Beat The Heat With A Cooling Towel | Some On Sale for Prime Day!

A cooling towel can help you stomach the summer heat!

woman holding a frogg togg cooling towel

Summer is here & it’s getting HOT — so grab a good cooling towel! 🌞🔥

Attention people who hate being hot and uncomfortable (like me)! Here’s a super helpful tip that’s been a game-changer in my life during warmer months.

Cooling towels stay nice and cool instead of a normal towel that gets hot and dries up in the heat. I don’t know how I’ve ever made it through summer without one!

getting a cooling towel wet

Have you used a cooling towel before?

Once wet, a cooling towel instantly feels chilly and can be such a lifesaver for keeping you and your family from overheating when experiencing hot weather.

We live in Arizona and the extreme heat is hard to deal with at times. For instance, it was a casual 110 degrees last weekend! 🥵 Cooling towels help make it possible to stay active during even the hottest months.

girl wearing Frogg Togg cooling towel for neck

Cooling towels are helpful for:

    • Golfing, hiking, or any outdoor sport.
    • Working in the garden or mowing the lawn.
    • Walking around Disney or any outdoor amusement parks during summer.
    • Yoga, studio workouts, and the gym.
    • Anyone who works outside in the heat.
    • Watching outdoor sports like baseball, football, & soccer.
    • Soothing migraines, much like a cold compress.
    • Cooling off your dog after walks or hikes.

frogg togg cooling towel for neck

Which cooling towels are the best?

I’m sharing a couple of different cooling towels that I have personally used and loved, as well as a couple of other options my Hip2Save teammates use. The great news is they’re all affordable starting under $7!

Trust me when I say your personal comfort will be well worth that small investment for cooling towels! It’s amazing how refreshing they feel when it’s hot outside.

frogg toggs in the sink

1.) Frogg Toggs Chilly Pad


With over 6,700 five-star ratings on Amazon, this 33″ x 13″ Frogg Togg cooling towel is a popular pick! We took them on a softball tournament in blazing hot 95-degree weather to put Frogg Toggs to the test. They worked incredibly well at keeping us cool, so I can see why they have raving reviews!

cooling towels while watching sports

Their hyper-evaporative material creates an instantly refreshing cooling effect when wet and feels 20-30 degrees cooler than ambient air. I was pleasantly surprised at how Frogg Toggs stay cool for so long – at least 30-60 minutes before having to dunk it in some water again!

I liked that they don’t necessarily get your clothing wet either. The towel just feels soft and refreshing. Some people cut them lengthwise to make a kid-sized towel. Thanks to its internal mesh reinforcing material, you can cut these towels into any shape that fits your needs.

You can wash them by hand or toss them in the washing machine with other laundry. The one aspect about this towel you should know is that it hardens/stiffens when completely dry. Make sure to fold it up or roll it back in its packaging for storing when it is wet, or it is admittedly kind of wonky to store.

frogg togg towel while watching sports

Here’s what other Hip2Save teammates are saying about their Frogg Toggs cooling towel purchase:

“I used to use Frogg Toggs cooling towels when my daughter was little and we’d hike with her in a carrier! They would help keep both of us cool and I loved how easy it was to pack them. They fold up great and are so lightweight!” – Chelsey, Hip2Save team member 

“I send a Frogg Toggs cooling towel with my son to football in a small cooler filled with ice and water. Then he can keep dunking it to stay cool while at practice.” – Michelle, Hip2Save team member 

perfect cooling towels running under water

2.) Perfect Fitness Cooling Towel


These were actually the very first cooling towels we owned years ago and they work great too. They seem to be made from the same or very similar lightweight material to Frogg Toggs, and performed very similarly too as far as staying cool for long periods after soaking.

best cooling towel - perfect brand towels

Perfect Fitness cooling towels measure 11″ x 29″ and are machine washable. They also are stiff when dry like Frogg Toggs. They are a great cooling towel for the neck.

tough outfitters cooling towel amazon

3.) Tough Outfitters Cooling Towels

$6.36 (regularly $8.95) — on sale for Prime Day!

This UPF 50+ cooling neck wrap doesn’t just give cooling wonders, but is also good at blocking damaging UVA & UVB rays too. It’s made of a breathable mesh (of a polyamide/polyester blend), is soft and pleasant to the touch, lightweight, and absorbent. To use just wet, wring out the water, and enjoy the chill factor.

These are sized 38.5″ by 12″ and remain soft when dry, which is unlike Frogg Toggs.

“I actually bought these Tough Outfitter Towels to put in my kids’ Easter baskets and LOVE how well they work at cooling. In fact, our air conditioning went out last week and it was over 90 degrees outside, and having these towels helped out so much! They are over 50 SPF, and I highly recommend them. Plus the little pouch it comes with is convenient for storing.” – Sara, Hip2Save team member 

boy using cooling towel for neck from amazon

4.) Alfamo Cooling Towel

$10.49+ for a pack of 2 (regularly $11.99)

Here’s another excellent, highly-rated all-purpose towel to consider! Alfamo cooling towels work like a charm as a cooling bandana or neck wrap. The smaller size measures 33″ x 11″.

alfamo cooling towels

It chills instantly and dries completely soft so it easily folds up & fits into a gym bag. The Alfamo towel claims to stay chilled for up to 3 hours and can reduce body temperature a great deal in the heat. The fabric also provides UPF 50 sunscreen protection.

alfamo cooling towel

One aspect that is unique to Alfamo cooling towel brand is that it comes with a carabiner clip to conveniently clip to a bag or pant loop!

“My kids love these cooling towels and use them at soccer practice to stay cool during hot weather. In fact, they work so well that I actually just bought more to have on hand this summer!” – Jenna, Hip2Save team member

2 frogg togg towels

Cooling towels make fantastic gifts, too!

My parents love to golf year-round so I have given them towels as gifts — they use them a lot to keep cool while staying active!

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