How To Be More Feminine: 33 Tips To Be More Sophisticated

Let’s face it- the idea of what a feminine woman looks like is entirely outdated and regressive. So is understanding what it means to be masculine and then comparing that with feminine traits. Gender roles are long gone, and the medieval idea of women acting, walking and talking a certain way is out the window.

However, as we women go about in our daily lives, we tend to disregard our body language a little bit and in turn, lose our confidence as a woman.

This shouldn’t bother you by rule, but if it does, and you have always wanted to appear more feminine, feel more feminine, take out that red lipstick and caress your long hair, wear dresses or simply wear those clothes that make you feel more confident in your own body and skin, then this article is for you, woman!

Keep reading on.

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33 Tips To Be More Sophisticated and How To Be More Feminine

1. Good hygiene to feel more feminine

This tip applies for human beings in general, but more so for women. Have you ever observed depictions of women’s things as neat, tidy and clean? What about women’s bathrooms being so much cleaner than men’s?

A woman’s femininity is very often directly associated with their sense if hygiene, and a feminine woman is typically considered to be very mindful of practices of hygiene.

More than just thinking about this as a trait conditioned by society, hygiene in general establishes a sense of order and discipline into our lives.

In order to feel capable, every woman must consider upping her hygiene game.

There is nothing masculine about being unhygienic, but it’s just unhealthy and an open invitation to disease and infections and trust me, you want to stay away from that!

There are simple practices such as putting everything back in place, shaving your body hair once in a while, cleaning every once in a while and imbibing hygienic practices in different walks of life.

2. Good posture to feel feminine and attractive

Not only does good posture make you look even more beautiful than makeup can, it helps you take care of your physical, muscular as well as bone health.

Practicing good posture further accentuates a woman’s figure, making her look more feminine.

Especially with new-age problems such as curving our backs and necks to stoop forward to use our phones and laptops are leading to problems such as neck humps and shoulder misalignment.

Whether masculine or feminine, good posture helps you radiate confidence and makes you more approachable.

3. Spend more time with other women

Women are wonderful. I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again.

Having been endowed with so many varying perspectives based on who they are, where they come from, what their personal goals and ambitions are, and what they’re willing to juggle to live the life that they aspire to- is fascinating!

Surrounding yourselves with other women every day is like gaining multiple perspectives on life and understanding about your own self and what femininity truly means.

The topics that your discussions include could range from as simple as hair styles to as complex as patriarchy.

Getting to know other women forms a relationship where you can talk and exchange your ideas, focus on what does truly matter, and form a natural relationship with your own feminine side.

Another bonus here is getting to know how other women act and feel feminine, but that’s only a beneficial side-effect.

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4. Empathize to maintain touch with your feminine side

Whatever your version of an ideal woman may be, she is bound to be understanding and empathetic.

Women are generally empaths, and understanding other people enables a woman to introspect and explore her worldview on general things in life.

These topics can wary from men to the words that they use to speak about certain things- but keeping an open mind to wanting to empathize can help you get in touch with becoming more feminine.

5. Dress like a lady

How many times have we heard this one? But don’t worry, we’re not here to preach regressive ideals. When we say ‘dress like a lady’, we’re just pointing to the already obvious fact that wearing tasteless boxers and ill-fitted t-shirts with your hair in a messy bun while having a pint of beer does not make you look graceful or ‘girly’, even.

There’s nothing too masculine about it either, as long as we’re still on this.

Wear whatever you want, and if you’re looking to appear more feminine through your clothes, then wearing apparel that accentuates your figure and make you appear more attractive, is key here!

6. Good manners maketh a good lady

Who doesn’t like good manners? Manners are the key to winning someo0ne’s heart.

The idea of a woman as polite and docile has led to the idea that they have good manners- but not every belief that stems from outdated beliefs is outdated.

If you display good manners, you will be able to form greater and more meaningful connections with the people that you come across, in your life. In general, many women are known to display good manners.

There’s nothing about assessing how masculine or feminine you are based on your manners, but it’s true that good manners make you look a bit more feminine.

Masculine traits are identifiable, but they shouldn’t define your feminine traits in any which way.

