Get Festive With the 67 Best Stoner Gifts for Any Time of the Year

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As long as marijuana still remains illegal according to federal law here in the United States, we can’t encourage anyone to smoke it. We also won’t encourage you to consume cannabis in the form of delicious brownies, cookies, gummies or any other edibles you can get your hands on — which would also be illegal. However, states around the country are eagerly decriminalizing marijuana, while the U.S. House of Representatives recently passed a bill decriminalizing cannabis at the federal level. You can now walk down the streets of most major American cities and catch the pungent smell of marijuana in the air.

While decriminalization and full legalization are still a work in progress, millions of people smoke marijuana freely and quasi-legally, and stoners across the land are rejoicing and taking their love for the herb public. As a result, more and more people are developing a preference for cannabis over alcohol. It’s supposed to be a free country, right?

Finding the best stoner gifts was challenging due to the lack of options. But due to legalization, the landscape for upscale cannabis accessories has significantly expanded. Think about the cannabis partakers in your life and which gifts might spark their interest. You know what the liquor lovers in your life enjoy, so why should this be any different?

Don’t panic if you’re unsure about the best stoner gifts for your friends fond of the ganja. Just browse our 2022 stoner gift guide, from the best CBD products to subscription snack boxes, and see what speaks to you. Trust us — they’ll appreciate the thought.


1. Bong Appétit: Mastering the Art of Cooking with Weed

One of our favorite books about marijuana, this famous cookbook contains a collection of recipes based on the Viceland television series of the same name. These dishes are much classier than your standard pot brownie. The book includes 65 recipes for sophisticated sweet and savory meals and cocktails. We’re talking decadent options like blackened shrimp and brown butter gnocchi with a white negroni. This coffee table centerpiece is one of the best books for stoners ever written and a must for the foodie in your life with a serious appreciation for gourmet ganja.

Bong Appétit: Mastering the Art of Cooking with Weed book, best gifts for stoners

Buy: Bong Appetit: Mastering the Art of Cooking with Weed $23.35 (orig. $30.00) 22% OFF


2. Candy Club Subscription Box

Just the look of this vibrant box will bring a grin to any stoner’s face. While our other box options offer a mix of flavors, this box is for candy lovers with a serious sweet tooth. Every Candy Club subscription comes with about three pounds of chocolates, sour candies and gummies. All candies come in resealable containers to stay fresh and hide in your secret emergency stash inconspicuously. The gift recipient can even trade in a box for different options if they don’t like it.

 Candy Club Subscription Box, stoner gifts

Buy: Candy Club Subscription Box $29.99


3. Botanical Cannabis Plant Print

This gorgeously green botanical poster shows the ins and outs of the cannabis plant. Plant illustrations always add an understated but bohemian vibe to any room and fit in seamlessly without being too obvious or obnoxious. Reviewers praise these prints for the excellent quality of the paper and vivid use of color. This Etsy shop is based in France and offers similar vintage-inspired prints of mushrooms, flowers, and plants.

stoner gifts: Botanical Cannabis Plant Print

Buy: Botanical Cannabis Plant Print $11.82+


4. LEVO Glittery Gummy Kit

Let’s assume this kit is used to create delicious CBD gummies in states where that’s perfectly legal. Making gummy candy at home may be difficult, especially for those with less experience in the kitchen. Fortunately, the same experts behind the LEVO infuser machine have come up with a delicious gummy kit so you can create mind-blowing stoner candy at home. Follow the recipe, add your infused oil and get ready to indulge!

LEVO glittery gummy kit

Buy: BUY NOW: $99.99 (orig. $164.92) 39% OFF


5. Aerospaced by Higher Standards 4-piece Grinder

No stoner gift guide would be complete without one of the best weed grinders, but finding a sophisticated version isn’t easy. Say goodbye to cheesy tie-dye patterns and smiley faces — this aircraft-grade aluminum version, available in eight colors, is as sleek and sexy as they come. The Higher Standards grinder is durable and consists of four pieces, complete with a pollen catcher to preserve that precious kief. The diamond-shaped teeth are extra sharp, ensuring an even and fluffy grind every time.

Aerospaced by Higher Standards Grinder

Buy: Aerospaced by Higher Standards 4-piece Grinder $36.95


6. LEVO II Herbal Oil and Butter Infusion Machine

Most of the cannabutter devices for sale on Amazon are messy, complicated, or have a frat-house aesthetic. Investing in a high-end infusion machine as a stoner gift will ensure better results while being a seamless addition to any adult’s kitchen counter. First, the LEVO II runs a dry or activate cycle before moving onto the infusion cycle. Time and temperature are customizable, and you can control the device wirelessly with an app.

