DIY Toys Your Kids Will Love!

If you’re looking for a creative and budget-friendly way to entertain your kids, you are in the right place! Below is an awesome list of DIY toys that will spark your child’s imagination and keep them busy for hours.

diy toys your kids will love

It’s easy to get caught up in the cycle of buying toys for your kids. They seem to have a never ending list of ones they want! However, if you are thinking about making your own toys you are not alone. There is a growing movement to encourage parents to do just this.

Benefits of DIY toys

Crafting DIY toys not only offers a unique and personalized experience but also brings a bunch of advantages for both kids and adults. Making your own toys can

  • Spark creativity and imagination
  • Provide quality time – If you involve your child in the creative process or making of the toy, you’ll be creating some great memories.
  • Give a sense of accomplishment
  • Help you learn new skills
  • Save you money and reduce waste – If you upcycle items from around the house to make your new toy, you’ll be keeping it out of a landfill. Or, if you make something using a durable material like wood, it will most likely last through generations of kids!

Whether you are turning an empty box into a castle, building a play kitchen, or sewing a plushie, your child will definitely enjoy the process and the final result. So, gather your crafting supplies and let your creativity run wild! Here are some DIY toys to give you inspiration…

DIY Toys

Keep your child entertained for hours with these DIY toys. Both adult and kid-made toys are included!

Toys Adults Can Make For Kids


Unicorn Amigurumi

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I love the detail on this super cute crochet unicorn. Look at the wings and the multicolor mane! It reminds me of a kawaii My Little Pony.


Barbie Doll House

This amazing doll house started out as a simple idea to throw together during the pandemic. It turned into this magnificent beauty! You can make it as detailed or simple as you like.


Cash Register

Create a fun play cash register using cardboard and a calculator. This is a great idea for upcycling an old calculator!


Play Makeup Set

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No mess involved with this play makeup set! Bonus? Your expensive makeup is safe from the kids.


Wood Train Set

Get the plans and step-by-step instructions along with a list of tools and materials needed to make a wooden train set. This is a toy that will last generations!


Circus Elephant

Photo Credit: Better Homes & Gardens

This elephant is ready for his debut, and I love his little hat and colorful blanket. Did I mention that his favorite foods are circus peanuts?


Puppet Theatre

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Upcycle an old TV and make it into a puppet theater! Great way to show kids that trash can become treasure.


Dollhouse Nightstand

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Here is another dollhouse idea. I like that this one serves two purposes: for play and for furniture. It was inspired by a Pottery Barn item and created as an IKEA hack!


Elephant Cardboard Maze

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This has to be the most adorable maze I've ever seen! The instruction are easy to follow and you can use them to do whatever shape maze you'd like. There is also a link to an easier maze and a much more challenging cardboard maze.


Bunny Finger Puppets

Photo Credit:

Crochet some super cute bunny rabbit finger puppets. My favorite part (and probably your child's favorite) is the removable accessories. You can dress them up as a king and queen complete with crowns!


Sit & Spin

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Stephanie made this custom Captain America Sit & Spin for her son. It is wooden, so it will last so much longer than the plastic ones. Plus it is easy to make—similar to a Lazy Susan!


Horse Stable

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I love a good IKEA hack! This one turns a Knagglig wood crate into a horse stable for toy horses. This is easy enough for your kids to help.


Play Kitchen

Shara made this play kitchen for her niece using an old night stand! I've seen many DIY play kitchens online, but they are either making over an existing kitchen or building one from scratch. This is something that almost anyone can make themselves.


Play Grill

Photo Credit:

Larissa turned a bread box into a pretend play grill for her daughter. I can't believe how good it turned out. It looks store bought!


Play Food

Now that you have a play kitchen and play grill you'll definitely need some play food! It is easy to make using felt, a cutting machine or scissors and a bit of hand sewing.


Magnet Dress Up Dolls

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Create a one-of-a-kind dress up doll featuring your child. You can include some clothes they own and add in some fun new ones. Maybe even add a friend or two!


Toy Cars and Trucks

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Get your kids involved in coming up with the shapes and styles for toy vehicles. Then you can make them come to life with scrap wood!


