Best PC games to buy 2020: Fantastic games to add to your collection

Whether a game is good or not is often down to personal opinion, but we've crafted this list of fantastic PC games we've enjoyed that you might too.

We've played and reviewed a range of games so you're bound to find something to suit. Whether you're looking for free-to-play Battle Royale, deeply engrossing RPGs or tactical shooters, we've got a bit of everything. 

Here then is our list of the best PC games you can get from a range of platforms, presented in no particular order.

• Best Battle Royale games
• Best Role Playing Games (RPG)
• Best First Person Shooters (FPS)
• Best open world/survival games
• Best action adventure games
• Best Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA)
• Best simulations
• Best Massively Multiplayer Online (MMO) games 
• Best atmospheric/horror games 
• Best racing games
• Best Real-Time Strategy (RTS)
• Best Co-op games
• Best slashers

Best Battle Royale games

Apex Legends


  • Type: First-person free-to-play Battle Royale
  • What makes it interesting? Hero class system and three-person squads
  • Publisher: EA
  • Developer: Respawn Entertainment
  • Platform: Origin
  • Download from Origin

Apex Legends is a surprise hit that came out of nowhere. A Battle Royale game from the creators of Titanfall that took the world by storm. This game had over a million unique players in the first day and it's easy to see why. 

This is a Battle Royale game with a twist as it features a few things you don't normally see in this genre. Including, most interestingly, a hero class system that includes various "Legend" characters with different abilities and skills. 

Did we mention it's free?

Cuisine Royale 

  • Type: Free-to-play third-person FPS
  • What makes it interesting? A WW2 setting with a hilariously enjoyable kitchenware-based armour system
  • Publisher: Gaijin Distribution KFT
  • Developer: Darkflow Software
  • Platform: Steam
  • See it on Steam

Cuisine Royale is not just another Battle Royale game, it's also one of the best. Like Fortnite, it's free to play, but unlike the others it doesn't take itself too seriously. 

This game is based off the engine for upcoming WW2 MMO Enlisted and features a range of hilarity and brilliant gameplay that we love. Clever mechanics and interesting game balancing certainly make Cuisine Royale interesting to play.

For instance, you can equip special slippers that help you jump great heights or winged shin pads that help your run quickly, but wearing them hurts your stamina and means you can't run for as long without getting tired. There's a slot machine you can spend gold coins on it win "prizes" (new weapons and gear) but using it makes a loud noise that gives your position away. Regular clever updates make this game well worth playing and revisiting too. 


  • Type: Free-to-play Battle Royale
  • What makes it interesting? Building mechanics, easily accessible gameplay and a large player base
  • Publisher: Epic Games 
  • Developer: Epic Games 
  • Platform: Epic
  • Download from Epic

It almost goes without saying, but you can't really have a best games list without including Fortnite. It's one of the biggest gaming crazes to have swept across the world. Fortnite might not be a PC exclusive, nor is it necessarily the best game on PC, but it is mighty popular. 

Fortnite took the already loved Battle Royale genre and mixed in base-building, cartoon graphics and much more besides to make the game appeal to a wider audience. It's technically free-to-play but also regularly refreshed with new content that can be earned or purchased with a "Battle Pass". These are optional purchases which offer cosmetics such as loading screens, banners, character emotes, different gliders and more. It's certainly not pay-to-win, but it is a lot of fun. 

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds

  • Type: Free-to-play Battle Royale
  • What makes it interesting? A more serious Battle Royale with cross-platform play
  • Publisher: Bluehole/Kakao Games
  • Developer: Bluehole/PUBG Corporation
  • Platform: Steam
  • See offers at Fanatical

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, AKA PUBG, is perhaps the game that kick-started the love for the Battle Royale genre of games that's now turning up in droves. It's far more serious than Fortnite and doesn't have any base building elements, but the people love it.

PUBG started it's life on PC and has since released on console and mobile too. If you're serious about winning chicken dinners, then this is the game to play. It's been updated a fair bit since it launched too so there's plenty of fun to be had for new players and old alike.

Best Role Playing Games (RPG)

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt


  • Type: Open-world atmospheric RPG 
  • What makes it interesting? An incredibly rich story with gruesome and exotic monsters, beautiful wenches and more besides
  • Publisher: CD PROJEKT RED
  • Developer: CD PROJEKT RED
  • Platform: Steam
  • See it on Steam

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is quite possibly one of the best PC games of all time. It's been about since 2015, but still plays marvellously. We've sunk around 150 hours into this stunning RPG and loved every minute. 

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is an extraordinary feat in game design, with a massive breath-taking world for you to get lost in. From slaying monsters to laying with wenches, the Witcher 3 has it all. 



GreedFall is the latest RPG from Spiders, it's set in the 17th-century setting featuring magic, death and disease. This game has a unique visual style that's inspired by European Baroque art. 

GreedFall's story centres around settlers, mercenaries and treasure hunters, all fleeing plague, pollution and incurable disease. A grand journey awaits these characters with a path full of mystery and ever-increasing tension among the locals. 

This game certainly has deep character interactions and a rich storyline. Combat, diplomacy, deception and stealth are all definitely highlights to this one, but it's the stories that unravel in the world around you that are the main focus. If you enjoy a rich and intriguing RPG then this one is for you. You'll also get around 60 hours out of this game too, which is great value for money if nothing else. 

Monster Hunter: World

  • Type: Open-world action adventure RPG
  • What makes it interesting? The "ultimate hunting experience" that's playable with friends
  • Publisher: Capcom
  • Developer: Capcom
  • Platform: Steam
  • See offers at Fanatical

Monster Hunter: World is one of those games that PC gamers had to wait for. It released on console in early 2018 and we loved it, but had to wait until August to get stuck in on PC.

