Gift Ideas for Teens and Pre-Teens

35 gift ideas for teens and pre-teens for crafters, athletes, gamers, fashionistas, makeup artists, room decor enthusiasts, creators, and musicians.

My oldest is juuuuust getting into the pre-teen years, and it is, to sum it up in one word, emotional.

If you have a pre-teen or teen yourself, you probably know this to be true, plus the fact that they can be really tricky to shop for when it comes to Christmas presents.

I scoured every resource possible and discovered 35 gift ideas for teen and preteen guys and girls.

Some ideas are a little more grown-up than others and some are on the slightly childish side, depending on your child’s maturity level. But they would all be big hits with kiddos age 10-18.

Some great ideas for teens are also in the Gift Ideas for Her and Gift Ideas for Him guides.

Gift Ideas for Teens and Pre-Teens Ages 10-18

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Gift Ideas for Teens and Pre-Teens Under $50

1. Crock Pot Lunch Crock Food Warmer

This gift is on the more practical side but it’s awesome, especially if your teen wants to be able to take a hot lunch to school on a cold day.

2. iPhone Case with Magnetic Ring Kickstand

Makes for easier phone handling, better grasp for selfies, and propping ability.

3. Life Skills for Teens Visual Book

An AWESOME resource for learning soft skills, social skills, and organization habits to promote confidence and high self-esteem. Even as an adult, I might need this book.

4. Tie-Dye Kit

For the craft-loving tie-dye-obsessed teen who is always up to some kind of DIY hack.

5. Friendship Bracelet Making Kit

The gift that keeps on giving to all of your teen’s friends after Christmas.

6. Drawstring Barrel Cosmetic Bag

If you’re sick of seeing your teen’s makeup all over the bathroom counter, this makes clean up and daily use much easier. Plus, it’s really cute.

7. Just Between Us Books – Mother & Daughter Journal | Mother & Son Journal

Olivia and I have started journaling to each other this year, and it has been amazing at establishing open communication between us that I hope will pave the way for trust and respect into the teen years. It’s never too late to start and the prompts in these books are a great way to get to know your teen on a deeper level.

8. Moon Lamp

Perfect for the pre-teen / teen girl who loves decorating her room all the time. Great for guys who love all things outer space too.

9. Mini Fridge

Because it’s just next-level cool to have a tabletop fridge in your room for snacks (or skincare if that’s the priority).

10. Pillow Foam Slippers

Big ol’ shoes are a thing again apparently. This 90s girl in me is distraught. But anyways, these are the “it” slipper so there ya go, teeny bopper. Enjoy your wacky but oh so comfy shoes. 😂

11. Spikeball Game

If foursquare and volleyball had a baby, it’d be Spikeball. This set is super portable and great for teens to play with friends or siblings.

12. 3-in-1 Phone Lens Kit

For the teen who is a photography enthusiast, this lens can help take their regular ol’ phone lens to the next level.

13. Hook and Ring Toss Game

A great little ring toss / dart board game that teens can hang in their rooms or outdoors.

14. Ariana Grande’s Greatest Hits Fragrance Set

If you’re teen loves all of the “smell goods” this set is a great one to gift.

15. Calvin Klein Fragrance Set

A great first cologne set for guys to try out all of the scents.

16. The Complete Summer I Turned Pretty Trilogy

A wonderful cute, girly book series for ages 12 and up, if your teen reader is looking for some new stories to start.

17. StitchFix Kids

To chase away the “I have nothing to wear” blues. And maybe save you and your teen from the dressing room headaches. This subscription service will have a personal stylist curate your teen’s style based on his or her quiz answers and send clothes to try. Keep and pay for what they love, return what they don’t.

18. Bubble Tea Kit

I don’t know why exactly but bubble tea is a “thing” with teenagers. So with this unique kit, they can make their own at home.

19. Light Box Sign

A marquee your teen can personalize and display in his or her room and change up depending on the mood of the day.

20. Florence By Mills Makeup Kit

I just bought this kit for my 10 year-old recently, and she loves it! Nothing too extreme, just a great starter kit with simple, light makeup including lip gloss, cream blush, mascara, face wash, dewy moisturizer, and peel off mask for a glowy look that’s not too mature.

21. Shashibo Shape Shifting Box

Like a fidget on steroids that can transform into over 70 shapes.

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Splurge-Worthy Gift Ideas for Teens and Pre-Teens

1. FILA Pickleball Set

Pickelball is having a moment lately! And it’s especially a big hit with the teen crowd.

2. 3D Printing Pen

If you have a teen artist in your family, this 3D pen is a unique medium to create with.

3. Laser Tag Set of 4

A total blast that’s good for playing at night in the backyard with friends or the whole family.

4. Hoverboard

We love this hoverboard! Olivia would zoom around on it all day if we let her. If you already have one, gift an attachable hoverboard seat to turn it into a go kart.

5. Herschel Denim Backpack

For the mini backpack obsessed. I love the vintage look of this one with clean, modern lines.

6. Beats Wired Headphones

You know why wired headphones are better than AirPods? They’re harder for teens to lose on the go. They don’t have to worry about batteries ever running out and the sound quality is superb.

7. Studio Creator

For the teen always making videos, this has all of the tools to take them to the next level in video creation.

8. Nintendo Switch Light

The handheld version of the Nintendo Switch that is easily portable wherever your teen goes.

9. Learn to Play Acoustic Guitar Starter Pack

I wish I had this as a teen! For the musically inclined kiddos, this is an amazing gift.

10. Rocker Video Gaming Floor Chair

A gamer’s favorite for SURE with Bluetooth speakers and subwoofer built into the headrest so players experience surround sound.

11. BeautyCounter Counter Control Regimen Set

An excellent skincare line to treat breakout-prone skin without irritation. (I use this set regularly myself.)

12. KODAK Luma Mini Pocket Projector

A small yet mighty projector that fits in the palm of a hand so your teen can stream movies from a phone.

13. Cricut Explore Air 2 Daybreak Machine

The holy grail of crafting tools if your teen loves crafting all of the things.

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