How to Make Fake Sparklers for July 4th

Remember your first 4th of July fireworks show? You sat mesmerized looking at the beautiful lights that glittered the sky. You could feel the deep booming noise in your belly and your eyes watered as you tried not to blink. What an amazing moment! As fireworks lovers, we are getting giddy for the upcoming 4th of July festivities. To celebrate Independence Day, we're taking inspiration from Say Yes and making sparkler alternatives that are perfect for your little ones to play with in between rounds of their favorite lawn game. These DIY paper + glitter sparklers sparkle without the sparks!



4th of july fake sparklers safe

– paper

– straws

– glitter


– paper cutter (or scissors)

– spray adhesive

– glue stick


4th of july fake sparklers safe

If you don’t have a paper cutter, that is a-okay. Scissors work just as well. Cut your paper in half lengthwise. Then cut slits along one of the long edges to create fringe. Now cut this piece in half. Add a layer of spray adhesive to the tips of the fringe. Do this on both sides of the paper.

  1. Cut your piece of paper in half lengthwise. Fringe one of the long ends, then cut this piece in half.
  2. Coat the tips of the fringe with spray adhesive, covering the front and the back of the paper. Sprinkle the paper with glitter.
  3. Roll your paper tightly and then add glue to the end. Insert the glued end into your straw.
  4. Separate the fringe and give your sparkler shape.

4th of july fake sparklers safe

Normally we would wait until the adhesive was tacky, but we found that for this project it worked better to add the glitter right away. Separate the fringe if it is sticking together. Then roll your paper tightly like it’s a mini yoga mat.


Add glue to the end and file it into the straw.

4th of july fake sparklers safe

Separate the fringe to make your sparkler come to life!


Though flameless, they are still super fun :)


They look like mini versions of the huge ones that light up the sky!


Not only are they great for kids, but they are also perfect photo booth props or park accessories!

4th of july fake sparklers safe

Have you made any faux sparklers for the 4th of July? Share your pics with us on Instagram!