How to Put Together a Birthday Gift Basket

Birthday gift baskets are a fun way to show your friend or family member how much you care about them. You can fill their basket with almost anything, which can make it a little hard to narrow down! Fortunately, if you spend a few minutes thinking about what your loved one likes, you can give them a present that will make their day even more special.


[Edit]Picking the Presents

  1. Choose a theme that reflects the recipient's personality. Everyone has unique interests and hobbies, and the person you are gifting your basket to is no exception. Take a moment to remember what your friend or family member likes to do on the weekends, what their favorite food is, or where they like to travel. This will give you a good idea of what to put inside of their basket.[1]
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    • For example, your friend may like going to the beach, in which case you can buy them flip flops and sunglasses for their basket.
    • Or, your family member might like wood-working, so you can buy a tape measure and a few marking pencils for their basket.
  2. Pick out some of the person’s favorite food. Everyone has a favorite snack that they like to munch on during the day. Think about what your friend or family member likes to eat, and grab some of their favorite snacks or candy off the shelves, keeping your theme for the basket in mind.[2]
    Put Together a Birthday Gift Basket Step 2.jpg
    • Most kids love candy, so adding some chocolate or sour candies to their basket is usually a good idea.
    • If the birthday girl or guy is a health nut, consider adding some fresh fruit or trail mix to their basket instead.
    • You can make a basket full of popcorn and soda if your friend loves to watch movies.
    • If your recipient is a sports fan, try to find some cookies in the shape of a football or a trophy.
    • Grab a card game, some snacks, and a bag of candy to give your loved one all the fixings for a game night.
  3. Add some small decorations or toys. If the birthday person is an adult, pick out some items that they could decorate their home with, like candles or picture frames. If they’re a kid, grab some small toys, like a few race cars or some miniature dolls.[3]
    Put Together a Birthday Gift Basket Step 3.jpg
    • Try to pick out neutral-colored decorations so they can fit in with any color scheme or decor.
    • If your recipient is a musician, find some decorative musical notes they can hang on their wall.
  4. Throw in some lotion or skin care products if your recipient likes that. Scented hand lotion, a small tube of lip gloss, or a bottle of body spray are all great gifts to put in a gift basket. If you know the birthday person likes taking care of their skin or smelling great, these are good items to throw in for a low price.[4]
    Put Together a Birthday Gift Basket Step 4.jpg
    • You can also make an entire basket out of skin care and beauty products if you know that’s what your loved one likes. Pick out some lip balm, a shower scrub, body wash, and a soothing candle for a relaxing and rejuvenating basket.
  5. Buy a clothing item if you know your recipient's size. Clothes aren’t strictly necessary to fill a gift basket, but they can be a practical gift to receive. If you live with your loved one or you’re close to them and know their size, consider grabbing a plain T-shirt or tank top in their favorite color.[5]
    Put Together a Birthday Gift Basket Step 5.jpg
    • You could also pick out some cheap sandals if you know their shoe size.
    • If your recipient is a sports fan, grab them a jersey for their favorite team.
    • If your loved one is an outdoorsy person, consider grabbing them a raincoat or a flannel.
  6. Look at the cheap section in the store if you get stuck. Most home goods stores have a small section near the front with small trinkets, activity booklets, or decorations. If you’re super unsure on what to get your friend or family member, take a walk through this aisle and see if anything jumps out at you. Try to vary the size and texture of your presents to give your basket more visual appeal.[6]
    Put Together a Birthday Gift Basket Step 6.jpg
    • Reusable drink cups, fun magnets, planners, and hair ties are always great gifts to buy that almost anyone would love.
    • If you live with the person you’re making a basket for, take a look at the products they use the most. Deodorant, skin care items, and perfume are all great fillers for a basket.
    • Add some yarn, knitting needles, and a little bit of candy if your loved one likes to get crafty.
    • Encourage your friend to take a day off by making a basket full of bath salts, lotion, and a face mask.

[Edit]Filling and Decorating the Basket

  1. Grab a cute reusable basket to hold all of your gifts. The basket itself doesn’t just have to be a container, it can be part of the gift, too! Look for a wicker, cloth, or plastic basket that your friend or family member can reuse in their home.[7]
    Put Together a Birthday Gift Basket Step 7.jpg
    • Most home goods stores have cheap gift baskets.
  2. Line your basket with tissue paper. You can match your tissue paper to the color of your basket or use a bright pop of color to make it stand out. Cover the inside of the basket to make your items stand out more and make the basket feel more like a birthday present.[8]
    Put Together a Birthday Gift Basket Step 8.jpg
    • Try finding shiny foil paper to put inside for an eye-catching decoration.
  3. Arrange your items with the tallest ones in the back. To make your basket look pleasing to the eye, lean your taller presents up against the back of the basket, then stack the rest on top of those. Your recipient will be able to see all of their items the moment they look at the basket, which will be super exciting![9]
    Put Together a Birthday Gift Basket Step 9.jpg
  4. Fold cellophane around your basket to make it look fancy. If you want to really step up your basket game, put your basket in the center of a square of cellophane and then fold it up and over the sides of the basket. Leave some extra cellophane at the top and gather it in your hands directly above your basket, then use a ribbon to tie the cellophane together.[10]
    Put Together a Birthday Gift Basket Step 10.jpg
    • You don’t have to add cellophane, but it can elevate the look of your basket if you’re gifting some expensive items.
  5. Wrap a ribbon around the basket to make it look like a present. If you want to play up the birthday theme even more, cut a wide ribbon so that it fits around the outside of your basket. Tie it into a loose bow on the front for a cute added touch.[11]
    Put Together a Birthday Gift Basket Step 11.jpg
    • You can tie multiple layers of ribbon around your basket if you’re feeling fancy.
    • Use twine instead of ribbon for a more rustic look.
  6. Add a card to personalize your basket. For the finishing touch, write out a heartfelt or silly message on a card and address it to your friend or family member. Tape it to the outside of the basket so it’s the first thing that they read, or nestle it in between the presents so they find it while they’re opening them up.[12]
    Put Together a Birthday Gift Basket Step 12.jpg
    • You can also make your own birthday card out of card stock. Just fold it in half and decorate the front however you want!


  • Birthday gift baskets hold a lot of presents. Focus on finding smaller, cheap items instead of large, expensive ones.

[Edit]Things You’ll Need

  • Small trinkets, presents, and food.
  • Basket or tub
  • Tissue paper
  • Birthday card
  • Tape
  • Ribbon (optional)
  • Cellophane (optional)