DIY Napkin Holders for Every Design Style and Budget

Whether you are inside or out, you can keep your napkins corralled and easy to access with one of these 30 DIY napkin holders.

diy napkin holders for every design style

There are some things you just don’t think about until you have a problem. Flies bothering you? You need a flyswatter. Raining outside? You need an umbrella. Napkins blowing away in the wind? You need a napkin holder! These are all ordinary products you probably have around your home — and if you don’t, you will eventually realize you need them. Of course, just because they are ordinary, doesn’t mean they can’t be visually appealing.

You can find numerous napkin holders in stores. You can even buy one at the dollar store. However, if you want to take your napkin holding game up a notch, you should try making your own. I’ve found 30 DIY napkin holder tutorials that will inspire you to make one of your own! Go ahead. Scroll down and see how an ordinary object can still be visually appealing…

DIY Napkin Holders

Whether you are inside or out, you can keep your napkins corralled and easy to access with one of these 30 DIY napkin holders.


Modern Napkin Holder

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This modern design napkin holder is made using birch plywood. You'll need some power tools, but you can complete this in about 20 minutes (plus some drying time)!


Clothespin Napkin Holder

Learn how to make a clothespin napkin holder on a budget! This craft was so easy to make and you can paint it any color you like. There are a lot of clothespin DIY projects you can make.


Mountain Shaped Napkin Holder

Photo Credit: Cool Hands

This snow capped mountain holds your white napkins beautifully! You will need power tools to create this, but the final results are worth the time and effort, don't you think?


Minimalist Napkin Holder

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This napkin holder was made using a Corian base and brass rings. I like the simple design and classy look!


Vintage Camper Napkin Holder

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Use up some scrap wood and a little paint to make a vintage camper napkin holder. Complete plans are downloadable on this site.


Easy Snowy Mountain Napkin Holder

Photo Credit: Faith Towers Provencher

Wood, acrylic paint and wood glue are the main components of this snowy mountain motif napkin holder. Super easy to make!


Crochet Frog Napkin Holder

Photo Credit: DIY Maycraft

Boy that frog looks like he ate way more than he could handle! Check out this YouTube video to see how to make your own frog napkin holder — a fun crochet idea.


Scrap Wood Napkin Holder

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Viktor used up some scrap wood to make this salt and pepper napkin holder. I love the industrial look!


No Cut Wood Napkin Holder

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Ursula made this wood napkin holder and didn't need to make any cuts! She used wood shapes you can purchase online, glued them together and painted.


Modern Wood Napkin Holder

Photo Credit: Spencley Design Co.

Eric shows you how he made this modern wood napkin holder for his grandmother. You can follow along with his video, or you could purchase his detailed plans.


Herringbone Square Baskets

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Rebecca has provided an easy crochet tutorial for making square baskets with leather handles. These would be perfect for holding napkins!


Target-Inspired Napkin Holder

Photo Credit: Stunning Misadventures

A trip to Target inspired the creation of this napkin holder. Why buy one when you can make it yourself using wood from a free crate?


Wood & Wire Napkin Tray

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This modern design napkin holder was made using wire coat hangers, a piece of wood and wood beads! I like that it holds more than just the napkins.


Patriotic Napkin Holder

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This patriotic napkin holder was made using scrap wood. I love how the striped napkins work with the stars! You could really do any theme, or just leave it plain.


Wood Slice Napkin Holder

Dawn used wood slices for the top and front of this rustic napkin holder. A wood stick was used for the back.


'Skirt' Napkin Holder

Photo Credit: Maison ZiZou

I love the creativity in this napkin holder idea! Can you believe this is made with only cardboard? It would be beautiful for a party table.


Novelty Food-Themed Napkin Holders

Make a chocolate chip cookie or cheese napkin holder using clay. These are perfect for a party food table!


Repurposed Stirrup Napkin Holder

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If you look around your home, I'm sure you can find something to make a napkin holder out of. Paula used a vintage wood stirrup that she cleaned up and made pretty!


Chalkboard Napkin Holder

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Challenged to use craft wood for a DIY project, Nicole created this balsa wood napkin holder. She painted it with chalkboard paint and then wrote on it using a chalk marker.


Woolen & Newspaper Napkin Holder

Photo Credit: DiY BiGBooM

Use up some newspaper and woolen yarn to make this unique napkin holder. Make any design you want!


Napkin Holder & Faux Succulent Centerpiece

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Here is another repurpose idea. Use a square planter to make a combination centerpiece, napkin and salt & pepper holder.


Cardboard Napkin Holder

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Get your kids to help with this napkin holder! Draw a fun design on a piece of cardboard, glue pieces together and add a bit of jute cord around the edges.


Easter Shiplap Napkin Holder

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Use a scroll saw to make an Easter bunny napkin holder. You could use this technique to make any shape you want!


Clay Napkin Holder

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This napkin holder with weight was made entirely of polymer clay. The intricate design was added using a piece of lace trim!


Tufted Napkin Holder

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Kara designed this tufted napkin holder to resemble the booths in fancy restaurants. Check out how she used a laser cutter for the intricate design.


Pallet Wood Napkin Holder

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I love a good pallet wood DIY! Such a cheap way to source wood for a project like this napkin holder.


CD Napkin Holder

This DIY napkin holder was made from just one CD! A great repurposing or recycling project.


Plywood Napkin Holder

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Gather some of your scrap plywood to make this napkin holder. Wendi used a scorch marker and a stencil to add the rope design.


Tile Napkin Holder

This ceramic tile napkin holder is a great use for any leftover tiles you may have from your kitchen or bathroom! Or you could use plain tiles and paint a design on them.


Amadeus, the Napkins Holder Junkbot

Photo Credit: M.C. Langer

Okay, I had to include this napkin holder on the list — it is so fun! Amadeus here was made using a small speaker and a long list of other 'junk'. Makes you think twice before throwing something out, doesn't it?

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