DIY Party Favors for Any Celebration

You’re going to love this list of unique DIY party favors, perfect for all kinds of celebrations including wedding, birthday, graduation, bridal shower, bachelorette, Halloween, Christmas, and more!

DIY Party Favors

Hey party peopleeeeeee! How’s it going today? If you’re here, I’m assuming you’re planning for a celebration.

Well I’ve been known to throw quite a shindig in my time. I’m not a big partier to be honest. Here’s how I roll, personally: I don’t party it up very often, but when I do, I go ALL in!

I commit to food, outfits, decor, all of it. That happens whether I’m in attendance or I’m the hostess. Being the hostess means I’ll go that much further.

It might be crazy, but I just feel like because I don’t do it that often, I should go all out. So I have fun with it!

Anyhoo, that’s what this blog post is all about. It’s about going all out and making an impression at your next celebration. I’ve shared party crafts before and now I’m sharing another important collection: DIY party favors!

On this list are two things – 1) containers to fill with stuff and 2) projects that are the favors themselves. If you make any of the containers, here are some popular things to shove in them:

  • Small squishy toys
  • Pop bubble or fidget toys
  • Stickers
  • Temporary tattoos
  • Erasers
  • Sticky hands
  • Mini slime containers
  • Bracelets and necklaces

There are a lot more too! I’d love to hear your suggestions in the comments.

Take a peek at this list of DIY favors and let me know what you think! There are ideas for every holiday and every type of celebration. Happy crafting!

DIY Party Favors

You are going to love these DIY party favor ideas, perfect for kids or adults! There are great suggestions here for kids' parties, birthdays, weddings, baby showers, graduation parties, and more!


Glitter Mini Champagne Bottles

These mini champagne bottles make perfect favors for party, wedding, or New Years! Use this technique to glitter any alcohol bottles. It’s easy!


Fabulous DIY Party Favors in Four Easy Steps

These simple and cute DIY party favors are so easy to make – and use a supply that you already have in your house: toilet paper rolls! You can customize with any paper you like, making these great for any occasion.


Personalized Bucket Favors

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There’s something so sweet about a personalized favor at a party. It goes without saying that the birthday kid feel special – but these make ALL the guests feel special too. You can customize these to any color or theme. Fill these cute little buckets with anything you’d like!


Unicorn Surprise Balls

Photo Credit: Tiffany Hewlett

Unicorns are magical, but fill them with fun little treats and gifts and you've got one spectacular surprise ball! These are perfect for birthday gifts, or would make darling party decorations to be given out as favors at the end of the celebration.


Sushi Surprise Party Favors

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Turn sweet treats and streamers into an adorable “sushi surprise” for a fun dessert or favor! These are easy to make using party streamers and cardboard.


DIY Confetti Sticks

No matter what the theme is at your next bash, these colorful straws will make perfect party favors! Your guests will leave with sparkly reminders of all the fun they had. Or if you want these sticks all to yourself, set them up in a cute display anywhere in your house.


Miniature Pinatas

What's cuter than a regular pinata? A mini version! You can use these as pinatas to break apart, or place as favors on each plate, or even string up for a party garland. So many options!


DIY Mason Jar Cocktail Gifts

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So freaking cute - you just have to see them! Wrap up a mason jar drinking mug, soda and a mini bottle of alcohol for a darling DIY cocktail favor.


Cardboard Cake Slice Party Favors

Making these recycled party favors is a piece of cake! You're going to use cardboard, some colorful paint, and even pasta to make these.


Sewn Party Thank Yous

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Did you know that you can sew paper? It's actually quite easy! These are cut out of paper, stamped, and then sewn. SO cute.


DIY Confetti Shaker Bookmarks

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These confetti bookmarks are super easy to make, and that makes them the perfect party favors! Stick them in gift bags along with other items . . . plus you can personalize with stickers.


DIY Monogram Chalk "Slate"

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These chalkboard letters make adorable party favors, teacher's gifts, or coloring slates for kids, and the step by step craft tutorial is super easy!


