87 Of The Creepiest Things People Have Ever Witnessed, As Shared On This Online Thread


17 years ago, had my first baby and was laying in the hospital room with the baby in her crib thing next to me that night. A nurse came in and said they can take the baby to the nursery for a few hours so I could get some sleep. I said no thanks, I want my baby next to me so I can stare at her. The next night I was pretty tired and asked the nurse if she could take the baby to the nursery for a couple hours. That nurse was like- we don’t have a nursery. All babies stay with the mom in room. Nobody would ever come take your baby from you!

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Looking back this is extremely creepy but it wasn’t at the time.

I grew up as a Jehovah’s Witness, was baptized at age 12 (to JWs, baptizing means you have dedicated the rest of your life to following JW rules). By the time I turned 15 I knew I wouldn’t be happy as a JW and started to rebel. I got a bf at school and when my parents found out, they immediately brought me to the elders. In my case, the group of elders were 4 men all above the age of 45. My dad had to be in the room with me because I was a minor.

At one of about 5 meetings, they were trying to get me to admit to premarital sexual acts because that would be grounds for punishment. I lied and told them that I had only made out and touched/been touched outside of the clothes. The elders proceeded to ask me questions like: was there tongue? Who touched who? How long? How many seconds/minutes did you touch each other? Did either of you orgasm?

I. Was. 15. Years. Old. And my father was in the room, waiting for these answers just like the elders.

What’s the creepiest to me about this is that it took me 3 full years to realize just how creepy and disgusting this interaction was.

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A man gets out of a white van by the Metropolitan Museum of art. He throws bird seed, and then proceeds to produce a burlap sack, scoop up a bunch of pigeons, jumps back into the van and takes off.

I have no additional context.

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I took my nephew to this park semi- surrounded by woods. While pushing him on the swings I heard rustling and turned around to see a man in a ski mask watching us. 10/10 will never go back

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When I was 17yo my friend and I went off trail while hiking up a mountain and we found a path that led to a quarry at the top. This path on both sides was lined with trees and while we were heading up we noticed an opening, and when we looked into it while passing there was a man maybe 30 metres away hidden in the trees on his knees digging the ground with something wrapped up next to him. He looked up at us with a no emotion look and we noped out of there quick.

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I go outside, it’s dark, I bend over to pick up this shriveled cherry on the patio. Then it moves. I go inside, get a glass cup, put it over the “cherry.” Then it starts shaking frenetically and all these teeny baby spiders climb off its body and stream out from under the glass.

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I was in a swamp in southern Arkansas. My uncle and I were hunting and had gotten out there pretty early. We were just sitting and waiting and then we both see this coyote walking past. The coyote looked at us for a minute, stood up on its hind legs then walked back into the woods on those hind legs.

I swear this happened. I've never seen anything like it before or since.

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Went to bed in a hotel room with the balcony door open because it was hot. Had a bad dream of a guy in a red checked shirt peering into the room, entering, and eating an ice cream at the end of the bed. When I woke up I discovered a half melted banana colored ice cream between the bed and the wall.

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I was the sole witness to a murder. I've told this story before. I was in a jeep with the top down, waiting for two guys on the sidewalk to stop arguing. One guy pulls a shank out of his sock and stuffs it, stiff armed, into the other guy's eye. The crunch was sickening. He took off. I ran up, blood was spurting out of the dude's face onto the sidewalk in spurts. Long story short, dead by the time the ambulance showed up. I was going to testify in court but the other dude plead guilty and got 20-ish years I believe. It was a long time ago. Not long enough for me to forget that sound though. :(

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Something that happened to me: When I was around 9ish I answered the landline phone in our house, the man knew me by name, said he knew my mom, tried to chat with me. I didn't know him (and didn't like talking to adults) so I said "let me get my mom" and ran to get her. She answered the phone and the man had hung up.

A few weeks later a girl in the grade ahead of me went missing. She'd apparently told her friends that a man contacted her, said he was a "friend of her mom's" and was going to pick her up after school to pick a present out for her mom as surprise. She was kidnapped and murdered (they found her body months later) but never caught the man. This was in early 90s.

Turns out quite a few young girls had gotten the same phone call I had, he seems to have been choosing his victim. The FBI came to my house to ask me questions about that phone call. It still haunts me 30 years later. Still hoping they catch the guy. Absolutely heartbreaking.

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I was living in a rental house ten years ago, the backdoor was leading to a narrow enclosure adjacent to which was the neighbour's house, their bedroom was right next to it. There was a lightbulb socket in that small backyard but I never used that place for anything so I never put a bulb there. At night that place always remained very dark.

One day my neighbour told me they could hear movements in my backyard like someone jumping down from wall on to the concrete ground. They said it happened on multiple occasions and they think it was probably a thief. So I bought a CFL bulb and went to put it there, the socket was very high and I had to stand on a tall wooden  stool to reach there. That night before I went to bed I switched it on(the switch to the bulb was inside my house) and checked the backyard which was now fully illuminated. The nexy morning I didn't go to the backyard and just switched off the light before going to work.

On the second night when I switched it on again before going to bed there was no light it remain dark, I tried multiple times but there was no light. I thought the bulb was defective but was scared of the dark and the thief so I didn't go to check that night and decided to check it in the morning. When I went there in the morning the bulb was not in the socket, first I thought the thief stole it but then I saw the bulb was on the ground completely undamaged, there was no way it could have survived a fall from that high and why would the thief won't take the bulb with them. I took the bulb inside and checked, the bulb was working fine. I put the bulb back in the socket and went to work.

It was the third night and when I switched on the bulb it was working. I went to bed. Around 3 am I went to the backdoor and slightly opened it to see if the bulb was still working, it was pitch dark. I closed the door quickly and went to sleep. Next morning found the bulb on the ground again undamaged. I avoided going to the backyard as much as possible from that day and didn't attempt to put any bulb there again. There was no incident of theft happened in that neighbourhood as far as I know.

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Once I went hiking in a well known area. I somehow managed to walk out of the wild on the same path I went in without getting turned around.
This wasn't some strange wilderness either. This was an area I knew like the back of my hand, yet somehow my path onto the back of the mountain spat me out at the front lot. Personally I've never been one to question signs like that so I simply got into my car and got the hell out of there.

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Neat that this came up in my feed today. Last night, directly outside my apartment, a dude tried to kidnap a woman. Like straight up movie-kidnap this lady. Now, maybe the guy was putting a little more faith in the bystander effect than he should have because there were 3 more dudes on top of him within seconds, basically tearing him apart. The lady called the cops and the guys sat there on top of him until the police showed up. I got to watch the entire thing unfold right outside my window like a big screen tv.

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I was a kid and it was Christmas Day and there was a knock on our front door. Expecting it to be family, my Dad and I opened the door together and there was an old man standing there who was asking for directions to the train station. Our house was smack bang in the middle of suburbia so he must have been walking in the wrong direction for hours.

My Dad gave him the directions and offered to drive him but he declined, and thanked us. As he was leaving he looked down at me and said something really strange.

"Never go to that place that scares you".

