7 of the Best Casual Fashion Tips for Moms

Summer is here.

Everyone is stepping up their fashion game and pulling out new cool and stylish looks. You may want to do the same as well.

But if you’re a mom, you have another important thing on your mind – comfort. After all, when you’re chasing after the kids or wiping up spills in the kitchen, you want to prioritize quality, comfortable clothes that stand the test of time and wear.

However, you want to do that without sacrificing your style. How can you incorporate style and comfort into casual fashion? We’ll give you our top 7 fashion tips for moms below, so keep reading to find out!

1. Athleisure Will Be Your Best Friend

Every mom wants to dress comfy because she is always on the go.

Your priority will likely not be wearing heels, tight jeans, and other constricting items.

The best way to look stylish yet prioritize comfort will be to wear athleisure. Hoodies, hoggers, sweatshirts, and more are highly comfortable yet on-trend.

If you want to take it up a notch and look even more stylish, try to ensure that your athleisure fashion matches in color, as this can look effortless, cool, and stylish. For example, if you’re wearing blue joggers, ensure that your top is blue.

2. Pick Items That Compliment Your Body Shape

You could take an online quiz to figure out your body shape and silhouette, and this will help you understand what looks best on your body.

Once you better understand your body shape, you can find clothes that flatter your figure even more. For example, if you’re bottom-heavy, you can find fitted tops and pants that are looser and flowing. If you’re top heavy, you can do the opposite to flatter your body shape even more!

3. Start with the Basics

Every mom needs some versatile basics in her life.

Whether it’s a worn-in, comfortable t-shirt or jeans that fit just right, start by building a set of basics that you can pair with everything.

Investing in fashionable shoes or sneakers will be another must. Just ensure that they are functional enough to run all day! After all, when a mom is wearing sneakers, she’s anticipating doing an endless number of tasks and chores all day!

Find the full details here if you’re looking for on-trend and fashionable shoes.

4. Prioritize Clothes That Fit You Well

Clothes that fit you well will accentuate your good features and balance your body features.

Many moms hide their features under oversized clothing that just doesn’t fit well. However, the slouchy pants and baggy tees will make you look shabby and accentuate your unfavorable features.

When you wear clothes that fit you well, you will look stylish, presentable, and comfortable in your skin. For example, ensure your shoulder seams fall on your shoulder and not past, and pants should land around your ankles. 

And here, it’s all about quality over quantity! A few well-fittting items will be more important than owning lots of poorly fitting clothes.

5. Trends Never Go Wrong

Although some people shy away from trends, they are perfect if you’re still learning how to be stylish.

Clothes in style will instantly look chic, modern, and on-trend. You can ensure that your trendy items last for a long time by pairing them with essential pieces that pair well with other things.

Another benefit of wearing trending items is that you can dress them up and down. Combining them in layers will also help them look modern, effortless, and timeless.

6. A Fresh Appearance Goes a Long Way

If you’re not sure about what to wear one day or how to be fashionable, you can always focus on your outward appearance.

A quick shower, freshly washed hair, and some light makeup can make you look put together instantly. In addition, it can make you look fresh and clean, which is just as effective as a well-put-together outfit!

Some basics in achieving this look will be mascara, a complimentary blush, and a lip gloss. These simple items will have you feeling ready to conquer the world!

7. Plan Head

Plan when it comes to outfits.

As a mom, you’re always on the go. It will take you more time to get dressed if you don’t plan out your outfits. And the longer it takes you, the more likely you will skip looking fashionable for the day!

Pick out your outfits when you’re doing laundry or other chores. When it’s time to get dressed, you’ll know exactly what you need to reach for. 

You could also plan out your outfits the night before and lay them out in your room so you can grab them and go. Don’t forget to pick out the accessories and shoes when you’re planning!

It’s Time to Level up Your Wardrobe Today

The most significant issue moms face regarding casual fashion is looking frumpy. After all, you want to look like the cool mom, not the unfashionable one!

The good news is that it is possible to live out your stylish dreams without sacrificing comfort. The key to looking fashionable is to mix and match different styles.

Getting experimental with your style will also help, but be sure to pair the more ‘out there’ pieces with your wardrobe’s tried and true basics.

Be sure to use our excellent fashion tips along your new dressing journey, and you should be good to go! Our site also has many articles full of styling advice and other content on health and beauty, so be sure to stay and browse awhile.  

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