Deck Your Car Out With These Fun and Festive Christmas Decorations

Some people spend days (or weeks) decorating their homes for the holidays, but how many people go to the next level and take the time to decorate their car? The average American spends around an hour behind the wheel each day (or way more if you live in high-density cities, such as Los Angeles). This means giving your car a little holiday TLC could go a long way to helping get you — and the people around you — into the festive spirit.

Are Christmas Car Decorations Legal?

There are a few essential rules to remember when transforming your ride into one that’s North Pole-friendly. Safety and legality rank right at the top. If you’re hoping to stay off Santa’s naughty list this year, ensure there are no obstructions to your view when installing Christmas car decorations. No matter how shiny, funny or festive a decoration is, nothing is more important than a clear line of sight for you and those around you while driving.

However, as long as you obey the lighting laws and keep your line of sight clear, most Christmas car decorations are entirely legal.

How to Power Christmas Car Decorations

Choosing user-friendly car decorations that don’t require a massive power supply is also something to keep in mind. Unless you’ve got pockets full of magical pixie power dust, you must easily power your Christmas car decorations. Some items will require batteries, some will be solar-powered and others will run from your car’s cigarette lighter. Just make sure the decorations don’t need a socket-powered electricity source if you plan to use them in your vehicle.

The Best Christmas Car Decorations of 2021

Before we get into the best Christmas car decorations available this year, we should mention sustainability. When it comes to choosing what to buy, we recommend choosing higher-quality products that will last for several seasons. Ensuring that we buy products we can use every year is great for your bank account and the environment.

Drive and arrive in style this festive season by decorating your vehicle. Whether a few window snowflakes, a themed air freshener or a complete makeover, having some Christmas decor around us at all times during the holiday season can really help enhance the festive feelings. Read on to learn more about our 27 picks for the best Christmas car decorations for this year.


1. MAGOTAN Multi-Color String Christmas Lights


One of the best ways to create a festive feeling is iconic colored Christmas lights. These MAGOTAN Multi-Color String Lights are sure to jazz up your car and spread holiday cheers as you cruise around the neighborhood this Christmas. They’re eco-friendly with LED bulbs, battery operated with three AA’s and available in several lengths and colors, including icy white. Plus, they have eight built-in modes, including seven flashing options. They also have an auto-timer with an option for six hours on and 18 hours off.

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christmas car decorations- MAGOTAN Multi-Color String Christmas Lights

Buy: MAGOTAN Multi-Color String Christmas Lights $17.99


2. Christmas Car Decorating Kit


Deck your car out with this Christmas car decorating kit. It comes with one green float twist and one red foil fringe with adhesive so you can stick it on quickly and begin spreading cheer wherever the road may take you.

Christmas Car Decorating Kit

Buy: Christmas Car Decorating Kit $38.99


3. MyMiniFactory Car Christmas Decorations


Yes, you can give the interior of your car a little Christmas cheer without spending a lot of money. The MyMiniFactor Car Christmas Decorations clip directly onto your car’s air vents, allowing you to get in the holiday spirit every time you look down. The pack has four clips, with designs ranging from a glittery Christmas tree to a snowman. Plus, these decorations are super easy to put on and take off, so you can strip down the vents come December 26.

christmas car decorations myminifactory

Buy: MyMiniFactory Car Christmas Decorations $7.95


4.  Merry Christmas Car Floor Mat

Ride around in style with this set of Merry Christmas floor mats. Red with white script, they come adorned with reindeer and ornament images to make the look complete. When purchasing this set from Zazzle, you have the option of ordering two or four mats.

Merry Christmas Car Floor Mat

Buy: Merry Christmas Car Floor Mat $88.15


5. DesignsbyLindaNeeToo Christmas Car Coaster


We’ll admit, a lot of the Christmas car decorations on this list are a little flashy. Their intended purpose is to show everyone on the road that you’re really into Christmas. But, if that isn’t your vibe, we have just the car decorations for you. Add the DesignsbyLindaNeeToo to the bottom of your cup holders so that you and whoever else is in the front seat will be able to enjoy them. As a bonus, these coasters also protect the interior of your cup holders so that they don’t get all gunked up from spilled coffee or soda.