This man was really, really old and walked at a shuffling pace. Shrugging off his comment as well-intentioned senility, I went back to the living room. As he was walking down our path it started to rain. My Dad went to get an umbrella from under the stairs to give to him and when he went back outside the man was gone. My Dad ran down the path and up and down the street trying to find him, but he was nowhere to be seen.

The place I was scared of was this shack in the woods I used to walk past on my way to and from school. Always gave me a bad feeling. A few years later, someone was arrested for murdering a child there.

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When I was 14 or so, I was alone in my room. The house phone rang, and my mother answered it downstairs in the kitchen. I still remember everything I heard her say:

“Hello? … OK … oh my goodness! … oh, that’s awful. … oh, god bless him … are you OK? … Do you want me to come over? I’ll come over right now … OK, I’ll see you at church. Thanks for calling. Oh, how awful.“

I could only hear my mother’s side of the conversation. She was really shocked and upset. I heard her climb the stairs to my room, and suddenly in one single instant, I went from being confused to absolutely clear on exactly what happened. It was like a fact just appeared in my mind as if I remembered the spelling of a word.

David hung himself in his bathroom.

My mom knocked on the door and opened it, tears in her eyes. I was sitting at my desk and looked up at her and said, “David hung himself in his bathroom.” And she immediately started panic crying and asking me how I knew.

David was a guy from my church. I didn’t know him very well, but my mom was friends with his mom. He hung out with my brother sometimes, but he went to a different school. He was about 16 or 17. I had no idea he was depressed. He was just a guy who I sort of knew.

I had to talk to a social worker (or something?) who was working with David’s family about it because my mother was convinced I knew something about it.

But, I didn’t. My mother didn’t say his name on her side of the phone conversation. I couldn’t hear the other side of the conversation. I just suddenly knew. I have no idea why or how this happened.

I’ve never had another instance like that since.

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I can't think of anything scary, just weird...

My mom and I went to the doctor's office one day and spoke with one for about 15 minutes. After we left, she realized she forgot to ask him something and so she called in to talk to him the next day. The weird thing is they told her they had no record of him ever having worked there.

Another instance was more recent: I was home alone and I swore I heard someone walking down the hallway. I was in the bathroom and just called out to my mom, thinking it was her. But no one was there. The hallway is old wood and it creaks pretty loud when someone walks on it -- and the sound of someone walking is unmistakable.

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At a large playground, a commotion occurred on the other end. Apparently a strange man had attempted to walk off with a little 5/6 year old girl. Her mother had caught on, raised the alarm, and several fathers at the playground had tackled and pinned him. The cops came and arrested the man and took interviews with everyone.

Terrifying, when you consider what this man's likely plans for that innocent child were. Hopefully he's having a *terrible* time in prison.

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I was a kid. Around 6-7 years old at the grocery store with my mom. We were at the checkout and she was busy paying for groceries. I saw a man by the exit looking at me. Then he started signalling that he wanted me to come over to him. Pretty sure he wanted to kidnap me.

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Went to this haunted cemetery a few years back. It was windy out, but no wind inside. Also important to note it has a gate that you have to park in front of because it is closed. Anyways it also smelled like a funeral home and my friends and I all have bad feelings. We head back to my car and as we are leaving a truck pulls up and blocks us in. Really creepy men in the truck and they kept pulling up so I couldn’t get out. Eventually swerved to the right, almost hit the truck and a tree, and bolted. They followed for about 15 minutes.

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A freaky a*s clown standing under a single street lamp just down the road from my house when I was like 12

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Driving on the interstate late at night. Road was decently foggy so visibility was somewhat reduced. In this distance there was a light waving back and forth through the fog in the middle of the road, slowly getting more pronounced as I got closer. I got close enough to then see that it was a guy waving his phone flashlight to alert oncoming traffic. Right in the area past him was two cars that had just crashed, and bodies all over the road. No first responders there yet or anything. Just carnage and a man flashing a light.

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Not my story but some else's story. I dated a mortician about twenty years ago and she got a call to come pick up a guy from the hospital that died in the E.R. She's a short girl and when she gets there this guy is already on a gurney, and he was kind of a big guy with a large belly. She has to strap this body down to the gurney, so she reaches over him to grab the strap and when she leaned on him because of her height, she pressed down pretty good on his chest and he let out this loud sigh and it startled her and she screamed... Apparently he had air in his lungs from them trying to save him and she made him exhale. She knew what happened after she screamed but it just took her for surprise for a second, it sounded like the guy was coming back to life.


I was out walking my two dogs (100lbs shepherd/Great Pyrenees mix, 40lbs shepherd/husky mix) and passed by a house party. On my way back home 20 minutes later I passed the same house party. The house party was on another street, I was passing their back yard fence, but it was short enough you could see over.

As I pass them, some guy in black pants and a black coat with a hood up came walking at a brisk pace. He starts to ask me about my dogs, he has a Russian/Ukraine/Eastern European accent. He says “those are beautiful dogs” and “I bet if anyone tried to hurt you they’d stop them.” I said probably. He said “and that big one I bet he would bite someone if they tried to touch you.” I got this creeping feeling on my spine that he was actually asking ‘does your dog ever bite?’ The honest answer would have been “he’s an absolute angel, he would never hurt anyone in his life.” But instead I said “yes he definitely would, he’s bitten people before.”

I sent a message to my roommate at the time, saying “hey I’m being followed.” Roommate calls me immediately and asks where I’m at, I say casually, “Oh I’m just out for a walk with the dogs, I’m just turning on Streetname by the stop sign.” Roommate says “be right there.”

The man continues to ask where did I get the dogs? What breed are they? How much were they worth. He’s probably 3 feet away from me, close enough to touch one of my dogs. The shepherd/husky mix actually does bite so since she was between me and him I felt a little better. Roommate comes running up the street to intercept, and the stranger suddenly puts his head down and walks very intentionally forward down the street. We get to the side road where our McMansion neighborhood is, the main road continued for another 100 or 200 feet, and I swear to god a van pulls around the corner, very slowly, and I can’t say for sure if the man got in, or if he kept walking, but the van completely stopped and we were bathed in headlights. We turned the corner to get out of the light and walked down the more private narrow street for our McMansion neighborhood and are checking over our shoulders. The van pulls up to the T section between our neighborhood and the main road and stops again. I square my shoulders, turn to them, and falsely put my hand on my hip and lift my shirt slightly as if reaching for a gun that isn’t there. The van drives away. We go inside. I didn’t walk the dogs for 6 months.

Maybe kidnappers, maybe dognappers, maybe a crazy coincidence of a van trying to find the house party. I’ll (hopefully) never know.


Moved into a new house. House smelled like paint so I left the bedroom window open one night before falling asleep. The next morning I wake up after having this wierd dream of a lady saying "help me". I go down stairs make a cup of coffee then go out on the back porch to smoke. Then I hear it again, "help me". I look into my woods in the direction the voice came from and there is a car hanging upside down from the lower limbs of a tree. I lived close to a highway in a sharp curve and a lady had driven off the road and flipped into my backyard. She was stuck hanging by her seat belt. She came out of it with minor injuries.

