Alphabet Books for Toddlers

Frequent and playful interaction with the alphabet is a great stepping stone for toddlers as we build a strong literacy foundation for future reading.  These alphabet books for toddlers not only gets little ones engaged with books for toddlers, but also starts to build that letter recogniton and letter sound work.


ABC Books for Toddlers

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I really like the sandpaper letters in Montessori Letter Work by Bobby George.  It’s great for having the kids trace the shape of the letters.  I will caution you that I don’t like the prompts that it gives for saying the letter sounds.  It encourages adding extra phonemes.  If you ignore that part, then I like this book.

Trace the letters in Fingertrail ABC by Usborne Books & More too.  Plus, toddlers will get to hear alliteration during the read-aloud which also building phonological awareness.

Keeping the interactiveness going with Alphabet by Matthew Van Fleet.  It’s full of animals and interactive elements making this a hands-on playful experience.

For another tactile experience grab Touchthinklearn ABC by Xavier Deneux.  The raised letters in the book invite little ones to touch.  The pictures are bold and the focus is truly on the letters and the objects that reprsent them.

Children will be much more observant on car trips and walks while searching for letters and signs after getting hooked on Backseat A-B-See by Maria van Lieshout. The black road background makes the signs and letters pop and the durability of the board book makes it good for lots of outings. And, that tricky X is a breeze in this book. X is X-ing.

Alphablock by Christopher Franceschelli is a hefty board book with die-cut pages.  Peek through the cut-outs and try to guess the item for each letter of the alphabet.

Photographs of animal babies?  Yes, please!  Check out Zoo Borns! by Andrew Bleiman which takes us on a photograph journey into the world of newborns at the zoo.

I  must include the classic Chicka Chicka Boom Boom by Bill Martin Jr. on this list.  I actually like the board book Chicka Chicka ABC for young toddlers.  It’s shorter with just the first part of the original book.  But, either way, the kids will love to chant along.

I love the vintage feel of F is for Farm by Greg Paprocki. Learn all about the farm as you pour over the illustrations with your toddler.  Of course, a trip to the farm is a must after reading.

And finally, a book that will get lots of read time and lots of playtime- Alphabet Street by Jonathan Emmett.  This book folds out into a long playscape inviting children in for lots of imaginative play with toy cars and trucks, people, animals etc.  Plus, there are lots of abc flaps to lift and learn.

Printable List of Alphabet Books for Toddlers

Have fun reading and playing with the alphabet with your toddlers.


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