Monster Hunter World allows you to play the "ultimate hunting experience" either on your own or with friends. The result of which is a gloriously addictive and endlessly charming game we're sure you'll love.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance


  • Type: Open-world realistic RPG 
  • What makes it interesting? An insanely difficult realistic combat system and masses of quests to get stuck into
  • Publisher: Deep Silver
  • Developer: Warhorse Studios
  • Platform: Steam
  • See offers at Fanatical

Kingdom Come: Deliverance is a fantastically challenging, often frustrating, always enjoyable open-world RPG set in the Holy Roman Empire. You play Henry, a blacksmith's son who finds himself thrust into the chaos of war as his friends and family are slaughtered when a mercenary raid descends on his peaceful village. Henry then sets off on an adventure to aid the locals, fight off the bandits and help fight for the future of Bohemia.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance is a brilliant RPG for those who love the idea of messing about in medieval times. But don't expect to win every battle as you'll need to learn how to fight first and to earn enough money for good weapons, armour and a decent horse. You're only a blacksmith after all, so being surrounded by knights in heavy armour often results in a painful and messy death. We utterly love this game and all the challenges it throws at us.

PC gamers will also enjoy the fact that this game is challenging for your system. Try running it on ultra settings and you'll be warned those visuals are only intended for future hardware. It's like Crysis but for the new age. 

Assassin's Creed: Odyssey


  • Type: Open-world action-adventure RPG 
  • What makes it interesting? A massive map to explore and the most RPG-like elements ever seen in the franchise
  • Publisher: Ubisoft
  • Developer: Ubisoft
  • Platform: Uplay
  • See offers at Fanatical

Assassin's Creed: Odyssey is undeniably spectacular. We thought Origins was great and that Ubisoft would have trouble topping it, but we were wrong. This game is the best and biggest game in the franchise and the most in-depth as well. 

This isn't just another run-of-the-mill addition, but a brilliant open-world outing which is now more RPG-like than ever before. It's also stunning and has no end of places to explore. You'll no doubt sink tens, if not hundreds of hours into this one so it represents excellent value for money, if nothing else. 



  • Type: Action-adventure horror RPG 
  • What makes it interesting? A dark and miserable setting in post-war London, heavy narrative focus and plenty of choice to bite or not
  • Publisher: Focus Home Interactive
  • Developer: DONTNOD Entertainment
  • Platform: Steam
  • See offers at Fanatical

Vampyr is set in London, 1918. The city is ravaged by Spanish flu and is suffering from the aftermath of the Great War. The bodies are piling up and the streets are awash with misery. As if that wasn't bad enough, vampires also lurk in the dark streets and you're one of them. 

This is an action RPG with a massive focus on narrative and arching storylines. If you love a good chat and the occasional bloodletting then this game is worth sinking your teeth into. 

Mad Max

  • Type: Action-adventure RPG 
  • What makes it interesting? A fantastic outing in the Mad Max universe with enjoyable combat and car-based fun
  • Publisher: Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment
  • Developer: Avalanche Studios
  • Platform: Steam
  • See offers at Fanatical

Mad Max is getting on now, but that's great because it means it's regularly on sale for next to nothing. It's a cracking game with hand-to-hand combat that feels like the Batman games from Rocksteady Studios, only more fierce and brutal. 

It's a massively open-world adventure set in the post-apocalyptic Mad Max universe with a dash of both character and car RPG-like progression. Upgrade your gear, weapons and vehicle to tear up the landscape. Hours and hours of fun. 

Path of Exile

  • Type: Action RPG 
  • What makes it interesting? The best Diablo type game out there? Plus it's free?
  • Publisher: Grinding Gear Games
  • Developer: Grinding Gear Games
  • Platform: Steam
  • Download it from Steam

Path of Exile is one of those games that was great when it first released and has continued to get better ever since. It's an Action RPG set in a dark fantasy world with a heavy emphasis on visceral combat, deep character customisation and good, old-fashioned fun. This is game is also not only free-to-play but also supports singleplayer, multiplayer and co-op gameplay too. 

Deathtrap Dungeon

  • Type: Interactive video adventure
  • What makes it interesting? A wonderfully narrated piece of gaming goodness.
  • Publisher: Branching Narrative Ltd
  • Developer: Branching Narrative Ltd
  • Platform: Steam
  • Download it from Steam

Deathtrap Dungeon is certainly a break from the norm. This is an interactive video adventure based on Ian Livingstone's gamebook. It's narrated by Eddie Marsan and feels somewhat like he's reading you a bedtime story, but with a choice of how the game plays out. It's wonderfully entertaining and fascinating too. Five hours of video and a wonderful story make this one a bargain for the price.  

Best First Person Shooters (FPS)

Doom Eternal


Doom has finally made it to Earth and the planet is rife with all manner of demonic hordes that need slaying. It's your mission to mash. 

We've smashed, torn and dashed our way through Doom Eternal and found it to be a whole lot of frantic fun. You know what you're getting with Doom and the latest outing is a highly polished, visceral thrill-ride of demon-slaying chaos. If you enjoy playing your shooters at full-tilt then Doom Eternal is a perfect choice. It's intense, fun and oh-so-satisfying too. Certainly not for the young ones though. 

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

Call of Duty Modern Warfare is getting a fresh new outing and is going back to its roots. This time around there's a gripping single-player campaign, co-op gameplay and, of course, multiplayer mode. 

Infinity Ward has really pulled out all the stops with this one in our mind. It feels very much like the original Modern Warfare did back in 2007. Less jetpacks, much more serious stealth action. Fans of the older Call of Duty games will enjoy this one for sure. Once you've finished the campaign, there's multiple co-op levels to play and a rejuvenated multiplayer experience that includes a 64-player mode called Ground War. 

Metro Exodus


  • Type: Apocalpytic FPS
  • What makes it interesting? Brilliantly story-led post-apocalyptic adventure with stunning graphics and Mad Max feel
  • Publisher: Deep Silver/Koch Games
  • Developer: 4A Games
  • Platform: Epic 
  • See offers at CD Keys
  • See official site/Epic Store

Metro Exodus is the third outing in the series and another return to brilliance from 4A Games. You take on the role of Artyom who is desperately in search of signs of life beyond the irradiated and desolate ruins of Moscow. Battling for survival against the harsh climate and a wealth of baddies that include everything from bandits, to winged beasts, belligerent mutants and venom spitting spiders. 

