Glow in the Dark Monsters by TLJI

These monster scientist are busy in their lab. They’re mixing, moving, cooking, and tasting all sorts of monster muck. The coolest part about this puzzle? It glows in the dark!

All puzzles are a fantastic learning opportunity for children. They’re working on a number of developmental skills including fine motor (as they use finger strength and dexterity to turn and flip pieces into position), hand-eye coordination, and perseverance!

This 100-piece puzzle allows for ample problem solving too. Children must look at colors and pictures as they survey minute details to piece it all together. They’re comparing and contrasting pieces based on shape, color, or illustration. With so many busy monsters and so many pieces – kids loved to talk about each one. “This blue guy has spiked teeth that go up, and this blue guy has teeth that go down.” They used language and descriptive vocabulary to tell about the chaotic scene and create fun stories.

A standout feature of this puzzle is that it glows in the dark! Best yet, the picture actually changes when it’s glowing. Monsters turn into skeletons and you even get a sneak peak to what’s inside the trash can! Kids loved this feature and it kept the story going.

100-pieces of pure monster fun with double the storytelling with colorfully illustrations during day and silly skeletons at night.

Available at The Learning Journey International and Amazon

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