullied a lot by the boys in my class for being flat chested. I didn't even fit into a AA cup bra and they made me aware of that by calling me names/calling me a boy/calling me ugly etc.

Then something magical happened between ages 16-18, and when I turned 20 had E cups.

Hormones are the best revenge.


My bully hit on me at some bar years after he bullied me

I knew who he was immediately. But he had no idea who I was so he kept going.

Finally, I asked "do you know who I am?" And he said no. I said "I'm (so and so) and you made my life a living hell in elementary school and I want an apology"

His face dropped and he apologized profusely. Said that he was a huge a**hole in elementary school etc etc.

Not gonna lie, it felt goooood.

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Not direct revenge, but pretty satisfying just the same.

I was pretty fugly in middle school and most of the high school. In middle school especially, these two a**hats used to pick on me - they'd push me around, sneak up behind me, and screech in my ear. Typical middle school bulls**t. The worst thing, though, was just after our sex ed class one day. We had been discussing ways to prevent rape. On my way out the door after class ended, I overheard them saying, "at least bkiddo22 will never have to worry about being raped haha". It was like a double whammy to me - not only were they joking about the prospect of me being raped, they were in the same breath joking about how ugly I was. I hated them so much.

Fast forward to the past few years, and one of them is in jail for the third time for petty theft, while the other one has 3 different kids, none of which he wanted, and is living in a trailer. I feel bad for the gf and kids, but not for him.


Well does revenge as a child count? When I was 11 there were two bullies who would mess with me all the time. They were a couple years older. This heavyset kid named Frank and his taller and meaner friend...I forget his name.

One day I was out riding my bike at a park. They had stopped me--one was holding up the front of my bike, while Frank was hitting me, trying to knock me off the bike.

At that exact instant my brother (6'4" 220lbs) was driving by. He quickly stopped the car and ran over.

He picked both of them up by their shirt collars, one in each hand, holding them each about a foot off the ground.

He said something like "You mess with my brother again and I'll bash both your $%$@% heads together, got it?"

He dropped them both. They fell, then quickly got up and ran away.

They never bothered me again.

At that moment I felt that, yes, there is justice in the world.

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I had my bullies approach me on Bonfire Night when I was about 17. They came and said how sorry they were that they made school horrible for me etc. I told them to go f**k themselves. I persevered and became quite popular in school while they faded into obscurity for being d**ks.

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There was a fat a** that always use to bully me in high school. He was bigger than everyone else so he would use that to his advantage to intimidate people. He would bully me and pretty much anyone who he thought he could get away with.

Fast forward to a couple of months ago... I see him on Facebook. Fatter and balder than before. Which, that itself made me happy. :) But I see him posting on his FB wall about his new job and trying to solicit business. Scrolling down his posts I see that he is constantly posting political bs along with filthy language etc. So, I emailed his company with a link to his FB page and said that I was offended and would not do business with a company that has employees like that.

A couple days later I see that under his "workplace" section on the about page was blank. I think I got him fired. Not gonna lie, feels good.


I have tourette's syndrome and was bullied relentlessly in early grade school. One day in the winter I had had enough, so I threw a jagged block of ice at my bully's face. Knocked some teeth out and he needed stitches. I almost got expelled. Worth it.

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They got a huge full back tattoo - the ugliest tattoo I have ever seen. I saved the jpeg on my desktop and named it REVENGE HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH and I look at it occasionally if I get sad.

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Bumped into him at a bar. He apologised for bullying me. I didn't remember him


Aged 22-ish, I was working as a clerk at the local Jobcentre (Employment office; i'm in the UK). I got to see two of my ex-bullies come through as customers. The first one even had a baby in-tow, with no sign of a partner. I didn't say as much as I word, never did anything about it, was always polite and respectful... but seeing them avoiding my eyes and pretending they didn't recognise me was about as sweet as can be.


I was heavily bullied in Middle School, and one time I actually ended up getting my knee cap, and surrounding muscles semi-permanently damaged from a piss-poor game of kickball. He couldn't hit me in the head with the ball like he wanted to, so he tripped me by a base instead. The following year, he tried to sexually attack me - IN SCHOOL - and got suspended for the rest of the year.