LEVO II Herbal Oil and Butter Infusion Machine

Buy: LEVO II $299.99


7. Raw Classic King Size Pre-Rolled Cones Bundle

Every smoker has had a moment of laziness where they don’t want to roll a joint or miss an essential tool required. The solution? This convenient 50-pack of Raw cones comes with a packing stick and a cone loader. Cardboard filter tips are pre-attached to the paper, adding value and convenience.

best gifts for stoners, pre-rolled joints

Buy: RAW Classic King Size Pre-Roned Cones Bundle $21.99


8. Cookie Herb Grinder

cookie herb grinder

Buy: Cookie Herb Grinder $10.99


9. Weed Wall Art Home Decor

When you think of the phrase “cannabis art,” maybe a trippy illustration of a weed leaf illuminated by a black light comes to mind. But we prefer this elegant piece of wall art over the tacky dorm-room alternatives (and we say that with nothing but love in our hearts for tie-dye and psychedelia decor). Its minimal black-and-white aesthetic automatically helps elevate any home decor. Reviewers gush over all the compliments they receive from guests on this subtle and simplistic print. You could gift the digital print on its own or go the extra mile and print it yourself, placing it in a wooden or black frame. For under $10, it’s one of the best stoner gifts we’ve found for pot enthusiasts.

Weed Wall Art Home Decor

Buy: Weed Wall Art Home Decor $4.90


10. Boy Smells Best Buds Candle Bundle

Oh, so your pal really, REALLY loves bud? Then this kushy candle bundle from Boy Smells should get the job done when gifting. The Best Buds Bundle features some iconic Boy Smells scents. They all have a pot-centric smell but are varied to create four individual scents. Your friend will expect their OG Kush scent, Cowboy Kush, Cashmere Kush, and a brand new citrusy Italian Kush in the pack.

Boy Smells Best Buds Bundle

Buy: Boy Smells Best Buds Bundle $120.00


11. FREETOPHOME Electric Herb Grinder

Hand grinders are usually effective, but disaster strikes when it comes time to roll up outdoors when it’s windy. An efficient and speedy alternative many stoners prefer is an electric grinder — this one is USB chargeable, so you never run out of batteries. Just grind and get herb delivered straight to the paper or pipe. It’s highly portable and handy to outdoorsy types who don’t have access to a rolling surface, and users are impressed with the power of the motor and the quality of the grind.

FREETOPHOME Electric Herb Grinder

Buy: FREETOPHOME Electric Herb Grinder $39.99


12. What Do You Meme? GanjaLand Board Game

If this stoner likes to blaze with a group, this addictive GanjaLand board game is the epic adventure they’ve been waiting for. And yes, there is a cannabis crown included so that the winner can gloat accordingly. It’s a light game that seems easy at first but gets (hilariously) more challenging as players progress. Still, GanjaLand doesn’t require too much focus, but that depends on exactly how zonked you are when playing.

best stoner gifts

Buy: Ganjaland Board Game $29.99


13. Mission Farms Rest CBD Goat Milk Soap

While they don’t get you high, CBD products still have a wild therapeutic effect that makes them well worth trying. Take Mission Farms Rest CBD Goat Milk Soap, for example. This all-natural soap uses goat milk, CBD, and essential oils to create one of the most effectively smoothening soaps we’ve ever tried but one of the most relaxing. Our e-commerce editor Tyler Schoeber is obsessed with this soap. “It’s made bath time the best time again,” he says. “A glass of wine, some good tunes, and this soap are the only things I look forward to nowadays.”

Mission Farms Rest CBD Goat Milk Soap

Buy: Mission Farms Rest CBD Goat Milk Soap $16.00


14. Pax Vaporizer

Stoners were into vaporizers before they were cool. Preferred by those worried about the health effects of smoking — we won’t speak to the alleged health effects of vaping — many vaporizers are made with unsafe, low-quality materials. However, the Pax Vaporizer has received tons of accolades for its portable nature, versatile uses and stylish appearance. The Pax 3 is the top-of-the-line vaporizer, but they also carry the equally impressive Pax 2 and a budget-friendly Era Pro model.

pax vaporizer, best stoner gifts

Buy: Pax Vaporizer $70.00+


15. Dabtray by Official DabTray

What’s dabbing? If you know, you know. This tray set is a great stoner gift because it helps dabbers stay organized and comes with glass and silicone materials that stand up to high temperatures. And that’s all we have to say about that.

stoner gifts
Buy: Dabtray by Official DabTray $39.99


16. The New English Dictionary Metal Safe

If the stoner in your life has nosy visitors or children over frequently, they can keep their stash in this clever diversion safe. No guest will flip through an English dictionary; even if they decide to, this faux book is a metal safe with a lock and two keys. The exterior is quite convincing and effective, especially for the low price. Give your stoner buds peace of mind with this method that keeps away motivated thieves and overly curious visitors.