There's a real sense of misery and hard times here as you're constantly forced to forage for ammo, gear and supplies to keep your guns firing or stalk through the shadows carefully avoiding death. Later on, a serious Mad Max vibe eeks into the game too and we can't say much without spoiling it, but we loved it. If you enjoyed the previous games, this one is bound to be a hit as well. And on PC it looks absolutely stunning. 

Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege


  • Type: Team-based tactical shooter
  • What makes it interesting? Class-based co-op action with intense close-quarters battles
  • Publisher: Ubisoft
  • Developer: Ubisoft Montreal
  • Platform: Uplay
  • See offers at Fanatical

Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege originally appeared on the scene in 2014. But it's by no means an old game as it's constantly being updated, reworked and refreshed with new content, characters and maps. 

This game is, in essence, an online tactical shooter which pits one small team of players against another. These teams are split into attackers and defenders who have different objectives - defend/defuse the bomb, hold onto or rescue the hostage or simply eliminate the other team. Each "operator" in the game has a different play style with weapons and gadgets to help them complete their mission. What happens in the game will depend heavily on which characters are being played, so there's plenty of variety and a lot of fun too.

Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege can also be purchased as a base game for a very reasonable sum - allowing you to work your way through the main operators or you can pay for the complete editions and get access to even more. 

Hell Let Loose

Developed by a small independent team, crafted in Unreal Engine 4 and built with a focus on realistic gameplay, Hell Let Loose is another WW2 game full of promise. This game reminds us of Post Scriptum and certainly seems like a full-on tactical military simulator. 

Although currently in early access, Hell Let Loose is certainly well worth looking at. If you're a fan of more serious military sim style shooters (like ARMA or Squad) then this will certainly tick your boxes. There's a lot of humping around the map, accidental team kills and frustrating moments where you've no idea who killed you, but there's also a lot of fun to be had, especially when playing with friends. 

Teamwork is key not only to your team winning but also to your enjoyment of this one. Get three gamers together and hop in a tank - with one carefully driving, one manning the main gun and one commanding and you'll soon smash your way through enemy lines. You'll also find how tough the WW2 battles were though, when it takes an age to turn your turret or you can barely see a thing through the tiny vision slits in the front. 



  • Type: Team-based multiplayer FPS 
  • What makes it interesting? Online-only gameplay with a class-based system and brilliantly colourful visuals
  • Publisher: Blizzard Entertainment
  • Developer: Blizzard Entertainment
  • Platform: Battlenet
  • See it on Battlenet

Overwatch is essentially an online-only first-person shooter-slash-brawler with colourful, cartoon graphics and enormously enjoyable gameplay. 

It's a popular eSports game but great for casual gamers too. We thought it was utterly brilliant when we reviewed it in 2016 and it still keeps bringing joy to the masses even now. Overwatch is almost certainly another game design triumph from Blizzard and well worth playing.  


  • Type: Team-based multiplayer FPS 
  • What makes it interesting? Hero classes, slow gameplay but fast TTK and plenty of fun. 
  • Publisher: Riot Games
  • Developer: Riot Games
  • See the official site

Valorant feels like an interesting cross between CS:Go and Overwatch. A competitive shooter that pitches two small teams against one another. 

Hero classes have their own special abilities and can make or break the game depending on how they're used. Valorant isn't exactly fast-paced but it is tricky to master, just like the other competitive shooters out there. It's also a lot of fun and it's free too - which is the best price for anything.



  • Type: Bullet-time FPS 
  • What makes it interesting? Fantastic use of bullet-time and time-manipulation gaming mechanics
  • Publisher: SUPERHOT Team
  • Developer: SUPERHOT Team
  • Platform: Steam
  • See offers on Fanatical

Superhot is a brilliantly crafted first-person shooter where time moves only when you move. This makes for some really interesting game mechanics and thoroughly immersive gameplay. 

This is certainly an FPS that requires some thought while you play. You'll need to suss out the situation every time you spawn, but even turning to look around moves time forward and brings on the horde of enemies hell-bent on killing you. Superhot is fantastic and it's even better in VR.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO)

  • Type: Free-to-play team-based tactical shooter
  • What makes it interesting? Twitch shooting with a lack of aim down the sight gun mechanic
  • Publisher: Valve
  • Developer: Valve/Hidden Path Entertainment
  • Platform: Steam
  • Download it on Steam

CS:GO is serious business. This is the most recent outing in the Counter-Strike series - a franchise which has always been synonymous with competitive FPS gameplay. It's a popular eSports game and highly thought of too. 

If you love team-based shooters, then this is the one for you. It's also entirely free now, so what's not to love? 

Battlefield 5


  • Type: WW2 based team-based shooter
  • What makes it interesting? Destruction mechanics, masses of vehicles and weapons to play with and a multitude of gamemodes too
  • Publisher: EA
  • Developer: Dice
  • Platform: Origin
  • Buy it on Origin

After Call of Duty returned to its roots and revisited WWII, Battlefield followed suit. 

There were mixed feelings in the community but there's no denying that Battlefield 5 is stunning and features numerous improvements which make it an interesting option for fans of the series or online shooters in general. If you want to try before you buy, there's always the option of a subscription to Origin Access which lets you play a wide collection of games for a small monthly fee. 


Destiny 2


  • Type: Online-only FPS 
  • What makes it interesting? Quest-based gameplay that can be enjoyed with friends across a variety of incredible locations
  • Publisher: Blizzard Entertainment
  • Developer: Activision
  • Platform: Battlenet
  • See it on Battlenet

Destiny 2 is thought of by many as a very fine game indeed. An enthralling story certainly makes it a better game than the first. It's also incredibly well designed as it's just as easy for new players to get into as hardcore PC gamers. 

