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This post is part of a paid partnership with Laundrapp

Lockdown is easing they say…  Well not here and not in many other households across the UK where our kids aren’t able to return to school yet. We are still very much feeling the effects of lockdown.  Parents and let’s be honest (mostly) mums up and down the country are still supposed to be mummy, teacher, cook, cleaner and laundry master – oh and we need to somehow be creating me time and maybe time for our relationship with our husband or partner too!!  All this should be done whilst trying not to eat the contents of the fridge or drink all the wine!   

creating me time with laundrapp

 Has anyone found a way to do all of this successfully?  I doubt it!

I certainly have not nailed being all these things at once and so I have basically given up on creating me time.  There just hasn’t been any time for me at all!!   At this stage of lockdown, the house looks like a children’s classroom and toy shop threw up on it and the laundry – well the laundry is drowning us all.  So something does need to give and I don’t want it to me and my sanity so finding a way for creating me time is now an essential, but how?  Well… in charged Laundrapp to save the day with possibly the best opportunity I have ever received.  They offered to do my laundry for me!

So, I took a leaf out of the corporate handbook and I outsourced the laundry in an attempt to stop my face looking like this!!  Read on for your special offer…

Creating me time - woman with grumpy face at the washing machine



If you are a bit like what???? She did what???  Then you didn’t misread Laundrapp is a laundry service which makes it possible to have your laundry collected from your house and delivered back to you washed and folded or dry cleaned.  I know it sounds like a dream, but it is actually reality and all thanks to the clever peeps at Laundrapp

Laundrapp works in over 30 cities in the UK and has a long list of available services including washing standard laundry loads, washing and ironing shirts, washing bedding and dry cleaning services and you can arrange it all without leaving the sofa or in my case whilst trying to wrangle 4 kids into sitting down for some learning during lockdown.



You simply visit Laundrapp online or download the app which is what I did and check that they can deliver to your postcode.  You then just chose the services you would like, select a collection time and delivery time and wait for the collection. I found the app really handy as you can quickly check when the collection is due and it is very intuitive as you go through the ordering process for the first time. 

When the time comes for your laundry to be collected someone will arrive at your door and provide you with the bags to put your items in.  The guy who came to our house was so friendly and courteous and as I was new to everything explained where I needed to put the laundry as opposed to the dry cleaning which I found very helpful.  Then off he went with my kids washing and my bed sheets.  You can even add to your order at the point of collection if you need to and you simply get an email detailing the additional requests.  How helpful is that?  



I found using Laundrapp really straight forward and the service was great.  My laundry return was delayed by a few hours so I was contacted by customer services first by text to alert me to the fact there was a slight delay and then by email as a follow up to explain why. 

It turns out there was a stain on my pillow case which did not come off the first time so they re-cleaned it to make sure that it met their standards.  I mean who can be unhappy with that level of service.  I was so impressed with that!  I would much rather have a company contact me and let me know what is going on and make sure that standards were right rather than rush and send back a substandard product.

creating me time with laundry done by laundrapp

My washing was then returned as promised once the stain was removed and I am really impressed with the results.  With the general laundry your clothes are washed, dried and folded so if you feel the need to iron they are ready for you to do that, but if you, like me, have given up on ironing then they are ready to put away.

There are other services of course and my super king duvet set was washed and pressed.  You can also get shirts and dresses cleaned and pressed amongst other things.  Check out the site because there are loads of services available and you can even buy credits to use at a later date for repeat items like shirts.


Of course, getting someone else to do your laundry is going to cost more than doing it yourself.  It costs more in terms of the price of electricity you would use at home if you did your own laundry, but creating me time has a value too as far as I am concerned and giving me back even just some of the time I usually spend on laundry is totally worth it to me.  

To give you an idea for £15 you can send in up to 8 KG of washing.  It all needs to be able to be washed at 30 degrees and be tumble dried on medium. For us this equated to about 2 loads of kids and adults’ clothes.  It is the summer though so our clothes may be lighter.  Still taking anywhere close to two loads of dirty washing away and returning it to me less than 48 hrs later folded and ready to put away is literally living the dream for me.

If you are looking at  dry cleaning costs then I have found Laundrapp to be really competitive with my local dry cleaners, but there is the added advantage of contactless drop off and collection and not having to actually go to the dry cleaners.

Laundrapp are currently offering my readers £10 off your first service if you spend £25+.  This is for new customers only and the code is valid until 26th July 2020.  Just use code BABY10



 I can see a few reasons why Laundrapp would really work for me and my family. 

  1.       The first is that I hate doing the laundry.  Well actually I don’t hate doing it; I hate the fact that I am ALWAYS doing laundry in some way shape or form…  Either I am sorting laundry, putting it in the machine, hanging it out or folding it up or it is sitting there in the corner of the lounge giving me the evil eye as I haven’t yet put it away… 
  2.       With four kids and a husband, who all seem to think that the second they even look at an item of clothing it must be washed, there is a lot of laundry to be done in this household and I find it hard to keep up.  This is the washing pile generated in just 24 hours and doesn’t include his or mineWashing pile to be cleaned by Laundrapp
  3.       The British weather; doing all my laundry, painful as it is, is possible during the summer months but in the Winter, I really struggle to get everything washed and dried without having every door covered in wet towels and sheets. 
  4.       No tumble drier – this is related to the last point, but we don’t have a tumble dryer and we don’t have space for one in our kitchen so being able to send out my laundry to be done when it is wet outside could be a game changer here
  5.       Washing all the sheets each week takes up a lot of washing machine time and then drying real estate so I think it would be really useful to be able to send these to be cleaned and ironed. Clean sheet day is genuinely my favourite day of the week…
  6.       Creating me time – I do keep harping on about this, but honestly it is so important for us all to still have some time where we are not doing something for someone else even during lockdown and no going to the loo doesn’t count….



In total I think using Laundrapp probably saved me at least 1.5 hrs when I look at how long it takes me to strip beds, sort laundry, put on the washing, hang out and take in the washing, fold it and remake the beds. So, I was definitely creating me time when using the Laundrapp service, but what did I do with it?  Well this:

Creating me time with Laundrapp

This is what I did with it. Nothing just nothing….  I lay in the garden and watched the clouds go by and once I was done with that, I read my book in peace and quiet. 

With all the kids at home at the moment I usually sort the laundry whilst they are having breakfast or during lunch when they are allowed to turn on the TV.  This week when it came to that time there was no laundry to be done and so the mission of creating me time was accomplished.  The kids were occupied and I wasn’t so relaxation in the garden was the order of the day.


100% I will!  I will definitely be using the Laundrapp service for times when we are overloaded with washing for example when we get back from holiday or camping or even when it has been raining a lot.  I also think that I will use the service for my bed sheets as washing those takes up a lot of time in the washing machine.  With 6 people in the house that is at least 3 or 4 loads of washing each week before I even start on the clothes and the sheets that I had cleaned this time came back beautifully.  Even the fitted sheet was amazingly ironed and folded and we all know that’s a mission!

Thank you again to Laundrapp for giving me a chance to try out their laundry services and helping me create a little bit of space for me in this crazy time.


If you would like to try out Laundrapp for yourself remember you can use my discount code BABY10 to get £10 off your first order over £25

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