Glow-in-the Dark Puzzles by Hape

Two hundred pieces of incredible artistry, high quality, and storytelling fun. Hape’s three Glow-in-the-Dark Puzzles include three different themes that will appeal to all children. Ocean Life, Dinosaurs, and an enchanting Magical Forest are perfect for promoting problem solving, spatial awareness, motor skills and narrative development.

A floor puzzle for the bigger kids is rare. So when our team of 6, 8, and 10 year old toy testers unboxed these puzzles they each got straight to work. Sorting by shape and color, comparing and contrasting from puzzle piece to the picture on the box, they practiced a number of cognitive skills such as planning, predicting, and organizing.

Each Panorama puzzle is 5 feet long, so as children worked on the floor they used both fine and gross motor skills as their small muscles worked to place, pinch, and rotate pieces. Gross motor skills were activated when bending and crouching, while balancing and moving around the 5 foot long work area.

These three extraordinary puzzles embody incredible quality with thick, sturdy pieces. Children were in awe of their detailed and whimsical illustrations, which enhanced narrative development and vocabulary as they created short stories about animals, character interactions, settings, and dialogue.

“This baby dino is trying to catch up with his Mom. ‘Hey, Mom! I’m right behind you. I’m coming to the lake for a drink too.’”

Why We Love It

Each puzzle includes 10 fact cards that further enrich their learning and storytelling. Children enjoyed matching creatures on the fact cards to their place on the puzzle, reading and swapping newly learned information.

Once the puzzle was completed, a new realm of story telling took place as they careful slid their puzzles across the floor in search of dark spaces and closets. The puzzles came to life all over again as children awed over glowing dinosaur bones, twinkling forest lights, and a deep, dark ocean night.

Hape delivers a challenging, high quality puzzle for school aged children, who thrive on problem solving, flexible thinking and storytelling. Children practiced hand-eye coordination, visual-spatial awareness, and perseverance as they experienced double the fun with unique glowing illustrations, popular themes, and learning of new facts.

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