It's quite easy to get lost in all the quests and raids in Destiny 2 and once you start playing this game, you'll wonder where all the hours went. Destiny 2 is almost certainly best enjoyed with friends, but you can play on your own too. 

Insurgency: Sandstorm

  • Type: Team-based tactical shooter
  • What makes it interesting? Modern combat with an old-school FPS feel
  • Publisher: Focus Home Interactive
  • Developer: New World Interactive
  • Platform: Steam
  • See offers at Fanatical

Insurgency: Sandstorm is a team-based, tactical shooter with brutal and lethal close quarters combat. This is a modern combat FPS with an old-school feel. None of the nonsense of modern triple-A shooters, just good old fashioned gunplay and teamwork. 

If you're after a hardcore FPS then this one is for you. Deadly ballistics, light attack vehicles, destructive artillery and incredible audio too make Insurgency: Sandstorm a seriously fun shooter. 

Best open-world/survival games

No Man's Sky

  • Type: Open-world space exploration/survival
  • What makes it interesting? A procedurally generated universe where no two games are the same
  • Publisher: Hello Games
  • Developer: Hello Games
  • Platform: Steam
  • See it on Steam

No Man's Sky first launched in the hazy days of 2016 and, despite the pre-release hype, left many feeling underwhelmed and upset at the lack of multiplayer options.

Several updates later and No Man's Sky is a superb space adventure with improved space stations, enhanced freighter and frigate systems and a multiplayer mode to boot.

At its core, No Man's Sky is fantastic anyway as it boasts 18 quintillion procedurally generated planets to explore, ensuring that no one journey of exploration is the same as another.  


  • Type: Open-world survival
  • What makes it interesting? The freedom to scavenge, forage and build a magnificent base or just create weird and wonderful traps to torment your enemies
  • Publisher: Facepunch Studios
  • Developer: Facepunch Studios
  • Platform: Steam
  • See it on Steam

There are many survival games available for PC gamers, but Rust continues to be the most popular. This is an online survival game where you can build magnificent bases, make new friends, explore and survive against a harsh environment and more. There are plenty of play options and regular updates too. Smash some rocks, chop down a tree, craft some weapons to defend yourself and enjoy everything there is on offer. If you hate people spoiling your fun, there's always the option of PVE. 

Rust is being regularly updated with new content to keep it fresh and interesting. Simple additions can make big differences to the game, like electricity for example. Rust has a massive community following and there is no end of videos on YouTube with Rust-based hilarity to enjoy.  


  • Type: Open-world underwater survival
  • What makes it interesting? It's set underwater on a distant alien world 
  • Publisher: Unknown Worlds Entertainment
  • Developer: Unknown Worlds Entertainment
  • Platform: Steam
  • See it on Steam

Another open-world survival game to add to your list. Only this time it's set underwater on an alien planet. Explore the depths of the oceans, craft new gear, mess about in submarines and enjoy the wondrous sights while trying to survive.

Not convinced? How about base building under the sea? Or free VR support for both the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive? 

Dying Light


  • Type: Open-world zombie survival
  • What makes it interesting? Parkour movement system, co-op gameplay and awesome weapon crafting
  • Publisher: Techland Publishing
  • Developer: Techland
  • Platform: Steam
  • See offers at Fanatical

Dying Light is an absolute gem of a zombie survival game that originally released in 2015. It's been the gift that keeps on giving since then though, with regular free updates of more content and good times. 

There's lots to love with Dying Light - it's an open-world survival game that pits you against all sorts of zombie menaces. But this isn't your average shooter as it features an awesome parkour mechanics that sees you running and jumping across rooftops, scrambling up buildings and dashing across the sprawling landscape to stay alive. 

Throw in a crafting system that lets you make awesome weapons including attaching batteries, acid and more to knives, machetes, baseball bats and other vicious death-dealers and you're bound to have a really good time. 

Dying Light is also best enjoyed with friends in co-op mode and we've had no end of fun this way. 

Best action adventure games

Red Dead Redemption 2


  • Type: Wild west action adventure
  • What makes it interesting? The last game never made it to PC, but finally, we can enjoy another Rockstar masterpiece
  • Publisher: Rockstar Games
  • Developer: Rockstar Studios
  • See it on Rockstar Games Launcher

We've been waiting a long time, but Red Dead Redemption 2 is finally on PC. It's also been enhanced and improved too - with graphical improvements and technical overhauls. Other bonuses for PC gamers include more content including new bounty hunting missions, treasure maps, trinkets, weapons and more. 

RDR 2 is glorious on PC, especially in 4K with HDR visuals. There's also a lot to be said for aiming your six-shooter with a mouse and keyboard or more accurately hunting wildlife while taking careful aim with your bow. 

This gamer has hours and hours of gameplay and even more to enjoy when you've finished the main story and get stuck into the online universe. We loved Red Dead Redemption 2 when it first appeared on console and we love it even more on PC. 

Death Stranding

  • Type: Walking simulator
  • What makes it interesting? Death Stranding was received with general praise when it released on PS4 back in 2019, now it's come to PC with enhancements that include widescreen support, improved visuals and Half-Life crossovers
  • Publisher: 505 Games
  • Developer: Kojima Productions
  • See it on Steam

Death Stranding sees stars Norman Reedus and Mads Mikkelsen and others helping tell a rich Kojima story. The game centres around Sam Porter who is out to save humanity from impending annihilation as supernatural events and otherworldly creatures spring up around the world. He's basically a porter, out on the largest fetch quest you've ever undertaken. 

On PC, Death Stranding really shines, with beautiful landscapes, staggering visuals and some incredibly chilled out vibes (as long as you're not being terrorised by BTs or toppling over from carrying too much weight). As you'd expect from a Hideo Kojima game it's a bit bonkers in places with a weird and wonderful backstory and oodles of interesting narrative.  There's a lot of walking and mountain climbing involved in this one and you'll need to learn to take your time or risk tumbling down the environment destroying your precious load, but there's something satisfying about arriving at your destination with a job well done. 

