Activate and Train Your Muscles by Using Different Sports

Going to the gym means working on every single muscle in your body. You can choose which muscle groups to train with various machines available. Anything from your neck down can be shaped to perfection.

Some people aren’t happy with the idea of going to the gym. They prefer a different type of training. They’d rather get together with friends and play a game of football, play tennis, or ride bikes but will avoid gyms at all costs.

In this article, we focus on the people who avoid gyms but still want to stay in shape and exercise. We will share several different sports and explain which muscles are built by practicing them. Follow up if you want to know what sport is for you when trying to develop a different muscle group.


There are roughly 275 million registered football players in the world. Kids in some countries love football so much that they play it with friends daily. They don’t miss a day, so as they are growing up, they turn out to have big and strong legs and skinny torsos.

Football significantly affects the quadriceps and other leg muscles, groins, buttocks, calves, abdomen, and back muscles. Daily football practice also means excellent cardio, so athletes who play football exclusively will be skinny, with less developed upper body muscles but a strong and muscular lower body.


Cricket dominates the parts of the world where the British empire had a huge influence. There are around 30 million registered players. You won’t see kids in the streets practicing this, as you need special equipment, but due to its popularity, many people are active in it.

Cricket activates the upper body and the gluteus maximus. Since the point of the game is to hit a ball with a bat, the chest and arms are well-developed, and the buttocks are crucial for maintaining balance. If you’re up for this sport, don’t forget to visit the sports shop and get the essential equipment.


Unlike other sports played with your feet and a ball, tennis is unique because it activates nearly every muscle on your body. Running side to side constantly and hitting the ball with a racket means activating anything from your arms to your legs.

Tennis requires a lot of movement and balance. It also activates the brain because the player requires enormous concentration to figure out when to hit the ball and how to respond. Abdominal, leg, chest, and arm muscles are all activated here. This is an individual sport, and although it is played against an opponent, there’s no risk of injury by colliding with the opponent.


This is an interesting sport that activates a particular muscle group, almost like nothing else out there. Biking is a sport that requires riding a bike. Bikes move by the force of the biker’s legs, so it’s only natural that the muscles on the legs will grow over time.

Since the biker needs to hold the balance on the bike, you can expect some of the force from the legs moving up to be also transferred, but as you go to the upper body regions, muscles get less and less activity. Bikers have huge quadriceps and other leg muscles, strong gluteus, and respectable abdomens but lack chest and arms muscles.


Skiing is a sport performed on snow. The skier goes down from a mountain top and tries to reach the low point as fast as possible while going through a marked path. Skiers require exquisite balance to maintain their bodies on the skis, thus activating their leg, abdomen, and arm muscles.

You won’t get biceps by skiing, but you’ll surely grow the quadriceps, hips, feet muscles, and calves. Most skiers have amazing glutes and abdomen muscles, as the balance required is enormous.


Swimming is the one sport that builds literally every muscle in your body. Since you’re in the water, you need to use every muscle to maintain your body afloat. When swimmers race through water, they use their hands and legs to move faster; when you combine both, everything else also plays along.

Swimmers will have strong biceps, quadriceps, glutes, deltoids, hamstrings, pecs, triceps, and everything else on their bodies. It even gives you fantastic cardio exercise, so you can say that swimming is by far the sport that’s excellent for developing a person’s physique.


These few sports are highly popular across the world. Hundreds of millions of children practice them daily, and now you know how good they are for them. In general, every sport is an excellent idea for kids, but some develop more muscles than others. Swimming is the perfect choice as it activates all muscles, while the others focus on particular muscle groups more.

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