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I was riding some ATV trails with my uncle and the family dog was running along following us. It was a beautiful sunny summer day in northern Wisconsin. As we we went deeper into the woods my uncle was speeding up, getting the dog excited and running faster. Both of them started to disappear from sight as the gap got bigger. Around this same time, i started to notice how unusually quiet the forest had become. For some reason i slowed to a stop, and looked around. The area had become dark, devoid of life and sound. The trees all bare, sickly, and twisted. I had an extremely difficult time trying to process my surroundings when my hair stood up. I made eye contact with some kind of dog-like creature watching me from behind a tree. It was sick, hair missing, massive yellow eyes and long slender fingers clutching the tree next to it for support. It stood around 6ft tall and just watched me. This moment felt like eternity until suddenly the back of my neck became warm, i turned to see the sun seemingly appear from nowhere. I then spun my head back around to face the creature, and was met by a beautiful green, healthy forest. Birds chirping, wind nudging the leaves and grass. My surroundings had died and become reborn in a matter of seconds. Within moments my uncle came back down the trail and said “We need to go home.” I am unsure what he saw exactly, but both of us knew it was time to leave. We haven’t been down that trail since that day almost 10 years ago, and i still find myself wondering exactly what happened. In all of my time spent outdoors i have never had a similar experience.


My husband and I were taking the bus back from an event that we didn't want to drive to. There was a man on the bus with a little boy about 6 or 7 sitting in his lap. The kid was very, very tired and looked drugged.

My husband put a memo in his phone that said "I am not sure that man is related to that child. I think something is very off" and went to the bus driver and pretended to be asking for directions. The driver stopped the bus and called for "maintenance" due to a malfunction.

The guy jumped up and tried to get off the bus with the kid and my husband and the bus driver blocked him. Metro police showed up really quickly. They asked the little boy if this man was his daddy. He said "He's my new friend. We're going to play at his house". The kid wandered out of his house without anyone knowing and he met Mister creepy pedo on the sidewalk.

I was lost in my phone when all of this was going on. Had my husband not been aware of the surroundings, I would have not even noticed. I have such guilt over that. So grateful he was there.


My parents bought this ghost in a box game for Christmas one year and my sister, her husband at the time, my two nephews (2 and 4), my parents, and I decided to play the day after Christmas. (We we’re snowed in due to a blizzard that night.)

The premise of Ghost in a Box is that you open the box and a ghost is released. Then you learn more about the ghost and then you figure out their identity.

Well after we found out our ghost’s identity (Elita), we ate dinner. My sister was holding my youngest nephew “A”. A was looking into the dark and long hallway to the front door from our dining room. He started to stare and then began crying and panicking. A few minutes later he starts to smile and laugh. He then waves and says: “goodbye thanks for coming!”

Needless to say ghost in the box wound up in the trash. Interestingly enough we had some paranormal encounters after that.

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In the moment it wasn’t creepy or scary, but in hindsight it is absolutely terrifying. Not just because of what happened but what could’ve happened

I don’t remember exactly when it was, but I was between 6 & 12 years old, cause it was when I was walking home from my first school. To get a better picture, my house was at the middle of a stretch of dirt road in the middle of a wheat field, with long rows of trees splitting the different properties. At the time there wasn’t anything growing there

On my way home one day, I notice the most stereotypical white van you can imagine behind one of the rows of trees, making it obscured from the main road

It confused me and for some reason my first thought was “maybe they need help?”

So I, dumb as I was, just walked up and called out “excuse me?” No response, but what sounded like a woman screaming incoherently could be heard. I called again “excuse me, do you need help?”

Some rough middle aged man voice came from inside the back through the open passenger window “No!”

I asked again “are you sure?”

He responded “Yes! Go away!”

And so… I did, never though to mention it, never told anyone and didn’t think about the situation at ALL until like 4 years ago, where it hit me like a dump truck, what the f**k actually was going on then. I have absolutely no idea who they were or what happened or if either of them were in the news as missing people, kidnapping, murder etc… no clue… I just know that whatever was happening might’ve been prevented or helped if I had known anymore about such a situation. I hope to everything that is good that it was just two people getting busy and I am imagining the screaming. But if not… I’m just grateful he made me go away and didn’t capture me too

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This is a bit of a different take on creepy.

When I was about 12, I accidentally went off-piste on a ski run and got a bit lost. I found myself on a flat expanse. I skied in the direction of a massive board that I assumed was a sign, offering directions, but the lettering was on the other side. When I got around to face it, it was a danger sign warning people not to go near the lake due to thin ice (this is Australia - it's not cold enough to produce reliable ice). I realised I could have simply disappeared and perhaps no one would ever have found out what happened to me.

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I have two, they were creepy to me but I'm sure they're nothing compared to some other people's!

First one was when I experienced a real life glitch in the matrix that freaked me out pretty bad. I passed by a woman and two children in an aisle in the store, then two seconds later passed the exact same woman and children again when it wasn't possible for them to have gotten there before (they came around the corner toward me when they should have still been in the aisle behind me).

The second was when our doorbell rang at 11:30 pm in my very quiet suburban neighborhood. There was a female in her 20s crying with a car seat in each hand for holding her infant twins, asking us if she could use our phone. Totally thought it was nefarious at first and I was honestly pretty scared. My husband answered the door. Turned out it was the neighbor's girlfriend who lived across the street. He'd locked her out of the house and taken off somewhere with his handgun. That was the first of about 5-6 DV incidents we witnessed over the next few years with them that involved law enforcement. One time, the SWAT team surrounded his house with rifles to arrest him due to an "incident" at a local community college. Another time, he punched her in the face and she bled on our other neighbors' porch asking them to call 911. I was so scared for her and those kids. She ended up stabbing him in the neck after they moved away, he survived and they dropped her charges which is telling. That's the last I ever heard of them - I learned about that situation from the news.

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Being a kid witnessing my dad going through alcohol withdrawals. He would hold long conversations by himself as if he was talking to someone on the phone and he would see things that weren't there. He then took my bike for a ride and fell over and had a seizure. I was too scared to do anything but someone came to help and he went to the hospital for a week.

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Once saw a boar running up the shaft of a spear that went through it's head. A blow that would be fatal to any living thing , that you just look at and think "oh it's dead, brain gotta mash potatoes" but it just kept charging and creeping up the shaft of the spear like it was possessed and wanted to kill the man holding it regardless of life and death. It's very unsettling to see.

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I’ve seen a lot of s**t. I’ve watched people die. I saw a guy who had just blown half his face off with a shotgun and lived (he was making a horrible wet sucking sound as he breathed waiting for the ambulance. Bad bad stuff.

But the thing that creeped me out the most was it was maybe 2-3am. I was restless and didn’t know why. I got up to get a glass of water and was walking through the kitchen and I saw the door wasn’t closed all the way so it was lightly banging in the breeze. It clicked, that’s why I was restless, I was hearing the tapping of the door. Then it clicked, my wife and I would NEVER go to bed with the door open/unlocked. So now I’m in the kitchen in near total darkness convinced someone came in the house. I started walking toward the light switch and I hear “I can see you” from across the room. I nearly s**t myself and dove for the light switch so I knew what I was dealing with.

Light came on and it was a f*****g doll. My nieces had visited and one of them left behind a motion-activated doll that said 5-6 different phrases when it detected movement and “I can see you” was one of them. I never did figure out why the door wasn’t closed.


