Bored at Work? These 23 Awesome Desk Toys Make Your Day a Little More Bearable

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Whether it’s returning emails, running around to meetings, making calls or actually doing work, making it through the day at your job is often stressful. Sure, you can step away from the desk and grab a coffee for a bit of relief, but there are some days when you’re incapable of leaving. So what to do for a respite? The solution lies at your fingertips — with a good desk toy.

The best desk toys don’t need to be actual toys (although they certainly can be), but rather trinkets and items that can help you de-stress from the daily grind. Whether it’s something that offers a bit of amusement or a moment of relief, there’s something here for everyone. We’ve rounded up 23 of our favorite desk toys to help you through the day.

The best desk toys also make for excellent stocking stuffers and Secret Santa gifts, and so we’ve tried to select as many desk toys under $25 as possible.

Have fun!


1. Buddha Board Desk Toy


Remember the Etch A Sketch you had as a kid? The Buddha Board is a more adult version of that beloved toy, specifically designed to evoke a zen-like state. Fill up the base with water and then dip in the bamboo pen to create ink-like drawings across the canvas that disappear after a few minutes, helping to evoke a feeling of letting go. As you paint, remember that whatever stressor currently occupying your mind will eventually fade, just as the ink on this canvas does.

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Buddha Board Desk Toy Buy: Buddha Board Desk Toy $37.95

2. G-WACK Sculpture Desk Toy


Flex your creative muscles and channel your inner artist with this DIY sculpture desk toy that lets you shape tiny metal balls into whatever shape you desire. This is one of the best desk toys since it’s a more soothing alternative to other distractions at work, doubling as art while it helps relieve stress on your desktop. One reviewer who frequently deals with disgruntled clients at her job claims that this G-WACK toy keeps her calm and focused.

G-WACK Sculpture Desk Toy Buy: G-WACK Sculpture Desk Toy $16.99 (orig. $26.99) 37% OFF

3. Game & Watch: Super Mario Bros Desk Toy


A serious piece of gaming history, the Game & Watch system was Nintendo’s first handheld gaming console. This one is a tribute to that first rendition with a new update, including a digital clock that’s ideal for decorating your workspace. Stay on time with work and meetings, and if you have a free moment, get in a few games of Super Mario Bros. Suitable for single-player or two-player games.

game and watch super mario Buy: Game & Watch: Super Mario Bros Desk Toy $41.75 (orig. $59.99) 30% OFF

4. Qiyun Stealing Coin Cat Desk Toy


The Internet has proven that cats and anything even remotely cat-adjacent are delightful. If you find yourself yearning for something that sparks joy during the middle of a workday, this desk toy from Qiyun will pop right up and help. By placing coins into the saucer, an adorable cat will spring out to take them into safekeeping for you. It’s not a piggy bank; it’s a kitty bank. Make sure to stock up, as we’ve got a feeling you’ll be feeding it time and time again.

Qiyun Stealing Coin Cat Desk Toy Buy: Qiyun Stealing Coin Cat Desk Toy $1.40 (orig. $14.48) 90% OFF

5. Pure Brass Gear Fidget Spinner


This cool fidget spinner isn’t your ordinary stress toy. The cube-shaped fidget device has a series of interlocking gears that satisfyingly spin together, and the brass construction gives it a satisfying weight in your hand.

pure brass fidget spinner

Buy: Pure Brass Fidget Spinner $7.00 (orig. $13.99) 50% OFF


6. Spider in a Box Prank


Are you the office jokester? Do you aspire to prank at the level of Jim from The Office? Then you’ll appreciate the original spider in a box prank. When an unsuspecting office mate opens this box, a “spider” leaps out at them. This is also one of our favorite gag gifts.

funnyfams spider prank box Buy: Spider in a Box Prank $14.99 (orig. $24.99) 40% OFF

7. Miniature Wacky Wavy Inflatable Arms Guy


This is one of the most popular stocking stuffers ever featured on SPY, and it’s one of the best desk toys for making conversation.