dictionary diversion safe, best gifts for stoners

Buy: The New English Dictionary Metal Safe $15.99 (orig. $29.99) 47% OFF


17. Cannabolish Smoke Odor Removal Spray

Smoking outdoors in cold weather can quickly suck all the joy out of lighting up. But if you’re worried about an invasive odor filling your home or complaints from apartment-building neighbors, this smoke odor-eliminating spray removes the weed smell from the air and fabrics in your house. It’s formulated with non-toxic plant oils and water, making it safe for kids, pets and the environment. Reviewers claim it provides a cleaner, more natural smell than Febreze or other odor-covering products.

best stoner gifts, cannabolish weed spray

Buy: Cannabolish Smoke Odor Removal Spray $14.99


18. Blazy Susan Spinning Rolling Tray

This rolling tray is the ultimate way to streamline your smoking experience, and it’s so much more than a surface. Blazy Susan refers to this spinning smoking accessory as the “Cadillac of rolling trays.” This item clears up lots of room on surfaces and keeps them clear of crumbs and ash, thanks to a compartment for every smoking tool. For messy cannabis lovers, this organizing system is a savior.

best stoner gifts

Buy: Blazy Susan Spinning Rolling Tray $89.99


19. Goldleaf Cannabis Logbooks

Some people like to journal when they’re stoned, but one of the best stoner gifts you can give your 420-loving bud is a journal that celebrates the consumption of the plant itself. Goldleaf offers all kinds of guided notebooks for all types of goals, like CBD therapy, tracking cannabis use, grow operations and more. These science-focused journals are approachable and fun to use for any cannabis user. Best-sellers include the Patient Journal, The Grow Planner, and The Cannabis Taster.

goldleaf cannabis logbooks

Buy: Goldleaf Cannabis Logbooks $19.99+


20. Urthbox Healthy Snack Subscription Box

Munchies are an inevitable part of every stoner’s life, so why not give the gift of snacking on something tasty and healthy? Urthbox is an organic snack and beverage subscription service for the healthy weed lover in your life. You can choose from different sizes and lengths of subscriptions. Urthbox keeps people from overindulging but still lets them enjoy handpicked innovative snacks.

We think snack subscription boxes are one of the best gifts for cannabis users, with plenty more to choose from. If you or your pot-loving friends are more interested in a sugar rush than organic supply chains, check out our favorite snack subscription boxes for more fun stoner gift ideas.

stoner gifts

Buy: Urthbox Starting at $19.99


21. Preternatural Joint Pass “The Creation of Adam” iPhone Case

Originally this was a Michelangelo piece detailing the hands of God and Adam. But weed itself is a work of art, so why not update that classic for aficionados? This ink-printed phone case is available for iPhones of all sizes and celebrates the beauty of a shared smoke with a friend. The case is made of shock-absorbent TPU and is complete with an anti-fingerprint finish. While the back is opaque with the design, the sides are transparent for easy usage and port access.

best stoner gifts

Buy: Preternatural Joint Pass “The Creation of Adam” iPhone Case $21.00


22. Shine 24k Gold Rolling Papers

Does anything make you feel more VIP than smoking your flower from literal gold? Shine is a revolutionary brand conjuring up gold rolling papers and blunt wraps so you can ingest 24k gold flakes at an affordable price. While these papers are a bit of a novelty, they smoke significantly smoother than regular papers, staying lit longer and burning better. The best part of all? Gold ash that manifests as you hit that joint.

best stoner gifts

Buy: Shine 24k Gold Rolling Papers $11.00


23. Relief Bath Salts with CBD & Kava

These luscious CBD bath salts are a step up from the CBD bath bomb fad and help make your system feel replenished. CBD sits in an Epsom salt base with organic ginger, arnica and kava. Bold notes of cedar and eucalyptus make this a top-notch present for men and women alike. The recipient can use them as both a scrub and a soak.

stoner gifts

Buy: Foria Relief Bath Salts with CBD & Kava $52.00


24. Cannabis Pun Socks

Socks are always an ideal stocking stuffer, but those classic marijuana leaf socks are outdated. Instead, we prefer this alternative. They’re cozy, affordable, and laugh-inducing, with hilarious puns on the sole. One reads “Sorry For My Bluntness” with the image of a joint, while the other says “That’s Just How I Roll.” These socks by Jenuine Graphics are wearable and warm but still enough of a novelty to get laughs out of whoever reads them.

cannabis pun socks, best stoner gifts

Buy: Cannabis Pun Socks $12.50


25. Tile Key Finder

This gift might not be directly cannabis-related, but every ganja aficionado can probably relate. When marijuana is part of your lifestyle, you might forget things once in a while. Every stoner guilty of misplacing their keys or bags will find a use for Tile, a water-resistant, wireless Bluetooth finder. The Tile app can help you see its last location or safely enlist the Tile Network for help when out of range.