Now, he's only 20, In prison for probably 20-30+ years for rape, arson, and theft - and has had i believe two children. His now ex, made a post on facebook that members from the prison manage to tattoo rapist across his face.

My revenge was done for me. Bittersweet.


Not really a bully, but my turd-scum of an ex-girlfriend. She broke up with me after coming back from a trip and telling me at school the next day she cheated on me with some random dude she met online.

We're both 21+ now, and she's got a three-year-old kid and still lives with her mother. Last month, I was at a Kroger buying flowers for my current gf (she's f**king amazing btw) and turd-scum is with her non-baby daddy boyfriend.

The dude looks at me walking down the aisle with a nice bouquet of flowers and says "Hey maybe I should buy you some flowers like that guy is doing for his girl!"

The look of utter shock and disdain on her face was f**king PRICELESS. Walked by her with the biggest smirk on my face. The best part was I was all fancied up cause I was about to surprise my gf with a date night. So I'm dressed in a polo and slacks, and turd-sh**'s chimney choker has his pants around his thighs and looks like he hadn't bathed in a week.

So satisfying.


I was bullied for a lot of things, primarily for being overweight and being nerdy. A lot of my bullies are now also fat, or have noticeably put on weight, while I've started losing. One of them is a drug addict. One was arrested on child pornography charges. One is in an on-going custody battle and his ex's family are rather...violent. Others just made bad moral choices, such as becoming a gold-digger, drinking regularly, or just continuing to harbour ill feelings against me.


Not so much revenge, but I got an insane amount of satisfaction from seeing that they all lived up to the expectations set out for them to become single, unwed mothers by 24.


Cup final. He was in net for opposing team. Scored a goal past him from 30 yards out. Ran past him celebrating looking him straight in the eye.


I witnessed her husband cheating on her. The revenge bit is that now I look down on her facebook posts of "how happy they are"..


Hit a game winning home run off him to win our little league championship game. It was 20 years ago and still top 3 greatest moments of my life.


I was only bullied once by one guy In a one off ocasion. Its ok though I stuck it to him when I bought Megaman 5 from him for only $10 in 2002.... Now that s**t is worth BANK


I got bullied pretty badly in middle school, mostly the topic of abuse that I'm a guy that plays the flute, sometimes other things, but mostly the flute. I'm not really into revenge, it's petty and doesn't really get anything done. However what I did get to do was hang out with a whole bunch of chicks 5 hours a day for marching band in high school. Revenge no, but I certainly was not gay like the bullies implied. Which honestly if I were why would it matter.


I have not taken revenge at all, I have moved away and left it behind as much as I could. Now I just watch him waste his life from afar with a content smile and see how not having education is kicking his ass, he is losing friends and eventually will end up alone. Not that my life is so amazing, but I am doing better than him.


I wasn't really bullied growing up by the way, but I do have a story.

Guy who bullied my cousin and even brainwashed his then-girlfriend and turned her against him was paralyzed from the neck down in an accident and will never have use of his body again.

My cousin told him right to his face that he got what he deserved.


I didn't, the universe did.

It wasn't exactly protracted enough or abusive enough to be called bullying, but: when I was 11, I had a friend I went around with and she tried to introduce me to her larger circle of friends. This one girl who was basically the alpha female would not stop ripping on me for not being cool enough. She threw fits about how 'f**king uncool' I was because I went to drama class instead of other, 'cooler' hobbies. She went on and on about how I was uncool because I didn't go to the same cafe they went to.

Fast forward a few years, she ended up a teenage mother.


She tortured me for years as a teen. Even broke my nose at one point. We moved away when I was 16. I stayed in touch with one friend and her family. The bully ended up marrying my friends brother.
Years later, my friend gets married in Vegas and her whole family is there. Including her brother .... minus his wife (my bully)

Yup. F**ked the snot out of my bullys husband. The next day, we did a group photo at the "Wee chapel of Love" and I sat right next to him, leaning towards him, with a giant grin on my face. That pic is on display in three family homes. I love, love, love that she sees it whenever she visits.


My sister's bully was on cheerleading with her and constantly bullied sis. She was one of the shorties so she got tossed in the air, sis was short too but a bit bigger so cheerleader was always on about that.