Moved in with my elderly (80+) grandmother. On day 4, she was to go to a funeral at the church about two miles down the road (it's a tiny community, Bois D' Arc; Texas) and I come downstairs at ten in the morning. I see through a window her and my dogs standing over her body in the backyard. Honestly, and I think some people might agree; I KNEW she was dead. She looked like she just fell but I could feel it. Maybe it was the dogs not leaving her, I don't know. I had to wait twenty minutes for an ambulance because we were in the middle of cousin fu**** Texas, I pushed the life alert and also found the church in her Rolodex and a lady from the church made it before EMS to confirm death. 911 had me perform CPR even though I said she was cold, etc. Worst experience of my life. 1/10, do not recommend. (I know that comment is inappropriate but that's how I deal with grief and trauma, sarcasm. This occurred almost a decade ago.)

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I live in Mexico. The metro doesnt have doors. I was 13 at the time, it was also around the time I started to love around the city by myself. I was returning from school, waiting for the train to arrive, and I was able to completely witness the moment a person jumped to the rails. Saw him standing there, checking his phone and walking altmost in circles, then as soon as the train arrived, he just casually jumps into the rails. I just went inside the metro, I panicked for some reason and just hopped in. I didnt want to look at how the dude ended. It doesnt haunt me or anything, yet I was young, and it constantly reminds me that My and anyone elses life can end on the spot. RIp to the guy, hope you found peace.


I worked for a water department. one day we had a severe thunderstorms, lightning had hit a water main and burst it so we got called out to fix it so I go to a intersection on this country road to cut off the water main by myself I have to use a big metal shutoff tee this old lady pulls up about 15 yards from me and calls out so I run over to her to see what's up it's raing hard by now I get to the car window and she ask if I'm alright at this time lightning hits where I was cutting off the water line bright light loud I jump and duck down turn around and car and lady nowhere in sight as far as I could see in any direction


As a SA survivor. After it happened, I was too much in a shock. So I did nothing about it. After around 4 months I finally got to call the police, tell them what happened.
The dude that was supposed to help me, he went like "we have no proof it happened. No proof. And no way the person is gonna admit that he did it." So obviously,as the a*****e he was. He left. Left me a 50$ fine for "false alarm situations." The dude that SAd me killed 3 women after that. In 2 weeks.
Reporting that I know who the guy is. The officer went like "If he did that to you. Why didn't he kill you? you think you're so lucky, dont you." He got fired. It's been around a decade ago. It was the most cold blooded creepiest thing ever ever anyone told me. And trust me, ive heard plenty of messed up stuff.


When I was 9 I used to sleep over regularly at my friends house. We played video games all night and drank Mountain Dew code red and just did silly 9 year old stuff. At the time, my friends mom had a new boyfriend. He was quiet and spent most of his time in the bedroom watching movies or sleeping. One day my friend and I went to sleep early as we had stayed up the previous night. I typically just slept in the same bed as him but that day I stayed in his step brothers (not the son of the my friends moms boyfriend) room since he wasn’t there. In the middle of the night I felt someone lying next to me and I thought it was my friend and shoved him because I was mad he woke me up. He got out of my bed and left the room. Then I heard weird sounds coming from my friends room and I thought he was crying because I shoved him too hard. So I went to see if he was okay and found the boyfriend naked in my friends bed. As soon as the boyfriend saw me he ran up to me and said if I told anyone my friend would get in big trouble. I talked to my friend the next day and whatever it was (I didn’t understand what was going on at the time) has been going on for some time. I convinced my friend to ask his mom why her boyfriend was such a weirdo, being quiet all the time and walking around naked at night and coming into our rooms. We asked her together and I remember the color draining from her face. After that I talked to some counselor person at school and they asked me a bunch of questions that I don’t remember anymore. My friend switched schools shortly after that and I think the boyfriend went to jail. Now that I understand what happened it’s terrifying to think about. And the experience of peering into the hall way into my friends room and hearing the whimpering noises haunts me to this day. Also remembering the feeling of the boyfriends fleshy mush when I shoved him on the bed makes me wince.

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it was during that little clown epidemic years ago. i was maybe 12-13 years old walking home from a relatives place that was near me. as i was approaching my home i stopped and saw a male kid that looked close to my age, about 60 feet away from me, with a clown mask wearing a weird looking dress.i thought it was funny by the way he was starring at me tilting his head, not walking or anything just starring. i waved high at him but he just wasn’t doing anything. so i started walking and looked down at my ipod. i look back up and he’s got an actual kitchen knife out. like the one Michael Myers had who i’m frightened of. i didn’t even react i just turned right back to my cousins house. i walked home an hour later and didn’t see the kid nearby. i didn’t even recognize him from around my neighborhood.


I'm at my grandparents house in a greek village. It's like 3 in the morning and got up to get some water. I drink it but I suddenly heard a weird noise like bed covers moving, funny thing is there were no such thing anywhere near, so I didn't really cared or felt scared. I finished, turn my back and saw a pair of weird eyes with a quite short and fat human like body sitting on the couch, facing the kitchen sink where I was. I was absolutely terrified and could barely move as I couldn't see anything but the creatures black figure and weird eyes. Let me make a note here that I was about 10-12 and in the back of my mind I legit thought it was a monster or sth. Long story short my grandma with not a gram of fear in her body runs to the kitchen turns on the light and it turned out it was an owl which probably invaded the house from the storage room window which my grandma would leave it open all night long due to the heatwave. I can't say it's a funny story to hear when you're a listener. But I really lose my s**t that night


When I was 11 I woke up in the middle of the night to find my bedroom light on. I was confused and looked over to the stairs and thought I saw my little sister’s head kind of peeking out, like she was hiding and waiting for me to see her “prank” of turning on my light. I called out “very funny, I can see you” and my voice sounded so loud in the silent house. I realized her “head” was part of the bannister and it wasn’t her. And I realized she was likely sound asleep in her own bed and I was all alone.

I’m sure I must’ve sleep walked over and turned on the light and woken up later. But it was so unsettling to think something silly was happening only to realize I was alone and the house was totally quiet, and everyone else was asleep and didn’t know what was happening.


Once when I was much younger, probably midde school years, my mom had to pick up my best friend and I early from another friends house because she had some extended family emergency she had to deal with. We were driving home in the dark in a very normal, suburban Midwest area, streets were all quiet and empty. We stopped at a light and my friend and I looked over and saw some animals moving in the shadows of a streetlight. The thing is, their body shape/size and the way they were moving didn't really tally with any animals we knew of, and we were both pretty familiar with nature. They had long, skinny legs and bodies and they were kind of scampering? without rhyme or reason in a really strange way. There were also a lot of them. The light was just so that we could only see silhouettes and it filled me with this weird sense of unease and dread. We all stared for the duration of the light and then booked it out of there. My mom who was driving (and an adult) didn't have too much to say other than that was weird, but my friend and I felt so uncomfortable about it. To this day we just call them "the things" and it took probably a good ten years after that happened for either of us to willinging talk about them outside, at night.

