Creative Storage Solution Ideas For Your Home

Finding places to store stuff can be difficult (especially if your home is on the small side). While you may be able to tackle this problem by decluttering, not all of us are prepared to live totally minimal lives. Below are just a few creative ways in which you can increase storage space in your home so that you have more space to store all of your things.

Use ottomans and poufs

Ottomans and poufs can make great footrests and can also serve as useful extra seating for guests. They can also be great storage solutions for storing all that excess living room clutter such as bills, controllers, kids’ toys, games and DVDs. Of course, you don’t have to use them for living room clutter – an ottoman or pouf could be an extra place to put books, shoes or even bedding.

Covert alcoves and unused corners

book case under stairs

You should consider if any of your rooms contain unused corners or alcoves. These could be used to place extra storage units such as shelves or fitted cabinets. An alcove in an oddly shaped bedroom could be a great place to put a fitted wardrobe. An unused corner behind a sofa could meanwhile be a great place to put a storage tower for books or games.


Use the space under your bed

A lot of us store items underneath beds. To fully make use of this space, it could be worth switching to a bed with compartments such as these Divan bed sets. This allows you to store things under your bed out of sight and in a more organised manner. 

Use the backs of doors

Backs of doors are often spaces that are unused, however, they can be great for hanging stuff on. A bedroom door could be a perfect place to hang robes, while a bathroom door could be used to hang towels. If you’ve got a small cramped kitchen, you could even consider hanging items from the back of the kitchen door or even on the refrigerator door (there are racks that you can buy for this purpose). Just be wary that doors shouldn’t be used to hang anything heavy from.

Consider a bathtub with storage

Most bathtubs are hidden by a side panel. Take away this side panel and you’ll notice that there’s usually space beside or even beneath the tub depending on the shape and depth. This could be a great place to store some of your bathroom clutter – just take a look at this use of bathtub storage at Cool Things

Use the space beneath your staircase

It’s common for staircases to have storage space beneath but this is rarely fully utilised. A great way to make better use of this space could be to turn it into cabinets of shelving. These staircase bookshelves are a great example of just what you can do with this space if you’re willing to get creative.

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