Mini Wacky Waving Inflatable Tube Guy Buy: Miniature Wacky Wavy Inflatable Arms Guy $11.66 (orig. $12.95) 10% OFF

8. LEGO Succulents Plant Decor Building Kit


Look no further than this desk toy if you love plants and LEGOs. The LEGO succulents plant-building kit, designed for users 18+, proves that these building blocks are indeed for adults. Consisting of nine buildable succulents, this unique faux plant set will enhance your desktop or office decor once it’s complete. And while you’re still building it, it’ll provide a serene break from screen time.

LEGO Succulents Plant Decor Building Kit Buy: LEGO Succulents Plant Decor Building Kit $49.99

9. Whimsyyy Dynamic Sand Art Toy


Sand art never gets old. It’s dreamy, mimics nature and always conjures up something new. Sold in a range of colors, this sand art toy comes in an attractive frame that’ll fit right in with the rest of your desk decor. The continuous flow of sand painting can help relieve the eye fatigue our screens often cause.

Whimsyyy Dynamic Sand Art Toy Buy: Whimsyyy Dynamic Sand Art Toy $15.92 (orig. $18.55) 14% OFF

10. SHASHIBO Shape Shifting Box


Another SPY reader-favorite, Shashibo’s award-winning box is a shape-shifter we can’t get enough of, earning it a spot as one of the best desk toys. Know as a fidget cube, this modern-day magnetic take on the Rubix cube uses 36 rare earth magnets to transform into over 70 shapes. The ultimate sensory stimulator, this cube is filled with stress-busting colors, sounds and shapes. You can even buy additional magnetic cubes to create larger-scale structures. Available in a ton of trippy patterns.

SHASHIBO Shape Shifting Box Buy: SHASHIBO Shape Shifting Box $25.00

11. BE Good Executive Sandbox Golf


When you don’t have time to get to the golf course, invest in a golf-themed desk sandbox to simultaneously challenge yourself and relax. There’s no feeling more satisfying than raking that sand, chipping onto the green, putting and moving the green around for the next hole. Great for keeping your hands busy during phone calls, this is the best desk toy for avid golfers and comes with metal accessories for added durability.

BE Good Executive Sandbox Golf Buy: BE Good Executive Sandbox Golf $24.99

12. Chroma Cube Game


This stylish puzzle requires you to arrange cubes in their tray using the clues on each card. With clues like “coral sits next to a color found in the Irish flag” and “emerald only knows colors that are four letters long,” your mind will work hard to put these rainbow cubes in their proper place. Once everything has been arranged, the cubes look like a piece of modern art, making it a think piece that also looks good.

Chroma Cube Game Buy: Chroma Cube Game $20.00

13. Super Magnetic Putty


As kids, playing with silly putty was straight-up addictive. Fortunately, someone invented this iron-based putty, so we never have to stop. This charged-up putty is made from metal, magnets and silicone. Place it nearby the included magnet, and within a few seconds, the putty will stretch itself out towards the magnet as if it were alive! If you press the magnet in the putty, the whole thing becomes a makeshift magnet for paperclips, tacks and more.

Super Magnetic Putty Buy: Super Magnetic Putty $14.00

14. Speks Geode Magnetic Fidget Sphere


This 12-piece set of pentagons, available in eight colors, makes up a magnetic fidget sphere that’s hard to put down. A round alternative to the popular fidget cubes, you can do everything with this geometric sensory object, from snapping to shaking. No matter what chaos you put them through, these magnets will self-align again every time. Over 100 combination possibilities help unlock new thinking patterns and make you more productive.

Speks Geode Magnetic Fidget Sphere Buy: Speks Geode Magnetic Fidget Sphere $29.95

15. Toysmuth Euler’s Disk


This combines physics with art to create a mesmerizing light and sound show. The disk rotates to generate a mind-melding display of sound and light. A multi-colored wonder for anyone who doesn’t want the look of a fidget spinner but does want the benefit — with an extra dose of science — this is your best bet.

Toysmuth Euler’s Disk Buy: Toysmuth Euler’s Disk $38.00

16. Swinging Sticks Kinetic Energy Sculpture


This swinging metal stick sculpture might not be the cheapest fidget toy out there, but it is a striking minimalist piece of art that’s also extremely fun to play with. This sculpture gives the illusion of perpetual movement with its cleverly engineered double pendulum. It seemingly defies gravity thanks to a double pendulum that creates a fluid, relaxing rotation. The result is a hypnotic motion that’s almost meditative to watch.