SpongeBob SquarePants: Battle for Bikini Bottom - Rehydrated

  • Type: 3D platformer
  • What makes it interesting? This is a remaster of a game that originally launched back in 2003 and a wonderful one at that. 
  • Publisher: THQ Nordic
  • Developer: Purple Lamp Studios
  • See it on Steam

Are you ready, kids? I can't hear you? The classic 3D platformer SpongeBob SquarePants: Battle for Bikini Bottom has been remade by Purple Lamp Studios and it's something special. 

Not just a remake but a wonderful update that's true to the SpongeBob universe. Colourful, visually pleasing graphics, enjoyable level design and quirky audio make this a great game for SpongeBob fans. Kids and adults alike. 

You can play as SpongeBob himself, as well as Patrick, Sandy and more. The platforming is tough, but there's a lot to love about this game if you're into that sort of thing. 

Trover Saves the Universe

  • Type: Comedy action/adventure
  • What makes it interesting? All the hilarity of Rick and Morty but in game form with plenty of swearing and chaos
  • Publisher: Squanch Games, Inc.
  • Developer: Squanch Games, Inc.
  • Platform: Steam 
  • See it on Steam
  • Official site

If the graphical styling and audio of this game look familiar, it's because it comes from the co-creator of Rick and Morty. Trover Saves the Universe is an action adventure game that's compatible with both standard desktop play and virtual reality using HTC Vive or Oculus Rift. 

As you might expect, this game includes incredible amounts of space-based weirdness, vulgar language and weird and wonderful hilarity. It's likely the most bonkers action adventure game you're likely to come across but it's a total blast if you're a fan of the humour of Rick and Morty. 

It only takes around six hours to complete, but then you're not paying the price of a triple-a game and with plenty of characters to talk to, power babies (upgrade boosters) to collect and dense baddies to smash there's a lot of fun to be had.

We found Trover Saves the Universe to be a refreshing change from the norm. It's also certainly a challenge, whether getting stuck trying to suss out the various puzzles or just trying to get along while characters inanely ramble at you with unnecessary insight into their lives, there's plenty to keep you engaged. 

Batman: Arkham Knight


  • Type: Open-world superhero action adventure
  • What makes it interesting? You play as Batman, what more do you need?
  • Publisher: Warner Bros Interactive Entertainment
  • Developer: Rocksteady Studios
  • Platform: Steam
  • See offers at Fanatical

The very best of the Batman games and a real looker too, Batman: Arkham Knight is the final game in the trilogy and it's fantastic. 

Scarecrow has returned to wreak havoc on the city of Gotham and it's Batman's job to stop him and his cronies. With an upgraded Batmobile, as well as enhancements to combat, stealth, forensics and navigation this Batman game has it all.   

Shadow of the Tomb Raider


  • Type: Action adventure
  • What makes it interesting? Fantastic graphics and stunning locations to explore, loot and admire
  • Publisher: Square Enix
  • Developer: Eidos-Montréal, Crystal Dynamics
  • Platform: Steam
  • See it on Steam

Shadow of the Tomb Raider is the final part of Lara Croft's origin trilogy. We also thought it was the best so far. As you'd expect, it's bigger and better than her previous two outings. It has a more in-depth and immersive storyline and certainly no shortage of tombs to raid and explore. 

On PC, Shadow of the Tomb Raider is stunning and we've made much use of the brilliant and hilarious photo mode as we've played too. Because even Lara Croft is a fan of selfies apparently.  

Quantum Break 

  • Type: Sci-fi action adventure with time manipulation
  • What makes it interesting? Brilliant time manipulation gameplay mechanics with masterpiece cinematics 
  • Publisher: Microsoft Studios
  • Developer: Remedy Entertainment
  • Platform: Steam
  • See offers at Fanatical

We thoroughly enjoyed Quantum Break which came as no surprise as we pretty much adore everything Remedy Entertainment does. Alan Wake, Max Payne, the list goes on - we're hoping Control is just as brilliant. 

Quantum Break is another cinematic masterpiece that's described as "part game, part live action show" - but don't worry it's not one of those awful games that's more cutscenes than fun. It's just a brilliant romp of time-manipulation, gunplay and good times.  

Grand Theft Auto V


  • Type: Open-world action adventure
  • What makes it interesting? Another fantastic GTA adventure with endless online fun available
  • Publisher: Rockstar Games
  • Developer: Rockstar North
  • Platform: Steam
  • See offers at Fanatical

With Grand Theft Auto V, Rockstar continued the trend of creating fantastic open-world action with stunning visuals, a brilliant storyline, engaging characters and much more besides. 

Of course, we PC gamers had to wait for the game to release as Rockstar also continued the trend of serving console first, but it was worth the wait. With a whole new first-person mode and a massive, ever-expanding online mode too, GTA V is a real treat. 

A great swathe of regular updates and content to GTA Online, ensure that GTA V is the gift that keeps giving and no doubt will continue to do so. 

Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice

  • Type: Psychological action-adventure
  • What makes it interesting? An incredibly atmospheric experience with haunting visions of insanity
  • Publisher: Ninja Theory
  • Developer: Ninja Theory
  • Platform: Steam
  • See it on Steam

Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice is a critically acclaimed masterpiece which plays out a fantastic story with an atmospheric journey into mental illness and psychosis. Set during the Viking age, it puts you in the shoes of the Senua, a broken Celtic warrior who's on a journey into hell to save the soul of her beloved.

If you enjoy enthralling, atmospheric and staggeringly beautiful action adventures, then you'll love this one. We thought it was utterly sublime. If being this good wasn't good enough, it's also been recently updated with VR support to - which means you can play the game on both Oculus Rift and HTC Vive.  

Hitman 2

  • Type: Single-player stealth 
  • What makes it interesting? Sandbox assassination with lots of choice on how to play and lots of replayability
  • Publisher: Warner Bros Interactive Entertainment
  • Developer: IO Interactive 
  • Platform: Steam
  • See offers at Fanatical

We've always been huge fans of the Hitman series. Stealth, assassination and really good times abound in Hitman 2. This game boasts plenty of replayability, massive maps and a multitude of ways to complete your missions that mean one playthrough is never the same as the next. 