Tile Key Finder

Buy: Tile Mate Bluetooth Key Finder $34.95


26. Original Apothecarry Case

Some of the stash boxes on mainstream sites have a basic appearance or a too-obvious aesthetic that requires it to be hidden away. The Apothecarry Case looks like a classic cigar humidor but is specifically designed to keep herbs fresh. A gorgeously stained wood exterior is odor-resistant, and the attractive leatherette interior has protective foam and straps to reduce movement. The price tag is justified further by eight humidity-control packs, four humidity-controlled glass jars with reusable labels, four dab containers, a grinder, and a removable tray.

stoner gifts - Original Apothecarry Case

Buy: Original Apothecarry Case $275.00


27. Munchpak Subscription Box

After a sesh, we often want to indulge in some guilty pleasures, but typical convenience-store candies and chips get boring fast. That’s why Munchpak offers all sorts of goodies from around the world. When you can’t travel during COVID, you might as well let your taste buds go on an international trip. They cover all your bases with spicy, sour, sweet, and savory options inside every box. Munchpak also includes a travel guide, so your loved ones can pretend they’re on vacation instead of glued to the couch.

stoner gifts - Munchpak Snack Subscription Box

Buy: Munchpak Snack Subscription Box Starting at $9.95


28. Let’s Get High And Color: An Adult Stoner Coloring Book

Coloring books aren’t just for kids — they benefit those suffering from anxiety and depression. This adult coloring book is for stoners and includes 17 hilarious (and original) designs and “blacklight” versions. It’s ideal when you’re feeling a creative wave during your high but don’t want the pressure of sketching on your own.

best stoner gifts

Buy: Let’s Get High And Color: An Adult Stoner Coloring Book $6.99


29. Pot Plant Fake Weed Plant

Gifting a houseplant isn’t uncommon, but you know what’s better? Upgrading that gift to one of these incredibly detailed faux cannabis plants. Weed isn’t legal in every state, but this ultra-realistic plant is a must if your gift recipient has a true passion and appreciation for marijuana in all of its growing stages. The plant is symbolic of healing, and this gift is a beautiful reminder of that and the artistry required to successfully grow this fickle plant.

best stoner gifts

Buy: Pot Plant Fake Weed Plant $45.00


30. FIREDOG Leather Smell Proof Bags

This black FIREDOG accessory only looks expensive for a smell-proof travel bag that doesn’t break the bank. It’s spacious enough to fit flower, a pipe, and a lighter or rolling material. It’s soft and comes in a roll-up style for easy storage. The front zipper pocket provides a tiny, discreet spot to hold a small amount of smoking material. It has a perfectly aged look, with one reviewer saying it reminds them of vintage cigarette cases from back in the day.

FIREDOG Leather Smell Proof Bags
Buy: FIREDOG Leather Smell Proof Bags $11.99 (orig. $19.99) 40% OFF


31. Keith Haring Glass Rolling Tray

If you’re looking for a rolling tray that doesn’t look explicitly like a rolling tray, this piece of art (print courtesy of Keith Haring) is a way to spruce up your coffee table or dresser without looking like traditional stonerware. Constructed from high-quality glass with a glossy finish, the tray is heat-resistant and easy to hand wash, unlike plastic alternatives that can be hard to scrub clean of sticky crystals and residue. Raised edges prevent spillage of weed and supplies.

Keith Haring Glass Rolling Tray

Buy: Keith Haring Glass Rolling Tray $60.00+


32. Summerland Fruit Fantasy Apple Pipe

A high-end homage to the classic apple pipe of our youth, this Fruit Fantasy Bowl is a hilarious gift idea for stoners. It’s completely ceramic and finished in a lead-free, food-safe glaze. This apple pipe can pass as a mini sculpture because that’s exactly what it is.

ummerland Fruit Fantasy Apple Pipe
Buy: Summerland Fruit Fantasy Apple Pipe $85.00


33. Malin + Goetz Cannabis Eau de Parfum

NYC brand Malin + Goetz has been mastering scents for years and is a champion of de-stigmatizing cannabis with canna-scented products like this Cannabis Eau de Parfum. This unisex product with a fragrance inspired by the plant allows you to rock your love for ganja rather than masking it proudly. It’s rich, smoky, and peppery, with a slight floral top and an aromatic, earthy base of patchouli, sandalwood and cedarwood. Next time you light up, spritz this on your pulse points to celebrate your love for hemp.