A second and more recent creepy moment is much lighter: my cat decides every morning that he has never been fed before and will just start trying to jump on and get into everything he possibly can, usually while I am still trying to sleep. One morning recently the lights in my normally very dark bedroom went on - I live alone. I sat up straight out of a full sleep to see that my cat was on my dresser and in trying to bat at something hanging on my wall, had turned my lights on. Scared the s**t out of me but also made me realize my fight or flight instincts are terrible, I just gasped and sat up and stared at the intruder (my cat).


Driving up to a hospital appointment last week, and saw 4 men running panicked from the graveyard and driving off, I thought they'd vandalized something there. Nope, it came in the radio that a muder had been committed at that time there, the 2 who did it are now on trial, and I'm still shaken up.


I was a college freshman, alone for the first time and in a big city. I was walking back from buying art supplies in a sort of high end but lonely street at around 5ish in the afternoon, I was walking in front of a small but pretty nice four story hotel and suddenly a top floor window opens, I see a woman reach out and scream “HELP ME SOMEBODY!” and immediately someone pulls her inside and slams the window shut… the street was deserted, no one else was around and I had no phone on me, went up to the hotel lobby but there was nobody there, not a employee around, no guests…

so I go up to the elevator and think “what am I going to do, hit them with my brushes and throw cheap acrylics at them? Get actual help!” So I go out to the street hoping a car, a cab, hopefully a cop car or at least someone walking passes by to go up there with me but no a f*****g soul comes by, the weirdest thing because it’s a busy street usually.

I ended up taking the elevator to that floor but I couldn’t find the room and everything was eerie quiet, knocked on a couple of doors I thought would be the right room (while secretly peeing my pants) but no answer so I went down to the lobby again and still no one there and I was getting stupidly anxious and fearful by then… finally a voice inside of me told me to leave because I was alone and nobody knew me in town and I still didn’t have friends as the semester was barely starting.

Always felt guilty about it but I tell myself what could I've done had I found the room? This is not a movie where I instinctively know kung-fu and can fight off 3 or 4 guys to save a person… I probably would’ve ended up dead.


I was the last person to see someone alive before they were murdered. This was about 10 years ago and I was 19.

I was sleeping in my car during a lunch break on an overnight shift. I woke up and got out of my car to stretch. A girl, who was 16, came up behind me and called out. It scared the s**t out of me.

Once I calmed down, she explained she was stuck there and a guy in the apartments across the street took her phone and kicked hee out when she wouldn't have sex with him. I ended up offering her a ride home without first checking where she lived, which ended up being about an hour away. Supervisor wasn't thrilled but nothing else was going on.

We talked about nothing for the whole trip and I pulled up to her house. She said thanks, hopped out, and cut across a field before going around a house with no visible lights on.

About two days later I saw on the news she had been murdered by her neighbor. She was locked out of her house and he had been drinking, saw her hanging around outside, assaulted her, and then killed her. She had very distinct piercings on her face so I immediately recognized her.

I called the police immediately and explained what happened.

Seeing her cut across the field toward a dark house was the creepiest thing I've ever seen. I had a weird feeling about it when it happened.

There was a lot of guilt for a while. I had nightmares for a long time. It's my biggest regret, that I didn't make sure she was 100% safe before driving off. Watching her walk away plays in my head over and over.

I changed a few minor details because this was big in that area for a while.


When I was travelling through Cambodia in the early 00's with a girlfriend, we had stopped in Phnom Penh to do the usual tourist stuff, killing fields, museum etc.

We were at the killing fields walking around taking pictures etc. Creepy things like blue cloth and bones etc still embedded in the dirt. Kind of eerie feeling just being there all things considered. But that's NOT the creepy part.

I left to take some pictures of the skulls in the case and my girlfriend was alone walking around taking pictures etc, no big deal. We leave, go back to our hotel, and inside the room she hands me a piece of cloth she "took" from the dirt as a souvenir. But wait... When I opened the cloth, there were human f*****g teeth in it. The b***h had dug up some poor dead persons teeth and thought it would be a good idea to keep them, and then she actually thought she could get them out of the country. I was f*****g mortified and PISSED!

I made her take them down to the river and "return" them as well as a f*****g apology. I'm not religious or spiritual or anything, but holy f**k I was creeped out. This still bothers me to this day.

F**k that b***h.


Stayed on a psychiatric unit for a weekend in my teens (depression). There was a nice older lady there who I started talking to about science and random stuff. She was kind, articulate, and intelligent and I liked her a lot.

Mid-convo, she shrugs and says, “I never understood men. My own father cut off my arms and legs, and burned my torso.”

The way she smiled like the conversation was normal just made my stomach drop. Figured there’s no reason to upset her, so I said, “Relationships are hard.”

A nurse told me that she was a respected science professor that suddenly developed a psychotic disorder. I hope they were able to help her.


When my sister and I were high school/college age, we found this really nice city park in a town near our home. It was down a short wooded road, right near a pretty populous suburb. Beautifully maintained and clean, with tennis courts, a picnic pavilion, swing sets, playground. Just the works. We would go there in the spring and summer and hit tennis balls fairly often, maybe once a week or so. Mornings and afternoons, sometimes evenings.

All the times we went there, I mean every single f*****g time we were there, we were the only two people ever in that park. We went there for several years. And after a while we noticed that we never ever once saw another single person in that park besides ourselves. Just kind of weird.


On a city bus in Boston around age 15 with my longboard, I start chatting up a cute boy also carrying a longboard. A young woman wearing a name tag inserts herself into the conversation - I realize she’s a mormon missionary. The boy gets off the bus before I can ask for his contact info.

4 years later I’m in college and I longboard to catch the last train home. At the end of the platform I see a young man also with a longboard - it’s same guy from the bus 4 years earlier! We talk about that experience unexpectedly searing into both of our memories. Train arrives, we get on an empty car. I bring up the mormon missionary who interrupted us and his face goes kind of white as we approach the next stop. His eyes are fixated on something outside the train.

THE SAME MISSIONARY GIRL FROM THE BUS 4 YEARS EARLIER is the only person at this station, and she gets in the same car we’re in. Literally just the three of us on an otherwise empty train car, in a different part of the city than the first exchange, late at night. Silent the rest of the way home ?

I lived in Boston the whole time between these incidents and had never seen either of them. Glitched AF


I was in a shop when I was about 13 once after school. I'm from England so I was in a shirt and it had been raining so it was see through. Some guy, I'd say about 50 was just being an absolute pedo and telling me I looked great and asking if I wanted to go to his and have tea, he must have thought I was stupid or something. Some man about 30 noticed I looked uncomfortable and came up to me and said "hey Jess (not my name) I've been looking for you everywhere you said you were looking at lego, come with me" I gave him the thank you look and once we were out of earshot he asked if I had a parent nearby and I said no so he asked if I knew there numbers so they could come get me and he'd wait with me. He must have been careful to not come across as creepy too (he was probably a dad) and the sad fact is I only lived a block away so if he were a woman, he'd probably have offered to take me home. My parents thanked him anyway and I said goodbye. I never saw him again and I hope he knows I'm grateful, even to this day.


I've probably encountered weirder but off the top of my head:

I work at a gas station. At around 11PM, a guy comes in for gas.