Hitman 2 can be challenging, frustrating and utterly joyful. We love perfecting an assassination to leave no trace and make the target's death seem like a freak accident. But if all else fails, there's always the briefcase

Dishonored 2


  • Type: Single-player first-person stealth action adventure
  • What makes it interesting? A rich story with fantastic game-changing powers to explore
  • Publisher: Bethesda Softworks
  • Developer: Arkane Studios
  • Platform: Steam
  • See offers at Fanatical

Dishonored 2 is the second game in the award-winning series by Arkane Studios. A fantastic first-person stealth game which allows you to choose to play as either Empress Emily Kaldwin or the royal protector, Corvo Attano. Supernatural assassination fun abounds, with a brilliantly brutal combat system and a selection of fantastic powers to choose from. 

We thoroughly enjoyed Dishonored 2 when we played it back in 2016 and it's still fantastic now. Once you get stuck in, you'll soon fall in love. Once you've completed it you have the option of replaying or investing in the standalone follow-up Death of the Outsider.

Bioshock Infinite


  • Type: Single-player first-person action adventure
  • What makes it interesting? A brilliantly told story backed by stunning and atmospheric visuals
  • Publisher: 2K
  • Developer: Irrational Games
  • Platform: Steam
  • See offers at Fanatical

Bioshock Infinite is a fantastically enjoyable addition to the Bioshock franchise and not a game to be overlooked. Superhuman abilities to play with, alongside fantastic characters and an amazing storyline make this game a real treat.

It's not the biggest game, but it's certainly not one to miss. It's also regularly on sale for bargain basement prices too, so snap it up. 

Devil May Cry 5

  • Type: Action adventure/Hack-n-slash
  • What makes it interesting? A return to form for Dante with over-the-top hack-n-slash battles, stunning graphics and hours of fun
  • Publisher: Capcom
  • Developer: Capcom 
  • Platform: Steam
  • View offers at Fanatical/See it on Steam

The devil you know returns in Devil May Cry 5. With a story set several years after the previous game, the new DMC promises all the sword-wielding gun-toting action you know and love but with even more style. If you enjoy third-person brawlers, then this game is almost certainly a must-buy. 

Best Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA)

Dota 2

  • Type: Free-to-play MOBA
  • What makes it interesting? It's a free-to-play game with a heavy eSports following and VR support
  • Publisher: Valve
  • Developer: Valve
  • Platform: Steam
  • See it on Steam

Dota 2 is another eSports favourite and also one of the most-played games on Steam. It regularly tops the Steam Charts for most current players and is a true PC gaming love affair.

This is a free to play, PVP MOBA that originally released in 2013 but has seen plenty of updates in the months and years that followed. Select your hero and battle it out with friends versus bots or take your skills online and face-off against players from across the world. 

Best simulations

Tropico 6


  • Type: City building/strategy simulation
  • What makes it interesting? An interesting and incredibly detailed simulation mechanic, happy-vibe soundtrack and endless choice in how to play
  • Publisher: Kalypso Media
  • Developer: Limbic Entertainment
  • Platform: Steam
  • View offers at Fanatical/See it on Steam

Tropico is back and bigger and better than ever! This is a fantastically detailed and intricate city building simulator that lets you decide the fate of your people and how you behave while ruling them.

You may choose to become the feared dictator or the adored statesman and shape the fate of the world as you go.

We thoroughly enjoy this outing of the series. It's incredibly detailed and allows you to dabble in every possible aspect of society right down to the management of individual businesses including the hiring and firing of staff. 

Of course, all the usual city-building fun is here - including lovingly crafting your towns, building the infrastructure and engaging finances, but there's much more to Tropico 6. Whether you're sending pirates out to steal the Statue of Liberty or preparing for war with other nations, there's plenty of different ways to play. You can also dive in on your own or with friends in either co-op or competitive mode. Hours and hours of fun to be had and a cheerful Carribean soundtrack to keep you entertained too. 

Two Point Hospital

  • Type: Management simulation
  • What makes it interesting? A hilarious and modern re-imagining of the classic Theme Hospital
  • Publisher: SEGA
  • Developer: Two Point Studios
  • Platform: Steam
  • See it at Fanatical

If Two Point Hospital looks familiar, that's because it is. This game is a wonderful modern re-imagining of 1997 classic Theme Hospital. It's even built by some of the same developers, so it really is a corker.

Two Point Hospital puts you in charge of running a full-blown health care facility with all the fun and headaches that come with such a job. Build and maintain your hospital while dealing with masses of patients with all kinds of horrible diseases and illnesses. The pressure is on. You'll soon have a new found respect for all healthcare professionals if nothing else.

PC Building Simulator 

  • Type: Building simulation
  • What makes it interesting? Build your own dream PC without the expense of actually buying parts
  • Publisher: The Irregular Corporation
  • Developer: Claudiu Kiss, The Irregular Corporation
  • Platform: Steam
  • See it at Fanatical

PC gamers love a good simulator and there are plenty of them  - everything from girlfriend simulators to bus driving simulations. But what's more fitting than a game that lets you simulate building a fantastic new gaming PC?

If you can't afford to build your own or want to know how to do it, this game might be the perfect buy. 

Human: Fall Flat


  • Type: Co-op physics puzzle game
  • What makes it interesting? Hilarious physics game with cheerful graphics and fun with friends
  • Publisher: Curve Digital
  • Developer: No Brakes Games
  • Platform: Steam
  • See it at Fanatical

Human: Fall Flat is something special. At its core, it's a quirky puzzle platformer, but it's much more than that. This is a hilarious physics game with cheerful graphics and a simple, yet interesting premise. Playing this game, your goal is to find the exit to each of the weird and wonderful levels by solving puzzles in a variety of different ways while trying not to crease up at the ensuing hilarity. Playing with friends is highly recommended here, as it's even more amusing with company. 

