Finger Painting Fireworks Craft for the 4th of July

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Have your own festive celebration - rain or shine - with finger painting fireworks from Erin for the 4th of July!

I have fond childhood memories of the 4th of July. Watching the parade, having a picnic, trading parade candy with my brother and cousins.

Of course, one of the biggest highlights was getting to stay up late for the fireworks.

Since fireworks are such an iconic part of the 4th of July, I came up with this finger painting fireworks craft for my kids!

Finger paint a pretty fireworks show with your kids for the 4th of July!

Finger Painting Fireworks Craft for the 4th of July

To make your own fingerprint fireworks craft, you will need:

  • washable paint
  • paper
  • glitter
  • someone who is willing to show up and sing Katy Perry so you can have “Baby you’re a fiiiiirework” stuck in your head the rest of the day (also optional…but obviously highly recommended)
Celebrate the Fourth of July with an art project for kids!

First, to help the kids with the fireworks shape, I drew light pencil lines for them to paint on top of.

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Without the lines, my three year old would have gleefully smeared paint all over the entire paper. Okay, let’s face it, his pants and the nearby dog, too.

Your kids will love finger painting fireworks for the Fourth of July!

Then, I poured small amounts of each color paint onto a plastic plate. This made it easy for the kids to dip their fingers into the color of their choice.

DIY Your Own Festive Fourth Celebrations!

To make the finger painting fireworks, my kids dipped a finger into the color of their choice and gently stamped it onto the paper.

Add a little sparkle to your Fourth of July art project!

They repeated this process until the shape was covered. Or until they decided that it would be more entertaining to paint the leftover lunch carrots.

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We made some patriotic-colored fireworks and some that were just fun and colorful. Can you tell which one was created by the child who would like to paint the dog?

Your kids will love finger painting fireworks for the Fourth of July!

The final step is to add glitter to your finger painting fireworks. The glitter adds a little sparkle to the fireworks, but it is totally optional.

Make your own finger painted fireworks! Add glitter for extra fun!

If you use glitter, be prepared to find sparkles clinging to every place where the children parade their craft papers. If you don’t want to clean glitter for the next eight federal holidays, feel free to skip it.

Try finger painting fireworks for the Fourth of July!

Glitter tip, should you accept the challenge: wait until the paint has started to dry before you sprinkle the glitter on.

Make your own Fourth of July fun with a creative art project!

If the paint is too wet when you sprinkle the glitter on, the glitter will completely cover up the paint and make your five-year old grumpy. I may or may not be speaking from personal experience.

Even kids who are noise sensitive will love these festive fireworks!

When you are done, you can hang up your art and enjoy the quietest fireworks you will ever experience!

Make a creative art project for the Fourth of July with your kids!

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What 4th of July crafts have your kids enjoyed?