No matter whatever your sex, good manners should always top your list! It’s the best way to be feminine.

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7. Read women-oriented magazines

In addition to our previous point about getting to know other lovely women better, it is with reading women-oriented magazines that one can better value and take care of their femininity.

When you feel like you belong to a bigger community with such varying and interesting other women, you find a sense of belongingness and it’s a beautiful journey.

To add to that, if you’re looking to be more feminine (and we believe you are because you’re reading this), then these women-oriented magazines have great tips on different things such as how to carry yourself like a lady who exudes self confidence, body positivity, soft skills, healthy hair, style, fashion and even a sexy aura.

All of these are bound to help make you feel more feminine.

8. Expressiveness to feel more feminine

Anyone who’s expressive radiates a lot of self-confidence because they are able to articulate exactly how they feel and think.

Aside from this being a skill that only gets firmer with practice, being expressive as a feminine trait is helpful because it resolves underlying issues caused by misinterpretation and unconscious biases.

The phrase ‘just talk it out’ is vital because it makes sure your speech is in tune with your feelings and there are no unhealthy feelings pent up within you, which can further lead to even more unhealthy outcomes.

It’s not the way to be feminine.

Both men and women should be mindful of being more expressive in order to lead a healthy life, whether they’re aiming to be particularly masculine or feminine.

How this helps a woman’s femininity is that they help you feel and act more like your own self, without putting the rest of the world before how you feel.

This way, you’re able to express how you want to feel about things without being bogged down.

Using the right words is a natural way to value your own self and in turn, take care of your femininity.

It’s the best way to be feminine!

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9. Compliment others to spread the feminine energy

While compliments say a lot about you as a person and of what others think of you, they are an excellent way to reinforce that you are not insecure and believe in the idea that another person’s merit is not automatically up for competition.

One of the greatest reasons why us ladies ought to compliment each other is because society has, through ages, pitted females against one another

– be it for ideals of beauty, fashion, what is sexy and what isn’t, the types of dresses and styles that are considered sexy in that given era of time, asking them to be wearing clothes that aren’t exactly comfortable, or to walk and talk a certain way, act and feel a certain way, wear their hair a certain way, pay attention to the dynamics between men and females to check their own needs and wants, be ‘girly’-

all of these have created an unhealthy relationship between ladies.

And the only way to fix that is to learn to uplift other ladies and stand strong as a community by complimenting each other! If you like her hair, just tell her!

There is no competition to try to look more feminine if you like her look.

And it is obviously not just about her hair.

Remove the insecurity!

Not only does that help them increase their confidence, but in turn, it helps you look more feminine and embrace the right sides of your femininity for a greater cause that you can value!

It’s the best way to be feminine.

10. Act carefree to feel carefree

Like we said, there can be a lot of unnecessary rules and impositions that can make you feel a little bit out of confidence.

If these incidents keep taking place every day, then that is bound to happen.

In such a case, rejecting what society considers ‘girly’ or ‘sexy’, which clothes, dresses or makeup they want you to wear, just realise that your feelings are the only ones that really matter and act carefree to feel carefree.

It’s the best way to be feminine.

When you walk about in life without being forced by anyone to be a certain way, the confidence that you exude itself will contribute towards your femininity and help you feel feminine in the truest sense.

This can also pave the way for all those other things we spoke about-

compliments, style, fashion, sex appeal, an idea female image, a good relationship with other women…

but all of this will be on your terms. And that’s how it should be!

It shouldn’t be defined by wanting to avoid being masculine or simply let anybody else define what being feminine means, for you.

Our entire article is about that very point!

11. Carry the charm of a confident woman

Very often, it is important to fake it till you make it.

If you feel underconfident, a simple trick is to pretend to feel how you really want to feel.

That is literally the way to be feminine.

What would a more confident version of your self, do?

Would she walk and talk a certain way?

Would she slightly change her style, speak differently, embrace her current insecurities, feel more free within her own skin, love her body the way it is, wear clothes that help her feel confident, talk to men a certain way?

If you’ve found yourself asking at least even o0ne of these questions to yourself at some point in time, it means you know how to identify your feminine energy and you’re on the right path.