Malin & Goetz Cannabis Eau de Parfum
Buy: Malin + Goetz Cannabis Eau de Parfum $95.00


34. PRINTERIOR Dsgn THC Molecule Hanging Wall Art

Consider this clever THC molecule wall art as a gift for the elevated stoner if they’re all set with smoking accessories or just science-inclined. It was produced by a 3D printer (no cheap vinyl tape here) and makes a fantastic buy for yourself or a creative and classy housewarming or holiday gift. Thanks to the double-sided tape, you can easily hang this decorative piece of wall art without destroying or drilling into your wall.

PRINTERIOR Dsgn THC Molecule Hanging Wall Art
Buy: PRINTERIOR Dsgn THC Molecule Hanging Wall Art $35.00


35. Waffleye Waffle Maker

It’s hard to find a stoner that doesn’t love waffles, and this handmade non-stick waffle maker by Waffle Eye provides the ultimate opportunity to satisfy those major munchies. Making delicious waffles? Not that difficult. But making flawless waffle art? That’s a task generally reserved for DIY masters and practiced home chefs, but it doesn’t have to be with this stylish and creative weed-leaf print. This kitchen appliance allows everyone to eat weed-themed grilled cheese, home fries, and desserts.

Waffleye Waffle Maker
Buy: Waffleye Waffle Maker $54.20


36. GoHigher Journal: A Cannabis Discovery Journal

Cannabis reflection journals are a thing now, and we love them. They uniquely encourage reflection and introspection, and writing in one is a daily self-care ritual from which many can benefit. While brands like Pilgrim Soul focus primarily on the angle of creative performance, the Go Higher journal offers 150 pages of guided entries, coloring mandalas, recipes, and quotes. Apart from helping the author become more productive and creative, this journal uses active meditation while allowing users to archive their favorite strains in entires.

GoHigher Journal: A Cannabis Discovery Journal
Buy: GoHigher Journal: A Cannabis Discovery Journal $18.99


37. Skunk Smellproof Backpack

Offered in a range of muted tones, the Skunk Backpack is the ultimate way to transport your laptop, personal items and weed. While many backpacks are large enough to house cannabis and its accessories, a lack of compartments can cause you to dig around endlessly for goods and even be dangerous if a glass piece breaks. Plus, those backpacks don’t often do much odor protection. On the other hand, the Skunk Backpack has an anti-smell interior, a combo lock, and protective netting that keeps all your belongings safe.

Skunk Smellproof Backpack
Buy: Skunk Smellproof Backpack $89.00 (orig. $99.00) 10% OFF


38. The Houseplant Pocket Case

Houseplant is the marijuana and house goods brand launched by Seth Rogen. This useful and modern-looking pocket case has a design that finally caters to cannabis lovers all over. While it features a chic notebook-inspired strap closure and a slot in the back for cash and cards, one of its main highlights is the built-in lighter that the user can remove at any time. Made from full-grain bridle leather, this accessory will age elegantly over time. Make sure to pick up some butane before it arrives to complete this excellent stoner gift.

The Houseplant Pocket Case
Buy: The Houseplant Pocket Case $185.00


39. Genius Smoke Cooler

The genius device offers more than a sleek aesthetic. It uses patented technology based on the same tech that cools nuclear reactors.
Genius Pipe

Buy: Genius Pipe $89.95+


40. Stündenglass Gravity Hookah

ROOR might be the most famous bong on the market, but when it comes to impeccable engineering, nothing beats the Stündenglass Gravity Hookah. Using only premium materials such as aircraft-grade anodized aluminum and borosilicate glass globes, this creation looks like a work of art and even comes with a 10-year warranty.

Stündenglass Gravity Hookah
Buy: Stündenglass Gravity Hookah $599.95


41. The Art of Cooking with Cannabis by Tracey Medeiros

Many cannabis cookbooks only graze the surface, but Tracey Medeiros’s “The Art of Cooking With Cannabis” is a deep dive into cannabis-based edible businesses in North America. A culinary guidebook for amateur cooks and pros alike, it’s truly unlike any cookbook for potheads. From infused pesto to THC and CBD smoked cheddar and green chili stone-ground grits, purchase this gift for stoners and let them tour the country with their DIY version of these buzz-worthy concoctions.

Full Review: The Art of Cooking With Cannabis

The Art of Cooking with Cannabis: CBD and THC-Infused Recipes from Across America by Tracey Medeiros
Buy: The Art of Cooking with Cannabis: CBD and THC-Infused Recipes from Across America by Tracey Medeiros $29.99


42. Sackville & Co Rolling Papers and Mini Carry Case

Sackville & Co is a design-minded cannabis accessory company that aims to make your stash look more high-end. This kit comes with their signature rolling papers and a golden mini carry case. This stylish aluminum 2-in-1 keychain is one of the top stoner gifts for any dog owner, nature lover, or anyone who likes to keep their stash portable.

