“I’m With The Boomers On This ”: 77 Old-Fashioned Opinions People Have, As Shared On This Online Thread

“Okay, Boomer.”

This phrase has become notorious on the internet over the past few years as a response to boomers who say condescending, politically incorrect or presumptuous things to younger generations. But perhaps today we can look at it in a new light. This article might just have you saying, “Okay Boomer. You have a good point there!”

Boomers often get a bad rap for being out of touch or behind the times, but no generation is a monolith. And recently, young Reddit users have been admitting some of the things they can get behind boomers on. From hating loud music in restaurants and shops to begging for actual buttons in their cars, rather than those frustrating touch screens, boomers aren’t the only ones who sometimes want things done the old fashioned way. Below, you'll also find interviews we were lucky enough to receive from Wendy Green, host of the Hey, Boomer! podcast, and Jean Mader and Laura Bettinger, hosts of the OK Boomer podcast.

So be sure to upvote the responses you agree with, and feel free to share anything else you think the boomers are right about in the comments (don’t worry, we won’t tell your fellow millennials/gen zers!). Then if you’re interested in checking out another Bored Panda piece that might make you realize how much you have in common with boomers, we recommend reading this article next!


Not everything needs to connect to the internet or have an app attached to it. I just want my fridge to keep s**t cold, I don't understand why we have to bring WiFi into this situation.

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I love technology as much as the next person, and I really am not sure how I would have functioned had I been born several decades earlier than I was. Traveling to foreign countries or taking road trips without having Google Maps and the option to text or call for help in the palm of my hand? Yeah, no thanks. But even I have to admit that the boomers are right about some things. 

Menus do not need to be a QR code. Music in businesses should not be so loud that I have to shout across the table to my partner, and oh my god, no I will not get a smart watch. I don’t care how many steps you’ve walked today, Brenda. I look at my watch to see what time it is. We’re all going to be old one day, so there’s no need to judge our elders (aka the boomers) for not understanding or getting on board with certain technological advances. After all, some people might find it charming that they couldn’t meet their significant others on Tinder and that they might have no idea what a TikTok is. 


I’m not downloading a f*****g app to use your menu

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Most features in cars should have buttons. Want to turn on your heated seat, button, not scroll through three screens.

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To gain some insight on this topic, we reached out to Wendy Green, host of the Hey, Boomer! podcast. Wendy is a boomer herself, but she told Bored Panda, "I think we actually have a lot in common with the younger generation, particularly the Gen Z group who (at least from my perspective) seem to be more focused on activism."

She also shared that Hey, Boomer! was born 3-weeks after the pandemic shut everything down. "I knew that people in the Boomer generation were going to be hit particularly hard by the loss of jobs, and there is an ageist bias that makes it much more difficult to find a new job as you get older. So, my intention was to help people in the 55-75 year old range to recognize that we are still relevant, we still have a lot to give and encourage them to stay engaged."

"Many of us were very active politically when we were younger," Wendy explained. "Many of us are re-engaging in that activism and working with young people is a win for all of us. My show also features guests that are reinventing themselves after leaving full time careers, finding adventures and facing challenges. It is a pretty cool show."


I don’t need a subscription for everything. No you don’t need my phone number or email just let me buy my shirt and get the f**k out of the store

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Music in bars is too loud.
(Edit to add that I've been a touring musician and live sound technician. I love music but it actually sounds better at lower volumes, and I want to be able to hear it in to my old age)

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Screw fast fashion, my clothes should be made to last.

I’m not rich so it’s unavoidable, but I’m willing to spend extra on clothes that aren’t made of plastic and I do my best to repair my damaged clothing instead of throwing it out.

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But Wendy is not a fan of using our generational titles to divide us. "I do think we put too much emphasis on the differences between generations," she told Bored Panda. "Each generation is shaped by the events that occurred in their life times. I think learning from each other is the better approach rather that isolating and making fun or different generations. I always cringe when I hear people speak negatively about any one generation. We are all individuals. It does not make sense to generalize. I encourage people to look at their own internal biases and attempt to build conversations and relationships with all age groups. It takes away the feelings of 'the other'.”