christmas car decorations designsbylindaneetoo

Buy: DesignsbyLindaNeeToo Christmas Car Coaster $7.95


6. LaserSharkSVG Christmas License Plates


Although some states require both a front and a back license plate to be visible on a car, other states do not. That leaves the front license plate space open for decorative plaques, like the LaserShark SVG Christmas License plates. These decorations come in a pack of six, so there’s one for every car in your household. And, they boast sayings like “Ho Ho Ho” and “Bahumbug,” along with Christmas colors and motifs.

christmas car decorations- LaserSharkSVG Christmas License Plates

Buy: LaserSharkSVG Christmas License Plates $7.95


7. Garma White Snowflake Window Decorations


So long as you don’t block your front, back or side views, decorating the windows of a car is fair game. These snowflake window decals are ideal for that purpose. The pack comes with 428 pieces of varying shapes or sizes, so you can use as many or as few as you’d like. Then, use the rest to decorate the windows of your home. These decals are perfect for kids as they only require them to peel and stick directly onto a glass surface. Plus, you can reuse them year after year.

christmas car decorations - Garma White Snowflake Window Decorations

Buy: Garma White Snowflake Window Decorations $8.59


8. Graphics and More Merry Christmas Car Flag


You might already have a car flag for your favorite university or to celebrate the 4th of July, but do you have a Christmas car flag? These easy-to-use Christmas decorations sit between your car window and the door frame to give you a flying, above-the-car flag as you drive down the highway. This version of the popular piece boasts two reindeer and a large “Merry Christmas” for all to see.

christmas car decorations - Graphics and More Merry Christmas Car Flag

Buy: Graphics and More Merry Christmas Car Flag $9.99


9. Blulu Reflective Christmas Car Magnets Set


For flat holiday light decor, the Blulu Christmas Car Magnets are ideal. The 12-piece package includes two magnets in each color (red, yellow, green, blue, orange, and pink) along with eight extra wires which you can use to build links. All of the magnets use reflective technology that meets the standards of street signs and provides high night visibility. They arrive in a bulb-shaped box, making them an excellent gift.

Blulu Reflective Christmas Car Magnets Set

Buy: Blulu Reflective Christmas Car Magnets Set $9.99


10. NetherlandCrafts Mini Christmas Stocking


There’s something about Christmas that pairs perfectly with handmade goods. That’s why we love the NetehrlandCrafts Mini Christmas Stocking. Each of these stockings is hand-crocheted to order in a color of your choice. They’re ideal for hanging from your rearview mirror for a bit of holiday cheer inside your car. Plus, this decoration measures four inches long by one inch wide, meaning it won’t get in the way of your line of sight out of your windshield.

NetherlandCrafts Mini Christmas Stocking, christmas car decorations

Buy: NetherlandCrafts Mini Christmas Stocking $10.00


11. D-FantiX Santa Legs Christmas Car Magnets Set


Add a festive touch to your car and make it highly visible with the D0FantiX Christmas Car Magnets. The set includes a pair of Santa legs and three presents. Each brightly colored magnet also features reflective paint, creating a decoration that is fun and safe. The strong magnets work on any metal surface, such as cars, mailboxes, and fridges, and won’t scratch or ruin the paint.

D-FantiX Santa Legs Christmas Car Magnets Set

Buy: D-FantiX Santa Legs Christmas Car Magnets Set $10.99


12. Bigtime Signs XL Reflective Magnetic Reindeer Car Kit


For car decorations that little kids will love to see during the holiday season, we like the four-piece set of magnets from Bigtime Signs. Two reindeer and two jingle bells adhere to any metal surface, including a car. The friendly reindeer are inviting to little kids and can be placed near lights or windows to make it appear like the reindeer is leaning out to wave at those passing by.

Bigtime Signs XL 4 Piece Reflective Magnetic Reindeer Car Kit

Buy: Bigtime Signs XL Reflective Magnetic Reindeer Car Kit $13.95


13. KOVOT Reindeer Car Set Antlers


Let Rudolph lead the way with this KOVOT classic reindeer car set. Transform your ride into Santa’s most loyal pathfinder with this pair of 17-inch, auto-friendly antlers, red nose and tail, which are compatible with most cars. Fasten the antlers to your windows, nose to the grill, and tail to the trunk for the full-on festive effect. Then, let the attached jingle bells ring around the town as you ride in style.