DIY Confetti Window Treat Bags

A bag with a confetti, see-thru window reminds me of a birthday party snowglobe! This would be fun to do for any holiday or celebration.


Chocolate Chip Cookie Candy Buttons

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Candy buttons were a huge hit when I was a kid! I love this chocolate chip candy version with downloadable templates and tags.


DIY Iridescent Favor Bags

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These DIY goodie bags for birthday parties and weddings were made with iridescent cellophane. Add personalized messages using a label maker!


How to Make Perfect DIY Candy Kabobs

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Learn how to make the perfect candy kabobs - perfect for adding color and personality to any party! You can use them for decorating and dessert, but most importantly they make great favors.


You're a Real Gem

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These are gift tags, but they're perfect for attaching to a wide variety of items! I love the Ring Pop idea. These would be great for a bridal shower or wedding!


Candy Gumball Machine

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Learn how to make a candy gumball machine craft for gifts, party favors, or a birthday party dessert table. Get supplies at Dollar Tree!


DIY Confetti Cannon Makeover

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If you want to go for some confetti cannons, you'll see how *not attractive* the packaging is - and want to revamp it! Learn how to do it with some wrapping paper and other supplies here.


Paint-Dipped Cactus Party Favors

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This is SUCH a fun way to make a cactus party favor! It's so cute I can hardly stand it. What I'm wondering is what other flowers or plants I can make with Kisses. What a great idea!


Gold Glitter Fortune Cookies

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Using a little food spray, you dye your fortune cookies for any celebration, event, or holiday! Add a bit of sugar and then bag them in cellophane. Perfect for weddings, baby showers, Chinese New Year, and more.


Skittles Vodka Party Favors

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This is a fun idea for an "adult" party! It's easy to infuse mini vodka bottles with flavor using delicious Skittles. Give as favors with other goodies or by themselves.


DIY Unicorn Glitter Play Dough Party Favor

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You won't believe how easy homemade play dough is to make! This is a favor you can make for ANY type of kids' party or birthday. Slime would be fun in these mason jars as well.


St. Patrick's Day Favors

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These colorful St. Patrick's Day favors with edible gold cookie coins and rainbows make the perfect party treat for kids! They're not just for St. Pat's though - you could use them any time during spring or for Pride.


Mini Jar Candy Favors

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Learn how to make these adorable DIY candy wedding favors in mini glass jars. They are so cute! These would be cute for baby showers or graduation parties too.


Paris Themed Party Favors For All Ages

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Natalie shows you how to make a variety of Paris-themed party favors in this post, but my favorite is the bubbles with vinyl labels and mini picture charms. These would be awesome for baby showers or first birthdays!


Gardening-Themed Printable Party Favor Bags

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Print and make your own gardening themed party favor bags featuring artwork from vintage seed catalogs. This free collection 22 gorgeous spring floral designs!


Mini Fruit Slice Pinatas

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You're going to love these mini pinatas in the shape of sweet fruit! These cuties are super easy to make and are so fun to fill with candy, messages, or other treats.


Easy No-Sew DIY Favor Bags

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These adorable DIY favor bags are a cinch to make and they’re perfect for brides or hostesses who don’t sew. These bags don’t require a sewing machine, or even a needle and thread.


Printable Lemonade Party Favors

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Perfect for summer parties, these lemonade party favors are the perfect treat to send you guests home with! Simply place some candy in a plastic bag and attach the printable treat bag topper to create unique goodie bags.


DIY Surprise Message Confetti Poppers

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Make a classic confetti popper with a cute message inside! You can customize this for any holiday or occasion.


Gum Ball Ice Cream Cone Favors DIY

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What could be better than an ice cream cone that doesn’t melt!? Brightly colored gumballs atop a tiny paper cone look just adorable. Display them in a bowl filled with – what else – sprinkles!


Smarties Butterfly Favors

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Smarties make perfect butterfly favors with a little bit of paper - and kids will have fun decorating them! You could use this same idea to make some other creatures as well.