Doll Tent

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Does your child collect LOL surprise dolls? Why not make a fun tent for them to sleep in?


Sock Pony

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Turn old socks into your kid's new favorite stuffed animal. No sewing machine required. Plus, you would just need to add a horn and you'd have a unicorn!


Harry Potter Wands

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I love the idea of making wands with chopsticks and hot glue! These are inspired by our favorite, Harry Potter. Who are you going to cast a spell on?


Dinosaur Plushie

It is easy to make this adorable felt dinosaur plushie using the free template! I really like that she stuffed it with felt scraps... use every last bit.


Wooden Play Phone

Photo Credit:

Turn wood and nylon cord into a super cute toy rotary phone. Pretty pink paint brings it all together!

Toys Kids Can Make For Themselves


Tic Tac Toe Game

Learn how to make perler bead tic tac toe using simple supplies! Kids will love this easy project with beads that results in a game to play.


Ninja Puppet

Photo Credit:

Your kids will love that this ninja puppet has repositionable arms and legs! That makes it easier to sneak up on people.



Learn how to make the cutest DIY binoculars wtih toilet paper rolls! This is a fun summer craft for toddlers, preschoolers, and early elementary.


Bottle Rocket

Photo Credit:

Take a kid's shampoo bottle and turn it into a rocket. Kids will have fun making this and then more fun playing with it!


Build with Pasta

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Forget LEGOs! Building with dyed pasta and playdough is just as fun and requires a little more thinking about how to get your structure to stand. It is engineering for kids!


Toy Camera

Learn how to make a toy camera out of an egg carton. It is complete with a lens and neck strap!


Dragon Puppet

Photo Credit:

This paper dragon is a great Chinese New Year craft! He's also perfect for imaginary play any time of year.



Photo Credit:

Don’t spend big bucks on a dollhouse – this cardboard dollhouse craft is really easy! Use Mod Podge to create this with your children.


Giraffe Finger Puppet

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Cut out your own shapes or use the free template to make this giraffe finger puppet. Assemble and paint on the spots!



Photo Credit:

Make a football you might not mind using in the house on a rainy day! This super easy paper bag craft can come together in only a few minutes.



Learn how to make slime with laundry detergent – and NO Borax! This is a completely non-toxic, easy recipe for kids with just a few ingredients.


Paper Spinners

Photo Credit:

Kimbo provides a template so you can make the coolest paper spinners! These dance and "sing" and make unique patterns as they spin.


Juggling Chooks

Photo Credit:

Use up some fabric scraps to make pyramid-shaped chickens filled with rice. They are perfect for learning to juggle!


Bee Finger Puppet

Photo Credit:

Use yellow and black pipe cleaners to wrap around your finger and create a bee finger puppet. Oh, you need to see the super cute photo of Jennifer's son wearing 5 puppets on one hand!


Glow in the Dark Playdough

Learn how to make this simple homemade play dough recipe with three ingredients! Add a fun twist with some glow in the dark paint.



Photo Credit:

In her post with 10+ ways to play with a spray bottle, Michelle shows how to turn a spray plastic bottle into a helicopter. Look at it flying above the clouds!


Pretend City

Photo Credit:

Have your kids create a whole pretend city and then they can have some dramatic play time with little townspeople!


Pipe Cleaner Finger Puppets

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Pipe cleaner finger puppets are an easy, mess-free kids craft and boredom buster perfect for rainy days! Kids will enjoy making puppets and then having a show with them.


Alien Flying Saucer

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Kids will have so much fun making their own toy flying saucer complete with alien! All you need are 2 paper bowls, a plastic cup and pom poms.


Play Doh Slime

This is the coolest slime recipe ever, with no Borax! Kids are going to love making this unique slime with Play doh.


Straw Rockets

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Download the free rocket template that kids can color and cut them out. Connect them to straws and blow through them to watch the rocket take off!



Learn how to build a popsicle stick catapult for STEM! Uses pom poms or marshmallows so nobody goes down in the crossfire!

Which DIY toy will you be making first? Let me know in the comments below and then check out these other great crafts for kids:

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