For All Styles and Sizes of Living Rooms, These Are the 10 Best Modular Sofas

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One size does not fit all when it comes to couches. Some of us have a barely-there living room with space for little more than a loveseat. Others have square footage to spare and family members who insist on stretching out on a chaise lounge. That’s where modular sofas come in. By mixing and matching the various a la carte pieces of a modular sofa—like armless chairs, chaise lounges, ottomans, and corner pieces—you can arrange and rearrange them into various configurations, as your space and needs dictate. 

“I think that modular sofas are really an opportunity to set the tone, the direction, the story of your space,” says designer Nate Berkus. “They take up so much real estate that you really should be asking yourself what style you want this enormous investment and percentage of your square footage to be.”  

We agree. That’s why, after extensive shopping, we’ve narrowed down the 10 best modular sofas that’ll allow you to create the semi-custom couch of your furniture dreams. 

Our Favorites

The Bouclé Backdrop: Hay Mags Sofa


Width up to: 121.75 inches | Seats: Three | Returns: Within 30 days | Upholstery: Variety

What we like:

  • Made of particularly soft flamiber fabric 
  • Extra deep seats make it a prime napping couch

Worth noting:

  • The low height may be too low for some with mobility issues
  • Assembly required

Why we chose it: The nubby fabric has made a comeback in recent years, and we’re all about it – especially on this plush seater.

Bouclé is back, and what better way to show it off than in modular sofa form? Make the center of your living room design this structured yet oh-so comfortable Mags, which is available in an assortment of configurations, no matter the size of your space or preferred lounging position to rewatch New Girl. It also comes in a variety of upholstery options, like wool blends and velvet, but we’re suckers for the flamiber, a soft, textured bouclé. Our own Chief Content Office, Kate Berry, can attest to its marshmallowiness. You can often find her working from her own Mags. (The wide arms make for a great spot to prop a laptop.) 

The ‘Kids Welcome’ Corner Unit: Floyd The Sectional


Width up to: 124 inches | Seats: Five or more | Returns: Within 30 days | Upholstery: Performance or boucle 

What we like:

  • No-frills streamlined design 
  • The upholstery is treated to resist stains
  • The follow-along assembly video eases any “am I doing this right?” worries

Worth noting:

  • Simple assembly required
  • Limited color selection

Why we chose it: This chic sectional gets the thumbs up from adults and kiddos alike. 

Sticky peanut butter fingers are no match for this modular sofa from Floyd. Its stain-resistant upholstery is your best bet for a kids’ space, like a basement or playroom. With soft and clean-lines, though, it’s a fit for any area of the house—name a room, any room. From a calming neutral gray to a rich forest green, even a cozy corner littered with race cars, or wherever this sofa lands will feel like a totally welcoming respite to gather. Win/win.

The DTC OG: Article Beta Sectional


Width up to: 132 inches | Seats: Five or more | Returns: Within 30 days | Upholstery: Polyester 

What we like:

  • Its modern design looks as stylish today as it will years from now
  • The direct to consumer model trims the cost
  • Includes reversible cushions with removable covers

Worth noting:

  • White furniture is not for the faint-of-coffee-spills-heart
  • Some assembly required

Why we chose it: We can’t decide what we love more: its always-in-style design or its direct-to-consumer reduced price. 

Since launching in 2013, Article has changed the game of furniture shopping. By offering big ticket items (like sofas, bed frames, and dining tables) direct to consumer, they nix a few steps in the supply chain – and slash a chunk of the cost too. Their modular Beta sofa is a long-time favorite, with the option to arrange chaise lounges in different configurations. Building a Beta sofa into various shapes virtually is almost as fun as when the real deal arrives on your doorstep.  

The Extra Customizable Classic: Interior Define Tatum Sofa


Width up to: 118 inches | Seats: Six or more | Returns: Within 60 days | Upholstery: Variety 

What we like:

  • Includes the choice of a down or down alternative filling
  • Lush color options in performance fabrics
  • The flat-rate delivery fee includes white-glove service

Worth noting:

  • Expect a lead time of 22 to 25 weeks

Why we chose it: If you have a large living space to furnish (lucky you!), opt for this highly customizable sofa. 

No matter what creative modular sofa configuration you can think of, the Interior Define team is several steps ahead of you. They’ve made their modular Tatum Sofa available in any and all shapes. Whether you want to seat two or 12, there’s no limit in terms of customization with the Tatum. No need to get overwhelmed with the options though; one of their design experts can walk you through the process step-by-step. While delivery may take up to 25 weeks, you’ll receive updated status emails along the way to ease your impatience. 