Certian purchases require a signature. When I took the signed receipt he said "you might want to keep that, I'll be famous one day," in the creepiest, most murder-y way possible. His eyes were just dead, like he had no soul what so ever, but at the same time, he was cheery and inviting.

Haunts me.


This was about 12 years ago. Im 25 now. We had a family party with all the family attending, even the family members you never see turned up. I remember seeing my mum speaking to an uncle of mine. I could clearly see they were both drunk off there a*s. My mum was sat down and my uncle sat down next to her and he tried making a move on my mum. Tried kissing her and other stuff. I was horrified to see this even by the fact my mum didnt push away. I didnt know if i should tell my dad, i did a week later and he pushed it off thinking I was imagining it. I asked my mum about my uncle at the party. This is the worst part of it all. She said he wasnt my uncle. He wasn't a family member just a family friend. To this day it still creeps me out.


When I was a kid in the early 2000s my sister and I had a tv in our room that was just for watching DVDs (we did not have cable). On occasion the TV would turn to a black terminal screen and start typing words to us. It would essentially curse us out, it would also identify that we were two girls. We thought it was funny/crazy and would call up our parents to be like "look what the TV is doing!!"

As adults, my sister and I are beyond creeped out at how the TV was able to do that. As to who or what was behind this phenomenon we still have no idea. If anyone has any theories, feel free to comment.


i hope this makes at least some sense. english isn’t my first language and i’m sleep deprived af.

so i used to live in the center of a big city but at the end of one of the major streets so most nights i didn’t see anyone on my walk home from my favorite bar a block and a half from home.
so this one time i got super f*****g drunk (idk why but i get drunk really easily when i’m on my period) and got anxious because i hate being really drunk. i called my now boyfriend hoping it would calm me down a little. i tripped and fell and sat there on the street for a while because i couldn’t get up. i remember a car stopping next to me still running and no one was getting in or out. the car was there the whole time i was sitting there and bf asked me to describe it to him. suddenly he was very adamantly telling me to get up right now and go home through the back door so no one would see which door i walked in.
next day he said the car that i had described was similar to a car the police we’re looking for because the people driving it had kidnapped and raped multiple people in the last few weeks.

i don’t know if it was the same car and i don’t even want to know. thank god i was on the phone tho!


I was walking around a Petsmart when I was 21. I was having a nice time while walking past the small animals, rodents.

I looked up and I watched *a hamster claw, bite, chew and eat another hamster to death*. Nothing was left but a bloody stump. The second I saw it (it felt like one second, it could have been a few) I ran to an employee and we were both like "oh s**t". I ran out of the store.

I'm almost 29 now and I still will not return to the small animal sections of pet stores.


There was a field in the back of my grandparents house my friends and cousins would go out there and play. There was abandoned buildings and a mineral processing plant. Well one day we found clothes on a path and bloody pants. As a 5 or 6 year old my brain didn’t really process what I came by or seen till I got older and was f**k. Something f****d up had to happen there.


Working night shift at a hotel, a huge fly landed on my desk, it looked green and seemed to have tiny larvae inside her. All of a sudden it collapsed and the larvae started crawling out from under her skin and seemed to be feeding on her. It was nightmare material...


When I was a kid I remember laying on my bedroom floor with the door wide open while my parents watched tv in the living room at around 1am. Suddenly I’d try to get up to use the bathroom and my brain would almost act out me doing it. It wasn’t until about the 5th time that I realized, I had never actually gotten up. I was stuck on the floor, couldn’t move, couldn’t talk, couldn’t cry for my parents. It felt like something had sucked the soul out of my body and I was pinned to the ground. It wasn’t until my dad walked in to put me in my bed that I started balling my eyes out.


I work as a dog walker. We had a client who was an extremely rich & well known coin collector that lived alone with his dog & had a bit of an alcohol problem. Really nice guy just smelled like booze and was very disheveled every morning when we’d pick his dog up to walk her. One Monday morning I walk into his huge house and it looks like he’s asleep on the couch as he normally is, so I called his name to wake him up. I realized he’s half on his couch and in a really weird position. He wasn’t waking up so eventually I walk over to him and his eyes are wide open blood coming out of his nose and mouth and his hands are turning black and blue. Threw up on his patio and called 911. They said he’d been dead since Friday, he lived there alone and didn’t have friends or family nearby so I was the one that found him. Really really sad as he was very nice and not very old. But yeah still have nightmares of that wide open mouth and eyes with blood covering his face


Not a spooky ghost story but the creepiest thing I've ever seen was working my college job. I look a lot younger than my age in general. A 50 year old man was intently set on talking to me and getting up real close to me while he did so. That alone made me incredibly uncomfortable. Then he asked "by the way, how old are you?" When I said 24 he looked at me with an absolutely disgusted look on his face and said "oh... I thought you were way younger than that".
To this day I am creeped out by that single comment.


Back in college me and buddy of mine were very into paranormal stuff and loved researching and investigating supposedly haunted locations. My friend was talking to this girl he liked and she told him that there’s an old abandoned house not too far from her parents house out in the country and that we should investigate it. We were totally down so one night, the two of us and couple more buddies go to this house. On the way we pick up this girl and we meet her father who was a volunteer firefighter and said that there was a fire in the house that killed the baby of the family that lived there. He helped fight the fire and said that afterwards the family just abandoned the place and it has sat vacant for months. We were very intrigued so we made our way to the house.

Once we got there we confirm that there was a bad fire and the family just left everything. We make our way through the house and things just start feeling really sad. The girl and the other friends we are with start feeling weird so they go back to the car. Me and my friend make our way to the baby’s room and once we walk in we notice a perfectly white wedding dress floating in the room next to the crib and then all of a sudden we hear a baby start crying. We’re frozen with fear and I literally can’t move. The crying continues on for about a minute and then reality and logic set in and I start wondering if there’s actually a real baby somewhere. We start frantically looking and I realize that it’s coming from under the floor. I rush outside and as I’m approaching the crawl space under the baby’s room a figure crawls out from under the house and starts running towards me. I’m literally like wtf is going on! I shine my flashlight at the figures face and recognize him. It’s the father of the girl. It was all a prank…

After my heart rate dropped we laughed it off. Even though it turned out to all be fake it was still some of the creepiest events I’ve witnessed first hand.


One night, when staying at my parent's house, our daughter started crying because she needed a diaper change. My wife and I both went to her; at this time our daughter is old enough to walk but not old enough to talk. After the diaper change our daughter wiggled her way down to the ground and proceeded to walk toward the hallway, she didn't stumble her way there but walked intentionally. At first we thought the light in the hallway got her attention and so we let our daughter walk to the hallway. Reaching it, our daughter turns, looks down the hallway and starts waving to someone, but it was the middle of the night and the hallway was empty.

Creepiest f*ckin' thing I ever saw.


Our neighbors had a little disagreement. He evidently hit her a few too many times and she decided to knife him in the chest while he slept. She dragged his body to the closet. Then she walked to the kitchen and turned the burner on high while "accidentally" knocking over some paper towels or something. Then, she remembers that she is out of cigarettes and takes a stroll to the store. The heat from the blaze nearly melted our vinyl siding. Later, we watched crime scene techs use a shovel to pry him from the floor of what use to be the closet. Imagine burn chicken skin stuck to a frying pan and having to get under it with your spatula. It was....a lot for one evening.