Swinging Sticks Kinetic Energy Sculpture Buy: Swinging Sticks Kinetic Energy Sculpture $98.00


17. Funko Pop! Deluxe: Stranger Things Build A Scene


Funko Pop! is one of the best desk toys based on how customizable their tiny themed figurines are — and the fact that you can find them in a diverse range of TV and movie character themes. Since Stranger Things released its fourth season recently, it’s only fitting to include this detailed Build-A-Scene series featuring Eleven, Will and Demogorgon. Opt for different characters or buy all three to mix and match to your heart’s desire.

Funko Pop! Deluxe: Stranger Things Build A Scene - Demogorgon Buy: Funko Pop! Deluxe: Stranger Things Build A Scene - Demogorgon $29.74

18. Tech Tools Punching Ball Desk Toy


Sometimes work is just so frustrating that you want to punch something — which is where this Tech Tools desk toy comes into play. A suction cup base allows the bag to be affixed to any surface around your desk or office. With a bouncy and resilient spring, you can wail on this to your heart’s content,  taking out the frustration accumulated throughout a given day. And should the bag start to run out of air, there’s an included pump to bring it back up to fighting shape — pun intended.

Tech Tools Desk Punching Ball Buy: Tech Tools Desk Punching Ball $20.95 (orig. $29.95) 30% OFF

19. Avtion Mini Basketball Desk Toy


If you’re the kind of person who views a trash can as just another rim, you’ll want to get your shots up with this Avtion Basketball desk toy. The foldable hoop collapses, making it lightweight and easy to put away for future use. Perhaps most importantly, the ball is attached to a string, so you’ll never lose track of it. Get those shots up!

Avtion Desk Mini Basketball Game Buy: Avtion Desk Mini Basketball Game $13.59

20. The Mandalorian Funko Pop Desk Toy


The greatest thing about Funko Pops! is that there is one for everyone and every interest. So even if you don’t like this Boba Fett from Star Wars: The Mandalorian, there’s bound to be a Funko Pop! for you — it’s just a matter of choosing one that best fits and represents your personality. Although we’ve got to admit that there’s something about this little Boba that makes us want to sit it on our desktop and be our lil’ buddy.

Funko POP Star Wars The Mandalorian Boba Fett Buy: Funko POP Star Wars The Mandalorian Boba Fett $8.49 (orig. $11.99) 29% OFF

21. Infinity Cube Fidget Desk Toy


Sometimes the best desk toys are ones you fuss and fidget over during other work. Case-in-point: this fidget cube from Infinity. The cube can be configured into any number of different settings, whether it’s a long rectangle or even another cube variation. Built out of tough plastic blocks linked with durable metal rivets, it’s more than capable of handling the constant flipping and flopping without ever breaking apart.

Infinity Cube Fidget Desk Toy Buy: Infinity Cube Fidget Desk Toy $8.95

22. Bob Ross by the Numbers Mini Painting Desk Toy


We don’t think that legendary painter Bob Ross was a practicing Buddhist, but it’s easy to think of him as a modern-day Zen Master. You can channel your inner Ross with this mini paint-by-numbers desk toy set. Complete with tiny paints and even a miniature easel, you’ll soon be on your way to painting any number of happy little trees.

Bob Ross by the Numbers Mini Painting Desk Toy Buy: Bob Ross by the Numbers Mini Painting Desk Toy $7.39 (orig. $9.95) 26% OFF

23. Golden Security Mini Arcade Game Desk Toy

Boasting over 200 kinds of arcade games across various genres, including puzzle, action, adventure, table and more, this mini arcade desk toy from RUIER is great to fire up between tasks. Chill out with relaxing options like video poker or take things up a notch with a fighting game — the possibilities are almost endless. Plus, RUIER’s device has a special backlit screen that makes it easy to see, even in harsh office lighting.

Golden Security Mini Arcade Game Desk Toy Buy: Golden Security Mini Arcade Game Desk Toy $43.98 (orig. $49.99) 12% OFF

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