Electric Bump Maze Kids Science Game

Vendor: MaviGadget
Type: Erotic Games
Price: 19.99

This toy can attract children's attention and is very suitable for testing mental skills and challenging children's patience.

Error alarm: sensitive sensing, when the metal handle touches the metal maze, it will sound an alarm and the light will flash.

Ability training: Cultivate children's stress resistance, concentration, willpower and hand-eye coordination skills, and cultivate children's good mentality in a stressful and stressful environment.

Children's education: This product can strengthen children's frustration education, improve children's mental toughness, learn to solve problems, and persist in overcoming difficulties.

Well-made: This toy has multiple polishing processes, with a delicate touch and smooth corners.

Parent-child interaction: you can play and compete with friends and family. Enhance family affection and friendship.


Shape: maze

Material: ABS, metal

Size: 17*5.2*13cm (L*W*H)

Applicable objects: children

Package Included:

1 Set * Collision Electric Shock Toy