Best Massively Multiplayer Online (MMO) games 


Star Trek Online


  • Type: Free-to-play sci-fi MMO
  • What makes it interesting? An MMO set in the Star Trek universe where you can pilot your own ships and explore new worlds
  • Publisher: Perfect World Entertainment
  • Developer: Cryptic Studios
  • Platform: Steam
  • See it on Steam

Star Trek Online is a popular MMO that allows players to command their own starship and boldly go where no one has gone before. Take part in massive space battles, explore new worlds, fight for different races. There are plenty of gameplay options here. 

Star Trek Online has seen a bunch of updates since it first launched in 2010 and continues to be popular among fans. The latest addition includes content from Netflix series Startrek Discovery too. 

Sea of Thieves

  • Type: Pirating MMO
  • What makes it interesting? An action-adventure MMO set on the high seas with plenty of grog, cannon-based battles and sea shanties 
  • Publisher: Perfect World Entertainment
  • Developer: Microsoft Studios
  • Platform: Windows Store/Steam
  • See it at Microsoft/See it on Steam

Sea of Thieves might not be for everyone, but it's certainly got a lot going for it. Put on your pirate hat and sail the seas looking for treasure, grog and really good times. There's plenty of fun to be had if you can find it - fighting it out with swashbuckling skeletons, battling it out with other pirate players or just ramming your ship into someone else's in an attempt to board and steal all their loot. 

The game has had a fair bit of new content added since it first launched, so it's now well worth considering. Even more fun can be had if you have some pirating happy pals you can play with.

World of Warcraft


  • Type: MMO
  • What makes it interesting? The most well-known MMO around? 
  • Publisher: Blizzard Entertainment
  • Developer: Blizzard Entertainment
  • Platform: Battlenet
  • See on Battlenet

World of Warcraft is perhaps the most well-known MMOs of all time. Many a PC gamer has sunk a multitude of hours into this game and have stories to tell because of it. 

WoW is also one of the best selling PC games of all time and despite being released in 2004, it's still very much alive and kicking. The game is getting a reboot in the form of World of Warcraft Classic at some point, but in the meantime, you can try the game for free

Guild Wars 2

  • Type: MMO
  • What makes it interesting?  There is no dedicated healing class which is fairly unusual for this type of game
  • Publisher: NCSOFT
  • Developer: ArenaNet
  • See the official site

Guild Wars 2 is an online MMO with fast-paced combat and a rich and a detailed universe to explore. It's packed full of awe-inspiring breath-taking landscapes to adventure in as well as challenging PVP modes. Unlike other MMOs, Guild Wars 2 has no subscription fees, it's also free to play

Guild Wars 2 allows a player to create a character from five different races and eight different professions, these attributes also determine the skills players can access and thus their experiences. The ability to use construct and use siege weapons is a real highlight for us. 

Best atmospheric/horror games 

Outlast 2

  • Type: Psychological survival horror
  • What makes it interesting? A terrifying psychological horror where a video camera is your only tool for survival
  • Publisher: Red Barrels
  • Developer: Red Barrels
  • Platform: Steam
  • See it on Steam

If you enjoy your games with an unhealthy dose of terror then Outlast 2 is probably your bag. A dark foreboding town in the middle of the wilderness provides the backdrop to a psychological survival horror that will have you running for the hills. 

You take on the role of Blake Langermann, an investigative journalist on a mission to uncover the stories no one else will dare touch. A video camera with night vision mode is basically your main tool for survival and the only thing between you and a horrible death. This game is certainly not for the timid. 

Alien: Isolation

  • Type: Sci-fi Survival horror
  • What makes it interesting? An atmospheric horror game set in the Alien universe with plenty of stealth-based action
  • Publisher: SEGA
  • Developer: Creative Assembly
  • Platform: Steam
  • See it at Fanatical

Terrifying back-water towns not your thing? How about a survival horror set in the Alien universe. The constant threat of death and an utter lack of resources to help you defend yourself make Alien: Isolation a real thrill ride. As long as you can cope with the pressure. 

Close to the Sun


  • Type: First-person action horror
  • What makes it interesting? An atmospheric game with a steampunk vibe in a mysterious alternative universe with Nikola Tesla getting up to something shady. 
  • Publisher: Wired Productions
  • Developer: Storm in a Teacup
  • Platform: Epic
  • See it on the Epic Store

Close to the Sun is an interesting and atmospheric action horror game with a steampunk vibe. You play as journalist Rose Archer, a woman who is on a mission to find her sister aboard the mysterious Helios - a craft full of scientists pushing the boundaries of modern science and physics.

The Helios is the brainchild of Nikola Tesla, who in this fictional universe is battling with Thomas Edison for technological dominance around the world. But something terrible has happened aboard and it's your job to find out how your sister is involved while trying to save her life. 

It's hard to say much about it without spoiling the fun, but Close to the Sun is certainly interesting. It's very slow paced and involves a lot of walking, poking and prodding various puzzles, but the atmospheric vibe and storyline of this game are pretty darned good. Especially if you love the idea of Nikola Tesla as a mad-scientist unleashing hell on earth. We thoroughly enjoyed The Invisible Hours which had a similar alternative universe vibe to it and Close to the Sun is similar, only slightly more bonkers. 

Best racing games

Dirt Rally 2.0


  • Type: Rally/racing sim
  • What makes it interesting? Off-road racing with authentic racing mechanics and awesomely fun cars
  • Publisher: Codemasters
  • Developer: Codemasters Racing Studio
  • Platform: Steam
  • See it on Steam

DiRT Rally is back with another heart-pounding, edge-of-your-seat racing sim. DiRT Rally 2.0 offers a selection of iconic rally locations, with some of the most powerful off-road vehicles ever made available to race.

We loved the original DiRT rally and this new game is equally as awesome. It's a more immersive experience this time around too with authentic handling, real-life locations and an intense driving experience that you'll love. 

