Helping Men Cope With Mental Health Issues in Professional and Personal Life


The mind and the head are working tirelessly every day. We use them to determine our daily routine.

Most things in a man’s life can get damaged and be repaired. But it takes a conscious effort, focus, and the ability seek help.

How do you cope with mental health issues in the face of great inflation and resignation? This is a very difficult thing to do. The man you think would solve your problem is also facing a more critical problem. But matured one would still act like they don’t have problem. They would rather leave theirs and still help you to solve yours.

We need to remember that money cannot help solve mental health problem as many people think. Most of the issues that made up problems in our head are more of social and psychological issues.

We all at some point in time face problems at home and in the workplace. And let say problems from family. Pressure from peers and group. All these can lead to stress, anxiety and other issues that impact mental wellness. Your boss might be demanding much than it is expected. You might be wondering why the extra work and have trouble getting it done. Is your salary equal the every day task you are doing? Many men face problem such as these. Some are dying silently. And they are being replaced by their employers within 24hrs. Their staff would only observe 1 minute silence.

The mind and the heart need to be guarded rightly. There are thoughts we put in our mind for too long. We lack better friendship. And once men cannot communicate their major life issues their health become more threaten. And I don’t see any shyness in sharing talk with a mature mind. You can find a trusted colleague or friends or family to talk with. Or if your company has a guidance and counseling department you can go there and seek help. Don’t be afraid to ask for hep.

As a writer, I don’t have many secrets to hide. I share my thoughts on a daily basis. This is another form of communication. If I do not have friends to trust for better communication. I would rather trust my pen. Sometime we code and sometime we write it as it is. Sometime I look and search for a life coach online like Tony Robbins, Author of Awakening the Giant in You, Mastery and Money.

Anyone who values life needs to have a me-time. I have found his is one of the biggest ways to help with mental wellness. Get yourself a pen and water. Excess alcohol does not help. Alcohol only helps solve problems for the moment. The problem shall occur at a later time. Having a me-time is a form of self-care. This is the time to reflect and forgive yourself for your decision you have made.

Some of us have found self in a relationship that doesn’t support our well being and personality. But we have no choice but to forgive the past and the people in it. Decisions makes a man. And for every difficult decision we make the better, we become as a man. The most difficult decision in the world is not financial  decisions but career and marriage decisions. A life partner decision is something that is critical. You need to be happy at home even if you are not happy at work. And if you are not happy at work and home bro something needs to be fix. This is your personal decision to make.

Toxic workplaces are affecting many men in the workplace. And once we get ourselves into it, we may find it difficult to come out of it. Single men may find it easier to make impulsive decisions; the married men on the other hand have to think twice of heating bills. Which means he has to remain on the job and keep serving his irate boss. Every man has bills to pay. Our mental health must be top priority.

Aside from workplaces, a bad relationship can take men away from their talent and passion. And this can hurt critical thinking and not over thinking. There is no perfect relationship out there. Communication which is essential is one thing that is missing among many men and women. The society is full of domestic issues that have to do with cheating, DNA related issues, infidelity, office dating, finance, responsibility, misinterpretation and so on. One thing I always urge men and also the opposite gender is to go into relationship with fewer expectations. In psychology, having high expectations can lead to frustration. When expectation is not forth coming the next thing is poor attitude from any of the gender.

We men need to note that in modern days that people are losing jobs, they may likely also lose relationship along with it. This is a simple reality. Your relationship is working simply because you are working. In reality, you cannot stay with most women with empty pocket.

I urge every men to join communities where they can have discussions, get insight and learn new things about how they can handle life issues. The Good Men Project can help a great deal.

Life is too short to be doing a job that is killing you upstairs. It is expected that a man should have the ability to think straight. It is from thinking that our creativity comes. And once there is creativity wealth would follow.

We need to ensure we search for happiness in every angles. Your career should not be reducing you since your company promised that you would grow if you work with them. The quality of your life is the quality of your relationship.

The society that we are is facing inflation and things are difficult. Life is becoming hard in my country. Men are looking for way of surviving. Many Fintech companies are offering option of loans with high interest rate. The Government is in debt. Unemployment is on the rise. Underpaid job is rampant. So, what do we do? Can overthinking solve all these societal issues facing us as men? No, it would not. We only need to think differently. Solution based thinking is what we need now.

The business of betting and gambling has come to stay in our society. The casino companies are making money from bookings. This is also draining money from those who stakes games. They do not have assurance of winning. Most people loose. It’s a game of chance. You can have fortune and misfortune based on your strategy. The same thing extends to Bitcoin, Cryptocurrency, Forex and so many of them which men admire. They require expertise for you to cash out. They are not concepts for greed. Always read their disclaimer notice or privacy policy as regards to the terms.

In the business of game theory and investment. Men are more likely to be depressed and go bankrupt. Because money is what all are looking for to escape poverty. And once you lose wealth to casino you would start getting worried about life which may now generate to excessive thinking of feeling of regret and sadness.

Society needs to redefine work for the populace. Work is the means of surviving. It is through work that man can pay for daily bills. And there is status to work. Society looks down on men who don’t seem to be working hard.

Thinking is good. However, excess thinking is often not helpful. If you have lost your job, it is not the end of the world. Please pick yourself up and keep searching for another one. It may take time but don’t give up. There are many job sites out there that can aid your job search.

Also, men need to adjust their task level. Watch out for stress and manage the stress. We should learn how to rest and sleep. Take a walk and exercise regularly to be in shape mentally and physically. It is also important to read self-help books. Excess TV put our heart on scaring mood. All the news coming from media like TV are not binging joy at all.

Learn to speak out today. Do not keep yourself in a situation that you cannot help to resolve. Since we have identified career as one of the biggest sources where most men derived mental health problem. It is very important to read through company profile and reviews online before applying. Browse through and read about what people are saying about the company culture and their climate. Do not sign any offer letter without understanding the terms and conditions that surround the employment. Your career is linked to your personal life. So, you need to learn the management of both.

Challenges makes us human. Share your problem today to expert to provide solution to it. There is nothing that is happening to you right now that has never happened to anyone in the world. You never can tell if your stories would change the lives of millions of men in the world if you decide to share it anonymously. A problem shared is problem half solved.

Learn a new skills. Travel to new places. Play with the kids. Make new friends. Listen to cool music.

I will leave you with this quote: “Suicide is the permanent solution to a temporary problem.”

Please free your head. Free your mind. Free your heart. Unless other wise you are a writer.

You will be fine tomorrow.

Thank you.

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