If you'd like to hear more words of wisdom from Wendy and check out her podcast Hey, Boomer!, be sure to visit her website right here!


Physical keyboards are better than virtual keyboards.

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Having to create a username and password to join just about anything online is a royal pain in the a*s

Good gravy this got way more attention that I was expecting. I will check out Password Manager seeing as it is highly recommended.

For the record-I often see boomers much more fed up with computer requirements that require jumping through hoops more than younger generations. I don't think younger generations love these irritating requirements but if anyone feels this is not a boomer opinion I really don't have the energy or care enough to argue

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Sometimes it's faster (and easier) to just plug something in, instead of dealing with bluetooth connectivity. There's something nice about knowing how to get it connected and being able to physically connect/disconnect.

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We also reached out to Jean Mader and Laura Bettinger to learn more about this topic. Jean and Laura are two sisters, best friends and boomers who host a podcast called OK Boomer. Awhile back, (hard for Boomers to keep track of time as the years go by so fast, they noted!) Laura started listening to podcasts and announced to Jean, "This seems like fun, we already chat for hours so why not start a podcast?"

"We are blessed with seven Millennial children and their Millennial partners between us," Jean and Laura told Bored Panda. "We consider ourselves experts regarding 'Boomers and Millennials and everyone in between', so boom, the OK Boomer Podcast was born. We launched our podcast in early 2020, thanks to Pat Rullo at SpeakUpTalkRadio."


Standard headlights on new automobiles are too bright. Literally being blinded by every other car DURING THE DAYTIME wondering if their brights are on

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You should really put your phone down when you're out to eat with people. Maybe it's because I grew up with that rule but I know when I'm getting lunch with a friend or something I find it incredibly irritating when they're on their phone

Edit: holy s**t my first award??

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"The name of our podcast is based on the retort, 'OK, Boomer' which is often used to mock Baby Boomers and those who are perceived as old-fashioned and being out-of-touch," Jean and Laura shared. "We podcast twice a month, and we try to find the humor and joy of living this life. Listen in as we encourage all Boomers, Millennials and everyone in between to be happily okay together."

We were curious if there's anything boomers typically get made fun of for that Jean and Laura actually agree with. "Hey, we love to make fun of ourselves," they shared. "And we understand that Millennials are spot-on about many things we Boomers do our say. But no matter what our Millennials tell us, we are still going to carry cash, because electronic wallets befuddle us."

"Yes, we know we can text businesses and restaurants, but we would rather call a person," Jean and Laura noted. "Uber and Lyft are indeed beyond us. Ordering fast food online and picking it up, or having it delivered is very confusing and stressful for us. We’ve had computers and smartphones for 25 years now, and we still need our kids to help us reboot them. Or explain what those funny symbols are that we can’t really see without our glasses. And don’t put us in a Granny Flat!"


Not everyone deserves a trophy. You SHOULD experience failure and disappointment in life. It's a teaching experience, stop getting so pissy when you don't automatically get your way.

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I prefer physical menus over QR codes.

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I don’t really know if this is a boomer opinion per say but you don’t need to document everything thing you do and post it to your social media. Sometimes it’s better to just live in the moment and enjoy what’s happening around you

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We also asked Jean and Laura if they disagree with anything Boomers often say or believe. "At this point in our lives, we are ready to love everyone," they told Bored Panda. "But we do think Boomers should be more like Millennials when it comes to taking care of your physical and mental health. Millennials are not 'snowflakes', they are just not as 'seasoned' as us oldies."


TV is getting too dark. Not emotionally - it is visually too dark and I can’t see it

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Googling recipes while cooking and having to read everyone’s life story and family history to get to the ingredients drives me batshit insane.