Sackville & Co Rolling Papers and Mini Carry Case

Buy: Sackville & Co Rolling Papers and Mini Carry Case $28.00


43. Puffo Budsy Water Bottle Bong

Every weed-lover needs to stay hydrated, but this genius creation by Puffco is more than your average Nalgene. Look closely, and you’ll see that this water bottle is much more than meets the eye.

Puffco Budsy Water Bottle Bong

Buy: Puffo Budsy Water Bottle Bong $54.99


44. Craighill Brass Ashtray

Ashtrays can make a room look dingy and dirty. Instead, gift your best friend a brass ashtray that’s just as functional but will brighten up the space and double as a piece of coffee table decor. Designed by Craighill, this affordable but fancy-looking ashtray features four resting places for joints. If a smoking break is needed, this vessel can be cleared out and turned into a catchall tray for keys or change.

Craighill Brass Ashtray

Buy: Craighill Brass Ashtray $35.00


45. Sessions Good Essentials Starter Kit

It’s 2022, and while some head shops are starting to upgrade from the tacky cannabis memorabilia of eras past, overall, the selection is still pretty underwhelming. Every stash deserves an elegant, grown-up aesthetic, and Sessions Goods offers exactly that with its charcoal-colored Essentials Starter Kit. This gorgeously curated kit is one of the more practical stoner gifts they can use day after day, including a stash jar, ashtray, debowler and cleaning solution.

Sessions Good Essentials Starter Kit
Buy: Sessions Good Essentials Starter Kit $103.00


46. Moonpod Bean Bag

When your beloved pothead likes to take a hit from their favorite bong or pipe after work, all they want to do is melt into the couch. Elevate that experience for them with this antigravity bean bag for adults dubbed the Moon Pod. Filled with high-density beads, folks can sit, recline or fully lay down for a nap in this versatile piece of furniture. A comfy cloud to put achy lower backs and stressed minds at ease.

Full Review: Does the Moonpod Live Up To the Hype?

Moonpod Bean Bag

Buy: Moonpod Bean Bag $299.00 (orig. $399.00) 25% OFF


47. Papers & Ink Bayside Squiggle Glass Tip

Prevent burnt lips and fingers with this squiggly glass tip filter for joints inspired by ’90s shapes. Along with preserving the flavor of your cigarette, it’ll never get soggy and is easy to clean. Sold in a variety of colors like Black, Amber and Lake Moss, this hand-blown accessory was designed in collaboration with Nicole Berger. It also has a protective double-lined pouch to keep the glass tip safe and sound.

Papers & Ink Bayside Squiggle Glass Tip

Buy: Papers & Ink Bayside Squiggle Glass Tip $65.00


48. Yew Yew Cloud Grinder

One of the brands on SPY’s radar for luxury products for cannabis lovers, Yew Yew offers a bevy of gorgeous smokeware that you won’t have to hide away in your stash box. Their stylish gift for stoners is known as their Cloud Grinder in white, It has a lighter-than-air look and texture that’s minimalist yet still a little playful. Made to resemble a fluffy cloud, this smooth grinder doesn’t just look good — it’ll shred the contents into an ultra-smooth grind every time, thanks to its sharp teeth.

Yew Yew Cloud Grinder

Buy: Yew Yew Cloud Grinder $55.00


49. Rossetta Galaxy Star Projector

While it’s not exactly cannabis themed, this is the ultimate gift for stoners, because who doesn’t want to lay in bed in the dark and stare up at the galaxy while they’re absolutely ripped? Rosetta’s galaxy projector is an LED star projector that also offers northern light effects and 16 colors that users are mesmerized by. This realistic visual experience is also perfect for dining under the stars. It also emits white noise.

Rossetta Galaxy Star Projector

Buy: Rossetta Galaxy Star Projector $39.99 (orig. $59.99) 33% OFF


50. Tulip Set

The beautiful, airtight Tulip Set is one of the most comprehensive and affordable cannabis storage solutions to help you stay organized. This modular locker, complete with a lock, stores flower, tubes, cartridges/batteries, lighters and more. It also has a labeling marker and a discreet, built-in rolling tray. Along with the thoughtfully designed accessories and compartments, their materials are 100% food grade, and color schemes are dreamy.

Tulip Set

Buy: Tulip Set $195.00


51. Edie Parker Flower Peach Crush Cones

Flavored papers of the past are known for their almost intolerably artificial taste and tacky designs, but thanks to Edie Parker Flower’s pre-rolled Crush Cones, you don’t have to deal with that anymore. These peach-flavored filtered crush cones require you to crush the filter to activate the fruity taste. Adorned with little peaches in soy-based ink, this makes a cheeky gift for any ganja lover.

