How to Provide Storage Ideas for Your Kids

If you have kids in your home, there are usually lots of toys or items of your kids. In this case, you need storage ideas to organize them. We do recommend storage that are kid-friendly, easy to use yet effective way to keep your kids things well organized. One way to increase the amount of storage space for your kids is to provide some built-in storage cabinets and drawers. You can even buy baskets with lids or any kinds of baskets to use as storage. Moreover, plastic containers can be your options. Plastic containers come in a variety of sizes and have see-through features to make it easier for kids to find what they need. Using bins on the lower shelves is a great solution for smaller kids as they can put their toys in the lower baskets while reaching for the top ones. Some boxes and cubes can also be used for your kids storage ideas. Furthermore, here are some references for you.

How to provide storage ideas for your kids 1

Animal Drawer Storage 52533076_2271934779758844_4335163617319052664_n

Support your children to love books by giving them a variety of books of any genre. Unfortunately, you need more storage to store books. Choosing a cube type storage area and equipped with a drawer with an accented animal head pattern makes your shelf decoration more beautiful and looks like a child. You can use this storage cube to store various books or games for your child so that it will provide a neat decoration of the room.  Animal Dresser from bloomingvillemini

Polkadot Basket Storage


Storing your child’s toys in a polka dot pattern might seem the best solution for your child’s room. Regarding small space and limited storage, using this type of basket makes the room neater without spending extra money. Placing some storage in the corner of this child’s room will be a beautiful decoration and does not take up much space. Polkadot Basket from idlivesimplyuk

Drawer Under Storage


You can place the toy storage in this white wooden box under your bed so it will keep the decor neat and uncluttered. This type of storage is easy for you to make so that it will decorate a room with a low budget. Painting with white looks beautiful so it will give the perfect contrast to the room with some of the furniture in this room. This white color scheme and wooden floors can help you give the impression of a spacious and warm room.  Drawer Under Bed from duettkidsfurniture

Plastic Container Storage


Creating a neat and organized children’s room, you can add some plastic containers placed on a wooden shelf, this will give a neat design and look more organized. You can use these plastic containers to store various toys and books. At the top of this shelf you can add storage cabinets and shelves in the form of a house that will give a beautiful and stylish appearance. Plastic Container Storage from

Cube Paint Storage


Make these colorful storage cubes to store your kids’ little toys. Plus, you can use it to store books or other items and easily find them when you need them. With a cube shape, this storage area will not take up much space and give a different decor to the room. Painted gray and red on these drawers and storages for a beautiful and stylish décor. Gray and Red Paint from riverridgehome

Hook Storage


Redecorate the room to create a neat and uncluttered design. You can add hooks to easily store multiple bags and look neat. At the bottom of the storage hook you can add a white box that you can use to keep various toys or books easy to find. Making it yourself will save your budget and boost your creativity. Choosing a material from this wood will last longer and look sturdier. Hook Bag Storage from theorganisedhousewife

Blue Box Storage


The DIY box can serve as storage as well. You just need to paint it a bright blue color and add some rainbow and cloud ornaments to give it a pretty and stylish look. You can use this box to store various makeup tools for your child so that it will present a neat and clutter-free room decor. On top of this blue book, you can add an open wall shelf to make it easier for you to store various framed photos. Blue Box Storage from maison_bailey_

Standing Drawer Storage


To store your child’s toys, you can add a stand-alone shelf for a neat and attractive decor. Choosing a standing wardrobe complete with this wardrobe will make a beautiful home decor and avoid clutter. In addition to cabinets, you can add a pegboard storage area complete with wooden hooks that will present a beautiful and organized home decor. This acrylic chair will make a sleek and unique design for this kid’s room decor. Standing Dawer Storage from idlivesimplyuk

Paint Wire Basket


Some of these dolls you can keep on this low budget storage. This is a brilliant idea where your kids will keep their toys with pleasure. See this is storage that can be used as a toy to play. Using wire painted in pink and yellow this makes for a beautiful and stylish decoration. In addition to wire, you can add old pastel color luggage storage which will make a beautiful decoration and look beautiful. Colorful Wire Basket Storage from sweethomesklep