I’ve gone back to cookbooks.

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I prefer reading on paper, not on screen

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Jean and Laura just want to see all generations living in harmony. "We put too much emphasis on generational differences, we can all learn and grow from each other. We truly adore our Millennial children and friends and love learning from them, keeps life interesting, maybe keeps us young! And 'Wordle' unites us all!"

"We live in beautiful Ohio," they also shared. "In fact, Laura played the piano and recorded the opening music you hear at the start of each podcast episode. The song is 'Beautiful Ohio'- the official song of our state. We want everyone to have a beautiful life. Oh and we tried the Tik Tok Balsamic Vinegar & Sparkling Water Coke Hack challenge on our podcast!"

If you'd like to hear more from these fun ladies, be sure to check out the OK, Boomer podcast right here!


I absolutely hate speaking to machines which is why I hate having an "Alexa" in the home.

Also, having "smart lights", in which we have to use an app to turn on and off lights in our home. A standard light switch would do.

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just about the furthest left leaning guy you’ll find, and i’m pretty against cancel culture. in theory i understand it, & think it should still be “used” w people like kanye west. but when we’re digging YEARS back to find something someone tweeted once when they were 16… that seems a little unfair. i held opinions at 16 that i now think are silly at 25. people change, they shouldn’t be immediately crucified.


tipping has gotten out of control- coming from someone who relies on tips for income. it hurts people who actually should be getting them because now people are extremely agitated about any and all tipping. i was just at a music festival and the guy who exchanges your cash for drink tickets (not even the person who pours the beverage) had an ipad with tip options starting at 18%

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Are you suddenly feeling like your vision and hearing aren’t working as well as they used to? Do you feel immediate rage when you can’t figure out how to work a new piece of technology? Do you not understand TikTok and why the young people are obsessed with it? You might have more in common with boomers than you think! Keep upvoting the responses that you resonate with, and let us know in the comments if you think the boomers have made some good points about anything else. Then if you want to check out Bored Panda’s last article on this same topic after you’re finished with this list, you can find another piece featuring things that are better done the “old-fashioned way” right here.  


I work with software/security and the more I learn in this field, the more it makes me allergic to "smart" home devices. I'm convinced they are for people who don't know how they work, which is what they are banking on. And these devices are most certainly not smart.

Along the same line for home appliances... if it needs an app to operate, it's a shitty device and you're making a mistake.

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When you’re in a public place you should respect others around you but not being disruptive with your behavior. For example, not playing music on your phone without headphones while on a bus, in a restaurant etc.

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Certain things shouldn't require you to download an app and/or create a whole account, including:

- Ordering food in a restaurant
- Paying for parking
- Buying something online
- Sending a parcel

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You are a clueless idiot if you pay 150$ for a concert ticket and spend the whole time watching it on your cell phone.


The world doesn't owe you anything, and life isn't fair. Hard work might not guarantee success, but no one wants to hear you b***h if you aren't willing to try.


Turn the music down, no, you don’t have “excellent taste in music” and nobody wants to hear it. Stop being jerks.


Voting is important


Less an opinion but related. Stock lots of canned good. Works good in pinch and saved my butt when Covid first hit and it was impossible to get any food. I try to always keep at least a few days worth of food in canned good around, just incase.

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Things aren’t made like they used to be. Everything you buy now is so cheaply manufactured. Even high end furniture uses cheap particle board and crappy joinery. We bought a pretty high end couch a few years back and it’s barely holding together.

Edit: thanks everyone for commenting and thank you for the award! I’ve been on Reddit since 2008 and have never had a comment get this much action

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Delayed gratification is an important survival skill. If you find it hard to sit quietly for a half hour with no distractions then there is something wrong with your mental state. You won't make it if your lifestyle changes even a little from its current state of decadence.


"Woke culture" is annoying. People don't realize that celebrating things like sexuality (especially in the presence of children) or skin color is idiotic.