Every confident woman is bound to value what makes her feel confident in her own skin and that is the way to become a feminine woman!

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12. Avoid masculine behaviors

Gone are those days when you would sit with your brothers and refuse to play ‘girly’ games even though you were a girl, just to appear ‘cool’ and get along with the men in your life.

If you like pink, you should say so without undermining the beauty of the color.

Trying to fit in with the crowd by feeling as if participating in masculine behaviors is a prerequisite is so wrong, and it is so sad that women are conditioned to think that way!

Not only does this undermine their own femininity, but it also considers girly traits as ‘less’ than masculine ones.

That is no way to be feminine!

You are worthy.

You deserve to indulge in makeup, sexy dresses, don a new style with the changing seasons.

You deserve to speak your mind, and try different things that any other person would.

You’re free to do whatever you want to embrace your femininity.

Sadly, many women don’t understand this and think it takes something else to be truly feminine!

13. Talk like a lady

Hush-hush and not speaking your mind just because you’re in the presence of an *apparently superior* person, a man, is extremely medieval and derogatory to the entire woman race.

Talking like a woman is back in style and guess what, it’s exactly like you want it to be!

It is truly feminine.

Be firm in speaking your mind. Say it exactly like you feel it. Oppose practices that don’t make sense. Be soft, but demand what is yours.

Do not take anybody’s bullshit and smash the patriarchy that has led you to believe in these ideas in the first place.

Walk with a high head, say all that you feel, define what being confident means to you by wearing your compliments like armory, love your skin for what it is like, act in a way that supports your words, dress how you want. Make your idea of being feminine your own.

Talk like a lady, with confidence, every day.

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14. Live life on your own terms

Do not let anybody else define or map your life for you.

Let’s say you have kids. Agreed that there are certain responsibilities that you have towards them.

But don’t let your entire life be about that!

Establish your own identity.

Do things for your own self.

Don’t let anyone in the world dictate how you should carry your own body or the way you should walk, dress or feel. It’s the best way to be feminine!

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15. Take care of your health

When so much of a woman’s energy goes into taking care of everybody else, remember to take care of your own self as well.

This involves a healthy and balanced diet as well as adequate exercise to get you through the day.

Aside from just becoming feminine women, this is good for long-term health.

If being feminine is put as a greater priority than your health, then you need to reconsider your choices.

16. Put yourself first

Females tend to neglect themselves a little bit or keep themselves as the last priority, and that is wrong in so many ways! Listen to the cues that your body gives you.

Your definition of putting yourself first can be very different from someone else’s.

So it if means you will put your long hair down, wear clothes that make you feel girly or sexy, wearing soft or elaborate makeup, being more appreciative of your own body… then do all those things!

It’s the best way to be feminine.

17. Embrace your womanhood

While we’ve been told to look after our own selves more than we look at anybody else, it is also true that that should not overpower the good experiences of being a woman, a wife, a mother, and also, an individual.

In an effort to empower females around you, you have to be sure to not invalidate the experiences of being a woman and the several societal roles that come with it, which have been dubbed as outdated and regressive or are breeding grounds for patriarchy to continue even in this time and age.

That is no way to be feminine.

In fact, that goes against and cuts down any and all efforts you must have ever taken to attempt to be feminine, in the past.

There are several girls who choose alternate lifestyles by choice and are completely content in caring for their families, looking after their children, other men and women in their lives, and willingly practicing all those things that help them appreciate their womanhood.

And that is completely okay! A huge step towards femininity or becoming one with your feminine energy is to accept this.

18. Grace in every walk of life

We are used to being put down a lot, and while that is sad, what’s even sadder is the fact that we often can’t think about things such as how to maintain grace and not lash out owing to that pent-up generational rage and want for justice.

If you feel like you have to carry grace in all that you do, then you’re already on the way to embracing yourself as a female. Grace is sexy- there is no question there.

Grace is in being feminine and vice-versa.

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19. Empower the men in your life

While this mind sound like another one of those regressive instructions handed down to us by other ladies to have ever existed, hear me out-

Empower the men in your life in things that they ought to learn from females.

Help them articulate how they feel without undermining their emotions. Teach them that it is okay to compliment other people without making it a competition.