christmas car decorations - KOVOT Reindeer Car Set Antlers

Buy: KOVOT Reindeer Car Set Antlers $11.99


14. Santa Snow Spray


If the rest of the Christmas car decorations on our list feel a little too rigid for your tastes, we’ve got just the trick for you. The Santa Snow Spray can help you decorate your car with fake snow in any way you want. Want to write out a Christmas greeting? Go for it! Want to make it look like there’s a mound of snow on every window? Sure thing! This spray can of fake snow is capable of more than covering your car windows, so you can get creative in any way you desire.

christmas car decorations santa snow spray

Buy: Santa Snow Spray $10.29


15. Seseat Big Car Bow


Turn your car into a moving present with an oversized bow from Seseat. Available in 16- and 20-inch options, the bright red bow is excellent for large gifts and making your car look festive while you are zooming around town. Assembly takes mere seconds and adds a pop of Christmas color to any vehicle, instantly making your car, van or truck parade route ready.

Seseat Big Car Bow

Buy: Seseat Big Car Bow $12.77


16. UKKUER Christmas Car Window Sticker


The UKKUER Christmas Car Window Sticker is an excellent choice if you want to get the kids around you on the highway excited. The sticker shows a very realistic Santa Claus conveying the fact that he has a secret. It comes as a set of two, which means you have s shushing Santas for both back windows of your car.  Bonus, the stickers won’t leave any residue behind on your car when it’s time to remove your famous passenger.

ukkuer santa in car window

Buy: UKKUER Christmas Car Window Sticker $12.99


17. LessMo Christmas Balls


While the LessMo Christmas Balls are designed to decorate your Christmas tree, however, you can certainly use them to decorate your car. Hang one from your rearview mirror and one from each door handle to up the festive cheer both in and on your vehicle. The gold shine and sparkles on these balls will occasionally catch the light, so make sure they aren’t too distracting when they do.

lessmo christmas balls ornament

Buy: LessMo Christmas Balls $12.99


18. Faux Wool Steering Wheel Cover


Turn your vehicle into Santa’s sleigh with a luxe-looking faux-fur steering wheel and gearshift cover in rich holiday red. Not only will your hands love the warm and toasty softcover, but the bright red finish will add a festive touch to the interior of any vehicle.

Faux Wool Steering Wheel Cover

Buy: Faux Wool Steering Wheel Cover $13.66


19. ChicWallsDesign Christmas Vinyl Sticker


Simple and appropriate to the holiday season, this vinyl sticker tells the world around you that you wish them a Merry Christmas without going overboard. This sticker uses an all-season material, so you can be confident using it on your car, whether you live in sunny Los Angeles or snowy Michigan. And, as a bonus, the removable decal is available in five different sizes, letting you pick the one most appropriate for your rear window.

chicwallsdesign window detail christmas

Buy: ChicWallsDesign Christmas Vinyl Sticker $15.00


20. WiperTags Abominable Snow Beast WiperTag


If you think your arms are tired from hanging tinsel and wrapping presents, then imagine how the WiperTag Abominable Snow Beast feels. The UV-protected, universal design will fit most rear wipers, but you can trim it down if necessary to suit your car. It can also be mounted upside down, depending on the model of your vehicle. If abominable snowmen aren’t for you, don’t worry. There are plenty of other characters available from WiperTags, including the Grinch.

christmas car decorations wipertags

Buy: WiperTags Abominable Snow Beast WiperTag $19.95


21. Brebrant Multi-Color Lights


Brebrant Multi-Color Lights are high quality and waterproof, thanks to the clear tube in which the LEDs are housed. Bend the durable tubing into shape to fit your car’s interior, and use the remote to control all the different built-in functions. There are eight lighting presents and 10 brightness levels to choose from during operation. Because of this, you might also be able to use these lights for other occasions past the festive season.

christmas car decorations - Brebrant Multi-Color Lights

Buy: Brebrant Multi-Color Lights $13.99


22. WILLBOND Merry Christmas Car Bow


Create ultimate joy and give the gift of a car this Christmas with the WILLBOND Merry Christmas Bow. The 20-inch bow and 20-foot-long ribbon ensure that heads will be turned and eyes will be focused on your chosen four-wheel present this festive season. The bow and ribbon are lightweight waterproof vinyl, making them easy to carry, sturdy enough for secure attachment to your vehicle, and resistant to fading and tearing. Additionally, this decoration can be saved for future use if giving cars as a present is commonplace in your household, or you can also use it to decorate the house.