Plastic Animal Candy Jars

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Not sure exactly what to do for party favors? Put some goodies in mason jars with painted plastic animals and lids! What other items could you paint and put on the tops of jars?


4th of July Party Favors Shaped Like Rockets

Photo Credit: Steve Carrell

Learn how to make 4th of July party favors out of recycled materials – and they’re shaped like rockets! Just add red, white, and blue candy.


Best DIY Sprinkle Party Favors Ever

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These are by far the most adorable, DIY sprinkle party favor you will ever see! Learn how Jen made this custom sprinkle mixture and turned it into gifts.


DIY Mini Succulent Favors for a Baby Shower

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Make these easy and oh-so-cute mini succulent favors for a baby shower or any party. Combine cacti and succulents. Bonus idea: make them as centerpieces too!


DIY Goldfish in a Bag Soap

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This melt and pour soap tutorial for DIY goldfish in a bag soap makes super cute gift for kids, DIY party favors, or crafts to make and sell.


Quick Coffee Filter Party Favors

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A lot of people always have coffee filters in their cabinet, but if you don't you can pick up a pack at Dollar Tree! That will give you quite a few goodie bags. These are very easy to make and perfect for any celebration.


Simple Pumpkin Favor Bags

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A fall celebration requires a pumpkin themed goodie bag! You don't have to go with classic orange though. You can use orange patterned bags and then add some bright green leaves.


These Confetti Party Favors Glow in the Dark!

Halloween jars that glow in the dark make a perfect confetti party favors for a holiday celebration. Fill them with handmade confetti! You could use them for a spooky wedding too.


DIY Mini Cake Stand Favors Filled With Treats

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Get three unique ideas for how to make the most adorable treat favors inside darling mini cake stands! One sweet, one savory, and one candy. These are great for weddings or baby showers.


DIY Trick or Treat Tins Halloween Favors

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Make these adorable Trick or Treat tins to use as Halloween favors for a party, carnival, or as a surprise for neighbor trick or treaters! You can also find a set of free printable tags to make them below.


Mini Mummy Pinata for Kids Halloween Fun!

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Use a toilet paper roll and some crepe paper to make the cutest Halloween pinata. This mummy piñata is great for party favors! You’ll love finding out what’s inside this toilet paper roll mummy.


Turkey Lollipops Craft

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Most of the time the party favor at Thanksgiving is a full container of leftovers with a piece of pie! But if you want something for for the kids, these little turkeys are super cute. You could adapt this idea to other celebrations too.


Felt Mouse Favors

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Traditional sugar mice are a popular treat during the holidays! If you just want to give a small treat for a party, these little mouse favors are perfect. You can stuff in a few Kisses or other candy.


Pedicure in a Jar Bridal Shower Favors

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A pedicure in a jar makes the perfect shower favor, or prize for game winners during a celebration. Your guests will love these and they can be super cheap to create! 


How To Make The Most Adorable Hot Chocolate Favors

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If you've got a shindig during the holidays, this is a brilliant idea! Make some to-go favors out of hot chocolate. Add some marshmallows and sprinkles for the ultimate winter gift.


Cookie Cutter Fudge Christmas Gifts

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I'll never complain about edible favors. This is not only a small gift (the cookie cutter), but there is a delicious fudge within. Perfect for parties but also neighbor or coworker gifts.


DIY Christmas Crackers with a Free Template

Making your own DIY crackers is a great way to add your own unique gifts to a celebration while also matching them to your theme. Christmas crackers are party favors that are filled with goodies, and these and Santa and reindeer themed!


Rudolph Reindeer Candy Bars

Everyone loves a chocolate bar favor! These are turned into reindeer with the addition of peppermint sticks and googly eyes. But what other animals can you make out of chocolate bars? Give these alone or as part of a goodie bag.

If you enjoyed these DIY goodie bag ideas, I’d love for you to let me know in the comments! You should also check out these other posts:

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