Tell them that they can wear any apparel they like in the world without having to feel like it defies their masculinity.

Empower the men in your life to understand femininity and not be insecure about understanding what it means to be feminine to establish a better relationship with their own feelings.

20. Become socially active to embrace femininity

The more you interact socially, the more you begin to value compliments that you receive, the men in your life whom you get the chance to miss and then come back to, the more you begin to understand your role as an individual and as a female within society and how you can do good to your community by participating in social activities. It’s the best way to be feminine!

21. Embrace being by yourself and define your own worth

Nobody should ever feel helpless when their partner or a loved one leaves them. Some sorrow is natural, but feeling like you can’t get by or live by yourself is wrong- because it just shows that you are not your priority.

If you haven’t guessed it by now, aside from empowering yourself to be more feminine, this article is for the feminine woman who can find her place in the world while embracing all those things that are good about being female- wearing whatever she wants, carrying compliments that make her day, not feeling even a bit shy to speak her mind, understanding her own energy and body language, not succumbing to masculine traits to fit in… it is all about embracing being all by yourself.

You are worthy. You are enough. You are as feminine as you want to be and you define your life, because you’re in charge.

22. Groom yourself in a feminine way

Nobody dislikes making use of certain things such as makeup, a certain style of dress, wearing your hair a certain way, in order to groom yourself as a feminine woman.

Looking tidy but however you want to to match your feminine energy is the way to do so!

If your idea of being or looking feminine involves going by the general rules of wearing certain attire or following conventionally feminine manners, then that is entirely up to you.

When we look at older beliefs that have been passed down from one generation to another to reach us today, they point to a certain ideal of who a feminine woman is, and that cannot change overnight just with you and me wanting it to! It will take years, perhaps decades, to reinvent and redefine ideals of feminine behavior.

However, if you wish to take the good factors that exist with conventional feminine images, then you are free to do so!

How you groom yourself is entirely up to you!

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23. Question regressive traditions

Speak up!

There is absolutely no reason why any of us should follow ideologies that we do not agree with.

Put all of your combined feminine energy into figuring out what needs to stay and what needs to go.

If you don’t speak up, how will the next generation?

And what will you teach your daughters, then?

It is true that you cannot control what society has defined feminine traits as.

You can, however, control what you see them as and what you teach your future generations.

So, it is important to raise a voice against and question regressive traditions if you want to quit them or even more, bring about a vital change.

This is exactly how to be more feminine.

24. Stand beside other women

If you know what is like to not be heard, then don’t make the same mistake.

Stand by other ladies and help them feel your support through a sense of community.

Very often, although we all need support through the difficult phases of our lives, the most support we need is from people who are undergoing the same or identical situations or problems that we are facing.

In such a case, it is entirely your responsibility to stand by other women. In a way, even this article is helping you do that!

There are no forms or ways in which you can follow this, the options are endless.

Just be sure to identify and then invest your feminine energy into doing these tasks to figure out how to be more feminine and stand beside other ladies as they do, too.

25. Teach your daughters self-worth and confidence

Self-worth does not come from makeup or feeling accepted by the whole world.

There are different journeys that each woman has to go through to arrive on that conclusion by herself and that ride might look different for everyone.

But in this journey, teach them that it is alright to feel like it is draining their energy because it is not an easy process, after all.

Teach them that you’re there for them whenever they need you and ask them to be a bit open and assertive about their idea of feminine women.

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26. Uplift other women through active work

Sadly, simply speaking up is not beneficial sometimes.

There needs to be more active work that can help uplift each other.

There need to be more strategies that can help us all feel empowered in feeling feminine through a combined feminine energy.

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27. Create and share opportunities for women

Since nobody understands a woman as well as another, the idea is to come together, brainstorm and address the real issues that a woman faces.

True femininity is absolute power, and it has to be taken away and embraced because it is rightly yours. Ideas and fashions that seem masculine, such as conducting meetings and formulating policies, are another example of what things should not be like.

Feminine conversations allow complete addressing of real problems and it is therefore important to create and share opportunities for them.

28. Discuss varying ideas of femininity

It is very crucial to start a discussion about being on the same page and understanding what being feminine looks like, to different people and groups.