Edie Parker Flower Peach Crush Cones

Buy: Edie Parker Flower Peach Crush Cones $10.00


52. Canna Style Croissant Ashtray

One of the best stoner gifts for the wake-and-baker in your life. This ceramic croissant ashtray celebrated breakfast foods with its unique crescent shape, making a much more interesting coffee table conversation piece. With three grooves for joints, blunts and cigarettes, this ashtray can also function as a catchall tray for canna0accessories. It’s dishwasher safe, which is a bonus because no one wants to clean out an ashy mess.

Canna Style Croissant Ashtray

Buy: Canna Style Croissant Ashtray $22.00


53. LA Pipes Single or Double Showerhead Perc Straight Bong

A straight-up art piece when it comes to bongs, this single or double showerhead percolator bong by LA Pipes features the ultimate in filtration and build, providing the best hit possible thanks to high-quality materials. Complete with multiple percs, a diffused downstem and an ice pinch, this functional water pipe is essential for the health-conscious smoker. Beyond its filtration power, users rate it extremely easy to pull and maintain.

LA Pipes Single or Double Showerhead Perc Straight Bong

Buy: LA Pipes Single or Double Showerhead Perc Straight Bong $69.99


54. Smoke Honest Crystal Ash Tray and Silicone Lid

No ashtray is complete without a lid — if you’re concerned about smoky odors, that is. When left open, an ashtray containing joints or cigarette butts can waft an unpleasant aroma into the air. Instead, contain that odor with this crystal ashtray and silicone lid set by Smoke Honest. Made from heavy, shatter-resistant glass crystal, the matte silicone lid doubles as a slip-proof base while the user smokes.

Smoke Honest Crystal Ash Tray and Silicone Lid

Buy: Smoke Honest Crystal Ash Tray and Silicone Lid $29.00


55. Higher Etiquette: A Guide to the World of Cannabis, from Dispensaries to Dinner Parties

This unique book is a detailed guide on cannabis etiquette wherever you may be, from dispensaries to dinner parties. In a time when more states than ever are legalizing pot, it’s important to learn all the how-to’s when it comes to being a responsible consumer. It also doubles as an educational book, teaching readers how different strains affect them in different ways and why eating it differs from inhaling it. A fantastic gift for beginners.

Higher Etiquette: A Guide to the World of Cannabis, from Dispensaries to Dinner Parties

Buy: Higher Etiquette: A Guide to the World of Cannabis, from Dispensaries to Dinner Parties $18.59


56. ECRU Herb Decarboxylator

A more affordable version of the Levo infuser, while the ECRU machine doesn’t infuse your butter or oil for you, it does decarboxylate the contents, activating the plant and all of its benefits. All of the parts are dishwasher safe, and the main benefit of this machine over the Levo for the price point is that the aluminum canisters can activate up to two ounces of herb placed inside. It’s also 100% odorless, unlike the decarbing process on a stovetop or in an oven.

ECRU Herb Decarboxylator

Buy: ECRU Herb Decarboxylator $129.99


57. Cards Against Humanity: Weed Pack

Everyone loves a good raunchy Cards Against Humanity sesh, and this adults-only weed-themed pack of cards was designed specifically with cannabis lovers in mind, making it a thoughtful gift for stoners. It is worth noting that this is an expansion pack, so it does already require an existing Cards Against Humanity pack. Described as “30 cards about weed, written when we were high.” The perfect cannabis-themed add-on for any Cards Against Humanity playing household.

Cards Against Humanity: Weed Pack

Buy: Cards Against Humanity: Weed Pack $9.99


58. Janeys Cloud Hemp Wick Dispenser

A hemp wick is necessary for lighting up cannabis without all the gross butane fumes of a lighter. It makes weed tastier and also happens to be more eco-friendly than matches. Still, the aesthetic of carrying around a spool of rope isn’t exactly cute or convenient. This attractive gift for stoners keeps 4 feet of organic hemp wick organized and comes in various covers, featuring a cloud on the dispenser cover.