When I was a kid in NYC, me and my Mom used to take the train or bus whenever we traveled. You can imagine the weird s**t I’ve encountered during my childhood, but one event really sticks out to me.

This homeless women who appeared to be on the influence of some sort of hard drug stepped onto the train I was on. She started yelling about random s**t as crackheads would be known to do from time to time, so it was nothing too worrying.

But then she stopped and started laughing directly at me. Then, while maintaining eye contact, she urinated over herself and said something along the lines of “those dreams are never gonna stop”. I had been suffering from a recurring nightmare for years to that point and would wake up crying, sometimes without me even realizing it. It scared the living s**t out me. It was probably a lucky guess, but man did that s**t stick with me. The nightmares did stop eventually tho so she can go f**k herself lol


My house is on the side of a highway and I have windows facing the highway. It was late at night, I couldn't sleep so I decided to tire myself out by jump roping. Halfway through my session, I took a glance outside and I saw a man standing on the closest side of the highway staring at me under the lamp post. It felt as if it was something out of a horror movie. Once I saw his creepy silhouette I immediately just ducked to the ground and when I looked up he was gone.
To me now it's a funny situation, as he probably was just some homeless man confused as to why someone was jump roping at like 12am and when I fell down he probably bolted lol


When I was a kid, maybe about 7, my parents went on a quick store run and left me at home alone (normal in my small country town back then). I was a little rock hound and had a collection that I often enjoyed playing with. As I sat behind our living room couch, our black cat was passing by me and as it got to the end of the couch where it could see into the living room area, the cats hair all stood straight up and it started hissing aggressively as if it was either super angry or scared. So naturally I leaned over to look around the couch and I see large footprints pressing into the carpet walking through the living room, down the hall, and into my parents room. I froze and stayed that way until my parents got home and of course I told them instantly. They assured me everything was okay blah blah blah. Maybe 10 years later I learned that 2 weeks prior to me seeing this, my stepdad had witnessed it as well when he was home alone. Still gives me goosebumps thinking back to it. That was the first experience of what ended up being several years of being haunted by something. Rough years man


Happened when I was about twelve, I was just casually walking my dog one afternoon,and then I see some weird guy following me. At first I thought he was drunk, judging by his weird movements. But then he startedhiding behind cars and trees, peeking out as though he wanted me to see him. Anyway, I ran as fast as I could and didn't walk there for a week. Mind you, this was happening while there was an actual serial killer on the loose in our town, so I might've escaped murder


Was staying at my sister's when I was 14, and had a horrible nightmare about being strangled by the devil. I could only see his face smiling at me, and feel a crushing sensation on my throat. I told him to f**k off, and swung a punch, and I then woke up. I looked over, and it was about 1am. the next morning, my sister was complaining that she had a really horrible nightmare, that the devil was strangling her. I asked her what time this happened, and she said, "around one o clock"


Once I was at our local hookah lounge alone, waiting for my friends to join me. It was just me and the owner (a male) in the meantime. I left my hookah to run to the bathroom real quick. When I started heading back to my spot I have to pass a wall that has a large opening in it and allows me to see my spot before another maybe 4" section of wall briefly blocks my view again before getting back to my seat. Anyways, while I'm walking back I look over to my seat through the opening of the wall and see a girl sitting in my spot. Long dark hair, average sized, just sitting there. I was getting to ready to ask her wtf she was doing in my seat with my hookah when that small 4" section blocked my view again for 2 seconds. Once I passed the wall she was gone. There was literally no where for her to go. My seat was In a dead end and she would've needed to pass by me to exit. I asked the owner where the hell the girl went and who she was but he said he never saw anyone come in.

Basically ghost chick tried to smoke my hookah on my dime. Hah


When I was about 6 or 7, I woke up in the middle of the night to a faint sound of what seemed like someone stacking plates in the kitchen, every couple of minutes. With the location of my bedroom door giving me a direct view of the kitchen entrance and part of the kitchen, I opened it and peeked my head to see what was going on. To this day, I swear I remember just seeing some old woman, sunken eyes, gaping mouth, completely wide open, head turned almost 90 degrees just staring at me, not even moving. What's even more frightening, is the sound suddenly stopping as I did this. While I'm sure it could've just been my eyes struggling to adjust, and merely shapes, the longer my eyes adjusted, the more vivid this person became. I just remember staring right back, not moving from what felt like several minutes. I decided to make a break for my parents bedroom which was across from my bedroom. I told them what happened, and they checked and confirmed nothing was there. Fortunately, we were scheduled for an early flight to visit family, so everyone decided to get up. I'm sure it could've just been the young mind playing tricks, nevertheless, I'll never forget that face.


Saw some red eyes out my grandparents window in the middle of the night. They lived in the country with some property and there were never lights like that anywhere. Freaked out and got back under the covers.


A girl I went to college with went on a weeklong solo hike on the Appalachian Trail. This was before phone cameras were any good so she had a few of those disposable Kodak cameras with her. When she got the film developed, there were pictures of her sleeping. Multiple pictures from different days.

Someone was stalking her and wanted her to know it.


One summer night when I was in high school I was asleep with my window open. At around 3 am I heard someone ferociously honking their car horn over and over, at this point I wasn’t fully awake and comprehending what the sound was coming from. Then suddenly I heard a woman scream “somebody please help me”. This made me jump out of bed instantly and I ran to my moms room to tell her we need to call 911. My mom called and reported the incident. After a few minutes we saw the cops arrive and they looked around with flashlights for a few minutes but couldn’t find anyone in their car so they ended up leaving. The next day we asked the neighbors if they heard/ saw anything and no one had even heard a peep. Still weirds me out to this day.


When I was younger (11 maybe 12) I moved into a new house. My room had a big closet and access to the attic. I was a scared little kid and was worried a monster lived up there. One night I woke up in the middle of the night to see my closet door slowlyyyyy opening. I didn’t move and then yelled for my parents. Found out if the door isn’t properly closed, it will open itself. Still have never been as scared as i was as in the moment


Had a recent weird glitch in the matrix type of event.

Sister and I went to the park near our house to play some tennis. As we walk up to the court, we notice a man at the nearby playground holding a baby. I take my phone out of my pocket and put in in my bag thinking I didn’t want it to overheat in the sun, sister does the same.

After our game, my sister checks our bag and asks “Where is your phone?” I check the bag and sure enough, my phone was not there. We checked all around the tennis court and even in the garbage and it’s nowhere to be found. My sister and I were so confused to the point where I thought the man with the baby might have taken it at some point when we weren’t looking. On a weird hunch, I have my sister call my brother because I had originally planned to leave my phone at home to charge.

Sure enough, my brother checks my room to find my phone (that both my sister and I watched being put into the bag at the park) was on my bed charging.

We both have no clue what happened but seems like the universe was looking out for me or something lol


My wife and I saw a guy jump off of a parking garage. We didn't know he was up there until he hit the ground about 30 feet in front of us. It was horrible.


My cousin was driving down the rode while I sat in the front seat. I saw a bike about to crash towards us and gasped loudly but next thing I knew there was no one. He asked what had happened and I told him I thought I saw a bike about to hit us.

