GUNNAR Rush Kids Large Review

GUNNAR Rush Kids Large Review 2

This isn’t my first rodeo with GUNNAR, having previously reviewed the GUNNAR Youth line with Cruz Kids. I’ve also worked on a feature surrounding Blue Light and how important it is to protect ourselves and our little ones from screens. With the population spending more time than ever in front of their phones, computers and tablets, GUNNAR has aimed to make sure that everyone is protected, from our Kindergarteners to our Grandparents.

The GUNNAR Rush line is a slight change in shape from the Cruz Kids. Rather than the narrow, squared frame, the Rush frames are wider and slightly more round. I opted for the Kids Large, so I could test them myself and let my son grow into them, and they actually fit me pretty well! My son enjoys the round frame, but at 6-years-old the round frame takes up a little too much of his face, and he still prefers his Cruz Kids frames.

The Kids Large line of glasses cost $29.99 and come in onyx, navy tortoise and crystal, with your choice of clear or amber tint and the option to have them made according to your prescription. The Rush Teens swap our navy for a more amber tortoise and come in at $39.99,  and the Rush Kids Small are $29.99 in onyx, teal or magenta.

GUNNAR Rush Kids Large Review

For anyone that hasn’t read about Blue Light Glasses, my personal experience has been that they are extremely helpful now that I am at a computer full-time. In the past, I would chalk my dry eyes or headaches up to being tired, but after spending full days staring at a screen I would notice the issues coming up earlier in the day and even more often. My GUNNAR Jewel glasses have helped me immensely, with me lasting all day without tired eyes—when I don’t misplace them. This was no different with the Rush line, which is reassuring since I’m trusting GUNNAR with my children’s eyes.

“The GUNNAR Rush Kids give more options and styles to a market that is somewhat limited for children otherwise.”

The one thing I did appreciate about the Rush glasses was the case. All the GUNNAR glasses come with a little bag to hold them in and a cleaning cloth. Both the Cruz and Rush children’s lines come with a hard case which is much appreciated as a mother—my son has sat on his glasses more than once. The difference with the Rush line though, is that the case was a solid red. My son’s Cruz glasses game with a print of tiny coloured glasses all over it, and though very cute, the solid red case makes it feel more grown-up, which may be better suited for the Kids Large and Teen sizes.

GUNNAR Rush Kids

GUNNAR has remained a winner in my books when it comes to their children’s line of Blue Light glasses. The GUNNAR Rush Kids are an excellent addition, giving more options and styles to a market that is somewhat limited for children otherwise. They are stylish, comfortable and work as well as the adult style glasses. I’m happy to know that my kids have choices and that GUNNAR is there to take care of their eyes!