Best Office Desks

Whether you’re in school, commuting to an office every day, or working from home, there’s a good chance you need a desk. Having a desk in your home comes with several benefits, including creating a designated workspace, keeping your belongings organized, and providing a separation between work and relaxing time.

Communal work areas in the home, like the kitchen table, can be beneficial for young children who need help with homework, but as we get older, having our own dedicated space to keep essays, projects, files, and work organized and away from shared areas can help boost productivity and provide a sense of calm. If you’re sharing a workspace with your partner or kids, the likelihood of papers, chargers, and files getting lost, damaged or sticky is much higher.

What To Look For In A Desk

Know your space. A massive desk that provides ample workspace is great but only if you have the real estate. Smaller options may be better suited to your current setup. Don’t forget, eyeballs can’t be trusted, but tape measures can! Also, take note of a desk’s height since some are better equipped for taller or shorter users.

Think about how the desk will be used. If you only plan on using a laptop, a desk with a keyboard tray and extra space for a monitor are unnecessary. If you want an external monitor, some desks have built-in shelves for these purposes.

Who is putting the desk together? If you live alone and are on the less-handy side, look for desks that don’t require much assembly.

How We Chose The Best Desks

We’ve included our favorite office desks that all provide specific functions, whether you want a traditional writing desk, one that has extra storage, or one that is designed specifically for gamers. Something these affordable desks all have in common is that they’re designed to make your life easier by providing a smart and open workspace. We’ve included the best L-shape desks, writing desks, and standing desks.