It is only when we start a discussion about this, that we can better understand what further steps need to be taken.

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29. Safeguard your image

Although we discussed how a woman needs to stand up for another, sadly, there are certain norms and hush-hush around this because insecurities still do exist and a lot can be done to tarnish someone’s image.

In such a case, it is important to safeguard your image no matter what!

30. Do not give in to society

As discussed earlier, society will try to determine what being feminine means for you, as if you have no say in it.

It is difficult to fully alienate yourself from a society whose ideals you don’t believe in because man in a social animal.

However, you decide where to draw the line, because others will treat you the way you treat yourself!

31. Learn to value different opinions

There is a lot of grace and femininity in identifying that several differing opinions do exist and each person is entitled to their own.

This makes room for tolerance and grace, enabling you to appear as the feminine woman that you want to.

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32. Practice skin care

As we age, our skin tends to get looser with time. It’s very possible to focus on other things in life and lose track of taking care of ourselves.

Looking good is a choice and nobody should be shamed for going the extra mile for taking care to look good.

Face yoga, lymphatic drainage, cosmetic facials, and general exercise has enabled skin care practices, which ought to be followed if you want to feel more feminine!

33. Define what being a feminine woman means to you, and stick with it!

Just as it is with any other routine, being feminine is a practice in itself that takes time to form and is a complete winner because you’re literally living life on your terms and defining what it means to be feminine!

So figure out what makes you your most feminine and stick with it.

☂ How to be more feminine with your looks! ☂


➣ Wear makeup that helps you highlight your strongest features

➣ Practice face yoga for more feminine facial features

➣ Practice healthy diets and lifestyles to look better

➣ Once in a while, take breaks and vacations to remove stress and look more radiant

➣ Make sure your face tells people that you are approachable


☀ How to Get a Perfect Jawline ☀


▶ Look up and kiss the air 10 times. Repeat 3 times a day

▶ Move your jaw in a way that your lower lip covers your upper lip. Repeat 20 times in a day

▶ Do shoulder exercises to tone the fat around your neck

▶ Practice gua sha techniques to enable lymphatic drainage

▶ Regularly massage your face and neck, especially before bedtime


It is very important to note that fat reduction is not really possible and in order to tone or reduce fat in a particular area on your body, you will need to get rid of the total excess fat! So, when we talk about getting a perfect jawline and practise some steps as listed above to do so, the results shall only be visible once we take other factors such as exercise, health and proper nutrition into account!

☛ Conclusions ☚

There is no one particular way to feel feminine. It is not in the way that you wear your hair, and not even a bit about men.

As we are redefining other ideals with changing times, it is important to safeguard what you want to follow about how to be more feminine.

Femininity is a vast subject, and it is important to understand that there is nothing wrong with wanting to feel more feminine!

We hope this article has proven helpful for you in identifying the steps required to make that possible.

✍ Relevant Questions ✍

Q: What do men want in a woman?

A: Men want a woman who is confident, approachable, ambitious, knows what she wants from her own life and values her self-identity. More importantly, nobody wants to be with someone who wants to seek validation about themselves elsewhere rather than looking into their own hearts. Women, sadly, have been victims of this ideology that they are worthy when men find them attractive. It is, however, not so. Females no longer exist just to serve familial roles and help their husbands. They have stepped out in every field possible and are earning a name for themselves. In such a situation, a woman should solely focus on what she wants from herself and work on that without letting ‘what mean want in a woman’ be the driving factor behind that thought!

Q: What type of female body is the most attractive?

A: There is no one particular type. All bodies are beautiful and thinking that only a certain type of body is the best harbors the notion that society dictates beauty. Having said that, when we talk about attraction, it is highly subjective and what one person might consider attractive, another won’t. So, it is very difficult to point out which body type can be the most desirable. We are here to establish the point that there is no one particular ‘type’ of body, because body types are simply the output of lifestyle and genetic traits which have further been used by society to create the beauty and fashion industry by preying on the insecurities of womankind.

Q: Which face shape is attractive?

A: Although attractiveness is subjective, it has been proven that in general, an oval face shape is considered the most optimal scientifically.

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