How to Buy the Right Scooter

Guides to Buy the Right Scooter

Are you in the market to buy a bike for yourself or a child? Yes, then we are here to help you know how to buy the right scooter. Here you can find all the ins and outs related to finding the right bike for you or a family member.

What Type of Scooter Do do You Need?

When you buy a scooter, you need to consider two factors when it comes to a child or yourself. You need to take the age and how serious the person is about scooting. Once you establish these factors, you can choose from six types of scooters available.

The Three-Wheeled Model

For toddlers, this is a popular model to help them balance as it has a single wheel found on the back with two front wheels. Your child will learn how to balance before moving on to the other selections available.

The Two-Wheeled Scooter

The scooter has two wheels and best for kids aged from five to eight years old that can already balance. The metal structure allows the bike to handle more weight and faster for children to move around and fun.

The Stunt Scooter

The pro scooter you can use to do tricks and looks similar to the two-wheeler but makes doing tricks more comfortable. The bike has a quality build with a lightweight design and comfortable handlebars with a T-bar shape. You get smooth-riding using the scooter in skate parks overs different platforms and ramps.

The Electric Scooter

The electric ride is made for all ages and has the same design as the two-wheeler. The only difference is that it works with a rechargeable battery with an electric motor. So your child or you can enjoy traveling without pushing the scooter. The main problem is that it does not give you exercise, and with the motor and battery, it does not have a lightweight structure.

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The Off-Road Scooter

Another electric scooter model is the off-road type and made for you if you want adventure and thrill. The construction of heavy-duty parts with bumpy wheels is a common feature in this scooter.

How to Buy the Right Scooter

The Caster Scooter

The scooter has three wheels with a single wheel found in the front with two at the back. The wheels at the end are spaced apart with a footplate, and you move by shifting your body from side-to-side. However, while they are fun, it is a bit risky for kids to use.

Features to Consider

There are some crucial factors to consider when you want to buy the right scooter for your kid or yourself.

What is Your Purpose for Buying a Scooter?

You can use the scooter for different purposes. That is why you need to think about what your intention is with the bike. Do you want to use it for transportation? Or do you want one for fun? Once you decide what you plan to use it for you can pick one of the models that serve you best for your needs.

Age and Size

You want comfort when scooting away on a scooter. You can get three different sized scooters and need to pick a model according to the age, height, and size of the person you want to buy it for.

Do you need one that folds?

You can buy scooters with a foldable design making it comfortable to take on public transport and storing it in a room. The majority of pro and electric scooters have a foldable structure.

The Wheels

If you are buying a scooter for a child, the number of wheels plays an important part. You need to select one according to their age and skills as well. For a toddler, choose a four or three-wheeler helping them to balance. Also, for older kids or adults, you can pick a two-wheeler as you already have a sense of balance. For use on unpaved roads, select a model with broad or narrow wheels. As for flat surfaces, plastic or rubber wheels are perfect. Do you have older kids looks for one with a large wheel instead of a small one made for younger children?

The Deck

The part you stand on needs to be able to handle both feet comfortably. You can buy the deck in three sizes as well. With a full surface, you can balance better and change your leg position conveniently. A smaller platform offers you more kick room, and you can find some made with a taper function that is wide at the front and thinner to the back. Furthermore, durability also plays a crucial part if you want to enjoy long rides. You need a solid deck with lightweight feel making it portable to take anywhere.

The Handlebar

The scooter has a T-shaped bar, and buying one with adjustable height allows the scooter to grow with your child. Furthermore, it is an excellent option if there is more than one kid who wants to ride. Here you can check how comfortable it is to lock or unlock the bar or if it has a quick-release clip. Make sure you do not need a unique tool to adjust. You can find two types of handgrips one made of foam and the other made of rubber. Alternatively, look for a deck with grip tape as it provides an excellent grip to stay on the deck.

Braking is Important

With any scooter having a braking system plays a vital role in safety. You can get the scooter with a handbrake or rear-wheel foot brake.

How to Buy the Right Scooter


Here the weight of the scooter determines how portable it is for carrying. If you have one with a foldable design, it makes moving it from one place to another more comfortable.

Control and Speed

These functions apply to electric scooters as you can buy them at numerous speed levels. With a wide selection of speed levels, you can control the scooter for a smooth ride.


The type of scooter you buy determines the price you will need to spend. Each brand varies in price when it comes to quality and features.

The Build Quality is Also Important When You Buy a Scooter

You can find scooters made with a lightweight aluminum structure to durable steel that is heavier. Compared to steel, the aluminum build will cost you more. Furthermore, as you will spend loads of money on a scooter, make sure that you can replace the parts. The scooter has multiple components that can break with everyday use.

Moreover, consider the safety features as well. While the scooter is not a bicycle, it can still be risky to use when you do stunts with it. So buy one with safety functions that work for the child or adult you purchase the scooter for.

How to Buy the Right Scooter

Now that we are on the subject of safety! Here are some tips that you might need:

  • Get your child safety gear from gloves, helmet, knee to elbow pads.
  • Preferably buy a face helmet if you do not have one wear goggles with it.
  • Never use your scooter for nighttime riding.
  • Wear bright color clothing to make you visible on the road.
  • Wear slip-resistant shoes like running shoes.
  • Avoid surface with water or gravel as it can cause you to fall.
  • Always use your hand signals and adhere to traffic rules.
  • If you have a headlight, turns it on during the day or night.
  • Make sure to maintain the scooter by checking the tire pressure before you ride.
  • Never hang your backpack anywhere on the scooter as it will cause you to lose balance.
  • Always use a scooter one person at a time.
  • Check the scooter’s hinges, joints, and quick releases at all times.
  • Pick a scooter that fits your size.

When you have a scooter, it presents you with loads of benefits as an adult or child. During your ride, you burn fat as you are using your legs to move without using fuel or pedals. Therefore, it helps to control your weight, and riding after breakfast will help you lose weight faster.

Furthermore, it saves you money on gas as using an electric scooter is cost-effective with the batteries. You save time as you can go anywhere quickly and do not have to face the traffic. Lastly, it protects the environment as you will be using your feet or riding on battery power.

Buying a scooter is great for both adults and kids as you can find different models available made for your lifestyle needs.

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