The Stay-A-While Showstopper: &Tradition Develius


Width up to: Varies | Seats: Up to six | Returns: 14 days | Upholstery: Variety 

What we like:

  • A sleek style you’ll never tire of
  • Each sofa is made to order in just six to eight weeks
  • Uses wood sourced from sustainable forests 

Worth noting:

  • Tight turnaround return policy

Why we chose it: This oh-so elegant design marries pretty with practical.

You won’t be shocked to learn a Dutch designer created this utter showstopper of a modular couch. You may be shocked to learn it’s equally as comfortable as it is beautiful though – a unicorn combination in the couch world. With its deep seats and extra soft-to-the-touch fabric options, you’ll be tempted to stay (and stay) for hours at a time. Get creative combining the modular pieces, fabrics, and refined colors to create the couch of your dreams. Say, a nubby cream bouclé loveseat to cozy up with your honey, or an elongated navy linen couch with a chaise lounge to allow for optimal leg stretching moments. 

The ‘70s Silhouette, Updated: Sarah Ellison Muse Sofa

Muse Sofa

Width up to: 111” | Seats: Three | Returns: Contact within three days of delivery | Upholstery: Velvet or boucle

What we like:

  • The exaggerated lines make it a true showstopper
  • Either fabric option is a winner
  • Arrives fully assembled 

Worth noting:

  • There’s no time to waste (three days!) if you’re considering returning it

Why we chose it: With sculptural lines and sumptuous upholstery, this sofa is a piece of awe-inspiring craftmanship. 

If you’ve been jonesing to add Australian designer Sarah Ellison’s relaxed retro aesthetic to your home, consider this your sign. Her ‘70s-inspired modular Muse Sofa, available through Design Within Reach, would add a warm vibe to any living room. The exaggerated, sculptural silhouette feels like art, but not in a stuffy “don’t touch” museum way. Instead, it’s functional art you can kick your feet up on, comfortably sinking into the medium firm foam cushions. As for upholstery, you get to make the tough choice between a creamy bouclé or lush velvet. (The caramel-color velvet gets our vote.) 

The Polished Mod: West Elm Dalton Modular Sofa


Width up to: Varies | Seats: Six or more | Returns: Within 30 days | Upholstery: Variety

What we like:

  • Dozens of upholstery options
  • White glove service is included in the flat-rate delivery fee
  • Zip-off cushion covers make for easy cleaning

Worth noting:

  • Not all fabrics are available for all seating configurations

Why we chose it: It’s sleek, it’s stylish, and it’ll stay that way for years (and years) to come.

There’s no getting around it: modular sofas are major cash. Before clicking “add to cart,” you’ll want to ensure you won’t tire of its design anytime soon. That’ll never be the case with this West Elm sofa, which evokes both modern and traditional vibes that will look fresh for years to come. Its mod form makes for a stylish spot to converse during a cocktail party, while its soft corners means it’s kid and pet friendly too. Add colorful pillows and a couple throws, then rest easy as it functions for all facets of your life now and for many more years.  

The Slouchy-Yet-Firm Softy: Maiden Home Build Your Own Jones Modular


Width up to: 84 inches and up | Seats: Five or more | Returns: Within 30 days | Upholstery: Variety 

What we like:

  • Seemingly endless upholstery options, by fabric and color 
  • Includes the option to order fabric swatches before committing 
  • Reversible cushions allow you to even out wear 

Worth noting:

  • Ready for delivery in nine to 11 weeks
  • Allergy sufferers beware: this couch is down-filled

Why we chose it: A sofa with a stay-all-day feel you can sink into.

Cue up the next movie on your watchlist: This nap-worthy modular sofa from Maiden Home is begging for you to settle in and kick your feet up. It’s available in all the standard modular sofa pieces, including armless chairs, corner chairs, chaise lounges, and ottomans, allowing you to configure them in the best shape for your space. While it’s a sink-right-in sofa, don’t worry about the Jones losing its shape – it won’t, thanks to its resilient down fill. Bonus: if you’re lacking a guest bedroom, here’s betting your guests won’t mind crashing on this couch. 

The Goes-With-Everything Option: Studio McGee Woodland Hills Modular Sofa

sofa modular

Width up to: 102 inches | Seats: Three | Returns: Within one year | Upholstery: Polyester 

What we like:

  • Its neutral palette compliments any décor style 
  • As far as couches go, this one is fairly wallet-friendly
  • Generous return policy of up to 365 days 

Worth noting:

  • Not sold in stores (just online)
  • The cushions are not reversible and cannot be removed for cleaning (aka spot clean only)

Why we chose it: This modular sofa is a match for nearly any space and any style. 

Leave it to Studio McGee to design a functional modular sofa that compliments any design style. Whether your décor veers modern, farmhouse, traditional, or otherwise, chances are this sofa would feel right at home in your living room. It’s perfectly neutral without being boring, and graciously allows other elements of your living space to shine. Layer this sofa with a textured throw, add a statement-maker side table, and you’re set. 

