Bring Some Healthy Competition to the Pool This Summer With One of These Pool Basketball Hoops

There’s nothing better than lounging poolside and soaking up some rays during these warmer summer months. As the temperature rises, we’re all looking for ways to cool off and take advantage of the shining sun while we have it. But, spending all afternoon lying around can get a little dull after a while, and it’s nice to have ways to spice it up. What better way to shake up a long afternoon than with a little friendly competition?

Pool basketball hoops are an easy, fun and accessible way to take the game to the pool and instantly transform your chilled out oasis into tournament central. Pass, dive, aim and dunk the ball all while staying cool and refreshed in your pool. These hoops are designed to stay steady while you flex your skills and school your friends and family all summer long.

Whether you’re looking for a heavy-duty hoop that’ll last through hours of intense game play, or a chill flotation device for younger children to practice on, we’ve gathered our favorite pool basketball hoops to use this summer and beyond.

1. GoSports PRO Pool Basketball Hoop


This pool basketball hoop from GoSports is one of the best ones we’ve found for showing off those bball skills in warmer weather. It’s got a robust construction with a wide 34″ x 25″ backboard, secure 14″ hoop and weighted base that won’t fall or shift during your impressive dunks. This set includes two inflatable water basketballs that are designed to last and is easy to setup. All it takes is a quick filling of the base with water for this hoop to stake its claim poolside and lay the groundwork for you to enjoy hours of friendly competitive fun.

GoSports PRO pool basketball hoop


2. GoSports Splash Hoop 360 Pool Basketball Hoop


Rather than sitting on the sidelines this pool is in the action, floating on the water and accessible from anywhere for a killer shot or IG-worthy dunk. It has a modern, sturdy design that’s designed to withstand splashing and tumultuous gameplay. It can also be put together easily in just a few seconds, and doesn’t require tools. It comes with a compatible pump and two aquatic basketballs made for the pool. It’s about 21″ tall and 19″ long, large enough for competitive play without taking up too much space in your chill zone.

GoSports 360 pool basketball hoop

Buy: GoSports PRO 360 Pool Basketball Hoop $34.19


3. Fun Knuckles Hoop Shark Swimming Pool Basketball Hoop


This inflatable basketball hoop from Fun Knuckles is perfect for playing a game of bball and splashing around at the same time. It’s made of high-quality, durable materials and has a geometric shape that stays upright even during rough play. It has large valves that allow for quick inflation and deflation, so it’s easy to set up, take down and bring with you wherever you want to go.

fun knuckles basketball, pool basketball hoop hoop,

Buy: Fun Knuckles Pool Basketball hoop $42.97


4. Dunnrite Products Pool Sport 2-in-1 Basketball Hoop


This basketball hoop set from Dunnrite Products comes with two different athletic setups to choose from. It includes two 17″ wide x 19″ deep x 38″ tall bases which can be used as a basketball hoop or you can string a volleyball net between them and volley some aquatic balls back and forth. The rim is made of vinyl-coated stainless steel and has a white all-weather net that will last through years of use in the elements. The basketball hoop stands at a height about 36 inches above the deck, and the volleyball net can span across a maximum distance of 22′.

Dunnrite Products 2-in-1 basketball hoop, pool basketball hoop


5. Wave Runner Swoosh 360 Pool Basketball Hoop


This pool basketball hoop from Wave Runner is perfect for a variety of games beyond basketball. It’s a great hoop for a classic game, but also comes with a basketball specifically designed for skipping, and includes baskets on the sides of the hoop labeled with certain numbers of points. The set also comes with a standard inflatable basketball designed to be used in water. It’s made of long-lasting vinyl that’s designed to not tear even after long hours of playtime, and comes in two different color combinations.

wave runner basketball hoop, pool basketball hoop

Buy: Wave Runner Swoosh 360 Pool Basketball Hoop $54.95


6. Swimline Cool Jam Pool Basketball Hoop


This pool basketball hoop has a super wide backboard that measures 44″ across so if you’re still working on your perfect trick shot, this is a great option. It’s commercial quality and has multiple height options that you can adjust between based on the level of play you want and the size of the players. It also comes with a regulation-sized game ball, a metal hoop and a more heavy-duty net than your typical non-aquatic basketball hoop. It also ships in frustration-free packaging so getting it unwrapped and set up should be a breeze.

Swimline Cool Jam Pro pool basketball hoop

Buy: Swimline Cool Jam Pro Super-Wide Basketball Hoop $259.96


7. Intex Inflatable Pool Basketball Hoop


This inflatable pool basketball hoop is simply designed with a wide rim and a water-resistant net that’s vinyl like the rest of the hoop, and durable enough to keep up with game play. It comes with an inflatable basketball that’s easy to set up and perfect for use in a pool. It also has a repair patch custom-made for the material of this hoop so a tear or rip shouldn’t stop the tournament for too long. It floats lightly and moves easily so it’s perfect to use with small children or kids just learning how to swim. It’s also short enough to use as a hoop for little kids outside of pool, if they want to practice not wearing their swimsuits.

intext floating pool basketball hoop

Buy: Intex Inflatable Pool Basketball Hoop $15.75


8. COOP Hydro Springs Pool Basketball Hoop


This inflatable basketball set is the brightly colored pool toy you need this summer to keep things lively and full of competitive spice. It springs open and closed easily so you can start playing whenever you want and is perfect for participants ages 5 and up. It has a twist and fold design so storing it and carrying it with you to a friend’s house is easy, and it includes a portable storage bag tailored to its exact size.

COOP Hydro pool basketball hoop