Janeys Cloud Hemp Wick Dispenser

Buy: Janeys Cloud Hemp Wick Dispenser $9.00


59. Elevate Jane Glass Joint Holder

Using a joint holder has plenty of benefits. They stop fingers from getting burnt and carrying a lingering odor. Additionally, they provide a much less harsh, smoother, more enjoyable hit. Be a good friend and prevent soggy joint filters with these stylish glass holders by Elevate Jane. These handblown glass accessories are the best way to kick back and enjoy a smoke.

elevated jane mint glass joint holder

Buy: Elevate Jane Glass Joint Holder $29.00


60. Stashlogix Durango Smell Proof Sling Bag

Sling bags are having a moment, and so is this odor-hiding design made specifically to keep your cannabis stash safe. When hiking, taking the dog out, or visiting a not-so-cannabis-friendly person or place, the Durango locking bag by Stashlogix completely seals in cannabis odor while organizing your tools inside. It can be slung as a crossbody with an adjustable strap and padded back or worn around the waist. An outer combination lock keeps prying eyes away.

Stashlogix Durango Smell Proof Sling Bag
Buy: Stashlogix Durango Smell Proof Sling Bag $57.00


61. Growing Weed in the Garden: A No-Fuss Seed-to-Stash Guide to Outdoor Cannabis by Johanna Silver

With legalization gracing many states, there are plenty of options for buying cannabis from dispensaries but not as many resources for cultivating your bud at home. This “seed-to-stash” guide is a comprehensive guide to growing cannabis outdoors in your garden. Not only does author Johanna Silver provide detailed step-by-step instructions and tips on making tinctures, but the book is filled with stunning photography of cannabis gardens, making it a coffee table must-have.

Growing Weed in the Garden: A No-Fuss Seed-to-Stash Guide to Outdoor Cannabis by Johanna Silver
Buy: Growing Weed in the Garden: A No-Fuss Seed-to-Stash Guide to Outdoor Cannabis by Johanna Silver $29.99


62. Fashion Craft Roast & Toast Single Wall Mug

If you or a stoner you know enjoys a good wake and bake, you’ll have a serious appreciation for this creative mug that lets you hit a bowl while sipping your favorite roast. After all, when that caffeine makes you a little jittery, you can always chill out with a quick smoke session. One buyer notes that the bowl hole is too large, but you can solve that by using a mesh screen. If you tend to microwave your drinks, remember to empty the bowl before doing so!

Fashion Craft Roast & Toast Single Wall Mug
Buy: Fashion Craft Roast & Toast Single Wall Mug $21.95


63. EricX Light 100% Organic Hemp Wick Spool

When you use a lighter during your smoke session, you’re inhaling all the butane fumes that come with it. This impacts the taste of your herb, but it can also irritate the lungs. Instead, light up with this organic alternative: a beeswax-coated hemp wick in a generous 200-foot spool. Light up this slow-burning rope and experience the full flavor of your weed without any chemical aftertaste.

EricX Light 100% Organic Hemp Wick Spool
Buy: EricX Light 100% Organic Hemp Wick Spool $7.95 (orig. $10.45) 24% OFF


64. GRAV Milk Carton

This effortlessly cool milk carton glass sculpture makes for a fantastic conversation piece on any surface. Shaped like an old-school milk box you’d get at lunchtime, the glass milk carton is one of the greatest stoner gifts we’ve ever seen.

GRAV Milk Carton Buy: GRAV Milk Carton $89.99


65. Stashlogix Bamboo Stash Jar With Humidity Sensor

Keeping your herb fresh is the No. 1 priority for stoners, and maintaining a balanced humidity is the best way to protect the plant, preserving its terpenes and all the other good stuff in cannabis. Rather than tossing your bud into a regular mason jar, consider keeping it safe in a Stashlogix bamboo stash jar with a built-in humidity sensor. It’s sizeable enough to hold up to a half-ounce and comes with a replaceable humidity packet.

Stashlogix Bamboo Stash Jar With Humidity Sensor
Buy: Bamboo Stash Jar With Humidity Sensor $19.00


66. Wave Washer Ultrasonic 420 Cleaning Machine

Dirty glass can be a bummer. Cleaning pipes, bubblers, and bongs is not fun, but clean glass is essential for a healthier and tastier smoking experience. Skip the time-consuming salt-and-shake method and instead splurge on this automatic 420 accessory cleaner, which, at the touch of a button, uses warm water and ultrasonic sound waves to blast resin off until your piece looks brand new. It’s a quick and fast process that any stoner can use daily, so you never dread resin build-up.

Wave Washer Ultrasonic 420 Cleaning Machine
Buy: Wave Washer Ultrasonic 420 Cleaning Machine $169.00


67. Trova Go Biometric Stash Case

If you know a stoner who doesn’t want anyone getting into their stash, opt for this handsome and discreet cannabis storage solution as the perfect stoner gift. This case is one of the best gifts for stoners as it takes privacy to a new level. The owner can only unlock the odor-resistant Trova Go by an app connected to the user’s phone, using the phone passcode or Face ID. A super portable must-have for any smoker.

Trova Go Biometric Stash Case
Buy: Trova Go Biometric Stash Case $199.00


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