The Pile-It-With-Pillows Beauty: Anthropologie Kori Modular Sofa


Width up to: 64.5 inches | Seats: Three | Returns: Within 30 days | Upholstery: Linen 

What we like:

  • The durable linen upholstery can withstand day-to-day wear and tear
  • The loveseat solo is the most affordable option on this list 
  • No assembly required

Worth noting:

  • Often on backorder 

Why we chose it: While piled with pillows, this armless couch is just as cozy as the rest.  

If you’re working with limited square footage, an armless couch, like this mix and match modular design from Anthropologie, is the way to go. Save yourself a few inches of floorspace by nixing the arms, but keep all the comfort by piling it with pillows. This clay-colored linen couch would be a standout in any space, but particularly one with a viewpoint of its side, so you can see its cool, armless profile. 

How We Chose These Products

Modular sofas are a sizable purchase, both physically and monetarily. That’s why we took this shopping assignment seriously. We scoured the modular sofa options of reputable brands with high design, but not necessarily high price points. These couches will last you for years to come, even if you move, add members to your family, or tweak your design style. Each of the above couches would be a comfy place to rest through life’s big and little moments. 

Our Shopping Checklist


This wouldn’t be Domino if we didn’t prioritize smart, sleek design above all else. We shopped for modular sofas with cool silhouettes, practical pieces, and last-a-lifetime styles that will make you smile every time you pass your living room. 


The more upholstery options, the better. Some of us prefer a stain-resistant performance fabric for both the longevity of the couch and wayward wine spills. Others are down for a less kid- or pet-friendly luxe velvet. Variety is the spice of life, after all. 


The more a la carte pieces a modular sofa offers, the better. “A modular sofa offers great flexibility,” says Berkus, since you can arrange (and rearrange) the pieces Tetris-style. “If you need an L-shape sectional, you can make that out of a modular pieces, or you can make a chaise with a corner piece and an ottoman. Or, you can break it apart, and put a beautiful decorative table in between two sections with a lamp on it.” You don’t have to spend the big bucks for all of the available pieces either, just what works for your space and lifestyle. No need for an ottoman? Great. Only need one corner piece? Also great. 


Comfort is key when buying a modular sofa. If we couldn’t doze off on these couches during a movie night, they didn’t make the cut. If space allows, deep seats are the most comfortable for guests of all heights (and the occasional nap!), and soft-to-the-touch upholstery is a must. Pay attention to the distance from the top of the cushion to the ground, too, especially if you have long legs.

Ask Domino

Q: What truly makes a sofa modular?

Think of a modular sofa like playing with LEGOs (stick with us here) but your LEGO pieces include armless chairs, corner pieces, and chaise lounges that snap together (more on that below) to create various configurations. Each piece is bought a la carte and can stand on its own, or be arranged to create various shapes.

Q: What is the difference between a modular and sectional sofa?

“The brass tacks, fundamental difference between the two is that a modular sofa can be made into a sectional sofa, but a sectional cannot be made into a modular,” says Berkus. Even though a sectional sofa is also broken into multiple pieces, those pieces cannot reconfigure into different shapes like a modular sofa can.

Q: Beyond style and color, how do I choose a modular sofa for my space?

Before clicking “add to cart” on any modular sofa pieces, measure where it’ll reside, then measure it again. Use painters’ tape to block out where the pieces could be placed, so you won’t be unpleasantly surprised by how big (or small) they are when they arrive. Also consider any potential obstacles, like slim doorways, and how the couch could be viewed from various angles of your living room. 

As you’re styling your sofa, Berkus encourages pairing it with pieces from various eras. “I love an Italian ‘60s- or ‘70s-style modular sofa mixed with classic antiques and Swedish lighting from the ‘40s, layered in a way that feels like somebody in that era was decidedly well traveled,” he says. That’s a sure way to up the ante on your modular sofa’s bespoke vibe.

Q: I don’t want to slip between my modular couch pieces while lounging. How do you keep it together?

Rest easy – no one will slip through the cracks. Modular pieces connect with metal “crocodile” clips. Picture a zig-zag bracket on one side, and a triangle post on the other. The clips should click into place easily, securing your sofa together, and detach just as easily, so you can rearrange as desired. To nix any slipping and sliding for the sofa as a whole, place rubber pads beneath the pieces’ legs.

The Last Word

Modular sofas are the “choose your own adventure” of furniture shopping. Consider your square footage, how many people your couch should seat, and whether you like the chaise lounge on the left or right. Then mix and match modular pieces to your design-minded heart’s desire. 

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