We arrive at the stop side on on our left a biker pops up. We all got surprised since my “hallucination” actually happened and laughed it off. We were driving straight but noticed the biker staring at us. Instead of entering our home we decided to stop the car and ask the biker what was up.

I rolled down my window and my cousin asked if he needed something but was just staring at us creepily. So we decided to drive around the block (in circles) and noticed the biker was following us. The faster we went the faster he would follow us. It was weird cause we didn’t understand what he wanted but my sister (who was sitting in the back seat) turned on her flash to record and the biker ran away.

This makes me think if I hadn’t had that hallucination that day we would have never thought too deeply about the biker and he would have known where we lived.


This will be buried, but my grandad has a few, spooky and gruesome. One which particularly sticks out is one he’s only mentioned twice when drunk, and his eyes glaze over.

He was a tank operator/driver just after WWII, there was a parade in Germany with UK troops and tanks and equipment taking place, thousands of people lining the streets. A seven year old boy shoved his way to the front, and as he did he tripped. His head went under the tracks and popped like a watermelon, right under where my grandad was perched. The worst thing was the scream as he went under and the sound. He used to quietly say that the high pitched squeal/scream, crunch, the white faced parents and the body after, just never left. This from a man who was almost killed in a stabbing, saw active duty in the army, and almost died as a result. I can’t imagine the pain, only glimpse it in his wrinkled frown and eyes.


When I was about 13 years old, I witnessed an apparent doppelgänger spirit. In my childhood home one evening - I got up from the couch, and saw across our family’s apartment a duplicate version of myself staring right back at me for a solid three or four seconds. Whatever it was, it appeared exactly like I did that night it decided to show itself. The same haircut, the same clothes. It was just standing there at the end of the hallway looking right back at me intently, with a neutral expression. Then it disappeared.

I immediately went to my mom’s room - right adjacent to where my doppelgänger spirit stood mere seconds prior, and told her what I just saw. She said immediately before I came in, her CD player’s music she went to sleep with had suddenly gone berserk, sounding like an old record player with someone’s finger moving the record around against the needle.

It never happened again. Just that one time.


I had a baby monitor that would turn on whenever the baby made enough noise or moved enough to activate it. When it turned on there would be this little 'click' just a moment before the video feed turned on. Baby cried a lot so the monitor was *always* at hand - she cries, I go up and put the binky in her mouth and hold it in place for a few minutes until she settles back down.

One night I'm home alone and the thing clicks - I grab it and the video turns on a half second later and I see my baby in her crib with a hand reaching out holding the binky up to her mouth. And then the hand disappears.

I freak out and run upstairs and there's nothing there. Baby is a bit fussy. I settle her down and as I settle her down I realize that it had been my arm I saw.

You see - when the stupid thing activates the first frame of the video is the last frame from the last time the thing was turned on. Normally it wouldn't turn off while we were there with her because our motion kept the video feed active. For some reason, this time, it had turned off while I was settling her down - and the next time it turned on the first frame of video was from my hand holding her binky in place.

Knowing what it was helps but I was running hot the rest of the night. I don't know if I've ever experienced that level of sheer terror in my life and even to this day, knowing that *nothing* actually happened I get a little freaked out by the memory.


Probably a better answer for “what is the creepiest thing to happen to you”. Quick context I’m a female, and this was around 2008. So one day walking back home from whatever, getting off the skytrain (overhead subway) and walking towards my house and had to walk through an industrial area. Usually this area has no one after 6pm but it’s decently lit with lights along each shop. It had snowed about a week ago, but most had melted on the streets. I’m walking along one road/alley, and I can see a shadow of a man, who then hides behind a big “mountain” of a snow pile. I pulled out my cell phone and called my friend, who didn’t answer so I got her voicemail. I pretend that I’m conversing with her and loudly tell her where I am. I see the shadow move shiftly and see the guy f**k off in another direction. It was a creepy old crackhead dude. Had I not been loud and pretending to tell my location, I’m pretty sure I would have been raped or killed. Very grateful for whatever guardian angel I had at that moment.


When I was a kid, when it was already dark, I rode my bike home from soccer practice. As I drove into our pitch-dark yard a white eye came my way, illuminated by my dim bike light. It was a dog from our village, that had a white eye on one side(cataract or something). He just wanted to play and I then was relieved when I realized it's just a dog but the first few seconds as that single white eye moved towards me and I did not know what it was, was hell.


Years ago ,On my way home a homeless man peed on me when I couldn't give him the amount of money he had asked for. I could only offer him my sandwich and coke. I had just started my first job for f*k sake. Instead of getting home excited that i managed to get through my first day at work. I got home and cried while I washed my laundry cause I smelled of pee.

Edited: Those asking if I just stood there. As I am talking to him that I don't have money but I could offer him something to eat, I slightly turned from him as I opened my lunch box, when I was about to hand him the sandwich he was peeing on the one side of leg,that is when I stepped away and left.


Driving by a cemetery at 2am on my way home from work and there being a disheveled man in a ripped up suit with a huge axe thing and a lit firework bomb looking thing standing in the arched gateway just close enough to see in the side edge of my headlights. Me driving an old a*s pickup with the windows down. Once I saw him, he started running towards me screaming. There was a curve just ahead but f**k man, I sped up and the pickup nearly stalled out. Can't say I've been more terrified. Got home, woke up my parents and called the cops and gave a full description. The next week we saw in the paper a man fitting my description was arrested for killing a guy walking home at dusk


In 2004 I had a very vivid dream where I was on top of a skyscraper with a bunch of people when an earthquake happened. The building partially collapsed and sort of sank down and to the left. Myself and the other people that were on top of the building looked at each other for a moment, then noticed a giant wave heading our way in the distance. The wave hit us and swept me away.
I woke up to news of a quarter of a million people presumed dead from an earthquake and tsunami in Asia. Still gives me chills to this day. Makes me wonder about a sort of “collective consciousness” in moments of unfathomable pain and suffering.


I used to work the graveyard shift at a Holiday Inn at a nearby town. For those of you that don’t know, most small hotels will have the front desk receptionists do laundry overnight so all bedsheets, towels etc. are ready for the housekeeping team the next morning. One night we had been at max capacity and we had piles and piles of laundry to wash, dry and fold. One of our plastic carts was filled with wet, dirty towels, so as you can imagine, the cart itself was heavy. As I was folding the clean laundry, I just see the laundry cart start rolling a few feet almost as if someone was pushing the cart. Mind you, when these carts are full, they can be a little hard to push; they require strength to push even more so if the sheets/towels have water. The cart kept rolling for a few seconds more and it just stopped. I couldn’t believe what I had just witnessed. I remember telling the housekeeping manager the next morning of my experience and she responded with “Oh, so you’ve met our shy guest”. Needless to say, I SWITCHED TO THE DAY SHIFT a few weeks later.


When my mom bought an iPad back in 2012 and was taking selfies with it, one of the photos clear as day showed a ghost behind her shoulder. Not just a standard blurry apparition though, it was like a disembodied warthog head, staring angrily into the camera. Think Ganon from Legend of Zelda, that’s what it looked like.

I can remember that picture like it was yesterday. Terrified both me and my mom