With over 50 cars available to tune, drive and race, DiRT Rally 2.0 is a blast. VR support is also coming soon

Project Cars 2


  • Type: Racing/driving sim with VR support
  • What makes it interesting? Over 180 cars to race on a variety of surfaces with dynamic surface and weather effects
  • Publisher: Bandai Namco
  • Developer: Slightly Mad Studios
  • Platform: Steam
  • See it at Fanatical

If you're a committed motor-racing enthusiast then Project Cars 2 is almost certainly a must-buy. It's bristling with cars, tracks and really great design that includes dynamic surface and weather effects that result in a thrilling driving experience. 

Project Cars 2 has 180 cars and more to play around with. It also boasts VR support for Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and Windows Mixed Reality headsets and the ability to support up to 12K visuals too. Superbly stunning. 

Best Real-Time Strategy (RTS)

Company of Heroes 2


  • Type: WW2 military RTS
  • What makes it interesting? A fantastic military RTS with a variety of forces to play around with
  • Publisher: SEGA
  • Developer: Relic Entertainment
  • Platform: Steam
  • See it at Fanatical

Company of Heroes 2 might be getting on in years, but it's still one of our favourite RTS games. This is a brilliant military real-time strategy game with plenty of fun to be had. 

Play alone or with friends against bots or real opponents, using a variety of armies on various battlefronts. Employ your favourite commanders and assault forces and push your way to victory. 

We'll be adding to this list in future, so let us know in the comments any of your favourites we might have missed.  

Total War: Warhammer II


  • Type: Fantasy RTS
  • What makes it interesting? Turn-based fun in the Warhammer universe from the masterful Total War series
  • Publisher: SEGA
  • Developer: Creative Assembly
  • Platform: Steam
  • See it at Fanatical

Total War is a name that's synonymous with incredible RTS games. This is a franchise with some serious muscle. Throw in some Warhammer myth and magic, epic real-time battles and world-spanning conquest and you've got some seriously good gameplay. If you're a fan of RTS games, but haven't yet dipped your toe into the Total War franchise, this may well be the place to start. 

Best Co-op games


  • Type: Team-based first-person shooter
  • What makes it interesting? Insanely hard co-op game
  • Publisher: 10 Chambers Collective
  • Developer: 10 Chambers Collective
  • Platform: Steam
  • See it on Steam

GTFO is pitched as a hardcore first-person shooter stealth horror game. The main takeaway from that is the word "hardcore" as this game is insanely difficult. It's designed to be played with friends in a four-man team with close communication, careful planning and a whole lot of stealth. 

Playing any other way will get you battered over and over again. 

The idea is simple enough, you play four prisoners sent down into the depths to complete objectives while surviving against some fairly nasty creatures. It's dark down there and those monsters react to light and sound. Make too much racket and all hell breaks loose. Which it inevitably does regularly, even if you're careful. We didn't find GTFO scary, but it is incredibly tough. So if you're the sort of person who likes a hardcore challenge, then this is for you. It's also early access and will no doubt see many updates in the near future that make it even better. 

World War Z

  • Type: Third-person shooter/co-op zombie shooter
  • What makes it interesting? Masses of character customisation and levelling systems. Uber fast moving zombie hordes. 
  • Publisher: MadDog Games and Focus Home Interactive
  • Developer: Saber Interactive
  • Platform: Epic 
  • See it on Epic Games

World War Z is a third-person shooter based on the film by the same name. It's a four-player cooperative game which pits you and your friends against massive unrelenting swarms of flesh-eating zombies.

This game also lets you explore storylines and characters from around the world - with levels set in New York, Moscow and Jerusalem. But the fun is going to come in the form of unrelenting fast-moving hordes of undead. As well as an "advanced gore and dismemberment system" which is actually incredibly satisfying when you're cutting down the waves of brain-nommers with your buddies.

Unique character classes and the ability to play with your friends make World War Z a blast. It's hard not to compare it to Left 4 Dead, but that's no bad thing as that was an awesome zombie shooter series too. If slaying the undead isn't enough, there's also a multiplayer mode for battling it out against other players online. 

Wolfenstein: Youngblood


  • Type: First-person co-op shooter
  • What makes it interesting? blasting Nazis with your pal while playing as BJ Blazkowicz’s twin daughters.
  • Publisher: Bethesda Softworks
  • Developer: Machine Games, Arkane Studios
  • Platform: Steam
  • See it on Steam

More brilliance from the Wolfenstein franchise, this time with full-on co-op gaming glory in Nazi-infested 1980. You play as one of BJ Blazkowicz's twin daughters, kicking Nazi bottoms and taking names. This time around, the action takes place in Nazi-occupied Paris. All the usual over-the-top Nazi weaponry, machinery and more make an appearance and there's plenty of violence too.

Youngblood is certainly not the usual Wolfenstein outing. We get a distinct Destiny vibe off this one. It's an FPS with RPG elements. You visit various areas in Nazi-occupied Paris, complete missions and return to base, only to go out again to the same area for a different mission. It can feel a bit grindy at times, but upgrading your gear, weaponry and skills allows you to find new ways to pound Nazis and open new areas of the individual locations as you go. 

The highlight is certainly the co-op mode. You don't even need to both own the game - if one person has bought the deluxe edition of the game, the other can play the entire thing for free in co-op mode. All they need to do is download the demo and get an invite

Best slashers


  • Type: Multiplayer slasher
  • What makes it interesting? A medieval setting with utterly brutal and unforgiving combat systems
  • Publisher: Triternion
  • Developer: Triternion
  • Platform: Steam
  • See it on Steam

MORDHAU is utter madness and that's why we love it. This is a first-person multiplayer slasher that puts you into a fictional world on a bloodied battlefield facing off against a mass of other players baying for your blood. 

Select your character class, grab your gear and charge into war with a blood-curdling battle cry. Swing a long sword and lop off someone's noggin or batter their brains with a massive axe, the choice is yours. MORDHAU is utterly punishing and you will die a lot, but it's a lot of fun too. It's hard not to make comparisons Chivalry: Medieval Warfare but that's no bad thing as that game was also a lot of fun.