One day at practice when she came down and they didn't catch her. Broke her neck and paralyzed her from there down. Sis went to visit once after, and she still tried to bully her over being chubby. Still. Sis told her to enjoy being a talking head and quit cheer.

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Girl I played travel fastpitch softball with used to bully me and another girl for being tomboys and being nerdy. She was a talented pitcher from a hick town who thought she shat gold but her personality was 100 % grade A s**t all the way through. Plus she thought she was hot when in reality she was a fish-eyed horse face. She ended up going to a D1 school, acted like she always did, got kicked out, and then went to a new school to start over again. Did this a few times until she wore her welcome out everywhere. Last time I heard she was living in the same town that thought she was hot s**t with a boyfriend who isn't going anywhere either. Meanwhile, I'm a consultant making bank and my other friend is now in vet school. We got our revenge by being better people and kinder souls.


Being a confident, successful adult.

Just kidding, I'm faking it like the rest of you.

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The girl who was cruel to me at every opportunity? Her husband cheated on her and they're divorced. Ordinarily I'd feel badly for someone in this situation, but she was so unbelievably nasty, it just makes me laugh.


Guy who bullied me in middle school, had his full ride sports scholarship taken away for looking at porn on his phone.


Living well truly is the best revenge


Living the good life - all of my bullies are losers now, the kind of people they would bully actually. I think seeing me forces them to see that, making them even sadder and more pathetic. So the real answer is living the good life and being a smug a**hole.


Got taller than him. Got better looking than him. Got in better shape than him. Got overall bigger than him and trained in MMA for 2 years to learn how to fight. Have a hotter wife than him. Make a lot more money than him.

Best revenge is doing well for yourself.


Going to college. He lives in the bad trailer park in town and has been arrested for a robbery last year


Me and 2 friends peed in a balloon and bombed him outside school. He didn't touch us again.


moving away from the rather depressing town and making a relative success of my life.

Suck it, kid who hasn't thought about me for 20 years.


I gave him decaf latte before he left to go to his high powered Wall st exec job, haha, he's going to be tired around 11!


She got fat. I got fit.


So I have a friend who sometimes "catches up" with my high school bully and gets his new number. My friend gives me his number and then I spend the afternoon signing him up for gay dating sights and some weird craigslist s**t. I'm told he has had to change numbers about 20-30 times in the last 3 years.

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He became a traffic cop. I work for a very high end auto OEM.

Went home the other week with a very flashy car and guess who is working the inspection sticker check point?

We didn't acknowledge each other but I know he recognized me. He looked pissed. I was pretty happy about the whole thing. He even had to pull me too the side because the way we register our cars they don't have inspection stickers.


Was bullied from elementary to high school by an increasing amount of students only due to ones opinion, it started small and ended up by me in my grade 10 trying to end it all.. got things resolved and 3 years outa highschool now I am friends with (not all) most of them and the majority of them have apologized for being so quick to judge without getting to know me. Idk what it is but most people get a bad rep on me for no reason then when they know more about me over time we become friends. Currently own my own business now as of recently and sold two cars to people who still hate me for no absolute reason, I made sure to install a hidden toggle switch that will turn the right or left blinker on an off, he recently got a ticket and b**ched about it all over fb about how cops are jerks. No harm no foul just 90$ outa his pocket and more in mine when he brings it back to get "fixed".


I was about 10 when this neighborhood a**hole tortured me... The final straw was when he took a down powerline and whipped me in the back with it while I skated by him rollerblading. He left welts and it hurt for days.

About a week later I biked to his house knowing his parents were at work still, so it was just him and his sister's home.

He had archery set up in his backyard and I took his bow and arrows. I waited behind a tree until he got outside and shot that little motherf**ker with his own s**t right in his chest and then went for his face. While he was doubled over I kicked him and spit on him and told him if he ever came near me again I'd kill him. And I meant it. With every fiber of my 10-year-old being.

After the day I knew what I was capable of and was never afraid of anyone again.

His parents came to my house and talked to my grandpa who knew what was going on and held it down for me, I didn't get in trouble for it.

As an adult, I obviously handle conflicts differently but that is my best bully revenge story.

Image credits: jak11nik