If being gay or being black is supposed to be **normal** then why the f**k do we need parades for it?


Physical media: owning books, movies, and music, is far superior to a subscription service, or digital content.


Just because I pay for something on a tablet or kiosk, doesn’t mean I should have to tip the person holding it. I’m all for tipping wait staff but these days you can’t buy anything without getting a tip request from whatever payment processor they use.


Make your kids go outside and play. They need hours of play time in fresh air and socializing. Stop keeping them cooped up on computer games.

I had to teach my 11 and 12 year old nephews how to rude bikes last summer because they never learned how. They were never outside long enough. Their parents still don't let them go outside.


If you’re walking on a crowded sidewalk, get off your f*****g phone it’s not the job of other pedestrians to avoid you while you make your vlog. Awareness of your surroundings is important.

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You should be able to live and sustain a family off of one income!


Stop filming everything at concerts or shows or whatever. Enjoy it.


Basic home appliances (fridge, washer/dryer, etc) do NOT need a touch screen


A lot of products *were* made better in the past.

Pyrex is a prime example but there's thousands more.

Planned obsolescence as a consequence of prioritizing quarterly profits over customer satisfaction is another nail in the coffin of this current version of the economy we live in.


Family dinners with everyone sitting down, eating and talking, no tv and no phones are essential


I like physically owning the movies you love.

I have friends who love the movie and watch it on Netflix whenever they can...... and then Netflix removes it. And if it's a rare find, then you might never see it again. Owning a physical copy means you get to keep it and cherish it forever.

And if you're on a plane, where the movie options can sometimes be garbage? A handheld BluRay player is your answer.

Also I love the artwork of BluRay covers. Another reason to have a physical copy.

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There is an old acronym K.I.S.S.

Keep It Simple Stupid.

Just because you can make something super flashy/complicated/intriguing or otherwise impressive, doesn't mean you should.

This goes from everything from cars to computer software to movies and film.

Trying too hard to make something impressive only leaves you with something that may look pretty but doesn't have proper support.

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Electronic devices should be repairable. All of them.

Tv's and smartphones should last for at least 10 years. How is that we are all *enviromental friendly* but we switch iPhones every 2 or 3 years?


It’s ok if you’re non-binary, but it’s also ok if that notion takes a little bit of getting used to for the rest of us.

Also, the amount of attention this issue gets is *far* out of proportion to the scope of the actual issue.


The sheer amount of younger people I’ve seen with horrible people/social/conversational skills blows my mind, and I firmly believe it is greatly in part due to phones and social media.

Boomers always say s**t like “go play outside, interact with the world, spend less time on your phone” etc etc and I wholehearted agree.

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Dropping $7 on a cup of coffee daily IS a huge waste of money


Learning a level of self sufficiency. Learn how to do basic stuff for yourself instead of just hiring someone. A leaky tap takes a trip to the hardware store, a few youtube vids and 10 minutes of your time, or $70 for a plumber who stays for 5 minutes. Learn how to change a tire instead of waiting an hour for someone else to do it in 15 minutes.

Learn resilience so you can try, fail, try, fail, try, succeed or accept that you gave it a go but it's just something you can't do instead of not trying in the first place for fear of failure.


You shouldn't be taking long recordings at live shows. You paid for an experience, namely seeing an artist you like perform in the flesh. Watch it with your own goddamn eyes. If you want to watch a video of them performing live, search it up on youtube. There will be plenty of videos with better quality than your iphone can capture.


Save money for future.


I really don't want to hear about anybody's sex life in graphic detail


I hate social media and influencers. I truly believe the old times were better when it comes to cultural stuff such as music, movies, media, videogames and so on. Also, people had values and honor.


The family unit. A set of parents (or parent) that actually care about their kids more than their phones, social media and their next hookup. Kids that are brought up with morals, taught right from wrong and how to respect other people. Eating dinner together as a family at least a few nights a week.