Cube Storage


Using wooden cubes as a storage area can make it easier for you to make a child’s room neater. You can store other toys besides Lego in this box nicely like dolls or even cars. Children will find their toys easily whenever they want to play. Placing it next to this table will make for a lovely decor and will make the house look neat and clutter-free. Wooden Cube Storage from nubie_kids

Cloth Basket Storage


Add a small, economical storage, for example, you can add a cloth basket with writing that is used to store your child’s toys neatly. Using three cloth baskets of different sizes This allows you to separate and store toys neatly and avoid clutter. Placing this next to the bed would be a brilliant idea that you can try and will make it easier for your child to pick up toys around the bed. Cloth Basket from panda.i.banda

Tiered Storage


If you have a child’s bedroom decoration with limited space, then you can use a minimalist storage in a tiered design. This is an additional storage idea that is more effective and efficient. Using this tiered storage will be a brilliant idea that you can try because it will create a neat home design and avoid clutter. You can use this storage as a storage container that looks more DIY and natural. This container can be used to store several small items so they are easy to find when needed. Tiered Storage from piccolohousesg

Pink Basket Storage


This children’s bedroom with lots of storage is liked by many people because it saves you a lot of space when decorating the bedroom. Adding a pink basket placed in this cube will make the room decor beautiful and look more organized. In this basket you can use it to store some of your favorite books or toys that are easy to find. Pink Kids Storage from forever_and_always_home

Knitted Basket


To present a neat and uncluttered room decor, you can add some wicker baskets of two different colors to give a beautiful home decor. With the addition of car accents and pompoms, it will create a beautiful and stylish room decoration. You can use this basket to store various dolls or toy cars, giving it a neat and stylish design. Adding an airplane-shaped wooden shelf that hangs on the wall completes a neat and beautiful home decor. Two Tone Knitted Basket from silver_rattle_boutique

Ombre Paint Dresser


Redecorate this kids storage bin into a beautiful design for you to try. Choosing storage that is painted in this purple ombre color will present an interesting design for you to try right now. This design makes your room decoration more beautiful and will give a neat impression to the whole room. Pairing it with a white color scheme and and some pastel colors will give it a cute and adorable look. Ombre Dresser from bohokids__

Painted Tin Can


Adding this unique storage to your kid’s room decor is a brilliant idea for you to try now. By using a tin can that is painted white and added to this panda head painting, it makes an interesting design for you to try. Choosing a can with three levels and placing it on a shelf produces a different design. Placing this storage in one of these rooms will make the design beautiful and look more attractive. Paint Tin Can from

Striped Basket


You need to try placing some baskets in one of the children’s rooms because it will result in a neat decoration of the room and avoid ads. Choosing a basket with a strip pattern and placing it on a shelf becomes a beautiful design and looks neatly organized. You can use this basket to store various toys or dolls so that it will be easier for your child to find their toys. Striped Basket from idlivesimplyuk

Transparant Container


Arranging a child’s room using clear containers is a great idea for you to try. You can use this storage area to store various children’s toys such as lego, dolls and toy cars. This storage will make it easier for your child to find toys and will provide beautiful designs for you to try. Placing some transparent containers on the shelves will make the room decor neat. Transparant Container from idlivesimplyuk

Bench Storage


Choosing a bench storage to decorate a child’s room is a brilliant idea for you to try. Using a wooden box that is painted white and coupled with soft padding will provide a comfortable bench and neat storage design. You can use this storage area to store various types of your child’s toys so that it will be easier to find them. Adding this child’s name writing will also be a beautiful decoration for you to try. Bench Storage from kiddielittlethings

Colorful Plastic Container


Choosing colorful plastic storage bin is a brilliant idea for you to try now. This makes the decoration of the child’s room beautiful and free from clutter. You can use this storage to separate different types of toys so that it will be easier for your child to find them. Placing it in the corner of this room will make the decor of the room neat and will save space. Colorful Plastic Container from kerriganwintour