Baseball is More Fun Than Football

For the last decade, baseball seemed to be slowly but surely dying of an incurable case of being extremely boring. Players were boring. The games were long and boring. The National League was really, really boring. Now, it’s not. It’s extremely not. It’s so thoroughly not that the MLB now provides more entertainment per gruelingly long contest than the NFL, which never became “America’s Pastime” but did inspire a new one: watching football. Sure, nothing can beat the soap opera drama of the NBA, but the MLB is resurgent, having used its decades in the wilderness as a sort of extended rebuilding year.

For the moment, baseball is more fun to watch than football. It’s an unexpected situation, but also probably good for America, which needs the comforting stability of baseball right now, and for fans, who can ignore the scuzzy economics of the sport far more easily than they can ignore the scuzzy economics and political opportunism of Jerry Jones.

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