Yes some people still do this, but I feel like its fallen by the wayside with a lot of the young generation.


If you move to the United States to make a better life for yourself, I welcome you. But please make some effort to learn English. I have a co worker whose lived here 15 years and doesn't speak a word of English. I've learned spanish to accommodate him. I have no problem bettering myself and learning a 2nd language, but he should also make an effort to meet me halfway. I have another coworker who has learned English, I respect him 100x more than the guy who won't even try.


Jeans. I don’t want jeans going out of style. All these kids are wearing track pants and leisure wear, and I feel like an old man. but I refuse to give up my jeans.


Just because you CAN say something, doesn’t mean you SHOULD. Think twice, speak once. I’m only 28, raised by my father who was 39 years older than me. Just seems like people pop off at the mouth way faster than in previous generations.

All these comments make me feel much younger now, glad I wasn’t the only one who got the old school raising.


Cooking on the grill and having a beer is better than going to that overpriced new restaurant.


When liquor, drugs, or tits are out, keep your phone in your pocket. I see too many people just randomly posting pictures of others in situations that should not be photographed.


Kids shouldn't touch any electronic devices until a certain age. I work in tech but if I ever have kids I will still enforce this rule. It makes me sad to see 1 year old babies glued to phones.

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If you have shared walls or live in an apartment building, you need to respect quiet hours of 10pm - 8am.

I get so grumpy if my building neighbors are loud past 10pm.


Many things which basically all trace back to sundry "get off your f*****g phone" situations


Language has evolved really quickly and what's socially acceptable changes every year. I'm with the boomers in that if we use language that is outdated, please assume ignorance not malice! I accidentally used a slur a few years ago that is common in my community (referring to eye shape) and had no idea it was a slur until someone told me...thankfully kindly and privately. I do wish the assumption was "you probably didn't know this but..." and not "YOU ARE A BIGOT!"


Social media is pretty toxic. It's amazing how much better my mental health got after deleting Facebook. Although ironically, seems Boomers have made the switch to being all over FB, twitter, etc.

Also, as someone else posted you really don't need to publicly post every second of your life. I've gotten to the point of mildly cringing on the occasions I pull out snapchat and see someone posting 15-20 photos of a single night.


Social media is the reason for a lot of problems


if you hand me something at a counter and our interaction ends with my payment, i'm not tipping.


College should be something you can work a summer job to pay off a semester for, and the fact that it's not is nuts.

Edit: stop responding to this, please. I meant more the attitude the boomers have towards it, as many gloat that they were able to just work a summer job and pay off their tuitions and don't care to acknowledge how much that has changed. About 20 people now have chimed in with "well ackshually......" I get it.


Millennial. I agree that sometimes at work you need to pick up the phone because it's easier than sending text message back and forth.


Social media is poison

(He says on Reddit)


I want a human customer service operator not an automated operator or chat bot.


Get off my lawn.


Sometimes an actual telephone call is the best, most efficient way to communicate information to someone. Texting is great for some things, but not everything.


We need to encourage people that STEM degrees have more value than poli-sci degrees and there's nothing wrong with going to trade school. Being a plumber may be shitty but they can make absolute bank.

Edit: ALSO!! There's no shame and shouldn't be a stigma for going to school later in life/going back to school later.

Edit 2: I have since changed my opinion and now believe that STEM degrees have the same value as humanities, poli-sci, liberal arts, etc. But we should promote all of them equally. Especially trade schools!


QR code menus should go away


I don't understand open relationships


Soda tastes better when cane sugar is used. And if you really love a movie, TV Show, or album, go buy it on the physical format of your choice. Also, I really like the movie theater experience.

Really, outside of my politics, I’m not really in tune with my generation. I could probably list a bunch of opinions of mine that are probably “Boomer”.


Cryptocurrency is f*****g stupid


Being careful with spending money & not just YOLOing all the time. Being financially healthy brings peace of mind!