christmas car decorations willbond

Buy: WILLBOND Merry Christmas Car Bow $17.99


23. Qf Crystal Snowflake Pendant


The beautiful Qf Crystal Snowflake Pendant hangs upon the rearview mirror. It is made of glass and crystal and measures just under three square inches in size. It’s also supplied with a presentation box, making it an excellent idea for a secret Santa gift or a fun surprise for your nearest and dearest. Additionally, you can choose from several different colors and designs, some of which include a pendant for a specific year.

qfkris crystal snowflake

Buy: Qf Crystal Snowflake Pendant $19.99


24. Frienda Car Santa Legs Kit


You’ve probably seen those Halloween decorations of zombies sticking out of the trunk of a car, but whoever said you couldn’t take the same design and apply it to Christmas? This hilarious Santa legs set may be a little macabre, but it’s sure to garner a few laughs. Cute, funny and instantly noticeable, the best part is that it works with every make and model vehicle. The kit also includes LED reindeer antlers and a Rudolf nose for your car too.

frienda car reindeer antler kit

Buy: Frienda Car Santa Legs Kit $19.99


25. PAVILIA Premium Christmas Sherpa Throw Blanket


In many parts of the world, Christmas means cold weather. When the temperatures begin to dip, it’s always a good idea to outfit your car with safety tools, including an ice scraper, a small shovel for snow, and a warm blanket if your car breaks down somewhere remote. Blankets are also great for vehicles that typically have small children or pets in the back seat since these areas often don’t have heated seats and are slower to warm up than the front of the car. With the PAVILIA Premium Christmas Sherpa Throw Blanket, riders are comfy and cozy in the back seat, and the festive design on the blanket will add some holiday cheer.

PAVILIA Premium Christmas Sherpa Throw Blanket

Buy: PAVILIA Premium Christmas Sherpa Throw Blanket $19.99


26. Yankee Candle Ultimate Car Jar Holiday Scents


As much as decorating everywhere at Christmas, including your car, is important, it’s also essential to ensure the smells of all things festive surround you, too. This Christmas selection of Yankee Candle Air Fresheners can do precisely that. With sparkling cinnamon, balsam and cedar, and Christmas cookie included, your car will be the epicenter of Santa’s favorite scents this December.

yankee candle ultimate car jar

Buy: Yankee Candle Ultimate Car Jar Holiday Scents $23.95


27. Tenna Tops Christmas Holiday Car Antenna Toppers


Want a car decoration that is discrete but still puts a smile on the face of other drivers? Then we recommend the playful and easy-to-install Christmas Holiday Car Antenna Toppers from Tenna Tops. The pack of five antenna covers includes a snowman, a gingerbread man, a Christmas tree, a penguin and Santa Claus. Customers can place the fun and festive antenna toppers on the end of their antenna or hang the decorations from their rearview mirror thanks to the complimentary dangler accessory included in each set.

Tenna Tops Christmas Holiday Car Antenna Toppers Buy: Tenna Tops Christmas Holiday Car Antenna Toppers $34.99

28. Tactik Christmas Wreath


A Christmas wreath is one of the most famous traditional decoration pieces, so why wouldn’t you want to have it on the front of your car? Tactik’s weatherproof design ensures that it can remain installed throughout the holidays and will last for multiple seasons, year after year. The wreath’s 16-inch long power cord plugs directly into a 12v cigarette lighter port to illuminate the LEDs. It also has two suction cups, two short cable ties and two long cable ties for secure fastening.

christmas car decorations - Tactik Christmas Wreath

Buy: Tactik Christmas Wreath $39.99


29. LumiSigns Customizable Color License Plate Frame


Light up your license plate with a decoration that spreads some holly, jolly cheer with an LED sign from LumiSigns. Available with the words ‘Merry Christmas’ or ‘Happy Holidays,’ customers can also create a custom license plate sign to help get fellow drivers in the holiday spirit. The weatherproof frame is battery operated, which means no complicated wiring to install. The LumiSign detects when the car is in motion and automatically turns off when parked to help save battery life.

Customizable Color License Plate Frame from LumiSigns Buy: Customizable Color License Plate Frame from LumiSigns

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